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You’re gonna meet somebody. And now, at first, she’s gonna seem…icy. You’re gonna know right away she’s trouble. But stay with her; you’re gonna need her a lot more than she needs you. And at the end of the night, you’re gonna want to say some things, but don’t. Don’t ruin it. It’s nothing she doesn’t already know. Just give her a kiss. Wish her good luck. And thank her. Thank her for showing you that you can love more than one person in this life.
—  Nick Vaughan, Before We Go
The Top 10 Mysteries of Shingeki no Kyojin

The most well known mystery in the fandom as well as the most obvious choice makes this spot on the list. As of CH69, we now know that the basement expedition will be the next step in the grand scheme of things, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out what’s in there. Since we now know Grisha was at least partially involved in the production of titan serums, a good guess as to what’s down there could be more serums or even a formula the Scouting Legion could emulate. Or perhaps, maybe a tunnel to an unknown location outside the walls…?  

One of the most surprising revelations in the series. Right where S2 ended, Mikasa sees a titan inside the wall after Annie made an indent on it. From Pastor Nick’s knowledge, it seems that the entirety of the walls are completely made up of giant type titans who remain in a dormant like state (and whom must never awake; as Nick made certain daylight shall not shine on them.) Ever since the wall titan made an appearance though, we haven’t heard anything about them other than Rod mentioning they were made by a “special titan” (the first king, most likely) in CH64. Hopefully we’ll get to find out more about them soon (and hopefully they don’t start walking anytime soon.) 

Ever since the second chapter, Mikasa has had several stress-triggered headaches with no further explanation on why she has them. Since we have never seen Levi nor Kenny suffer from the headaches, we can assume that this doesn’t have anything to do with Ackerman blood at all and is a central problem specific to her. It’s possible that this could be the reason Grisha was visiting her home in the year 844, or it could have a deeper meaning to the plot. But from all we know at this time these headaches are randomly triggered by stressful events and seem to be recurring.   

Who are the warriors? We know that Bertholdt, Reiner and Annie came from this “warrior village” in hopes of taking down as many lives as possible and attempt to take the coordinate amongst the chaos. We know Bertholdt thinks of these people as “children of the devil.” And that Annie seems to have little regard for the people thanks to her father. But why? Who are the warriors really, and why would they need the coordinate? What is their purpose? Are they really humanity’s enemy or do they simply share a common enemy with humanity and have a larger goal in mind?

Since it’s anticipated we will be switching the story back to Reiner, Bertholdt and Ymir soon, we should perhaps get a glimpse of this warrior village and even their intentions soon.

Of all the characters in the series, Ymir is probably the one with the most mysteries surrounding her. When we all read the Ilse’s Journal chapter, many questions arose. Questions like, how did this regular titan know Ymir’s name? Why did this titan BOW to what it thought was Ymir, calling her by a title similar to “Queen, Princess, Lord or a Deity?” Why did this titan attempt to avoid eating her?

From what we can put together, Ymir was definitely an important person taken in high regard. She even said so herself to Historia; in CH40 just prior to transforming, she said she was “just like Historia” where people hated her existence and wanted her dead, and she in fact “died” to bring happiness to many people. We know now that Historia is from the royal Reiss bloodline and is now queen of the walls, but from what Ymir said doesn’t make a lot of sense. If Ymir was royalty, why would her people want her dead? Well thanks to CH48, we know that she “stole” the titan’s power from the Warrior Village, so it could very well have to do with that.

Oh, and should I mention that she also speaks a dead language?

Probably the most shocking of all the remaining mysteries.

Even without Reiner, Ymir and Uri’s confirmation on this, it was apparent the future was bleak given the expressions Uri & Frieda made immediately upon gaining the coordinate (or rather, all the knowledge of the first king.) There’s no telling if this is an unavoidable event, or just how severe or even what exactly is going to happen, but from what we can gather this seems to be a big problem the characters will have to face near the end of the series.

Hands down the creepiest titan we’ve ever seen so far. Not only does he seem unforgivingly brutal when interrogating Mike, he also appears to be the most intelligent titan we’ve seen in the series. He can talk, apparently speaks numerous languages, and seems to be unaware of what the people inside the wall are doing these days (hence his asking Mike on what 3DMG was.) But this beast doesn’t seem to be without his own powers. We know he can turn people into titans (thanks to the mystery of Connie’s village and his mother turning into titans, this is well believed to be the doing of the beast titan.) So who is this person really? Is he another titan shifter? An abnormally intelligent titan? Or something else entirely?

