Iberian wolf pair arrived at Knowsley Safari Park in Prescot

Wolf sisters Maria and Morena came from GaiaZOO in The Netherlands, and are the first of their species to live at the park in its 42-year history. Half-term visitors to the park can see them settling in to their new home next to the tiger enclosure.

Eveline de Wolf, Head of Animal Management at Knowsley Safari:

“Iberian wolves are known for their highly adaptable nature and we’re confident that Maria and Morena will settle in well amongst the other animals here at Knowsley Safari.

We have exciting long term plans for our new arrivals, with the aim to bring a breeding male into the park to foster a small breeding pack, as would be found in the wild.”

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Crazy Camels

After a visit to Knowsley Safari Park, camels are DEFINATELY one of my favourite animals. Why would anyone want horses? Camels are so much better. 

A crazy camel showing off its sexy humps. And yes, it’s standing in the middle of a road. It’s so cool.


Knowsley Safari Park

Went again as we had such a great time for Afia’s birthday and they had an offer on. Well it would have been rude to not go.

Have to say it was an amazing day and I hardly stopped to take any photo’s as I was too busy on the Dodgems, watching the Bird of Prey Show, riding the Tea-Cups and nearly throwing up on the Pirate Ship!

It’s really hard to choose between Chester Zoo and Knowsley but they are both amazing places for different reasons. 

today I’m taking Lucas to Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

we’re going to walk with the lions and feed the wallabies and play with the meerkats along with lots more other cool zoo type stuff!

I’m way excited! :D

I’m also doing a summer scrapbook full of all the exciting stuff we’re going to do this summer!

we’re going to go to Knowsley safari park, and swimming, and the park, and then this place and scrap book it all!

if anyone has any other ideas for places to go in or around Leeds with a three year old boy please tell me!

This summer is going to be wonderful and I’m going to spend as all of it with Lucas before he starts school!

so yeah :3


So I went to Knowsley Safari Park on the weekend and I was super excited and happy, to be honest I got some nice photo’s, the lighting needs fixed but I don’t have time to edit them at the moment. BUT LOOK AT THE CUTE ANIMALS!!!!! *-* I wanted one like a baby Rhino or you know a baby Lion? Please?


I’m trying to persuade my Parents to take me to Knowsley Safari Park but they won’t as they’re afraid that the animals will ruin the cars :( It’s so bloody amazing though! I haven’t been since the start of August 2010 with my ex’s family, it’s so long ago now. The creatures are hilarious, I miss them! I need some funny animals in my life, ASAP.