knox skyler


so like boarding AU bc yeah YES 

Knox is average at everything, not particularly good at anything but being qt and nice and cooking HAHAHA… His fav class is home ec. Olivia is pretty ok at everything, but math. She’s terrible at math. Cooper is pretty smart, sometimes will fake being dumb to fit his “jock” stereotype. Marion is a perfect student, student council pres. u 3u can’t handle these cuties anymore……


My final project for my 2D class. I’m not as satisfied as I could be with the final project, but I did my best. Everything is cut out of cardstock and details were painted on. It was really tedious and it was hard making everything look right and fit together. The thing I’m most unhappy with is the anatomy (Abe’s especially) but if you ignore that, I think everything is alright???

I might re-work the digital version and tighten it, make it a finished piece because I actually really like it.

KIDS IN LOVE listen on 8tracks

01. can’t stand It / nevershoutnever 02. check yes juliet / we the kings 03. homeless / dia frampton 04. kids in love / mayday parade 05. the saltwater room / owl city 06. little things / one direction 07. daylight / maroon 5 08. red (accoustic) / alex goot 09. ass back home / gym class heroes ft neon hitch 10. coming home / skylar grey 11. trapeze / dia frampton 12. skinny love / birdy 13. make it or not / we the kings 14. kids in love (accoustic) / mayday parade