knows everything!!


Aaron hugging Robert + squeezing Roberts jacket to feel him, to make sure this is real, to make sure he is real, to ground himself and not get lost in his head

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Regina Mills Appreciation Week
↳ Day 5: Favorite Platonic Relationship
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Do you ever just think about tokoyami and like

Was he born with a bird head? Or did it develop later like quirks tend to? (Like just imagine that this preschooler wakes up one day and his head has transformed into a bird head) Is it related to his quirk? Like is it somehow beneficial for him to have a bird head? Do people ever act like it’s weird that he has a bird head? Or are animal heads typical enough that no one thinks anything about it? Is it hard to get dates if you have a bird head? Does he have any other bird features? Does he have any specific dietary restrictions that come from eating with a beak? Was it hard for him to learn how to enunciate certain words with a beak? How does he feel about the fact that his head is a bird head?

sorry to my potter followers but today is the final day of activity for the skam fandom… so you’re just going to have to either put up with my skam spam for the next 24 hours or blacklist… or unfollow if it gets too much, i guess….. sorry again

I don’t know who the Mcelroy brothers are. I have literally no idea what they do or what they talk about or anything. But for this entire time, anytime I saw their name on my dash, I mentally read it as “Mic-EL-roy.”

Until tonight, when I see a quick video and hear someone say “MACKelroy.”

They’re apparently the “MACKelroy” brothers

Not the “MicELroy” brothers

And now I only know that I know nothing


(believing in someone like me
dealing with these tears and wounds)

so thanks

for becoming my light,
for becoming the flower,
in the most beautiful moment in life

—둘! 셋! (그래도 좋은 날이 더 많기를) by BTS

[lyric translation by: bts-trans]


Marichat May Day 27: Baking

Marinette, you totally walked into that.

The cookies were made in the end tho (but in an uncomfortable silence)

Uhm but where did the music come from

This is why you shouldnt leave alone a god who has been sleeping for years with your computer and totally access to your movie collection, Marinette.

The signs as the songs from Melodrama by Lorde
  • Aries: Homemade Dynamite
  • Taurus: The Louvre
  • Gemini: Sober
  • Cancer: Supercut
  • Leo: Sober II (Melodrama)
  • Virgo: Liability (Reprise)
  • Libra: Loveless
  • Scorpio: Liability
  • Sagittarius: Perfect Places
  • Capricorn: Green Light
  • Aquarius: Writer in the Dark
  • Pisces: Hard Feelings