Ihate sharing poetry with those who knowme
Itsnot because I don’t want criticism or thatI don’t want people to tell me whetherthey like it or not
Itsbecause they start blaming themselvesfor negative or maybe depressingthings that I write
AndI don’t need to feel shitty for their shittyfeeling towards themselves
Andthen I start wondering if they did thingsto me to purposely hurt me
—  Miamilicious6354

I can honestly say that people might understand this but not 100% completely understand as much as an INTJ…. In a sense this makes me smile but makes me sad all at the same time because I am misunderstood constantly. People don’t know it and I usually stop trying to explain it because I can see the Duh! in their minds(iNtuition) so I stop while I am ahead. When people are LED by their emotions it really irritates me because your emotions will always lead you in the wrong direction as far as basic principles and applying those to real world situations…Competency is very important and if you have none then your not important……me….y..yea (sigh) -_- *Now I look like a dick* (some people will have a penis shape in their minds after reading that)

Sometimes I wonder how people go through the day relating to their feelings and having those feelings lead them around like a dog on a leash. Is it fun? is it comfortable? or does it just “feel right”?(im getting off topic)

 I have found very few people who actually get close to understanding me but of coarse all INTJ’s only let you get so close until they are sure they can reveal their whole self to you…I have not found that person yet But I really want to, I really really want to. It’s like being in a town full of empty shelled people and im the only person who has something on the inside. Do you feel me? do you? really?? Okay let’s continue.

I don’t want to ramble on in my thoughts because I have things to do but I will just state this test that I want to conduct in the future. I want to wake up and actually video tape or voice tape all of my thoughts as they come out just to see what I think and how people react to it… Needless to say Avoiding people that day will become important because well lets just say Not everyone is an INTJ


Hey, look a Tadashi!— and oohh.

Ohhh. I went and did it. 

Look at that.

A giant Tadashi. Surprise, surprise.

But no, I ended up thinking of an AU of him somehow turning giant from whatever chemicals were in that science building when it caught up in flames instead of dying. So still alive in this, which is good. And a lot more of him to go around. It’s still in the works… But I thought I’d post for once.

You made a good friend to me. While you were outnumbered and torn, you made us do things to you. Oh dear God, I don’t feel alive when you’re cut short of misery. Will you pray it to be the end? Give a look surprised, and wide eyes to me. Then you’ll know just what I am; the scare that triggers your fear. Come know me in a different light now. Know me as God.
—  Coheed & Cambria “Delirium Trigger”