Beliebers are the best, most loyal group of fans in the world. They’re also the bravest. I know this because I am one too. It’s hard. There are so many haters, more than necessary in fact. It’s amazing how they stick with Justin through whatever, notice things about him that other people don’t, and have such a great trust in him. I know how tough it is to have that trust when everyone still thinks Justin is that “kid with the girly voice.” It totally ticks me off. People change, but the haters don’t know that. I realized this this past week when I was trying to make haters into Beliebers. Whenever some people heard the name “Justin Bieber”, we’d say OH MY GOD JUSTIN BIEBER?! WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY?! But these people would say “Justin Bieber? EW!” And honestly, it hurts. He’s such a talented, amazing kid and not everyone appreciates it. Beliebers, I know this is kinda random but I just had to let it out somewhere and this blog was the only place I could think about. You guys are beautiful, amazing, brave people and don’t let the haters get to you. Never Say Never(:

-dontcrycuzitsover (co-owner)

Justin if you get a chance to read this:

Happy 2nd Anniversary of Baby!! We keep realizing and trying to accept how far, long and wide you’ve come. We’re all super proud of you and will never stop. Keep doing what you’re doing right now, because that what you do best, and that’s what we love you for. You’re amazing in every way, and we’ll love you to no end! We’re all anticipating for you next album, single, whatever you have in store for us. We know it’s going to be amazing. Happy early 18th birthday, and we love you!!!