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Voltron Team in an amusement/theme park headcanons!

I forgot to write these after the date I went on with my girlfriend like I said I would, so here they are!


  • Keith is the guy who won’t show any fear, whatsoever, no matter what ride he is on. Just a stone cold expression, even if he’s screaming on the inside.
  • Keith prefers roller coasters because of the adrenaline, but his favorite rides are the slower ‘kiddie’ rides because it’s fun to just chill with his friends.
  • His favorite food is anything spicy. Stuffed peppers or something similar especially.  


  • Lance is the guy who screams on anything because “That’s the most important part of rides!”
  • Lance is the guy who can win almost any rigged game except for the claw. No one knows why the claw is his worst enemy, but it is.
  • His favorite food is any kind of fried food, meat in particular.


  • Hunk likes the slower rides the most, but can never say no when Lance drags him onto a faster ride.
  • Unlike Lance, Hunk is the king of the claw game. Pick a prize, and it’s yours. Most of his skill comes from knowledge of the actual engineering behind the machine, and physics.
  • His favorite food is funnel cake, usually with caramel and strawberry. Both of his mom’s tried getting him to pick one of the two, so he decided that both were good.


  • Pidge can’t ride half of the rides. She makes sure everyone hears her anguish because of this. She makes up for it by “holding” everyone’s stuff. Including their wallets. She buys snacks for herself by stealing their cash. (She never spends too much though. She isn’t a monster)
  • Pidge and Hunk nerd out together a lot by talking about how the mechanics and programming work together to make the whole park run.
  • Her favorite food is something bigger than her, be it a burger the size of her head, a corn dog as big as her arm, or something like that. If it gives her a stomach ache she wants it.


  • Shiro is the Dad™ so he’s the one doing the seatbelt arm if he happens to be sitting next to any of the other paladins.
  • The park had to shut down a ride for a while because Shiro got stuck to the safety bar by melting it with his Galra arm because he was squeezing it so tight. Everyone laughed. Then felt bad. Then laughed again.
  • His favorite food is smothered fries and shredded ice.


  • Coran is terrified by everything, but tries to desperately hide it by laughing out a few lines of “On Altea, we rode on scarier rides as children!”
  • Coran is both enamored and terrified of fairy floss. ‘What do you mean that’s sugar!? I’ve seen human sugar! It does not look like that at all!’
  • Coran enjoys caramel apples and funnel cake with whipped cream, even though both get caught in his mustache a lot.


  • If Allura happens to be at the waterpark section, her brain short circuits, because look at all the pretty girls in swimsuits! It is too much for her strong lesbian heart.
  • Her favorite rides are the water ones because they feel less safe without all the safety bars and seatbelts, so they are scarier, and much more fun.
  • Allura loves ice cream so much, it worries everyone else. Dippin Dots, frozen custard, shaved ice, soft serve, etc. If it’s frozen and sweet, she will love it to bits. 

(Please ask me for more headcanons! I love writing them out! Don’t be afraid to drop a prompt in my inbox!)

Have some Eposette Hero/Villain AU headcanons that are based on sth @its-better-than-an-opera and me came up with when i talked about modifying a hair removal laser into a weapon suited for battle

(i don’t know how this got so long? i’m so sorry?)

- cosette is super girly but always had an interest in tinkering with machines 

- so it’s not a surprise when she studies mechanical engineering at university

- but she has to deal with a lot of shit because she doesn’t fulfill the stereotypes and does not take any shit from anyone and is generally just happy being herself

- she gets into the superhero stuff kind of acidentially when she, by pure chance, stops a robbery in her halloween costume (to be fair she has had 10+ years of martial arts experience and the guy trying to rob the corner store had no chance against her)

- someone takes a picture of her in her disney princess costume and someone interviews the corner store owner and one thing leads to another and suddenly there is an article about her in some paper

- and she decides that while she probably shouldn’t stop any more robberies she could maybe do smaller stuff to help people (she ends up doing way more but that was not really the plan)

- BUT she is determined to be completely herself, even when in disguise, so you can bet her superhero outfits are various dresses that can be modified into outfits she is able to fight in and heels, just because she can. her make up is always on point and also basically her disguise, she can do cool AF stuff and ends up looking like some sort of otherworldly creature

