knowing they won't happen is painful enough

Just a day in the Baker Household
  • Zoe (age 8): What are you doin'?
  • Lucas (age 10): I'm twistin' a ketchup packet.
  • Zoe: Why?
  • Lucas: Cuz' if you twist it around enough, it will squirt ketchup out. Anyone knows that dummy.
  • Zoe: *glares at Lucas* No it won't.
  • *Zoe grabs the ketchup packet and squeezes it hard as ketchup shoots out and hits Lucas in the eye*
  • Lucas: *screams in pain and cries*
  • Zoe: I'm sorry Lucas. Don't tell mama.
  • *Zoe snickers a little as both run to the house*
  • Margurite: *is doing laundry and sees Lucas "bleeding"* OH MY GOD! WHAT HAPPENED?! WHAT DID YOU DO ZOE?!
  • Zoe: Mama it's just a...
  • Lucas: *cries* Mama it's ju....
  • Margurite: Shhhhhhhh don't speak baby *rubs away "blood" and realizes it's just ketchup* Oh......Don't you EVER do that again! Both of you! You SCARED ME!
4331) Exactly what are you expecting will happen when you're at your UGW? Do you think you will step on the scale one morning, see that number, and jump for joy and all the pain will go away? And you'll stop? No, it doesn't work that way. The goal this demon has for you is death. When you reach your "ultimate" goal, you know what you'll do? You'll set another, lower one. But this time you won't live long enough to see it on the scale.