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I can see where the people are complaining about the density of the metaphors, but at the same time they were built intricately and that goes with the territory. The chapters aren't meant to be read as quick as possible and you miss alot by skipping around. It might just be me, but take your time and you'll see some of the most beautiful symbolism and stuff in any story, let alone from a fanfiction. If you analyze it from a plot sense, even though the chapters are long, the situations that play

[CONTD] out aren’t necessarily the longest. But what goe sin between each dialogue, each though, is what makes the chapter fantastic to read. Literally every analogy means something and is written with great imagery. And unlike Steinbeck (personally I feel is excessive) enough detail is given that it doesn’t reach that level. I can pick a random chapter and find a random paragraph and lord knows I’ll read something beautiful that can help me along with writing. Current fave goes to the passage where Jean gets back from trying to get Marco and failing, and we watch him give no worries who he hurts when he gets home, and just crashes his and his mother’s relationship. Best way to watch something crumble. Ch 18, 1000 volts running through his veins paragraph. Fucking gorgeous illustration. That’s whats in the writing and why I feel people love reading. So slow down and enjoy the prose, the art and effort is in there if you stop to appreciate it. Sorry for a ramble but I saw ppl complaining…

thank you for your kind words, friend q_q

i want to clarify that i don’t blame people for not liking the style. i would be shocked if everyone liked what i’m doing. i don’t mind at all if people don’t like reading imagery-heavy narrative, because that’s entirely personal preference. (i mean, as you said, steinbeck is a cause for debate. i personally adore his stuff, and i lap up his style of writing as i feel it incredibly close to the human condition, but some people just don’t get it in the same way).

but what stings a little is more the fact people don’t understand how much criticism can throw a person when they don’t provide constructive value. the anons in question probably didn’t realise the fact of the matter, but what they said had no reason why they don’t like the metaphors, and no suggestion for improvement. that’s what makes the distinction between irrelevant and often hurtful opinion, and useful concrit. 

i’ve received one or two messages over the course of the fic that have said that they skip sections of extended metaphor and imagery to get to the fluffier or less dense parts. this is what really hurt me the most, because, as you said, it means they’re skipping over the bits that really make my story what it is, i think. by just reading dialogue, they’re only getting words, and not the story, not the meaning i want to portray, so i feel bad that they’re not getting the full spectrum of emotion i want to express and that defines what i want to say. 

drops isn’t a very high octane story. it’s ridiculously domestic, and i think the use of extended imagery is necessary in order to give it the same sort of pizazz that action and adventure stories have. it’s entirely an exploration of feeling, so when people don’t read that feeling … i wonder why they’re reading at all, because what must they be getting out of the story save for just a narrative construction? i think that literature needs to be more than just a plot, yknow? 

so i don’t mind if people don’t like my style, and choose not to read. that’s totally cool and i totally get that. but when people read - and say they enjoy the story - but don’t read the parts that make the story what it is, i just get … confused i guess. i think drops lends itself to slow reading and analysis, so maybe if people read slower, they would understand what i’m hoping to achieve with my style more? there’s a lot that i say between the lines, a lot that is said in word choice alone, and i am afraid that people might be missing all of this stuff that i spend hours devising. it would be a shame, but i suppose taste is taste, and there’s little that can be done about people not liking a certain style. 

i really don’t know. i just wish people would see the value in the constructive part of constructive criticism, because plain criticism is not warranted really because it achieves nothing but pushing a person into a bad place. 

it kinda sucks when you’re scared to post things to your own blog

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Lora, I am very depressed. Everything feels difficult and I don't want to leave bed. Do you have any advice?

I don’t know how to make those feelings stop because they come to me often. But what helps me is listening to myself. Pinpointing what is bothering me and trying to rationalize with myself. (Like no, I’m not a huge useless burden who’s never accomplished anything and embarrasses everyone around me.) I distract myself. I watch something funny. I turn off the sad songs. I make something. Creating something is usually the most effective coping mechanism for me because it distracts me and forces me outside of myself. Also, calling friends. Talking to them. Even if I’m not able to articulate anything that’s weighing me down

hyper empathy sure is a doozy!!!! i always end up feeling bad bc a lot of signal boost-type posts can put me in a bad position emotionally and i gotta avoid them but then!!! i shouldnt be doing that bc im not even the one going through these bad things i shouldnt react to them this way!! and its a giant mess of negative feelings bc i got my hyper empathy-type feelings reactin to the post and then my own actual feelings REACTING to those feelings and its just. a wreck

having a serious significant other is cool and all but don’t get too wrapped up about having one. it’s hard being young and figuring urself out and having 2 think of another persons wants and thoughts and feelings too when ur not even sure about yours. not that it couldn’t be worth it bc it can i’m sure. i’m happy i’m in a relationship but sometimes it is overwhelming thinking about all of that. it’s like why you don’t have a kid before u know those things either i feel like except relationships are less obviously it’s not ur flesh and blood. still tho.