- also she puts her mechanical and electrical engineering knowledge to use and makes all of her weapons herself out of cosmetic things

- her faves are a taser she made out of a hair removal laser and a laser lipstick

- everyone always underestimates her, even when she starts stopping crimes involving supervillains

- her and eponine meet when patron minette (who are a villainous gang that mostly do big robberies in this), who eponine is part of, are trying to steal a painting 

- because this isn’t such a big mission, eponine basically goes in alone while montparnasse is on the lookout and someone else is on hold with their villain van

- she isn’t expecting this short, petite girl in a dress to appear and fight her in high heels? eponine might be a little bit in love when the girl nearly manages to knock her out with a roundhouse kick

- eponine manages to escape (montparnasse appears bc eponine was taking too long and does some magician shit involving loads of smoke) but this isn’t the last time they meet

- eponine keeps flirting with the cute girl while watching her kick everyones ass and staying the fuck out of it (patron minette basically becomes cosettes nemesis so eponine gets to see her kick ass A LOT)

- this conversation between eponine and random patron minette members happens so often: “uhm, i wouldn’t try to fight her if i were you” “why not? she looks like i could knock her out with one punch” “that girl knows how to fight in highheels, do you want to die?”

- meanwhile cosette is getting frustrated, because the girl who seems to be part of the villain gang but doesn’t seem to do anything but make snarky comments and flirt with her is kinda cute?

- at one point patron minette kidnaps cosette and puts eponine in charge of looking after her

- a very long and emotional conversation happens where they both talk about why they do what they do, and eponine tells cosette how she wished she could be more than just a villain

- eponine lets cosette go after that and they both think about that conversation for a long time and realize they both have feelings for each other

- there is some sort of big showdown between cosette and the remaining members of patron minette (the ones that she hasn’t put in prison yet) and eponine unexpectedly fights on her side, because dammit she is may be in love with cosette and doesn’t want to be part of this anymore

- after the battle cosette tells eponine how proud she is of her and how much she appreciates her help and how she always knew that eponine was good, and eponine can’t help herself and has to kiss her

- they now fight crime together and live happily ever after

anonymous asked:

Why do exclusives games on console always look and run better than third party games? My guess is when a game is created, it has a targeted platform to develop on. Third parties usually develop for pc first, then port to consoles. When any exclusive game is made for a console, it starts and ends only there, taking full advantage of all the specs. That is why (almost) all exclusives always look and run better. Is this correct? Was hoping you could go into this more...

You’re mostly right, but not completely there. While it’s true that third party devs have a target platform they develop on, it isn’t PC by default. In fact, most of the time it isn’t - it’s a console (usually chosen by the team leadership). Almost all console games are developed on PCs, but not necessarily for PCs. Whichever platform is lead gets all the assets and content tested on it. QA will pop over to test other platforms as development goes on, but the designers, programmers, and artists will be the ones with the dev kit for the lead console at their desks to create content and test their changes before submission. 

When we do cross-platform development, we usually have a small team of experts (usually engineering) to make sure things are working on the other platforms while the majority of the team creates stuff on the lead platform, and we have QA periodically sweep the other platforms and logging any weird discrepancies. We usually don’t need much beyond engineering to babysit the other platforms because the idea is that most consoles are about the same in terms of their technical capabilities (not including Nintendo), so it should only require some programming to make the same assets and same engine show very similar results on each platform.

Make no mistake, these engineers don’t sit around and just watch stuff. They’re the ones who have to study the hardware and firmware (and usually the central tech stuff that the publisher supplies to interface with the hardware and firmware), and then write the lower layer of software that works with the tools, content, and higher-level engine code. They’ve got some incredibly challenging tasks, which is why they are almost always in very high demand.

