knowing quote

i don’t need no limp to sell papes
i got pOiSonAlitY

it takes a smile that spReads like BUTTAH

the kind that tuurns a lady’s head

ir takes an orphan with a stuuuudder whO’S also BLIND and MUTE and dEAD

  • Shingen: Uh-oh.
  • Yukimura: What?
  • Shingen: Somebody's in love~
  • Yukimura: Yeah, right. I just think MC's cool, okay? It's not like I lay awake at night thinking about her.
  • *later that night [3 AM]*
  • Yukimura *laying awake*: Uh-oh.

Marinette: *daydreaming about Adrien in school*

Marinette: Adrien. His green eyes. His beautiful blond hair. His smile. His warm hands. His kindness. His usual camembert scent…

Alya: Ugh that’s discusting😅

Marinette: I think it’s adorable. *sigh*


Adrien: Are you happy now? Everybody will feel this smell on me.

Plagg: Everybody will know that you have a great taste when it comes to cheeses. You can thank me later.

[Ayano plus the Rainbow Six is laughing and chatting per usual]

Ayano: And then I slit her throat! HAHAHAHAHA

Kokona: o-oh–k *forced laughter*

Saki: *laughing forcefully while looking frantically around*

Yui: *laughs for real*

Kokona: *hurriedly calls police*

NCT Top Style:Hair- DAY 1-MARK LEE

Top Style is a new daily post series,where each day a new personal favorite style of NCT will be showcased.This ranges anywhere from hair color to socks and everything inbetween. NCT is very ‘out there’ fashion wise and I just want to share my top picks.. PHOTOS DO NOT BELONG TO ME. CREDIT WHERE DUE


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Neymar’s Champions League goal against Anderlecht was almost similar with the one Ronaldinho score against Santos. The team where Neymar also played at the time.

Neymar after the Anderlecht match | “We always learn. Ronaldinho was very intelligent in that match, but at the moment I did not even think about him very much. Only later did I saw that it [the goal] was very similar, almost the same.
I changed at the time. I was going to shoot the ball up, but in the moment I realized that they were going to jump and I decided to shoot the ball under them. He must be happy. We learn from the best”, he said laughing.

something about kise tearfully saying “kurokocchi, light of my life-”

and then kuroko beating him up because he knows what comes next

If he doesn’t like being called J Horse,

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Don’t ever call him that

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He’s a beautiful man

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It literally feels like the sun is shining

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When he smiles

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Its radiant and soothing

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So can we please

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Love our Sunshine a little more?

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Let Jung Hoseok’s nickname be Sunshine?