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Wow. So Sawako really did think Ayane liked Pin-sensei and wanted to confirm it. Chizu also thought Ayane was acting weird. I guess the AyaPin moments aren't very secret anymore since Ayane can't hide her feelings anymore and cried. Omg. I'm glad Sawako and Chizu finally know though. :D If what I translated is correct.

I’m really happy the girls know. It’s good we didn’t have to wait that long for them to find out. Sawako can be pretty perceptive when it comes to people’s feelings sometimes. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Chizu’s reaction. I think it’s really sweet how overwhelmed Ayane is by her feelings to the point of crying. Awww (♡´艸`).  It’ll be nice to see some ayapin moments with the rest of the crew picking up on what’s happening. I can’t wait!

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Hey , I saw a girl copying your comic style but making it her own characters be like that . So I told her that her comics are similar to yours and I posted some of it to proof it and she told me that she came up with it first but I don't believe her.

I just hate copycats.. I’ve seen so many people do that and it's crazy! I get that you took inspiration from my comics but like, can you be a little more original and not make your comics and characters look identical to mine?

I mean look at ‘KnT’ and ‘2GAG' (what inspired me to start drawing comics) they’re different. I didn’t copy their art style, their ideas and their character designs because i would feel guilty if i did.

(sorry i had to get this off my chest) 

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Remember when Pin asked Ayane if she had older sisters in Chapter 107? It might be a coincidence or he was just being himself... but it's also possible that the reason he wanted to meet her sisters was because there's something in Ayane that he likes but he can't entertain the feeling so he wanted to shift his attention to someone else who has those qualities, too (sisters). Well, this is just a theory. Haha :P

I thought exactly the same thing. 

I think this expression when Ayane leaves the room says it all tbh. :D

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In 3sd #32 Chris said his parents were dead? But if Aiden is his brother wouldn't that mean his mom is alive? I'm sorry if you've already explained this, I was just confused.

Yes, I didn’t want Chris to have dead parents anymore so I made him Aiden’s older brother. also guys ignore UKnT, 3SD, OT and CaT if you’re getting confused and just focus on KnT since it’s the main comic.