So why do platform exclusive titles usually look and perform better than cross-platform stuff? Well, this is where the software engineering gets down to the brass tacks. When you’re building cross-platform software, you prioritize portability over performance. It doesn’t matter if you can get a slightly prettier game or higher frame rate on the PS4 if it means your XBone version refuses to work, drops frame rate, or has texture problems. This also affects things like how the data are organized and how the tools process the assets in order to put them into the game. If you know exactly how the hardware and operating system will behave, you can take advantage of all of the strengths of that hardware. However, trying to do this on multiple platforms is like trying to throw a ball through two dozen rings at thirty paces. It’s really difficult. So by making it only one platform, those really smart, really knowledgeable engineers can focus their energies on squeezing every last bit of performance and optimization out of the game, rather than trying to keep everything working and looking right. THIS is why console exclusives tend to be better-looking and more performant than cross-platform games.

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Tony Stark ADHD Part 2

This post will focus on hyperactivity symptoms, and again Tony needs 5/9 for diagnosis. Part 1 focused on inattention and can be found Here.

1. Often fidgets with or taps hands or squirms in seat.

We don’t see Tony fidget all that often, but he is very mobile, his holograms all require movement, and work with big motions, there was one deleted scene where he played basketball with the hologram while Pepper was talking to him. Little movements are harder to spot, however Tony does occasionally fidget on screen.  

2. Often leaves seat in situations when remaining seated is expected (e.g., leaves his or her place in the classroom, in the office or other workplace, or in other situations that require remaining in place).

There are very few situations where Tony is expected to remain seated, meetings sure, but we don’t see those. We do see the senate hearing in which he twists around in his seat. He doesn’t stand up, but he does display some less than appropriate behavior.

3. Often runs about or climbs in situations where it is inappropriate (e.g., in adolescents or adults, may be limited to feeling restless).

I don’t think we’ve ever seen Tony relaxed and sitting still. but I’m not sure if he’d be classified as restless. I think he’d be very restless during board meetings, and debriefs, but we haven’t seen that in canon yet.

4. Often unable to play or engage in leisure activities quietly;

Well we all know he’s constantly talking in the suit, not to mentioned the excited cheering from the first test run. He also listens to loud music in the lab, so even working is something he can’t do quietly. 

5. Is often “on the go” acting as if “driven by a motor” (e.g., is unable to be or uncomfortable being still for extended time, as in restaurants, meetings; may be experienced by others as being restless or difficult to keep up with).

Tony is constantly working building new suits or designing products for Stark Industries or fighting criminals. The man never seems to stop and relax. 

6. Often talks excessively;

Again with constantly talking on missions, but also just having a conversation with Loki in the middle of an invasion, or talking to his captors.

7. Often blurts out answers before questions have been completed (e.g., completes people’s sentences; cannot wait for turn in conversation).

We don’t really see this happen, Tony generally waits for his turn to speak.

8. Often has difficulty awaiting turn (e.g., while waiting in line).

Considering he has his own plane, and a secretary to go get coffee for him we don’t see Tony waiting in line, he kind of doesn’t need to, but he certainly doesn’t like waiting in general. 

9. Often interrupts or intrudes on others (e.g. butts into conversations,games, or activities.  may start using other people’s things without asking or receiving permission; for adolescents and adults, may intrude into or take over what others are doing).

He sort of pulls out his engineer knowledge when confronted with Harley with a potato gun, immediately offering critiques.

Hyperactivity is a little iffy for Tony, while a lot of fandom headcanons fit perfectly for the symptoms we don’t actually see them in canon. The Avengers and Iron Man movies are primarily action movies which means we don’t get to see how Tony responds to boring meetings, or things like that. 

It also needs to be considered that Tony was raised in the business world and that fidgeting, and loudness were probably strongly discouraged when at fancy dinners with the Stark’s rich friends. So Tony may have forcibly trained himself out of visibly presenting as hyperactive in some ways. 

While Tony seems to show Attention Deficit Disorder, he doesn’t display a lot of hyperactivity symptoms in canon. 

anonymous asked:

Hi Lenny. Do you have any idea why they changed Bree graduation studies in the show? I don't understand and it's confusing me. Any help you could give will be much appreciated ;)

Hello Anon.

