in these brief minutes i have
learnt something painful about love [           ] felt the sharp edge
of pleasure where it cuts against bone
touched the blunt end of
pumice to crush herbs against
calloused palms
i hope you never love anyone

like you love me, again.
honey and lavender by which i mean

              your dark red mouth open

against mine and the wreaths of
violent green around shaking wrists.

i remember [               ],
something sweet about pain

red earth under my fingernails
reminding me to ask the sun

                 who always knows about love to

teach me how to set the gentle things
                                               [       ] on fire again.

Yves Olade, Things I Grew In the Bathtub
response to @nosebleedclub​ flower garden prompt  “lavender”

“you taste like fireworks
early July
summer nights

you taste like live music
front row
vibrations in my chest

you taste like flowers
growing wild
tall and sure of themselves

you taste like sunshine
warm and soft
your kiss melts away my troubles

my tongue is raw
my lips are tired
but I am still craving you

taste, senses series part one // AM

and if i could inhabit a body outside of this thin skin
i would become all sky and air and sadness
turn into the color blue and color all of your dreams
i would dissolve into the morning fog outside of your window
and touch your face as an apology

am i making you cold?
please remember your sweater

How can you look at yourself
And say you are nothing
More than a space filler
When everyone you meet
Is in awe of your glow
How bright your smile gets
As you talk about you passions
And the way you move your hands
As if you are conducting an orchestra
With every sentence every motion
Another melody plays out
The way you open you heart
To everyone and everything
And always see the best
In all situations
How can you think
You’re nothing more than background noise
When the whole world lights up
Because of you

i am supposed to be
and expounding. starlight
in motion, explosion,
an unlocking of secrets
that have been slowly
unfolding inside,
waiting to be peeled away
like fruitskin

to reveal the soft
innards of an undiscovered

but my hands shake instead
with an undiscovered
boredom, i
am inside this still body,
shaking with unanswered
anticipation. an edge
drawing sharp on my

peel me back and
my bones will fall down,
gelatinous and rotten.
only secret in me
will be that

i wanted to be more.

Breath of Heaven

Encompassed by leafy green
Colors of peace
Piecing together a seemingly
Shattered life

Encased in sunshine - brightly
Accompanied by a sweet scent
Of petals that collide among the
Hush of a beautiful existence

Enchanted by the rawest ballad
Willful that tomorrow never come
And heaven be close enough to inhale

Who Are We

Who are we, but two who became one thing and fell in love

With each other and with the land rolling beneath our feet,

Who watched, with joy, the sun rising and setting in our hearts.

It is a strange and beautiful thing to me, this love, twining between us, 

Coursing through your golden hair, and the mad smell of you

In the riot of our spring time. There is a smell of our forest in may,

Sliding into June that makes me lust for you; there is a wild rush

Of desperate leaf and flower that makes me think of you opening. 

Who are we, but two lovers who fell in love with the chorus

Of the deep swamp in our ears and the quiet sound of pine needles falling. 

We, who fell upon the land, our hands wet with dreaming,

Laying our hearts bare with seeds and earth and water;

Casting all our hopes and cares upon the hollow of her hips. 

We, who have sucked at her breasts, and bled, and cast tears, 

And put our hands upon her bones. We, who belong to this place,

As we belong to one another, finding each need and pleasure.

Who are we, but the sons and daughters of other lovers, who’s love

In the warm fires of february and march kindled us into the frosts of fall 

And the silent, whispering leaves and the echoing forest. We fell upon

The endless nights together and from so many places, listening to the lonesome

Call of the night, feeing the pull of each other. I longed for you

In the hollow of a hundred empty forests, thousands of meadows and ruins

And streams flecked with sunlight. I do to this day and always will. 

Eric M. Petit

I know this is over
Same as I know
That ticklish spot on your thigh
All your scars and their stories
How you stick out your tongue as you focus
And the feel of you in bed next to me
I know this is over
But god just remember after you’re gone
How it used to be
Perfect can still be perfect
Even when it ends

i was told to be silent
and i never opened my
mouth to sing again. and
there are times
when i see the ghost
of that voice

voice that tastes of
champagne laughter,
and i am
filled with an ache. i could
have a voice. it’s so dark
in my throat, heavy with
words and song. it chokes
me into silence,

everything wanting to be
spoken, to become a
reality. like light was brought
forth out of darkness with
words. a song (the universe
began with a song, we are
the echoes of a song
reverberated) — but

but i am silent. songless.
my mouth is dry and
i sit with my empty hands
in my lap
shaking with
my unspoken realities.

I dreamt about you again last night…
Like every time before, I woke up only to squeeze my eyes shut hoping to reenter that same world I had just left…
Waking up can be such torture at times like this.
Why can’t my reality involve holding you the way I do in my dreams?
While I am grateful for the lies my mind has told me as my body was recharging
I am no fan of this….this bed that doesn’t have you slumbering in it next to me
Those days where you aren’t laughing by my side…
Those silly arguments we’ll never have before we make up
Those tears that will never stream down my cheeks for you to wipe away
Every tender moment we’ll never have is a punch in the gut
But maybe it’s for the best
I am not here any more than you aren’t…
Drifting through the daze of every broken day
Waiting for the night to take me back to where I belong

Breath Prayer

I am collecting thoughts like teeth
loosening in dreams

falling out of my mouth
into an outstretched palm

words that sound
strangely like breath

and think it is a well-known stranger
reaching out through time

a hand ready to steal
the moments of my love

How do two people
Who love each other so much
Who would die for the other
Fade away to strangers so quickly

How did we get here
In this unfamiliar state
Unable to fix this
When we can’t find what’s broken

Letting this softly fade
Without even a token fight
Knowing what’s coming next
Is heartbreaking

I miss you

How is it that I feel more alone in your presence than when I’m by myself?
Every attempt to reach you is all but ignored
You’ll say such pretty things when prompted…
Paint a pretty picture for others to see…
But where is all the love and affection when it is just you and me?
I am dying right in front of you
A shadow of my former self
Surviving on the few crumbs you cast my way
But starving more each and every day
Why am I not worth your time?
Why do you lie and hold me captive?
Every attempt I make to break free triggers this need within you…
Suddenly I am what you live for…
I am the air you breathe
Once I’m safely in my cage again…
I am just that one you walk away from…
I am always the one you leave.