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Anatomy (Sneak Peek) NSFW

A/N: Being between these two buds is what I’d wish for if I met a genie. My second and third wishes would be two more rounds. Anyways enjoy.

“And if I do this..” Gabriel begins twisting his fingers as he thrusts them into you, turning his eyes to Gadreel as you arch off of the bed. “And this…” He abruptly jabs at your G-spot, his grace washing over your sex. Clawing at the sheets, you take gasping breaths, choking back a moan as he begins roughly stroking your spot. “I can keep her on the edge,” he says, finally meeting your gaze again. “Are you still with us?” he asks, smirking as he presses a kiss against your clit. 

“Brother, I’d like to try,” Gadreel says, shifting in his place. Gabriel nods, pulling his fingers out of you and raising to his feet. As you begin leaning up, you’re forced back to the bed, your arms pinned above your head.

“No moving, sugar,” he cooes. You nod, sucking in a breath as Gadreel pushes two fingers into you. You can feel his grace pulsing inside of you, caressing your nerves as he slowly twists his fingers around. 

“Is this good?” Gadreel asks, flicking his eyes up to you. You nod, wiggling in your place as he begins pumping his fingers. Without warning, he begins rubbing your G-spot with unforgiving force, his grace intensifying inside of you. You scream through your orgasm, gaining wide eyes from Gadreel. “She seems to have passed her ‘edge’.”

“Yeah, I’d say,” Gabriel says, chuckling.Reluctantly, Gadreel presses his lips over your clit, giving it a gentle lick. You moan his name in a fluttering breath, squeezing your thighs around his head. Chuckling, Gabriel leans over you, kneading your breast as he takes you into a gentle kiss. 

“By the time we’re done with you.” He pauses to bite your lip. “You won’t even remember your name.”

“Excuse me.” Her voice came out softer then usual, missing the confidence Davina had learned to carry around when she was alive. Things felt different now, like some small part of her hadn’t come back to life along with the rest. Or perhaps it was the terrible rumors she’d heard among the supernatural community, of Kol and his family’s defeat by the hand of Marcel, her family. “Have you seen the Mikaelsons? I heard something happened to them.”


One day i will manage to draw Madison in a consistent style…that day is not today

i wanted to make a little appreciation post for all the avpd folks on here, so here’s to all the avoidants who:

  • spend hours or days working up the nerve to make that phone call
  • still share things with your friends even though everything in your body is screaming at you to stop
  • don’t text back for days or weeks at a time because it’s safer to let them wait than to humiliate yourself
  • can’t do anything in public comfortably, not even read, look at your phone, etc
  • stress sweat all the damn time
  • spend 40 minutes reading and rereading a post to make sure you didn’t accidentally say something stupid
  • have to use anger, snark, etc, to fuel yourself when you want to say something
  • are unfairly labeled as weak and timid because of you disorder

this doesn’t really even begin to encompass it, but i see you and i believe in you.


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

  • Akashi: I ate a man alive last night. ;)
  • GoM: *looks at Kuroko*


Not only does he swoop in to save the day in absolutely glorious fashion, the otherwise quiet and collected officer also delivers one of the most savage putdowns of the entire game, displaying unfathomable and hitherto unknown levels of snark, while staying so fucking classy. Who knew he had it in him?! His gloating, as cold as it is gleeful, is utterly brutal - and so, so delicious. 

Bonus points for the look on his face, as he effortlessly crushes the last, faint sliver of hope for the already humiliated Jedi in front of him. It’s simply delectably devious.

This. This is it. This is the moment I fell in love.

- Quinn, I could kiss you!

Jehan: Well…there is someone

Jehan: He’s really sweet in…his own weird way.

Jehan: A lot of people don’t like him, but I just don’t understand. Sure, he’s a little gruff…and I know he gets on Enjolras’ nerves.

R: Everyone’s nerves.

Jehan: But, he is really, truly wonderful. And, honestly theres plenty of poetry written about him.

R: Sickening poetry.

Jehan: Oh you want to talk about sickening? Let’s talk about Enjolras and Grantaire.

R: Jesus Christ, not this again…

Jehan: Have you even said hi to him yet?

R: Believe it or not, sometimes I choose not to torture myself with Enjolras’ righteous, blinding… everything.

Jehan: See? Sickening.


Jehan: Y’know, R, I think this needs to be remedied.

R: What?

Jehan: *clears throat*


R: Hey wait-!

Enjolras [offscreen]: Oh! Sure, Jehan, just give me a second!

Jehan: Sickening that, Grantaire.

R: Fuck.

I have an important announcement

Sorry guys, but I will stop drawing and probably will delete this account soon, thank you for everything so far and your support. My reasons for this are under read more since it’s kinda long, again I’m sorry.


Sorry for those who thought I was talking seriously :3c so today is Dec 28 and in Latin America is like our April fools (but in december, duh~) if you didn’t knew UwU This is my joke for this year, of course I ain’t gonna stop drawing!! and I’m not gonna delete this account. I can’t believe I’m procrastinating my projects just to draw that troll Peri with Gin-chan’s face xD (you can see how I suffer in snapchat)

So, happy December 28! Try to not fall in other jokes today and again, I’m sorry if you believed this for a second, you can breathe now and punch me if you want ^^

I know it’s been said before but gahhhhhhh

How do people emote so well without ears??? Or without using their wings to show changes in emotion and stuff? 

Its like there’s this entire set of body language that no longer apply to my life simply because NOBODY HAS THESE LIMBS

I’ve been seeing some people saying not to ship Otabek and Yuri because he’s 18, but as with JJ there’s not a problem. From what I understand the grand prix is taking place between Oct to Dec. Since the show said Otabek is 18 I’m assuming Nov-Dec since his birthday is Oct 31. So fresh 18yr old. Yuri’s birthday is in March so that’s 4-5 months until he’s 16. In both Russia and Kazakhstan the age of consent is 16. That means they could simply have a friendship/romantic relationship until then. Considering that he’s thought about Yuri this long I doubt Altin would mind waiting another 4-5 months to get jiggy with it or longer bc it’s all about Yuri being comfortable

  • Mahiru: What!? You stole Misono's underwear!?
  • Kuro: Correction. I got trapped inside it while running in my cat form.
  • Mahiru: ..Kuro, what's our number one rule?
  • Kuro: Don't be an idiot.
  • Mahiru: And what were you?
  • Kuro: A cat.

im yelling



30 days of volleyball: day 28 - favourite video: osmany, matteo and filippo singining el perdón, while massimo is watching everything and judging them

forcing and sexualizing a topic about/and on a person who used the term as a literal meaning of father/dad is completely uncalled for and is honestly one of the shittiest things i will probably ever witness. if the idol you claim to care about has asked you to stop your disgusting and twisted jokes - then its time to fucking stop your disgusting and twisted jokes. i hope you know you made a happy and meaningful situation for your idols both uncomfortable and very unpleasant - you may now chuck yourself in a hole. jackasses.