As yet, the show hasn’t changed Bree’s course of study. In the books, Brianna initially studies history in college, following in Frank’s footsteps but after learning the truth of her parentage and seeing Claire go back through the stones to join Jamie, Bree has a bit of an existential crisis and changes her course of study to engineering. Studying history while knowing that her parents are there somewhere is just a bit too much for her and learning that Jamie was her biological father rather than Frank (and the circumstances of Claire’s two marriages) led her to question a lot about herself and what it was she truly wanted. We see most of this coming out in her interactions with Roger during the first parts of Drums of Autumn

Jamie and Claire have a conversation about Brianna’s studies in Drums shortly after their arrival at the Ridge:

“I never was sure whether she really wanted to read history, or whether she did it mostly to please Frank. She loved him so much––and he was so proud of her.” I paused, thinking, as his hand played down the length of my back.

“She started taking history classes at the university when she was still in high school––I told you how the school system works? And then when Frank died… I rather think she went ahead with history because she thought he would have wanted it.”[…]

“If she goes on wi’ the history––d’ye think she’ll find us? Written down somewhere, I mean.”

I personally think it is precisely the fear of stumbling upon something about Jamie and Claire unexpectedly and in the middle of a class that is a big part of why Brianna ultimately changes her focus. She doesn’t want to be blindsided like that and especially not in an environment she can’t control like the classroom. But there’s also the element of looking back at her mother’s history and seeing how sure Claire was about Frank before she met Jamie that gets Bree really examining herself and her motives in life so that she can be more comfortable and confident in the choices she makes. 

There are only a few tangible references to the fact that Brianna actively chose to change her course of study and that it wasn’t simply a continuity error. Early in Drums as she is trying to figure out her feelings for Roger separate from her feelings over Claire leaving there’s a passage that helps give further insight into why specifically Brianna chooses engineering: 

One small and unexpected bonus of her change of study was her belated discovery of the soothing effects of mathematics. 

When she had come back to Boston, alone, and back to school, engineering had seemed a much safer choice than history; solid, fact-bound, reassuringly immutable. Above all, controllable. She picked up a pencil, sharpened it slowly, enjoying the preparation, then bent her head and read the first problem. 

Slowly, as it always did, the calm inexorable logic of the figures built its web inside her head, trapping all the random thoughts, wrapping the distracting emotions up in silken threads like so many flies. Round the central axis of the problem, logic spun her web, orderly and beautiful as an orb-weaver’s jeweled confection. 

Beyond Brianna’s acknowledged reasons for choosing engineering over history, there are practical reasons that maybe she isn’t ready to acknowledge yet, like the fact that if she ever were to go back through the stones herself, a practical knowledge of engineering would (and does) prove far more useful in everyday life than a thorough knowledge of history; just look at Claire and Roger. Claire prepared for her journey back by studying the history of Great Britain and continental Europe at that time… and wound up in America. And Roger’s knowledge of history (while less American focused too) also left him without a more formal occupation when they settled on the Ridge. There would always be plenty of farm work, of course, but his abilities and preferences as a scholar had to be refocused towards his decisions to become a minister (that level of academic historian was so wildly different from what he’d been in his time before the stones). 

So long story short, the show hasn’t changed Brianna’s course of study from the books; that change is actually part of the story. That doesn’t mean that the show won’t change the details of Brianna’s academic life… we just won’t know for a while yet. 

List of the 70 Most Useful Websites on the Internet (by Johnny Weber)

