knowledge engine

Student’s Prayer


Thrice Great Great and Lord of Khemenu

Greatest of academics

Wisest among the Gods

Arbiter and Teacher

I ask, as your student, to be blessed

Grant me energy so that I may be disciplined

Grant me intuition so that I may gain a deeper understanding

Grant me creativity so I may use my knowledge to create, engineer and design

To learn is to honor you

To teach is to be your hand

When one loves knowledge they love you, O Thoth.

Story problem: Upon reflection, Aloy’s spear should not work as it does. She took the control mechanism off a Corruptor. Yet, lacks the advanced knowledge to reverse engineer it. Thus, machines she overrides should turn corrupted as well.

My solution: It was not the Corruptor turning the machines, it was Hades transmission Through the signal. Cut off from receiving this signal, the control module functions as it does.


An agnostic is a person who investigates all available knowledge concerning God and religion. Then a true agnostic comes to the conclusion that, one by one, the religions that have been studied do not have reliable evidence of their truth. The true agnostic does not make any conclusions with respect to God’s existence where there is no available evidence.

An atheist also examines available evidence and comes to the conclusion that religions have no reliable evidence for the existence of God. But then the atheist goes beyond the evidence to say that there is no God anywhere, anytime.

Picture a driver of a large overweight truck. As he approaches an older bridge, he asks himself whether the bridge can support the weight of the truck. If he thinks like religious people, he will know that the bridge is strong just because his family has always driven across in the past. No evidence is required.

If he thinks like an atheist, he will examine the bridge carefully and use his knowledge of structural engineering to decide if the evidence shows the bridge to be safe. Because others have used the bridge will not make it safe. But then the truck driver will be thinking like an atheist if he see the bridge is unsafe and declares all bridges, everywhere to be unsafe.

But an agnostic will study and examine the evidence and declare the bridge unsafe without making any further comment about other bridges. If he were asked whether all bridges are unsafe, he would have to say “I don’t know!” A true agnostic will not go beyond the available evidence.

This does not prevent an agnostic from choosing a religion because it makes him feel better or helps with the stress of life. The true agnostic admits that there is no evidence of religion but could say “I will continue to believe because it helps me”.

So a person can be a believer based on no evidence, an atheist who has partial evidence but thinks he has all the evidence, or an agnostic who acknowledges that the available evidence allows only partial conclusions. Some of the greatest minds of all times have recognized their limitations and chosen agnosticism.

ok so I started watching Supergirl today and there’s this rich genius philanthropist guy who is trying to introduce clean energy to the city, sacrifices himself for his employees, offers to help get the villain’s life back on track, and runs a tech company in which he is the smartest person (having advanced knowledge of mechanical engineering and human physiology)

he is definitely either going to become a villain or the hero’s weapons tech guy some time in the future.

Watching a bunch of crackpot conspiracy theories + finding out a way to re-format it using my actual knowledge of aerodynamics and engineering = somehow finding a way to make a real life patent??

i love janeway so much because not only is she an amazing, compassionate, strong leader for her crew – but she’s also a scientist. she is regularly shown being just as competent in matters of engineering as pretty much all engineers onboard, with the probable exception of b’elanna (another woman!). janeway frequently pulls out obscure physics/engineering knowledge and knows exactly what the fuck she’s talking about and isn’t doubted or questioned, and just


as a woman scientist, this kind of representation is so important and honestly even though i think TNG is still my fav series, i’m so glad that voyager is the one i grew up with <3

re: that sugar daddy AU tho

jack fixing rhys’ arm, aka jack using his engineering knowledge, aka us all remembering that pre-Handsome, he was a fucking terrifyingly brilliant engineer and programmer, aka /rips shirt off head and spins it over head while yelling

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

The solar system is vast, and exploring it requires not one expedition, but many. From the sun to the Earth to the depths of space beyond Pluto, an entire fleet of spacecraft is pushing back the frontiers of knowledge. Scientists and engineers around the world work together on dozens of missions, and the results of their work unfold on a daily basis. During any given week, astronauts and robotic spacecraft return thousands of pictures and other data from Earth orbit and from half a dozen other worlds.

The result? It’s nothing short of a visual and intellectual feast. For example, all of the following images were obtained over the course of one week during January this year.

The same missions that took these pictures are still at work – they may be photographing Saturn or transmitting a report from Mars as you read this.

1. The Sun

From its clear vantage point in Earth orbit, our Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) observes our nearby star almost continuously. This image shows activity on the sun’s surface on Jan. 18. You can also get similar pictures from SDO daily!

2. The Earth from Afar

The DSCOVR satellite orbits the Earth at a distance of nearly a million miles (1.5 million kilometers). It’s Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) keeps a steady watch on the home planet. This is how the world turned on Jan. 20. Get the latest daily images from EPIC HERE.

3. Mars from Above

The team that manages the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) recently celebrated a decade of observing the Red Planet. MRO took this detailed look at dunes and rocky buttes in Danielson Crater on Jan. 24. It was 3:06 p.m., local Mars time. On the right stide of the image, dust devils have left tracks in the sand.

4. Comet 67/P

The European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe caught this look at the surface of Comet 67/P from a distance of just 46 miles (75 kilometers) on Jan. 23.

5. Saturn

On the same day (Jan. 23), our Cassini spacecraft continued its odyssey of nearly two decades in space, bringing us this look at the sixth planet. See the latest images from Cassini HERE.

Want to learn more? Read our full list of the 10 things to know this week about the solar system HERE.

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Studio Profile: Sunset Sound

Sunset Sound, located on Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard, is one of the most iconic recording studios in the world. Disney’s Director of Recording started it in 1958 to record Disney scores, and since then it’s become an essential piece of the story of American popular music. Over 300 Gold & Platinum records have been recorded there by legends of rock, pop, folk, and soul. 

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I really want Peridot and Lapis to discover video games together and I want Peridot to be stereotypically into strategy/fps games at first and Lapis into stuff that focuses more on ambiance

but then one day Lapis is like “let me play halo with you” (or something of the like) and Peri’s like “ok sure whatever” and Lapis FUCKING SLAYS her ass and suddenly Peridot’s no.1 threat to people she chats with while playing is “WAIT till my girlfriend gets online” and whoever she’s playing against knows they’re screwed because within a few minutes they see that waterwitch580 is on and they’re fuckin dead, kiddo

(and Peridot later finds that games like journey, etc are really well-made and the mechanics are impressive and suddenly there’s a complete 180 in their tastes in gaming; Peridot’s still marginally better at portal tho, just because of her knowledge of engineering and physics I guess)