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As a medical student, I was lucky to receive training on how to properly address genitalia for transgender patients. Are there certain situations, etiquettes, or practices that you see in the medical community that you find unsuitable, insensitive, or ignorant of issues often faced by the transgendered community?

I’m so happy that you received this training because there is still a lot of work to do with regard to trans cultural competency in the medical field – unfortunately, not everyone receives that training so there are still a lot of practitioner’s who don’t know how to treat and advocate for trans folks. Many providers don’t ask about pronouns, or preferred names, or about what names individuals use for their body parts. Stereotypes are also pervasive and extremely problematic – there is this idea that all trans people have or are at risk for contracting HIV, that all trans women are engaged in sex work – these things are true for some of us but to focus exclusively on these stereotypes is dangerous and harmful. Medical providers need to understand that being trans is not in and of itself an illness – being trans doesn’t harm us, transphobia does. Many trans folks are suffering because of transphobia and the violence it perpetuates. Many trans folks are also thriving and demanding dignity. We need to demand a medical model that lets people take the lead in terms of what their care looks like, that creates opportunities for providers to really listen to patients. There are still so many barriers to be removed to insure that trans people have access to health care that is not only culturally competent but that is accessible, affordable, and safe.


It’s so wrong that after showing us that Kara Danvers suffers from low self-esteem they shoved her into a relationship with a guy who constantly tears her down,berates,belittles,and reinforces that belief.

How TheCw,writers,producers,and anyone else involved behind the scenes of SUPERGIRL can continue to push that on their audience,which consists of so many young people, is offensive and dangerous. The message they are sending to young people is that in 2017 it is still acceptable to treat women as less than a man- even as less than a human being. This was once a show about empowering women to go out into the world with the self confidence to know they are more than worthwhile and worthy of whatever they want to accomplish in their lives,to reach for the stars. Now it has joined the countless voices that tell women that they can only go as far as the men in their lives will allow them. That they are nonexistent if they do not have a man at their side to guide,protect,and love them.
To the girls out there, if a man treats you as anything less than the glorious person you are, they are the one who is not worthwhile. You can achieve anything you want in life without a man at your side. A boyfriend does not make or break you. You are your own hero. Do not let anyone make you feel that you need them to be someone.

TheCW,writers,producers, and anyone else who has had a part in pushing the misogynistic message being conveyed to girls and women in season 2 should be ashamed of themselves. They know better and need to make amends for the damage it is causing. We have every right to demand respect from them. We are the audience that will make or break them. It is time to let our voices be heard. Do not be silent and condone their abuse.

I want ‘Supergirl’ to continue, but only after it has been returned to the beacon of hope for young girls and women, that it once was.

Until then I can no longer support it. Again, let your voices be heard. Write to the show’s writers,The CW,the producers, and let them know how you feel.Do it through any means of social media you may have available to you,Twitter,Facebook,Tumblr,forums,etc.. Only if you speak up will we be heard. Do it for yourself,for our daughters,sisters,and for all women. It is 2017 and if 2016 taught us anything it is that we can not let others speak for us. Speak up, you are worthwhile.

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there is a ‘yes’ in my every ‘no’
and a 'no’ in my every 'yes’.
i am a puzzle that changes every minute-
like a labyrinth, you’ll be lost in.
i am fierce when you treat me
with too much care
and feisty when you treat me with too little.
let me let you in on a little secret-
even i don’t know what it is that i want,
but don’t ever say that to me,
for i know how to bloom beautifully
just as i know how to burn things to the ground.

Tanvi R - “Us, women”

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my mum is divorced and you know how people are then.. (she was forced into marriage and my deadbeat father has never even tried to contact me, men ain't shit) and she used to tell me that i shouldn't even say more than "hello" to any boy and especially never stop for smalltalk because people will snitch and talk about how i'm a whore who talks to boys.. at 12 i thought she was exaggerating. she wasn't, at all.

Our cultures are such bullshit, they treat men as demigods and criminalise women like this. What makes me feel better is knowing that people who think like that will not prosper, because they think like shit. They’ll just remain stagnant whereas as long as we rebel and not give a shit what they think, we will go onto become the best version of ourselves.

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How old are you? 17

Current Job? I’m still unemployed, sadly.

What are you talented at? Drawing, writing, video editing, knowing useless trivia about the things I’m obsessed with

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? I’m hoping to develop a body of work that promotes diversity, acceptance, equality, and recognition of women in history.

Do you collect anything? Movies, TV shows, stuffed frogs, my birds’ shed feathers

A topic you always talk about? Politics, lately, and history.

Pet peeve? Intolerance, rudeness.

Good advice? Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Recommend 3 songs:

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Americans had one job. Trump, the racist, sexist, homophobic, insulting man; the world urged you to make the right decision. Because at the end of the day it won’t just affect you, but everyone around you.

