knoxville comic and anime convention


Hey everyone. I know I’ve told this story before, but with new things coming to light, I felt this needed to be more of an official thing.

The man featured above, Andrew Klishak, is a sexual predator who preys on young (underage) girls. He may also be known as Vaughan.

I met him at Yama-con in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in 2013. This man then followed stalked me to ETSU-con  and Kokumangacon in Johnson City, Tennessee. At ETSU-con, he got my number by buying a plushie commission from me in the artist alley and it was standard for me to trade numbers with customers so I could stay in contact for shipping purposes. He did not use my number for professional purposes. Instead, he hit on me, asked me on dates, and solicited nudes. The entire time this was going on, he knew I had only recently turned seventeen years old. He did not tell me right away that he was twenty seven, he only said I would think he was “too old” and not be interested in him. He told me lies about how “age was just a number” and that I was “so mature” so when I found out his age, I thought it made me special and I overlooked it. That does not change the fact he did not think it was bad to date and seek out a sexual relationship with a minor.

The various things he did during our relationship emotionally to make me feel bad are unimportant to this post other than the fact at some point a couple months before I broke things off, he cheated on me with a fifteen year old girl. I do not know if this was considered “consensual” but I know he was fired for this.

He attends a lot of Tennessee anime conventions and is often in the dealers room selling under the store name It’s Over 9000 Anime. I do know he DOES NOT  attend middle Tennessee anime convention (MTAC) but it is possible that could be a lie. He could also travel to other cons near TN like, North Carolina or Kentucky cons, but I do not know for sure.

If you see this man do not contact him. Do not tell him about this post. Do not confront him. I do not want him to further harass me than he already does because he knows where I work and I do not want anything else to do with him. I just want any young, especially under age, girls who attend Tennessee anime conventions to be able to recognize him and avoid him. He is usually seen wearing some sort of hat because he is practically bald. He has cosplayed/planned to cosplay Yu-gi-oh! and Ace Attorney characters in the past. He plays Magic the Gathering and could possibly join any competitions for this held at cons.

He is an abusive, stalker, pedophile and should be avoided at all cost.