1. — Find something random to watch on Netflix.
2. — Find somewhere to drink a pint in the sun.
3. — Upload your gifs.
4. — Convert documents.
5. — Download all the free software you want at the same time.
6. — Speed read the web one word at a time.
7. — Find out which applications you should remove from your computer.
8. — Find places to go in public that are not crowded.
9. — Practice your touch typing.
10. — Get old versions of software.
11. — Find out how readable text is.
12. — Have emails sent when you die.
13. — Budget your money.
14. — Plan your route with the best lodging and attractions.
15. — A search engine that is not following you.
16. — Maps out possible apartments/homes that fit your criteria.
17. — Another great source for finding your next home.
18. — Make any webpage print friendly.
19. — Print precisely what you want from any webpage.
20. — Write a note to someone that will self-destruct after they read it.
21. — A network of people giving away free stuff in their towns.
22. — Crash on someone’s couch anywhere in the world.
23. — Search for recipes based on the ingredients you have.
24. — A search engine for finding people.
25. — Evaluates various charities.
26. — Popular news headlines.
27. — Listen to radio channels across the nation.
28. — Link aggregator.
29. — A computational knowledge engine.
30. — Follow satellites and constellations.
31. — Figure out you I.P. address.
32. — Improve reading speed and comprehension.
33. — Listen to white noise.
34. — Tracks prices for any product.
35. — An interactive periodic table.
36. — Find coupons for just about anything.
37. — Search all of craigslist with one search.
38. — Peek in on somebody’s computer screen.
39. — Find out the best way to glue this to that.
40. — Find out what your website is missing, how you can improve it, and how to make Google recognize it better.
41. — Draw on maps then share them with friends.
42. — Video email.
43. — Online rhyming dictionary.
44. — Design your dream home.
45. — An easy way to send big files.
46. — A place to paste text.
47. — Make it sound like you are hard at work.
48. — Backup your sensitive document online.
49. — Find out where the best seats are on your plane flight.
50. — Find out which websites store data about you, and tell them to unlist your info.
51. — Compare two foods..
52. — Find local gas prices.
53. — Plan out your sleep schedule better.
54. — Find out when certain fruits are ripe .
55. — Talk out your problems with others, or help others yourself.
56. — Swap books with others.
57. — Plan out your meals better.
58. — A graphical look at the weather.
59. — Various network tools.
60. — The best place to buy things online.
61. — Correct grammar and check for plagiarism.
62. — Send yourself a wake-up call.
63. — Plan out your next PC build.
64. — Talk to an actual person instead of a machine when you call customer service.
65. — Find out how long it takes websites to load.
66. — Find nutrition information on various foods.
67. — A database of PDF manuals for various products.
68. — Create meal plans to meet your nutrition targets.
69. — Lock yourself out of time wasting websites.
70. — Research what it is like to work with certain companies.

USEFUL WEBSITES! (Long ass text post) - Find out what the internet thinks about anything. Play drums on the Ron Winter Virtual drum set. A geography game which takes you on a journey around the world and challenges your ability to recognize your surroundings. - Gangsterfy everything on the internet! Just imagine if Snoop Dogg had a search engine. This is it. - Create text notes that will self-destruct after being read. - Create and enjoy comic strips with fantastic ease. Use this if you’re tired of drawing on your own. - Find out what you should drink when you’re listening to ________. - Find out when’s the best time during a movie to run and pee. - Enjoy a never ending stream of YouTube videos in full-screen. - A ridiculously entertaining website that shows you a picture of someone pointing to wherever you put your pointer. - Type like a hacker on television/in movies. - Download any video on YouTube as an mp3 file. - The original Space Jam website from 1996… because why not. - Make sure your friends get the message this time by saying it with a big ass message. - Chat with your buddies on Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, etc. from one place - A temporary online clipboard for your text and code snippets. - A computational knowledge engine. It works by using its vast store of expert-level knowledge and algorithms to automatically answer questions, do analysis, and even generate reports. In other words: it’s an amazing tool. - Record vdeos of your desktop/send them straight to YouTube. - A better search engine for Twitter. - Reverse image search engine. - This website measures the size of your screen and creates the image of a ruler that is the actual size. - Delicious looking food porn and awesome recipes from around the Web. - In case you update your software and the update sucks. - Simply white noise to drown out everything around you. - The sound of rain and thunderstorms on your computer. - Get RSS feeds of your choice as an email newsletter. - A web genie that can guess any character you can think of, real or fictional, with only a few questions. - The funniest and most creative vines all on one tumblr blog. - Unzip your compressed files online. - Because we could all use more drunk Ron Swanson. - Consult this site before choosing a seat for your next flight. - When you need to find the name of a song. - Pretend you’re Daft Punk. - Get your Facebook and Twitter streams in your inbox. - Samuel L. Jackson text generator and placeholder. And yes, of course the text includes “motherfucker”. - A blog about fashion, style and beauty including helpful tips/DIYs. - Find out how much of your favorite energy drink, soda, or caffeinated food would it take to kill you. - In case you need a profane suggestion for what to make for dinner. - A must-see and unexplainably priceless comic series. The Garfield comic minus Garfield = brilliant. - The most important movie question now answered: does the dog/pet die or get injured in this movie? - Learn the guitar easily. - Need to memorize a lengthy number? Pinfruit analyzes the number and provides all of the options you could want as a mnemonic device. - A simple challenge: Do nothing for 2 minutes. 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You can search by a category that you are interested in and then “stumble” through the web. - A flash game website with every flash game imaginable. This is an addictive, but fun, way to kill time. - Enter all the food in your fridge and find out what you can make with it. - A continuous stream of 90’s Nickelodeon shows and cartoons. - Play almost every single old Nintendo game imaginable. - Vent about your problems to an anonymous, total stranger. - Find out where a shortened URL goes. - Copy special characters that aren’t on your keyboard. - Find full length movies on YouTube. - Print web pages without the clutter. - An awesome collection of fonts you can download. - To create diagrams and flowcharts in your browser, then export your drawings to Google Drive and Dropbox. - When your friends are too lazy to Google a problem for themselves. - Hire people to do little tasks/things for $5. - Find out if a website is offline or not. - The easiest way to write short text notes in your browser. - Quickly determine the font name from an image. - Bouncing cats! - Discover new sites that are similar to what you like already. - Trending articles and content from around the web. - Interesting facts and photosets posted daily!