It takes just 4 minutes to launch nuclear weaponry.

Trump mocked a disabled reporter; promoted rape as a joke, which is now spurring men on to treat women like objects - something we’ve worked hard to remove from society; laughed about not paying taxes; continuously insulted people of different races, religions etc.

We all laughed about it months ago but who’s laughing now? People are at home crying; fleeing their sexuality and religion in the hopes of survival; Families scared of deportation. The only people laughing now are the people who don’t know this struggle.

People wonder how trump won this election? White supremacy.

88% of black people voted for Hilary in Florida alone. White people vote for trump because of Hilary’s email scandal? You’re lucky you don’t have to endure the pure anxiety that a poc has to as they await their fate.

You want your children to grow up watching this man? Who could very well take back the legalisation of gay marriage? You want to show your kids that rape is okay and it’s perfectly acceptable to call a woman whatever you want, it’s not like women could ever be highly educated, right? You want your children to grow up watching a racist?

Hilary might not of been perfect but I know for sure that people around the world would not be crying in despair if she was elected. She promoted something so promising, equality for all. Statistics have shown that of the millennials that voted, almost all of the map was covered in blue. Trump voters were of an older generation with old fashioned ignorant views.

Women who voted for trump? I pity you. You accept a man who shames our bodies, calls us ugly, sees us as objects…and many more offensive comments. If you accept this, then I really, really pity you and your view on women in society.

And to those who wasted their vote? Shame on you. 18,000 votes were wasted on Harambe. It’s all fun and games, but when you have the privilege to vote, you use it. People give out that 16 year olds would be too immature to vote, yet adults are a lot worse.

I’m disappointed in you America, allowing an anti-Muslim fascist, whose views are similar to those of the past, in hitler. You should of learned from the past. I’m still with her. I’m with Hilary. I’m with basic human rights. I’m with freedom.

(Michelle Obama 2020🙌)


“It started from my interest in actually discussing this idea: little girls and their fairy tale worlds that get destroyed, when they get to know who men really are. It’s really kind of brutal to be a girl, and then have to deal with actual men whose only interest is sex. Wanting to talk about that, and also about the fragmentation that happens with how women are treated by men — especially beautiful women. How do you negotiate an authentic self as a woman? It’s very difficult. A lot of girls who seem like they might be crazy, or sociopathic, or just stupid, they’re actually trying to negotiate all that and they may not know how. And that’s what drives them insane. So I wanted to make that kind of character: somebody who has never been valued for her brains, for her personality, for anything that she has to offer, but who only really gets valued for her beauty.” - Anna Biller (The Love Witch, 2016)


“How does one mourn for six million people who died? How many candles does one light? How many prayers does one recite? Do we know how to remember the victims, their solitude, their helplessness? They left us without a trace, and we are their trace.” -Elie Wiesel.

The Holocaust is a scar in our history. 6 Million Jews were murdered by the evil Nazis. Women, men and children as one. Between the victims there were also war prisoners, Homosexuals, Disabled people etc. – Those who didn’t match the Nazis’ rotten ideology. Those who were considered too inferior to live.

All of us are different. We shall accept the differences between us and treat each other with respect. We shall avoid hate, judgment and stereotypes. Fill your heart with love to the people around you, live in peace and celebrate everyone’s uniqueness. We shall all remember the terrors of the Holocaust, and take it with us in our hearts as each day goes, and never let anything like this happen again. Never again.

International Holocaust Remembers Day 2017.


10 (anti) parallels of Hook (treating women) / Rumple (treating women)

Dedicated to the amazing @daxx04

I love this request! And you know, It’s not only about how Hook is with Emma vs how Rumple is with Belle (that on its own is very different), it’s also about how Killian is seeing women, as strong, independents, leaders, free to chose their path, in oppose to how Rumple sees them, as weak, dependable, followers from behind, fulfilling the choices of their husbands.

The fact that Rumple sees the way Hook is with Emma and calling him her “puppy dog” because of it proves his view on women in general and on women relationships with men.

Send me a parallel/anti-parallel and I will turn it into a 10 parallels gifset

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The scariest thing about this Daniel Holtzclaw case is how many black women in their testimonies stated things like “I didn’t want to go to the police, I didn’t know who to call, the police always work together and I didn’t think anyone would believe me.” 

Black women are afraid to call the police when they have been sexually assaulted because they fear no one will take them seriously. Black women are afraid to go to the police when they need help with anything because of how they have been treated by police their whole lives. 

If you do not see this as a huge fucking problem then I don’t know what to tell you.

