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concept for meaningful character development in a a human-centered episode: amethyst hangs out w/ and gets to know lars and sadie. maybe she works with them for the day for some reason. maybe she eats all the stock or something silly like that. bUT then they bond and all work thru their self esteem problems in a sensitive and touching manner ((((: (like. sadie has had problems w/ being what her mom wants her to be- amethyst has similar w/ pearl. lars lashes out. so does amethyst sometimes!!)

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y’know, i used to be hopeful that amethyst was a regular visitor to the big donut since it’s implied wayyy back in gem glow by lars that she broke the dumpster there several times lmao. and the whole lars and sadie being fans of purple puma (whether they find out if purple puma is amethyst or not is another story) could be implemented as well! this seems like such good filler i mean seriously why does amethyst never go to the big donut it’s right up her alley

So I saw Lindsay Ellis’s recent-as-of-late-March-2017 video about Beauty and the Beast (the original film, not the remake) and I took issue with the fact that in the end her biggest criticism of the film was that Belle didn’t really have a story arc - that she begins the narrative essentially self-actualized, knowing herself and what she wants and needs, but that she ends it ditching “adventure” for “love”. I’ve heard this argument before, and while I can’t exactly dispute it (because frankly the film is short and has a large cast and has to cram a lot of things into a relatively tiny runtime) I do think it’s somewhat shortsighted.

According to “Belle (Reprise)”, our heroine wants something pretty simple - she wants “adventure in the great wide somewhere”. But she doesn’t stop there - she immediately makes the jump from merely wanting to leave to wanting someone who understands her. She’s lonely in her small town, not because she hates the people around her but because she feels isolated. She doesn’t conform to either the social expectations of her class or her gender, and she’s ostracized for it - adventure, for her, is a means of escape to a world where she feels valued. (This is all subtext, of course, but BatB is heavy on subtext) “I want so much more than they’ve got planned” is, in my opinion, the most honest line Belle has in any of her songs - her goal isn’t Leave Home And See The World, it’s Be Myself And Be Valued For It Without Being Held To Social Expectations That Hurt Me Because I Can’t Meet Them. And her character arc is about realizing that she doesn’t have to go off someplace far away to get what she wants - her kindness, and her grace, and her personal strength are meaningful anywhere and can make real changes. (I’m reminded of how I used to think that I had to be a She-Ra-esque Strong Independent Warrior Woman, because “fighting” for me was representative of “being valued for who I am”, but that’s essentially beside the point)

Belle and the Beast/Adam are both outcasts - Adam because, well, he spent puberty as a literal giant rage monster, and Belle because she’s noticeably different from her neighbors. And they find one another and bond not out of some expectation that they ought to fall in love but because they respect one another - he values her intellect and her interests, and she sees beyond his emotional extremes. And it’s this relationship that gives them each strength to stick it out - to improve, and to help their communities. The two of them get Gaston out of the picture, which was in my opinion painfully necessary because he was probably the reason no one in town was willing to listen to Maurice, who was quite useful as an innovator and inventor, and they’re able to use what they’ve learned about themselves to better the world they’re living in. By the end of the film neither of them want to run away anymore - they don’t have to. And honestly I think that’s a way more satisfying arc than anyone gives it credit for.

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Alright Jewel doesn't know about self care like handling bruises. Maybe teach some stuff. Maybe after if you two decide to have a quickie. That way you get to help her and she spends less time waiting for bruises to heal. It's a shitty situation but it's a slightly less shitty situation from what she had. The ponies she had to be around in her childhood really didn't care that much for her. I know its none of your business Flannel but we want to help too.

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Hi Jenna! I ❤️ur work, ur videos r so helpful. I just finished writing a fantasy/horror YA novel I've been working on for a year and a half (been editing for months) It's supposed to be a series and I have the entire plot laid out. I'm currently majoring in CW. I talked to my teachers about it, they said they loved the first chapters. I really want to publish it but I wanna go traditional because I'm a newbie & don't know how to self publish/market. What's your advice on traditional publishing?

Educate yourself. Publishing is a business, and traditional publishers do not have the same goals as their writers; sometimes spurned traditional authors portray publishers as villainous because of this, but that’s just not true. They’re just doing good business. So you need to learn the business too in order to keep up, otherwise you’re going to be lost.

And I know you won’t like hearing this, but traditional writers have to market themselves as well. There is no escaping that. There are many valid reasons to go traditional, but doing it to avoid marketing isn’t one of them.

Consider this: It’s pretty fucking obvious Marcus’s new boyfriend is just a poorly disguised Aiden Pearce. DedSec stacks up the evidence.

  • Marcus insists his boyfriend is just an Aiden Pearce fanboy - has the exact “replicas” of the iconic hat and coat. 
  • Loves that his boyfriend knows self defense. Owns a dozen guns and keeps a baton ready.
  • “If he really were Aiden Pearce why would he go under Abram Petrov? That’s stupid, plus Aiden is Irish, not Russian.”
  • “How do you know Aiden’s Irish?” “Abe told me.” “For fuck’s sake, M.”
  • His boyfriend looks nervous whenever Ray’s around. Ray just. Stares.
  • DedSec is so tired.