Voltron Superhero AU

Another wonderful AU crafted by me and @bluelightningbug, with additional help from @ink-rose-the-hylian, @nightcrawler-fan, @tamaction, @invisiblemanda and @esamitch, who are all awesome.

Basically, it’s a Voltron AU where they’re superheroes, instead giant robot pilots.

The central story is similar to canon, with the difference being that each lion, instead of being a giant robot, is actually a magical, Quintessence infused pendant that, like a Green Lantern ring, is wielded by those it deems worthy, and granting them superpowers. The superpowers vary from user to user, “enhancing that which is within”.

Initially, the Pendant must be recharged every 24 hours, but as the user grows more comfortable with the Pendant, the longer the charge lasts, until the Pendant is no longer needed, and the powers are permanent.

The story line for the AU is, again, very similar to canon, with Zarkon ruling much of the Galaxy, Shiro having been a prisoner, Allura and Coran being the last of their species, and so on, except that certain elements may change since here, the Galra Empire is attempting to recreate the Pendants, and Shay tags along with the Voltron group, becoming a full fledged member, albeit without a Pendant, as her powers are a natural extension to her connection to the Balmera, and the Quintessence within it. The same goes for Coran and Allura, whose powers are derived from Altean biology, and, particularly in Allura’s case, a close connection to Quintessence.

So, with those explanations aside, let me show you a list of the Paladins, and their powers. Feel free to send suggestions, story ideas, and the like, since I’m always keen to discuss any AU I’ve made.

Get your AU under the cut.

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Date My Queer Platonic Partner

My queer platonic partner is asexual but not aromantic and while we have a lovely partnership I really think he longs for romance in his life. 


  • be female
  • dark soulful eyes (???)
  • like monkeys
  • like science fiction, or at very least tolerant of
  • be romantically attracted to 173 cm tall blond Scottish engineers
  • not be jealous of an established queer platonic relationship
  • be willing to go 2-3 months without him realizing you are dating
  • low sex drive or willingness to handle one’s own orgasm requirements
  • be patient


  • enjoyment of Scottish football
  • willingness to own a monkey, or even better already owning a monkey
  • Star Trek fan
  • knowledge of engineering

No Nazis or robots need apply. 

Contact Dr. Jemma Simmons for more information.

((Do the thing! @unaugmentedmonkeyscantfly promises to go on these dates!))