The thing is that even when Mickey says things like “you’re just a warm mouth to me.” He still respects Ian, I mean look at the way he acted whenever men treated Ian like a hunk of meat, a sex object. He didn’t want that, he valued Ian as a human being. Look at the way he acted when Mandy was getting beat on, he stood up for women and how they shouldn’t be hit on any occasion, and him beating a man for hurting one of his girls. He respects people, even if he doesn’t know how to show it, he’s a good man. Terry Milkovich could never even be half the man Mickey is. He’s a good person whether he knows it or not.

C: There is a psychological explanation that explains why black men have significantly higher numbers unfavorable views of black women than men of other races have of “their” women. It is rooted in white supremacy and a cognitive phenomenon know as Behavior Confirmation. Behavior Confirmation is a real concept in Behavioral Psychology that states that people behave based on how we treat them, and sometimes we can be biased to only look at their resulting behavior and completely ignore our actions that led to that behavior. Case in point: how black men socially deal with black women as opposed to women of other races. Black men are generally nicer and forthcoming and friendlier to women of other races. They consider them more beautiful based on white supremacist ideals of beauty and approach them nicely and warmly. As a result, these women reciprocate this warmth, and black men come to the conclusion that non black women are nicer. On the other hand, they generally approach black women with more apprehension, low expectations, cold and sometimes just rude and mean approaches. As a result, black women will reciprocate that vibe and black men will conclude that black women are mean and “have an attitude”. Important to note that I don’t care for the “not all black men” comments because just like all other discovered phenomena that apply to human populations, not all subjects will portray the phenomena in question in the entire population or even sample. But that doesn’t mean the effect is not significant enough for one to reach a reasonable conclusion about the behavior in question.

The problem with Women and Superhero shows

You know what’s really frustrating? How many TV shows,especially  superhero TV shows aimed at young people absolutely refuse to do something as simple as make sure that their show is gender balanced.Or show female characters have any connection with other women. Superhero shows are meant to inspire us, to show us a better way and yet they seem to hate the very idea of actually spending any time on female characters

Just look at all the TV shows we had till now .Can you think of one show where the the men don’t outnumber the women? Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Agent Carter…….the only one which actually bothered to some degree  was Agents of Shield*

Arrow is horrible when it comes to it’s treatment of female characters. We all know that. But they are also horrible when it comes to the actual presence of female characters.. And they don’t learn. Oliver’s new team of vigilantes had a 3;1 male to female ratio. Was there ANYTHING preventing them from making Rene or Rory a girl? And look at how isolated Felicity is from other girls. She has zero female friends

The Flash is also very much a guy show and Caitlin and Iris barely even interact with each other. Again was there anything to prevent Julian from being a girl? No. They absolutely refuse to include more female characters

Legends of Tomorrow has a two girl maximum. At least in the first seaosn Sara and Kendra were friends but now Sara barely even seems to talk to Amaya. And again there was nothing preventing them from making Nate a girl. Hell his issues with being sheltered and feeling helpless his whole life would have been even more impact if he was a girl

And the few shows we have which are supposed to be about girls? They are cringe inducing when it comes to these issues and absolutely get worse with time

Agent Carter was male dominated and the only somewhat female light in the show was Carter’s friendship with Angie. And they snuffed this completely in the second season in favor of a shitty love triangle. And don’t get me started in how they took a brilliant female historical figure and turned her into a pathetic villain

Supergirl is probably the worse when it comes to this. Look at how the show started. Although Winn has improved he started as a creepy toxic male geek. One of his very first lines was thinking that Kara was a lesbian because she didn’t want him. And when Kara turned him down he made her feel guilty and apologize to him. And he was presented as her best and ONLY friend. Kara Danvers had no female friends. Do you realize how insane this is?. Still season 1 wasn’t quite as bad. Kara had Cat as a female mentor, she overcome her hesitancy and develop respect and friendship with Lucy and James although he had a few minor glitches like his reaction to the Red Kryptonite was a goddamn awesome and healthy male character. But in season 2?

Although the introduction of Maggie and her realtionship with Alex is excellent it’s the ONLY bright spot. Everything else ruined the little they had. They ditched Cat in favor of Snapper, Lucy disappeared in the void of unappreciated female characters and instead we got freaking Mon El. The very definition of bland pretty boy. James was turned into some fragile insecure boy who feel threatened by by Kara’s status, Winn actually actively sabotaged Kara just so he and James can shine and again don’t get me started on Mon El. M’gann should have been one of the bright sides of this season but he was barely used. We got see more of Mon El’s fuck then of a fascinating and complex character like M’gann. The ONLY female friend Kara has is Lena and you know they are going to fuck with this,

Literally all of these shows actively isolate women from interacting with other women. Female friendship is treated as some flaky thing that can easily be ignored and erase while male friendship is celebrated and iconic. Just look at Oliver and Diggle, Barry and Cisco. On Legends they pushed Nate and Ray and Ray and Mick to bond and become friends  while Mick and Snart were beyond celebrated and iconic. On Supergirl they put more attention on Winn and James friendship then on any interaction Kara had with a girl that wasn’t her sister