I’m feeling so lost about everything. Basically my heart had now officially sunk to my stomach and I’m still trying to regain my composure cause everything feels so surreal and almost as though I’ll be in this state for the longest time ever.

You know those feeling you get when you’re in shock or after an impact? Oh yeah that, accompany it this sinking feeling, it’s fucking horrible.

I am done!

With my personal and huge Oikawa project. Yes you heard me. I have done one picture for each song in my playlist for him, and here’s the plan:

I’ll post one song/image per day, 20 days=20 songs (with just link to somewhere you can hear the song) (so probably youtube) and in the end I’ll try to make it an 8tracks playlist to share!

For an oikawa-enthusiast, there aren’t many surprises song wise, but on the drawing hand I’ve tried to keep style and angle varied! This exact moment is a little late for me to post anything, but I’ll do it later today in the morning!

I understand if people didn’t take joshaya seriously, or saw them as some kind of running gag in s1. But, if 2x06 didn’t change your mind about them, something is obviously wrong. Because this episode is what dreams are made of and is also so important. It brings another side to joshaya: more mature but without loosing their humour.

Maya’s feelings are true (even though they hinted at that since s1) and she’s so sure of them: “I know what I feel” / “It’s not a crush”. And her confession totally showed it, it’s more than a physical attraction. She fell for Josh, for the person he is and she gets that person. You can totally see in in Josh’s eyes. He’s so moved and surprised because that’s when he realized that this girl really knows him, that she means everything she said. And I think you can see him falling for her. It’s the moment. And yeah there’s an age difference, but it’s still so real? (but don’t get me wrong, I don’t want something to happen right away. She’s 14 and it’d be wrong and I don’t think any joshaya shippers want that. We’re here in it for the long game).

This episode opened another chapter in their relationship. Josh has to rediscover Maya for the woman she is/is becoming, and not the little girl. And I think it started right after Maya’s confession. You can see him looking at her differently, totally amazed by the move she made and the bravery she had. It was perfectly followed by their scene in Riley’s room. “You’re not so little anymore. I guess I have to stop looking at you like that”.

This episode was just a dream for us joshaya shippers and it opened many directions for their relationship.  (I can totally see them growing as friends, while maybe flirting, or even date other people and be jealous, but knowing that when the timing is right they’ll end up together. Also I’m here for riley&lucas helping these two) Anyway there’s just so much potential and I really hope the writers are taking us somewhere with this SL. It’d be such a waste otherwise. (but with all the foreshadowing: “he’s my husband” / “what’s 3 years in the history of love?” (in which 1x20 is really important because it made Josh understand Maya’s pov, but that’s another story) / “I’m in it for the long game”, I think we’re in a good place). 4 episodes and yet, these two are already everything.


           The night is a veil, yet it sees everything.
             (The shadows cannot hide it all.)

His arms wrapped around you
like the silence at dawn.

           Skin on skin, drawing a map of lust and want.
             (A single touch burns brighter than a thousand fires.)

Drowning in blue, lungs quivering -
words too large to be spoken
but always in your soul.

           The salt on your cheeks is a fruit of love.
             (For there is no happiness without grief.)

His name like a prayer
taking flight from your tongue.
Yours, his, One.

—  In the Night

I don’t know why, but just the fact that those are Elyes’s and Kat’s legs makes me so giddy. I think I have issues. 

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[are you sure you’re not me I HAVE THE SAME FEAR and my mom is just like ‘:l’ get your license kelsey it’s not that bad. YEAH OKAY UNTIL I DIE.]

We are one and the same, Kelsey.

;n; But seriously, everyone’s like “OH GOD, GET YOUR LICENSE. You’re not allowed to ride with anyone else but a parent or family or an adult, and having to drive you everywhere is a huge drain on us even though you could get a bazillion rides with the people we said you can’t ride with, but whatever.” and I’m like “THANKS FOR ADDING GUILT ON TO MY FEAR. ITS A FANTASTIC THING FOR YOU TO DO.”

For all those people who their friends don’t know they feel unwanted.

Do you know that person who is constantly pleasing others. That kind one who no matter what they feel like or are doing will go to your aid or someone else’s or help you even though they can barely help themselves. Or are just really nice to you no matter what you have done to them in the past or what others have done. They may seem really down when they are not doing anything. That when a group of people get together to do something and they know about it and ask to come along or it seems to them that they were invited along. But weren’t really and you explain to them they aren’t invited that you can’t have them come along this time. They take it with a grain of salt and act like it doesn’t bother them but it had happened to them so many times before that they try not to care that it happens to them over and over. They struggle, and try to beat it. They can’t beat that feeling of uselessness or the feeling that they are unwanted but they won’t speak up. You think they are fine that they can handle it, but you couldn’t be more wrong. They are dying to find their place where everyone wants them and never feel like they are used or neglected.