Harlequin Opal

Once a member of yellow diamonds court  this boy joined the rebellion as a chance to be himself. He is was formerly a ship engineer  that had a fascination with flight! He was eventually caught piloting a pod and was going to be shattered but managed to escape in a pod. He drifted through space after busting one of the engines and not having the means to fix it. He happened to eventually pass the orbit of the Rebel residence planet and was brought down to surface by some of the rebels. The rebels seemed kinda hostile at first but  he ended up joining them in their cause and became both the best and craziest pilot homeworld and the rebels will ever see! He’s a nutcase really  and has lots of energy that comes out as rambling words. He has knowledge from his engineer days but does not share it usually so when he does he gets surprised looks. He also finds people that are easily motion sick to be annoying because he can’t take them flying. He embodies the phrase “They called me tailor because of how I thread the needle” from Voltron:LD (which if you don’t know the character Lance said while piloting a ship through a small area. Lance crashed but aside from that the phrase is pretty fitting for Harlequin here!) he is the same height as all my opals, around a pearls height. His summon is a defensive helmet and visor, though he also has the ability to induce hallucinations(A special trait weirdly mutated in most Harlequin Opals that the others don’t usually know about. His fusion dance style is hip hop.

Why Atlantis: The Lost Empire is the movie tumblr is looking for:

  • POC characters.
  • Destroys every stereotype ever.
  • Buff black guy is the caring and thoughtful doctor.
  • Old woman turns out to be the toughest person on the ship.
  • The person doing all the cooking is a man.
  • Sassy, super awesome hispanic female engineer that is NEVER sexualized or objectified.
  • In fact she gets to wear comfortable clothing the entire time and is treated as another person.
  • All the other characters are best buds with her and value her for her engineering knowledge.
  • In fact, she’s CHIEF engineer of the entire expedition.
  • Guy that used to work making corsages at a flower shop.
  • Characters with disabilities.
  • Strong female characters.
  • Everyone talks about Pocohontas, but James Cameron’s Avatar is much closer to Atlantis. Read: almost an exact point-for-point plot.
  • Non-romantic male/female friendships.
  • Final battle is won not through strength but through intelligence.
  • Protagonist is adorably passionate about history and linguistics.
  • Different animated body types. EVEN THE WOMEN.

Conclusion: this movie is great everyone go watch it.

Student’s Prayer


Thrice Great Great and Lord of Khemenu

Greatest of academics

Wisest among the Gods

Arbiter and Teacher

I ask, as your student, to be blessed

Grant me energy so that I may be disciplined

Grant me intuition so that I may gain a deeper understanding

Grant me creativity so I may use my knowledge to create, engineer and design

To learn is to honor you

To teach is to be your hand

When one loves knowledge they love you, O Thoth.

10 Reasons Every Fiction Writer Should Learn Technical Writing

I know many of you who write fiction are probably cringing at the words technical writing, but hear me out. Though fiction and technical pieces are very different and require unique skills, they also have a remarkable amount of overlap. I’ve been writing fiction most of my life, but I’ve actually spent much of my career working as a technical writer. I’ve worked on brochures, manuals, newsletters, you name it. It sounds pretty drab, but there’s something beautiful to me about meticulously crafting words into an artistic yet technical document. It’s not for everyone, but I enjoy it. So why am I insisting that all fiction writers learn it?

1. You will learn to write concisely. Yes, fiction writing is an art and a creative process. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a method to it. By learning to write concisely, one of the main skills of technical writing, you can learn to get your point across quickly and efficiently without filling your story with a bunch of fluff. Too much fluff, and your readers will be removed from the story and might be less likely to continue reading. Just look at all the books out there about the craft of writing fiction. If there was no method, there’d be no reason for those books.

2. You will get better at line editing. Technical writing focuses a lot on taking apart sentences and reconstructing them, especially since you often have a limited amount of space to fit the text. That knowledge will easily translate to line editing, where you’ll focus on the flow and wording of a sentence to make sure it doesn’t break from the style of the narrative; you’ll also learn to pick out more redundancies.

3. You will improve the structure of your plot. Good technical writers are masters at structuring the content of their work in a way that will both inform and propel a reader through it. By learning that skill, you’ll gain a critical insight as to what works in a story and what doesn’t. You’ll be able to better see if a scene is inappropriately placed or if it needs to be cut altogether.

