Downey is a majestic actor in a paradoxical situation: as Tony Stark, in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” he has some screen-crushing close-ups that have more intensity, complexity, and individuality than many acclaimed actors’ movie-long performances. He’s a performer in involuntary overdrive—which may well be the natural condition of all the best actors. And the best actors need a filmmaker who creates a taut narrative and visual frame, an exacting tension that results from precise and even demanding directorial decision-making, which, in turn, provides some resistance to the actors’ furious energy. Absent that tension, actors are flailing in a void, giving of themselves to a camera-view that hardly knows what to take.   There are independent filmmakers—even young ones—who would give Downey a run for his money (even if there wouldn’t be much money), whose scripts, images, and directions would get him not just to act but to react and would provide a pressurized frame to contain and shape his creative energy—and not with fine feelings or complacent doctrines but with a creative rage to match his. I hope that they and Downey find each other. His few seconds of glory in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” his exultant scenes in “Iron Man 3,” are too few and too rare. The question is whether he wants to unleash that energy on-screen in such extended fashion—and what the emotional cost of doing so could be.

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I agree with this very much – bae needs a director who will really challenge him and harness his bounding energy. 

I don’t think anyone has done that in nearly a decade at this point.


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Sophie? Why should I keep living? I don't know what to do anymore

keep living because life offers the only chance for change and opportunity and experience and growth. death is nothing, it’s rotting and stagnating.

things can get really bad and you feel trapped and isolated and helpless, and the future doesn’t make sense to you, it just looks like a dead end. I know those feelings and I tried to end my life last year because of them. but I’m so so glad I’m still here and things aren’t exactly how I want them yet and some bad things still happen but I’m better and Im growing and I fucking live for the small things like hot coffee in the morning, rain on uni campus, laughing with my friend Ella, making strange noises to express frustration or silliness with Cass (don’t ask), going for a walk and having a good song blast in my ear, watching pulp fiction with my dad, laughing at my pugs hideous face. the little things make everything feel a bit less overwhelming and pointless.

your feelings about suicide are really difficult for you to deal with and I know it’s hard as hell but those feelings that tell you that you want to die or that suicide is the answer are JUST FEELINGS. They’re not facts or the reality of the situation, don’t act on them.

most important: get a support system for yourself. find someone you trust and love to talk to and ask for help. what I learned after my suicide attempt is that there are so many more people who are willing to listen and help then we give them credit for. the cops and paramedics who took me to hospital ended up being the first people to make me glad I didn’t succeed in dying; they listened and were kind and actually made me laugh. people can always surprise you with how much they will help. so find a psychologist to talk to, but if that’s not viable then there are always counsellors whether at school, or in the community or even over a phone helpline. Google search for them. you need to feel supported and not isolated and trapped right now so start reaching out and talking and asking for help. just knowing it’s there can help so much.

you’ll get through this okay? you’re not trapped or out of options, you will always have options and chances to get better. and life gives you those chances. death doesn’t, so please don’t hurt yourself.

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i wasnt trying to offend you, i was just saying this to see how you felt about it? because i know a lot of other people who used to love the show a lot feel the same way i do. im glad you took such offense to something i said that wasnt even offensive?? i didnt insult you, or even really the show. thanks.

Well, now I’m offended not only by the suggestion that how I feel about Sherlock isn’t blatantly obvious to anyone who glances at my tumblr, but also by your atrocious misuse of question marks. Someone must take a stand against this gross abuse of perfectly innocent punctuation. Will no one think of the commas, the semi-colons? Who will save the question marks? WHO?


I’m not good with words. If you think you can put up with it, I’ve got a thing or two to say about modesty.

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for those that wanted to read the mini laven thing (please keep in mind it will be attached to something bigger later on and will continue past this point but yea, enjoy!! ♥)

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Honestly I’m still really disappointed by the cancelations of Elektra and She-Hulk while BW is still going when imo those were books of equal quality if not better (though I heartily enjoy BW and have absolutely no desire to see it canceled) but i feel like because Nat is in the MCU her book has garned more interest than smaller lady books like Elektra or She-Hulk that are equally well-written and better paced

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[are you sure you’re not me I HAVE THE SAME FEAR and my mom is just like ‘:l’ get your license kelsey it’s not that bad. YEAH OKAY UNTIL I DIE.]

We are one and the same, Kelsey.

;n; But seriously, everyone’s like “OH GOD, GET YOUR LICENSE. You’re not allowed to ride with anyone else but a parent or family or an adult, and having to drive you everywhere is a huge drain on us even though you could get a bazillion rides with the people we said you can’t ride with, but whatever.” and I’m like “THANKS FOR ADDING GUILT ON TO MY FEAR. ITS A FANTASTIC THING FOR YOU TO DO.”

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Pietro/Reader: (option 2) #7 or (option 3) #21

I’m gonna combine them babe :)

Option 2 #7: “I love you”
Option 3 #21: … leaving hickeys on the other’s neck

Pietro practically spent his whole life devoted to one person, spending every waking hour with that person, protecting that person, everything with that person…you did not spend your life that way.

