If I had a penny for the amount of times this has happened to me, I’d be considerably more wealthy. Just be thankful it wasn’t Myres, Dwight.

Kagami: What would you do if I ever felt worthless and unwanted?

Kuroko: If you’re ever feeling worthless and unwanted, I’m here to make sure you know you aren’t.

Akashi: If you’re ever feeling worthless and unwanted, I’m here to make sure you know you are.

Aomine: If you’re ever feeling worthless and unwanted, I’m here to make sure you know I don’t care.

Murasakibara: If you’re ever feeling worthless and unwanted, I’m here to make sure you know chocolate doesn’t need you either; you need chocolate.

Midorima: If you’re ever feeling worthless and unwanted, I’m here to make sure you know your horoscope ranked last. Nanodayo.

Kise:  If you’re ever feeling worthless and unwanted… yeah, well, welcome to my life. *gets kicked by Kasamatsu*


F(x) Vocal Ranking 2017

So, recently K and I got a request for an F(x) ranking by @neverevereverlark to do an F(x) ranking.  Please know that if you want us to do a ranking (boy group, girl group, mixed), inbox us!  We’d love to know which groups you are interested in too!  We already intended to do this one because we are also waiting for an overdue F(x) comeback!  So, let us know your thoughts on this ranking!

4. Victoria

Victoria’s voice is not the worst in kpop, far from it.  SM trained her as a dancer more than a vocalist, but she still knows how to keep up her vocal training during live performances.  She can maintain a steady note and control her breathing, which are two very important aspects to consider.

3.  Amber

Amber’s voice is often overlooked since she mainly is in charge of the rapping portions.  However, Amber has a lovely and smooth voice.  Her solo song ‘Borders’ is rather beautiful; and during the ‘4walls’ promotions, I was so impressed by her pitch!  A versatile talent!

2.  Krystal

SM originally wanted to train Krystal at the tender age of 6, but her parents declined (low-key, thank god because that’s too young.)  She trained as a budding actress and received vocal training for years, so it makes sense that she is the Lead Vocalist in F(x).  Her voice sounds nearly identical to her sister’s with that refreshing tone and steadiness.  Also, she’s training for a life in theater at Sungkwan University; maybe we will see Krystal as a musical star in the future.

And number 1 goes to…

1.  Luna

From the moment I was aware of F(x), back during the debut days (jeez, I’m old), I knew that Luna was something special.  Her voice is powerful, clear, and almost delicate too; she’s the Main Vocalist for a reason.  She honestly has it all and is one of my favorite K-pop vocalists with her no-nonsense ad-libs.  Her first solo song, ‘Free Somebody,’ is one of my favorite solo songs of 2016!


What’re your F(x) thoughts?




Today was the best rally I’ve ever been to! First of all, I was so happy to see my friends wore the shirt I made! Everywhere I turned there was were at least 3 people in each hallway wearing it. I just want to thank them so much for making my dream of accomplishing a shirt in high school come true! THANKS YOU GUYS!!!

From this:

TO this:

Secondly, The rally was just a blast! That feeling of deciding what are we going to do as we walk down the red carpet was just aggravating! But fun! Even though we weren’t suppose to bring confetti to the gym, there were people who still brought some and made our entrance so much more festive! The performances were good! I was actually impressed with all the classes on how loud we were. I applaud you guys but you can’t beat us SENIORS! I thought I was going to faint from screaming from the top of my lungs! It was just amazing, you had to be there to see it or should I say HEAR IT! It was so hot inside the gym and you were just sitting down. Lastly, Just when we(SENIORS) all thought that we were 3rd place we came in 1st!! NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! GO 2012 I’M SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS! LET’S KEEP THIS UP!


Hey everyone! My band’s new single is now streaming! Check it out and let me know what ya’ll think :)

listen i don’t know y’all rank your top 10 songs because mine is like

  1. the first 16 seconds of end of the day
  2. that part in if i could fly when they each sing a different line
  3. all the songs on mitam
  4. all the rest of the songs except for spaces