We know he is not from either Reiner nor Ymir’s factions, but we do know that Bertholdt and Reiner looked up to this guy as if he were Santa Claus himself. Even Ymir had no idea who this titan was, but Bertholdt and Reiner seem to have an idea. He’s been MIA for 30+ chapters now, so his return should be coming up shortly.

It’s disturbing to think how the walls became so monoracial, down to the very last person of color in existence. But ever since CH65, we now know that the reason for this is because the Reiss can only control the minds of their own race (which is very likely Germanic.) When used on any other “bloodlines” (or races,) this skill is void.

What makes the Asians particularly interesting is Mikasa’s Tattoo. We haven’t seen the tattoo anywhere on her mother, but assuming she did have it herself leaves us to question the further importance of this symbol. I have a personal feeling that this marking has less to do with their race, and more to do with the entire mystery of the walls and how the titans came to be. Since the minority bloodlines from the majority race are immune to the mind altering powers, it’s not far fetched to believe these people held all the secrets to the series, and Mikasa’s tattoo could be the key to unlocking these secrets.  

Probably my favorite mystery still remaining in the series. In the year 844 before Grisha adopted Mikasa, he was explicitly seen adorning a bolo tie. And when we see him again in the year 845, his bolo tie remains to be seen. From what we know, bolo ties are exclusively worn by high commanding military officers (Pixis, Nile, Erwin, Darius etc,.) Although thanks to CH69 we see all of Levi’s squad wearing bolo ties during Historia’s coronation (for reasons that are still unexplained,) we can still assume that bolo ties are only worn by military servicemen and women whom either hold a high position or have gained a title through valor. So that leaves the question; why was Grisha wearing a bolo tie? He doesn’t seem the soldier type, we know he was a well-known doctor. It’s possible that Grisha could have been anything in the military from a field medic, to even holding his own private medical research branch in the military. The later could easily explain how he was able to gain access to titan serums (as he was a titan shifter before he killed Historia’s family, and obtained a serum for Eren.) 

“See you later, Eren.”

This is hands down the most conflicting, confusing and thought-provoking mystery in the entire series. The title of the very first chapter is “To you, 2000 years from now,” a girl who we think is Mikasa has short hair, Eren’s scarf and is seen smiling as she says “See you later, Eren,” to which then Eren comments on when did Mikasa’s hair get so long, and curiously starts crying for no apparent reason. It’s also worth pointing out that this scene was left out in the anime adaptation.

So who is this girl? Since we know now that Eren keeps having Frieda’s memories and the fact that Frieda used to have short hair, it’s a common theory now that the mystery girl could be Frieda. But if she is Frieda and this is where Eren got his scarf from, then why would Eren confuse her with Mikasa? And why would Frieda be visiting Eren in the first place when we now know that Eren is NOT a Reiss? Why was Eren crying? What does “2000 years from now” mean? Since this happens to be the biggest mystery in the series, it’s possible we won’t find out all the answers until volume 25 (the last volume in the series.) So we have quite a bit of time to speculate until then…

Honorable mentions: The Wall Cult and the Three Goddesses // The thing is, we still know absolutely nothing about the Wall religion or the Goddesses on the Walls (Maria, Sina and Rose.) We know the Wall Cult is full of conspiracies and holds many secrets, such as the Reiss lineage and the titans inside the walls, but is the whole religion just a cover up or do they really hold any beliefs in the walls or the goddesses they are adorned with?

Eren attacking Mikasa // Back in CH12-13, this infamous scene shocked and confused us all when Eren’s titan blatantly attacked Mikasa, with all intents on killing her, even at the extent of harming himself. We know when titans lose control of themselves, they resort back to a zombie-like state where they will eat humans (a subconscious impulse in hopes of consuming a titan shifter) but for the first time, we’ve seen a titan with no intent on eating a victim, but instead having clear intents on killing them. So what could this mean for Eren and Mikasa? Is there something more to Mikasa’s background as an Asian or an Ackerman? Does this have something to do with Eren’s family or even titans in general? Only time will tell to see if this will mean something bigger in the story.