Pietro loves Wanda, he know what those feeling are and he understands how they are different than the feelings he has for you but he loves you as well…he just doesn’t want to say it and you not feel the same way. So instead he keeps it bottled up, he doesn’t say it before you two fall asleep in bed, he doesn’t say it in the morning, he doesn’t say it when you two go on missions - together or separated alike - he just doesn’t say it.

Pietro also isn’t one to share, he covets what is his and he does not like someone else’s grubby fingers touching his precious belongings; this includes you. He swallows down his need to snatch you away from the men you flirt with while on missions because he knows in the end you will return home with him.

But this was not a mission and Steve is not a target.

At least not for you.

No this was another party Tony was throwing for some reason that Pietro didn’t care about, all he cared about was how Steve was whispering in your ear and making you giggle. 

His hand tightened around his glass of whiskey to the point where his knuckles went white and he almost broke it until his sister placed a gentle hand over his, “Calmează-te frate. We do not want to ruin Tony’s party because of your ego.”

Pietro took a deep breath through his nose, “My ego is not the problem. It is Steve and his need to be around my girlfriend all the time.”

Wanda rolled her eyes, “It is your ego nerod. You do not need to worry about Steve,” She bumped her brothers hip with her own, “He loves her like you love me, like a sister.”

Pietro grunted then downed the rest of his whiskey in one big gulp when he saw Steve put his arm around you, “Yes like a brother.” He slammed the glass down on the table beside him and raced off to your side positioning his body between yours and Steve’s, “I need to talk with you in private.”

You jumped back from how sudden he appeared, “Jesus Pietro, a little warning or else you’ll give me a heart attack.”

“I need to talk with you.”

The desperate tone in his voice made you really focus on him. His blue eyes held an emotion you weren’t used to looking at and you couldn’t quite put your finger on it, you placed a hand on his arm, “Are you okay?”

“I need to talk with you in private.”

“Okay we can go to your room. St-”

You didn’t get to finish your goodbye to Steve because you were suddenly lifted up, you let out a yelp of surprise and before you knew it you were in Pietro’s room. You didn’t get to yell at him about how you didn’t like being whisked away to a different room without him telling you like you usually did because your mouth was currently locked with Pietro’s in a desperate heavy kiss.

He backed you into his door and you gasped at the feel of the cold surface touching your heated flesh. Pietro slipped his tongue into your mouth, gliding it along yours you could taste the whiskey he drank earlier and you could swear you got drunk off the way is mixed with his own taste.

One of his hands found their way to the base of your skull, fingers twisting at the root of your hair to anchor your head against his and the other was pushing against your lower back to bring your body as close to his. Your fingers threaded through his silvery hair, nails scratching against his scalp and you felt the tremor that racked through his body.

You were getting desperate for air so you pulled your mouth away from his but that didn’t stop him from kissing you. He kissed across your cheek, nipped his way past your jaw until he felt your heartbeat racing against the column of your neck. He scraped his teeth against the sensitive skin there and when he heard your moan he bit down there hard enough to leave a mark.

“Pietro!” His name fell from your lips at the feel of his tongue and teeth working in tandem on your skin.

He’s never done this before and through your hazy mind something was telling you to figure out why he was doing it now. So you used all your self-control to tug his head away from your neck, he tried to fight against you but you held him in place, “Pietro, what has gotten into you?”

“What? You do not like it?”

He was avoiding the question, “No, I like this side of you very much…but why is this the first time I’m seeing it? What happened?”

Pietro’s lust filled eyes locked with yours and his voice was dark and rougher than you’ve ever heard, “I do not like to share. You are mine, not Steve’s. I do not like other people taking the things I love away from me.”

“The things you love?”

“Yes,” His voice softened and he brushed his fingers down the side of you face gently, “I love you.”

The smile that stretched across your face should’ve split it in two, “I love you, you big dumb idiot!”

“Good, now let me show other’s that.” He smirked, reattaching his lips to the other side of your neck to work on another mark there and he lifted you up and took you over to his bed.

In the morning Steve chuckled into his morning coffee at the sight of your hickey covered neck and sent a wink your way, seeing the evidence that your plan worked.

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I had to do this essay thing about depression and then come up with some suggested coping mechanisms and I’m like, “idk, what do people with depression even feel like doing” (cause of all the symptoms and moods and such)

and y’know I have several friends who deal with depression and anxiety and bi-polar stuff and all that crap and a lot of kids my age have committed suicide and ya know, it’s not pretty or easy and it’s serious but anyways. 

One of my coping mechanism was, “Care for something; buy a fish or a plant” and then I thought, “what if it died? would they feel bad? I’m not even mentally unstable and I’m like a mom with a broken heart cause her kid is sick cause like my plant died or something” 

and so then instead I was like, “take walks in the sun.” 

and y’know I understand all the symptoms of all these moods, and I understand that no one is gonna have that feeling at the end of the day where they should go and work-out, eat something healthy, and get an appropriate amount of sleep but liKE, 

I believe if you really want to get better, you’re gonna push yourself to do those things. And yeah it’s hard, obviously, but you can’t make excuses cause you think that that won’t help, ya need to try and damn it, you’re worth it. You deserve to feel better. You need to push yourself, though. 

i just want to thank people who have not left me. like i know i can b rlly annoying or pretty much totally absent but idk im feeling rlly sentimental or something rn and u guys are all the best