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So I know Tyler is Christian? is he like super devout? Is Josh religious too? Also DO THEY EVER SWEAR!? Or drink!? I've never heard them swear or talk about alcohol.

yeah, both of them are pretty religious, and you can especially hear it in tyler’s lyrics. and they don’t swear- at least not in public! tyler doesn’t drink either, again that we know of, but josh has gotten drunk once or twice where we saw it on his friends’ snapchat and stuff xD but they are both adults, and can make their own decisions! they are both very responsible and josh doesn’t make a habit of it

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For me, it would be perfect if we sided with the masked man, just to find out about a "rotten side" of the Guard, the famous "they are not what they seem, blah blah blah"... or maybe I just like him too much and want to know more about him ('3')

tbh i don’t trust him very much like i’m 99% sure he’s just manipulating and using us to mess with the guard BUT i also want to know his side of the story. he seems to resent them so much i wonder what they did to him for him to act like this

LMFAO these 2 guys were sitting in Starbucks and trying to figure out the song that was playing and kept asking Siri bt they weren’t getting it so I secretly Shazammed it and waited to see if they’d find out but they couldn’t get it. So I asked “are you guys trying to figure out the name of the song?” and they looked over and said yeah so I told them and made it seem like I just knew the name of the song and was familiar with that type of music and they were so impressed LOOOOOL one of the guys was like “wow you need to be in here all the time (I am in there all the time lol literally everyday), we always try finding the songs but never can” 😂

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Whoops! Should have thought of that... Let's try again. Three sentence prompt: Shiro, Pidge, gen, classic cars

All gen all the time 8)

“You know how to drive it?” Shiro asks, in disbelief. “But they’re ancient!”

Pidge’s glasses flash in the light; she grins. “I’ve read the manual.”

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What do you think faceless are? Are they just super strong zombie-like undead creatures that were once human? Or their own breed? Are they created artificially like the monster of Frankenstein, patched together, or just enchaced with magic? They can clearly be controlled by people ( see; Iago ) , but are they created by those people as well? What happens if their “master” dies? Is there a canon explanation for them that would point out all of the above?

I’ve honestly been curious about Faceless since Fates came out, because their origin isn’t as clear-cut as most other monsters, and everyone seems to have their own view of what they are and how they came to be. I of course have my on theories and HCs (-coughs at Blue-) but I’m curious — what are yall’s thoughts on them?

Things From Season 2
  • Keith is a Galra
  • Lance has canon inferiority issues
  • Matt is still aLIVE
  • Shiro still thinks he’s gonna die
  • The reason our cows go missing is because aliens abduct them and sell them on the black market
  • jellyfish helmets
  • huge ass motherfucking spaceworms that eat planets and pUKE LAZERS
  • Coran has always had his glorious moustache, even as a smol bab
  • Pidge doesn’t know whether to use the girls’ bathroom or the boys’ bathroom
  • Keith is Texan??? what?? since when?
  • Shay has a massive crush on is extremely fond of Hunk
  • Mermaids exist on other planets
  • The Galras have a sense of humor 
  • “Vrepit Sal”
  • There’s a Galran resistance 
  • something did happen do Zarkon’s planet
  • “Music is the only way I can express myself!” *aggressively plays classical music*
  • keith’s mama was the galra, not his papa
  • dicks out for young coran
  • shiro got his bayard and the black lion is a goddamn angel
Masterpost of Cryptic Shit from The Adventure Zone

Because damn Griffin’s given us a lot of mysteries to work with. (Excerpts from the show under the cut.)

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