Eren’s Flower // (This scene was anime only, but I figured it was important enough to write about anyway.) After Eren transformed for the second time in front of Kitts Verman and his Garrison troops, Armin noticed a set of purple flowers that weren’t there shortly before Eren transformed. Could this mean that all titans have this type of ability of growing foliage? Or does this mean that all titans are a type of plant or yeast, which many have already theorized before?

My Donnie Rambling Needed it’s Own Space...

I posted this earlier, reblogging some adorable art that I found. I’m not even sure how this happened, but I realized it belongs in it’s own post:

Geek Rambling (you were warned):
Technically, I have never considered myself a “shipper.” I don’t get emotionally involved in most shows and I typically don’t care who falls in love with whom.
But, truth be told, even in the 80s I wondered why April wasn’t closer in age to the turtles, because obviously she would have fallen madly in love with Donnie.

You can imagine my surprise the first time I tuned into TMNT 2012 (with no previous knowledge of the NIck series) and saw Donnie tumble head over heels for April at first glance. For me, it was a pairing nearly 30 years in the making.

The progression is slow and of course, there’s Casey Jones to consider, but I adore the way the writers have given form to Donnie’s very real Love for April.
Frustrating though it may be at times, we’ve watched Donatello make mistakes, learn from them, and grow to understand all the facets of a very complex emotion. So many people were down on D because of they way he initially pursued April but honestly, he was a young mutant, who lived his entire life secluded below the surface with his three brothers and father. Why would anyone assume he should have the slightest clue about handling these feelings?

Donnie has always been my favorite. Namely because he is sweet and eager to learn… everything. So it’s really not surprising, that in spite of his early stumbling blocks, he is willing and able to rectify his behavior, to show April the respect he knows she deserves. And, as he has adjusted, his crush has evolved into honest love. And now, even if it hurts, even if it means he’ll never be able to say it aloud, he seems to have committed to giving April the space that she needs or wants. That is the best example of respect I’ve seen in a children’s show.
In the end, even if things don’t pan out for Donnie (and my heart shatters to little bitty pieces), he is giving April the very best of himself. I would be proud of my kiddo if he/she learned about love from this guy.

(That said, go get ‘im April!)

Civil War: Maria Hill

Okay, so, with the apparent and alleged absence of Maria in CA:CW – and certainly not in the key position she should have been - how about we throw some ideas out into the intarwebs?

If you were (re-)writing CA:CW, how would you write Maria into the storyline? What would she do? What part would she play? How would it resolve?

You don’t have to follow the comics precisely - after all, MCU Maria Hill is a very different woman to the Maria Hill in the comics. However, given her background, her connections, her immersion in the Avengers, involvement with Coulson and SHIELD, and her knowledge of Nick Fury’s Sekrit Plans (all of which should have made her a pivotal character in Civil War), how would you have used her in the story?

If we’re going to be grumpy that she’s not in the movie, at least let’s see what ideas we have about how she SHOULD have been in it!

We can make Maria awesome, even if she’s not given the chance she should have had in Cap3.

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please do #28 "Marry me?", and can it be a public proposal?

#28 “Marry me?”


It starts as soon as Nick and Louis dating becomes a public knowledge, Nick’s Twitter feed and Instagram photos have tons of comments about how Louis deserves better than that, how Louis will find someone better than him, how Louis probably already has ten other better-than-nicks. It’s not unexpected, neither are snarky journalist or pap remarks about how Louis is younger, prettier, richer, more successful and really, could do better than that. There is also a small handful of Nick’s fans who think he could do better than Louis, but their voices get swallowed by public’s general belief that Louis could and will dump Nick as soon as someone better shows up.

So Nick does what he does best, turns it into a joke. A few days after the first storm of 1D’S LOUIS TOMLINSON IS DATING NICK GRIMSHAW dies down and he gets another tweet during the show about how Louis is definitely hooking up with that girl in a photo some fans took, he tells his listeners that he has a problem.

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So many great headcanons going on in the fandom right now I’m having trouble keeping track.

- Gentoos. A bunch of Gen 2 synths trying to live in the wasteland post-Institute destruction. Potential for cuteness: sky high.

- Disney Princess DiMA: the old synth on the mountain has a connection with animals and nature.

- Nick and kids: What else, Nick is really good with kids.

- Unseen Acadia: Fallout/Discworld crossover where DiMA is a wizard with arcane knowledge and Nick is a robot copper on Sam Vimes’ police force.

These things all make me really happy and like… thanks to everyone who’s contributed to any of those <333