Someone in New York once said they were automatically interesting cause they lived there

and how I couldn’t understand because I was from a small town

and all I could really think about was UTK’s body farm
and TVA
and quentin tarantino
and nikki giovanni
and even dollywood
and oak ridge

and then I thought about the dogwood trails
and how the grass smells when you go to the country
and how the clouds shadow on the mountains
and the intricate details on historic buildings in downtown
and how clear the water gets at norris dam
and how in some neighborhoods, people wave at you when you pass by, even if you don’t know them

I thought about porches I sat on and cars that I road in, with my feet out the window
I thought about ghost hunting in every cemetery in this god damn city
about funerals I’ve been to, weddings I’ve attended
parades, events, my fucking senior prom
dogs I have pet and cats I have snuggled

I thought about how I feel when it’s 70 degrees and sunny
when everything is green for a while

I thought about my god daughter’s laugh and how she’s afraid of leaves on the ground

I thought about how it’s funny to me when people say “Knox-ville” instead of “Knox-vull.”

I thought about all the times I’d gone to church and how when I was 10 years old, I defended abortion to a girl older than me at bible study

I thought about how I lived here my whole life and didn’t appreciate it until I was twenty. And it’s been three years since I fell in love and I still feel blessed.

I think that shit is pretty fucking interesting.