Female friendships gets none of this. The closest we ever came was Carter and Angie’s and Sara and Kendra’s (and come to think of Sara and Sin) . And all of them got only a fraction of the time spent on male friendships and was erased completely later on never to be mentioned again

The only chance girls get when it comes to friendship is with male characters and this is often either a prelude to or baiting of a realtionship


*I am not gonna get into the Netflix shows as well since this already got too long but they have their own issues as well. Not quite as horrible as the CW shows but still bad

Just saw the video that evoked the “Hurt Bae” hashtag on twitter and I’m so heartbroken. No good woman deserves that kind of treatment, no one at all does.

I know some have been through this, when a guy doesn’t appreciate you or see your worth, downplays you because he can’t control his wandering eyes etc. just wanted to say this, some people need to be reminded of these things:

1. Becareful of those who claim flirting is in ‘their nature’ their just childish and don’t want to grow up acting like thirsty Highschool kids.

2. If he disrespects other women, no matter how nice he may be treating you know, expect that nasty behavior to pop up when he’s with you.

3. Please do not date someone who emphasizes a lot on your looks, some use the cause of 'constructive criticism’ to cover their sick fetishes of wanting a woman with a certain body type (this is a prevalent point but I’ll still add it)

4. If he’s hung up over an ex, don’t waste your time.

5. If he does something you don’t like, say it, don’t keep it to yourself, from his reaction/response you’ll know if he’s worth it.

6. Know your worth, you have to accept that as much as you like him if you know damn well he is toxic, DONT THINK YOU CAN CHANGE HIM. This has happened too many times to people, so learn to accept if they can’t/won’t change.

7. If he has cheated once, he will do it again. #DontWasteYourTimeTryingToChangeADirtBag. And I don’t mean just cheating on you but if he has cheated on an ex, that’s a serious red flag.

You deserve better.

“Yesterday at work this white lady cut an entire line of people.

I told her to get to the back of the line and I would help her when it’s her turn.

She spoke with my manger, he really didn’t give a fuck.

She didn’t like that so she waited until the rush was over and tried to confront me herself 😂

She got emotional and said she was hurt "who do YOU even think you are to be treating me this way?”

Me: are you going to buy something or nah? Ok no then we have nothing to talk about.“

*pulls out tucked necklace from inside shirt*

Lisseeeeen blonde haired, blue eyed women how I’m go know your Jewish if your necklace ain’t even showin?? Like you CUT THE LINE Dassit, bihh I’m Muslim Amerikkka hates my Muslim ass so leave me alone.

How you goin cut a whole ass line and expected to be waited on hand and foot??


The way I hollered in her face 😂😂

My poor coworker had to listen to her for an hour rant about how much I hurt her feelings, welp.“
-AK Xersi

Another reason why I love Hakuryuu’s speech:

Kou Empire is a patriarchal society. Women seldom are in a position of power (only two of the eight princess are generals) and even when they are they are still used for marriage alliances (just look at Kougyoku’s two almost engagement situations).

Growing up in this country, it’s only natural that Hakuryuu thought that he should be the one to protect his sister:

The important thing is that Hakuryuu recognized the flaw of  that way of thinking and now he believes that he should have told his sister about his problems and treat her as an equal:

Furthermore, Hakuryuu has no problem admitting that he gave his throne to his other sister, Kougyoku, and he’s happy he did so. He knows that she’s a great Empress and the fact that she’s a female doesn’t matter to him.

Just look at how huge she appears on his vision if you want any confirmation that Hakuryuu truly respects her:

Hakuryuu doesn’t consider the women on his family -or any woman for the matter- as fragile beings and that’s something positive about his development as a character.

The differences matter.

Before Louis knows if it’s a Harry/older women joke:

After Louis hears it’s a Niall/older women joke:

How is that different than when Louis reacts to Harry and women references, you might ask?

Louis when Dan Wooten asked Harry if he was on Tinder:

Louis when an interviewer talked about her connection with Harry:

Louis when he had to physically get out of the way so Harry could kiss an interviewer on the cheek:

Louis when Barbara Walters called Harry “the flirt” who was linked to older women:

Louis when an interviewer asks them about Harry’s “womanizer reputation” and seeing his “lothario thing” in action:

Louis when Harry gets asked if it’s annoying he’s linked to every woman he’s photographed with:

Louis when Mario Lopez asked Harry if he’d been “naughty or nice” that year:

Louis after an interviewer told Harry to come back because she “NEEDED HIM.”

Louis watching an interviewer give Harry her number:

Louis when an interviewer asked Harry about going for drinks with Ed and Taylor:

That’s how it’s different.