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[TRANS] 170223 DEAN (Singer-songwriter and producer) KKT with Taehyung (Instagram Story)

(Yellow Text) We’re good friends. Peace.
[Note: This was on Feb. 17th, the day DEAN dropped his two song single album ‘limbo.’ When Taehyung says ‘I really like it’ he’s probably talking about DEAN’s new songs.]

Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
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dan has big soft brown doe eyes framed in long lashes and a lot of wonder for interesting things and there are freckles on his cheeks and dimples like indents in cream he is a palette of gold and brown and earthy warmth and his smile is sweeter than honey :(

How Clarke Will Recognize Her Feelings For Bellamy
  • Roan: Oh hi, Clarke! How's the first half of my OTP doi-
  • Roan: Not much. He's just chillin' in Polis. Eating ice cream and watching the sunset. Probs thinking of you.
  • Clarke: You mean... he's not... hurt?
  • Roan: WHAT?! Clarke, you seriously think that I would hurt him?
  • Clarke: Um... Well... Yes... ?
  • Roan: Pfffttt... Nah. I want to see the two of you get married and spend the rest of your lives together with your adorable Bellarke children.
  • Clarke: ... What's a Bellarke?
  • Roan: You know... You, Bellamy...
  • Clarke: .........................
  • Roan: You seriously don't know?! You're like the only one at this point.
  • Echo: Ummm... I also don't know what a Bellarke is.
  • Roan: You wouldn't! You're a plot device to freak fans out and make them think that their OTP might not happen. But true Bellarkers know otherwise.
  • Raven, Jasper, Monty, Abby, Octavia- literally everyone else: It's true.
  • L.exa and Finn from their graves: Even we knew, Clarke.
  • Clarke: So... what you're saying is... Bellamy and I should be together?
  • Echo: Well, I mean not necessari-
  • Everyone else: YES!
  • Clarke: Huh... Now that you mention it that kinda makes sense. I look at him differently than I do the rest of my peeps.
  • Echo: You do?

Shadow of a Doubt

All Magnus wanted out of tonight was for the Lightwood family - specifically Maryse - to accept that he was a significant part of Alexander’s life. That, of course, is not how smoothly his life works. It took him far too long to put the pieces together and realise what was happening in his home, it made sense how absurd Simon was behaving and the manic anger lacing Clary’s actions.
He was amidst another warlock who was deliberately messing with his friend’s minds. If he had paid more attention earlier he wouldn’t currently be kneeling in front of an unconscious Maryse and enchanting healing spells over her still body.


the foxes as internet memes
  • neil josten: i lived bitch
  • kevin day: the cask of amontillado
  • andrew minyard: move i'm gay
  • renee walker: dark kermitt
  • allison reynolds: handsome squidward
  • dan wilds: dj khaled's snapchats
  • matt boyd: do it, for him
  • nicky hemmick: bad one direction imagines
  • aaron minyard: [white guy blinking.gif]