knpro asked:

Hello! Nice to meet you. I'm RD. I would like to ask for permission of your amazing Hotarumaru artwork (broken). Would you mind if I set it as my Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr cover photo? I'll definitely credit you as the artist and add the link to your dA and Tumblr. I'm looking forward to your reply ^^

hi! thanks so much for asking! yeah you can use it with credit and link!

knpro asked:

Hi, can I ask U about GIFs uploading? Well, I've tried to upload GIF via photo upload of tumblr but they've been resized as bigger size. How can I upload them to see the original size? Thanks in advance!

Did you upload them through photosets? If you did, they’ll automatically resize your picture to fit the dimensions. You have to upload gifs that are of bigger or the same size as the dimensions of the photosets (i.e. widths of 167px, 245px, 500px) in order for it to not be resized.

Hope that helps :)