Nigerian based designer Maki Osakwe, is making noise in fashion capitals around the world with her eponymous Maki Oh. Although the Nigerian based label is outside of the fashions typical collective consciousness, the 27 year old designer was listed as one of the finalists for LVMH’s Young Designers prize. Like many Nigerian women I’ve met throughout college and beyond, the aura of effortless sophistication seems to seep through the young designers clothing. Launched in 2010, Maki Oh skillfully blends colors and mixes textures to create unique attire for the metropolitan woman. The designer told Interview Magazine, “”We are colorful and flamboyant—true Africans,” Oh explains. “Traditionally, clothes were worn as a means of communication. Colors, motifs, embellishments were the vehicles used to pass messages…they are visual representations of traditional proverbs, announcements and sometimes even warnings.”

The Fall 2014 presentation, recently debuted on, further pushed the lines of ease and, comfortability, and uniqueness. A color palette of purples, blues, and pinks were seen throughout the collection. Translating into an intersting story, literally with letters emblazoned on silk shirts and mid length skirts. Can you tell I’m stanning for Maki Oh right now? Accentuating femininity but remaining unique is a tough challenge she’s addressed and readdressed many times. I’m a believer!
Check out a few of the images from her Fall 2014 collection below: