knt gif!

(RE-upload, fixed some stuff.) Made a small KNL thingy ! This was actually supposed to be a small animation; A short story about Chris, Aiden, and Pish attending a dinner party at Ted’s place. I might post the comic version of it if anyone would like to see !

I might be slow with uploads, because school– but I’ll do my best to keep posting art :^D !!

Aiden belongs to @z-t00n and Pish belongs to meee


Fangirl Challenge ⇨ [1/10] Favorite Pairings
↳ Kazehaya Shōta & Kuronuma Sawako

❝ Let me take it. It’s a perk of having a boyfriend…It’s my privilege to help you out. ❞  - Kazehaya Shōta