4. You will get a taste for another genre and develop experience and skills while doing so. For those who have dabbled in tech writing or have perused manuals and instruction booklets, you know that technical writing is a whole different beast from writing fiction. (That’s also part of the reason there are so many poorly written manuals.) Well-written manuals include only the essentials. They have one job: to give the reader knowledge about a particular product. They don’t—or at least shouldn’t—be wishy washy and open to interpretation. Gaining experience in tech writing will help you to establish a clear path for your story and give it a purpose. One of the biggest indicators of amateur writing is ambiguity. Tech writing skills can help you avoid that.

5. You will gain a better understanding of which questions to ask and how to find the best editor/agent for your manuscript. One of the main tasks a technical writer has to undergo is to research and ask questions. Loads of them. Tech writers are jacks of all trades; they acquire knowledge about many different subjects, and if they’re writing a piece on a subject they’re unfamiliar with, they are expected to track down those who do, interview them, and then translate that knowledge into words the average Joe can understand. Having the skill to do that gives you a huge advantage as a fiction writer. It gives you the ability to know how to approach potential editors, agents, and publishers and CONNECT with them—a must in the publishing industry. It can also help you gain efficiency with your research.

6. You will get a chance to dip your toes in graphic design. It’s true that you can hire a professional to design your book cover (and I highly recommend doing that), but becoming familiar with the basics of graphic design can be very beneficial for you as an author. Apart from your cover, you’ll have to consider all the graphics you’ll need for marketing your book. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve published traditionally or independently; either way, you’ll be responsible for most of the marketing. If you’re a self-published author, having the skills to market your work will make or break your success. So how does tech writing play into this? As a technical writer, you learn that aesthetics of font and layout. You learn what draws readers’ attention, how to make focal points on a page, and how to create text-based designs in a limited amount of space.

7. You will learn how to analyze your manuscript and take a critical approach to it. Since technical writing is all about writing, rewriting, and assessing your own work, the experience you’ll gain from learning the techniques involved can be invaluable when it comes to editing your fiction. Getting the first draft done is an awesome first step, but being able to see the bigger picture and reevaluate your work is crucial to its growth. I’ve read plenty of books that were published “as is” because the author didn’t want to change it, and I’ve read books that have been through hundreds of revisions because the first twenty times weren’t quite right. Believe me, I’ll take a thoroughly edited book over the others any day, and I’m betting you would too.

8. You will acquire more marketing skills. In additional to the marketing benefits you get from studying graphic design, you can pick up even more through learning to write for a target audience. In a technical piece, it’s vital to first know your audience and then cater that piece to fit your audience. And while most of us fantasize about readers appreciating the artistic beauty in our books and the sometimes flowery language that we might use, the truth of the matter is superfluous wording doesn’t sell 90% of the time. The ideas behind your book might be genius, but if the writing isn’t well executed and you can’t market it well, you’re still sunk.

9. You will learn how to view your manuscript as a beta reader. Technical writing is all about trial and error. You write the document, test it to see how well it captures the use of a product, then revise it. You’ll likely have others reviewing it as well. Beta readers will do the same thing for your story. They’ll tell you what worked for them and what didn’t and what other readers might find confusing. Working in the technical writing industry can give you a better feel for that process, and it’ll teach you to view your own through the eyes of a beta reader.

10. You will get more experience with research. Tech writing is all about research. Like I mentioned before, most documents that are written in the tech industry are manuals, brochures, and articles that explain how something works. And since most of us don’t have extensive knowledge in science, math, engineering, medicine, etc., a lot of research would be required. Familiarizing yourself with the various methods of research and knowing how to apply what you find will have a tremendous effect on your ability to incorporate outside information into your novel. You’ll become well versed at weaving in facts and making them flow with the rest of the manuscript.

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Was it possible for GreatJon & the northern raiders to somehow put the western mines out of commission permanently, to kick House Lannister where it really hurts ? Caving in the entrances, diverting streams into the pits etc. ? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but my knowledge of medieval mining engineering is nil!

Permanently? No. Cave-ins can be dug out, streams can be re-channeled and water pumped out. But you could make the cost of repairing the mines to working order expensive and time-consuming.