Ever since Jess Glynne stole my heart as a guest vocalist on Clean Bandit’s Rather Be, I’ve had a soft spot for her incredible voice and powerful music. On August 21st in the UK and November 11th in the US, the British chanteuse will be releasing her debut solo album, I Cry When I Laugh, which I’ve already eagerly pre-ordered. Jess reveals new track Why Me off the release, and it’s a thumping gospel imbued ballad full of soulful passion produced by Knox Brown (Mary J. Blige Jay-Z). Jess Glynne’s smoky, husky vocals shine ever bright on the high flying gem.


I had an amazing and magical night with my long time girl crush, minty-ginger! We went for drinks at Noir Lounge then saw Rasputina at The Swedish American Hall. Their opener, Daniel Knox, was really great. He reminded me a little of Stephin Merritt and I’m definitely going to check out more of his music. Melora was just as lovely as always and the concert was great. Afterwards we went for some food at Café Du Nord next door, where I had the best burger I’ve had in quite some time. Then I went home and passed out HARD.

Peter Knox photographed this this completely awesome mural of the original Ninja Turtles on a wall in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Painted by New Zealand-based artist Owen Dippie, it features the great Renaissance masters Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello wearing the masks of the TMNT counterparts.

Visit Owen Dippie’s website to check out more of his stunning artwork.

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If Kuro characters visited the zoo
  • Undertaker:Runs out of his dog treats. Proceeds to eat the food of the other animals.
  • Ciel:Is dragged by Lizzy to every animal display and is forced to take pictures with the animals.
  • Lau:Brings his harem with him. Security is too embarrassed to tell him to leave.
  • Prince Soma:An elephant mysteriously disappeared after he left.
  • Snake:All the snakes disappeared after he left.
  • Ronald:Ignores the animals and flirts with the female visitors instead.
  • Grell:Ignores the animals and searches for Sebastian instead.
  • William:Is looking for Ronald and Grell, since they're both not working.
  • Bardroy:Is fighting a bear for some reason.
  • Sebastian:Is in the tiger display. He has been there all day. Has not left since.

Ever stopped to think just how much information is on Google Street View? The service makes it possible to literally explore the world from your laptop.

Alan Knox printed screenshots from Google Street View and captured them in their real-world environment in rural Scotland. For your own explorations, our Camera Cooler Bag keeps your lenses handy and yourself hydrated.

Screenshots of Google Street View Captured in Their Real World Setting

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