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Imagine Alec on Thanksgiving.

No, the Lightwoods don’t celebrate the way mundane families do, and the only reason they’re together at all is because Max asked. But regardless, they plan to have dinner together on a cool November night, for the first time in a long time.

Nobody’s cooking – nobody wants to die. But Alec takes Izzy, Jace, and Max with him to a grocery store where they buy obscene quantities of food: turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, cornbread, ham, and other random things including three pies because everybody loves a good pie.

He books one of the spare rooms in the Institute for the whole thing, but it’s not very formal. Between plastic cartons and barcode stickers on all the boxes, none of this is could ever be particularly fancy. And he shrugs when Jace asks to bring Clary, since he’s bringing Magnus anyway, since this is a family affair and that’s who should be present.

There’s no tradition with this – the point is just to spend time together, despite everything that’s gone wrong in the past few months, or in spite of it. Yet while everybody fights for the drumsticks, Alec finds himself pausing to take a breath and glancing around the table.

He looks at his mom, beaming now that her children are with her and the divorce papers are on their way, and his dad, sitting awkwardly across the table from her.

He looks at Max and Izzy, both happy and healthy and stronger than they’ve ever been.

He looks at Jace, half-smiling at Clary the whole time, looking like he’s almost happy for once.

And then…

And then he looks at Magnus, who’s looking at him, legs pressed together under the table, a smile gracing his face, a soft, tender thing that’s grown as familiar to Alec as this warm, indescribable feeling pulsing in his bones. He sees the way Magnus slots into this family, his family, the way Maryse hands him the bread basket with no hesitation, the way the space at Alec’s side is molded in Magnus; shape and meant for him only.

He thinks of what might have been, and he compares it to today.

“Alexander,” Magnus says gently, nudging him with his shoulder as he passes him a buttered roll.

And you know that all Alec can think is thank you.


Lindsay Ellis is probably the best ever at film analysis and this one goes into the history of the making of Curse Of The Black Pearl and how unlikely it was. And how utterly clueless film execs are. 

They think when a film fails it’s because nobody will ever be interested in that genre any more, they lose money on things nobody wants and then refuse to take risks on stuff that could be new and good, all of the quirky things that made POTC a marketable franchise were seen as poison including Depp’s performance just because it was different, which they demanded some explanation for and asked if he was supposed to be gay. Because people who finance films seem to want every aspect to fit an equation that calculates profit

Anyway there’s also a really masterful tying-together of how what was once a refreshing performance by Depp has become overwrought and dire and that we all feel distaste at his very presence because he’s a domestic abuser with the former originality of POTC turning into endless sequels of overcalculated, uninspired boredom.

An observation

So, we’re all freaking out about these new Anti hints, right? It started with this super fishy thumbnail for ‘everything is gonna be ok’ (which Jack liked). Then came the audio effect in Hearbound, and Jack reblogging with that Undertale-esque caption (which someone pointed out has the ‘t’, ‘n’, and ‘a’ glitched out, similar to the Bio Inc Redemption video title). Plus he reblogged this art without a caption, something he generally does during an antipocalypse. Plus, new Anti merch, as well as this lovely photo on Jack’s Insta?

People have been (understandably) going a bit insane. This theory analyzes in amazing detail the ‘everything is gonna be ok’ thumbnail. This one shows the coincidental timing of the merch sale. Also, there’s this theory from August making strong correlations between our situation and Undertale. This one points out a link between Best Of JSE #5 and #6. And someone pointed out how Jack has been doing the ‘Anti’ laugh and checking his pulse (as if he were dead) quite often recently.

But something about all of this has been bugging me a bit. Jack himself said Anti was unpredictable, right? So why is all of this making so much sense? Why are we able to make such clear connections between past appearances and what’s happening now? Why is everything suddenly so clear-cut? Usually, we have to really dig to make sense of stuff, but this feels so… laid out for us to find.

I have a very strong feeling that Anti is up to something, and leaving these clues in just barely obvious spots for us to latch on to, giving us something to distract ourselves with while he works on his master plan in the background. Yes, these are all very strong clues, but there is a slight chance that this is all just a red herring to throw us off his trail, so he can do what he needs to without us pesky theorists getting in his way.

Whatever it is, we have to stay wary. We can’t fall into whatever trap this is that Anti is setting up. Stay alert.

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little known fact; though this is an azula blog I deeply appreciate Korra’s parents. They are my fav. Help.

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Man fuck school those were the worst years. uni is so much easier to cope with

All ya’ll still in school Im hella proud of you for lasting this long, your final score barely matters (nobody even the uni asked for mine) and all you need to do is survive, even if you have to drag yourself through it. ;v; (coming from someone who had to repeat a year and still got a hella low score) Dont push yourself too hard, the education system has been messed up for a long time and only tests memory, not your intelligence. You are far more important than numbers. The heavy weight will be lifted off your shoulders when you’re done~ Good luck!!



[Looking at Sigrid (the augur’s apprentice)’s ritual site to separate herself from her spirit teacher, via possession.]
Inquisitor: A vial of lyrium.
Dorian: If you don’t know what you’re doing, it takes a lot of energy to banish a spirit.

i know i’m like super late to the game with jaws of hakkon but i’m just playing it now and how come no one told me dorian says this?? that he knows what goes into separating a demon from a person??

like, it was pretty obvious that the chantry was suppressing information on this - the seekers and their abilities are pretty strong proof - but this just, really highlights it, for me

the book jowan “found” in da:o was probably from tevinter. the game reveals through codex entry that irving was purposely putting books on forbidden magic/knowledge in reach of certain apprentices to see if they were “weak” and should be made tranquil. so when irving says he’d never thought of using lyrium for the ritual to save connor, or thought it possible to do at all, he was lying

vivienne clearly doesn’t know about it, despite being a first enchanter as well. cassandra had no idea she herself was made tranquil - i find it hard to believe the lord seeker/chantry would tell her that possessed mages could be saved if they wouldn’t tell her that. leliana only knows as much as she does because *she was in redcliffe when it happened*

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AHHHH I’M GLAD IT HURT YOU TOO thank u so much!!

me? making myself sad with vent art? it’s more likely than you think

23/11/17 it’s just crazy how people can be beautiful

Oh my god so I think yesterday or few days ago i’ve reblogged a post about people sending money to other people for just being beautiful or for different reasons and I though it was a beautiful thing to do etc. And then today i’ve received a mail from someone who sent me via paypal 2.50 USD for “ Completes autonomic biological functions adequately”. 

To that person who did this thank you so so much first for your money (please come into private message i really want to thank you by offering you a tarot reading or something) but also for your message because it just made me laugh so much, and i just cried of happiness because some people are really beautiful and amazing in this world and you’re a part of them. I just needed that so much so thank you thank you thank you 


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