Dear teenage self,

I know you’re in a lot of pain most of the time, and feel alone.  You have great friends, but I know you can’t seem to shake the idea that no on really likes you.  You’re intelligent, but you’re such a perfectionist that you don’t see how great you are.  You downplay your abilities, and feel as if the most special thing about yourself is your ability to shrink better than anyone else you know.  You feel special because you’re “dark” (aka you have major depressive disorder).  You think your cynical thoughts are special, and your ability to control your weight will make people like you.  But still, people don’t seem to see it.

This may come as a shock to you, but your slim figure and mental illnesses don’t make you special.  Your ability to be “strong” without having to see a therapist isn’t special (it’s actually going to bite you in the ass real soon).  You are special because you’re determined.  You are so smart, and have the ability to get into a great college.  People will like you there, and it has nothing to do with your ability to shrink.  In fact, your ability to shrink is actually going to fuck up your first year and a half in college a bit…but you’ll bounce back (because you get a therapist).  People will see how special you are in college for your personality.

Your mental illnesses are not special.  There is nothing special about your anxiety attacks, or your sleepless nights.  Your inability to eat breakfast because of how much it scares you is not special.  Your refusal to eat foods with more than a set amount of fat is not special.  Your inflexibility in ritualistic planning is not special.  What is special is your drive, your warmth, your empathy, your honesty.  Your standards for which boys you let have any part of you is special, and not a flaw of you being too picky or prudish (the boys you choose won’t like you better when you’re thinner – tbh most of them want something from you that you won’t be ready to give).

If I could go back and do it all over again, I would have to tell you to get help the first time you saw your body differently – you can pinpoint that exact date – or better yet get help when the depression begins to avoid the whole body image thing in the first place.  Stop being friends with a certain someone who caused emotional trauma in your life (you know exactly who that is – you are being abused).  Get it in your head that being sick is not special.  Your sickness is not fucking special.  You are special outside of the way you hurt yourself, please please please – for me – get help.  I wish we had gotten help. 

I love you,

23 year old Jayne


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i’m going to be straight up with this. when you’re in college, especially around exams/midterms, there seems like there’s no time to do everything you need to accomplish, much less care for yourself. i’ve devised a list of five small, relatively quick ways to get in some self care time during those weeks where you barely have enough time to catch your breath.

i. get some sunshine

set down your pens, close your notebook momentarily, and step outside your building. taking a break from your studies and getting a breath of fresh air can be so motivating! take a small break from your study session in the library. you don’t have to make it an hour long endeavor: just step outside for 30 seconds, a minute, five, however long you feel like, and take a minute to breathe. bonus points if you leave your technology at your desk.

ii. drink some water

this may seem trivial, but you would be surprised by how often you forget to hydrate. it doesn’t have to be a tall glass or an entire water bottle, but take some time to travel to the water fountain and take a sip! not only will you get a small break from your activity, but you’ll get a refreshing pick me up! throw in a healthy snack! here’s a masterpost of some cheap + low maintenance power snacks worthy of a college student’s affection.

iii. take a quick shower

showering helps relieve tension, and help you sleep better! turn on your favorite song and stay in the shower for as long as you have the time to devote to it. wash the stress from the day off or just stand under the warm water. whatever you decide to do, it is sure to be relaxing and refreshing so you can get back to doing all of the amazing work you’re doing! even if you don’t wash your hair or your body, taking a moment to relax and breathe can really help you with your activities for the rest of the day.

iv. clean/organize your desk

personally, i clean/organize when i’m stressed out. if this is something that helps calm you down, go for it! if this is not necessarily a go to stress relieving practice for you, take a look at your study space. have you been in the library all day? throw away any trash leftover from your midday snack, and recycle any papers you might not need anymore! has it been a few weeks since you cleaned off your desk or reorganized your stationery? take five minutes and tidy up your study space! a change of pace can be so helpful when it comes to finding your motivation to continue working.

v. take a short nap

i know what you’re thinking: this is a slippery slope. it can be, but knowing when you really do need a nap is part of being an adult! i try my hardest not to take naps unless absolutely necessary, but sometimes i do need to unplug, close my notebooks, and crawl into bed to recharge. don’t write off naps as an act you can never indulge in. if you have a bad night and don’t get enough sleep, your productivity will be affected. science shows that you should nap for either 45 or 90 minutes so you don’t screw your rhythms up! regardless of whether or not you are the royalty of napping, or someone who tries their hardest to refrain from napping, remember that naps are more than okay sometimes, and that sleep is a necessity if you want to be the best student you can be!

i can’t say this enough: taking time for yourself, especially in college, is so important. when you feel better about yourself, you have more time to devote to studying and doing the things you love! try to make a habit of doing a self care activity, be it one i mentioned above or something completely different, for at least 10 minutes every day. you will feel refreshed, motivated, and prepared to continue your studies! i am wishing everyone the best of luck! as always, if you have questions or suggestions, please send me an ask.