His eyes are lying on you, following every movement as you fight against him like the days before.
But something is different today, the blue eyes sparkling nearly glowing like he wants to undress you with them. Not that you’d mind. Some of the other shield maiden would kill for a night for him. Or even a fight.

“Good.” Bjorn praises as you nearly tackle him to the ground. “We should celebrate that.”
“Maybe another time.” With a small grin you turn around as he takes your wrist in his big warm hands.
“Next year?”
An amused snort is the response.
That was a little cocky and you know that. Your rank isn’t the highest and you’re one of the newest shield maiden, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve to dance to his piping.
“Is there any chance we could speed up things?” He asks and pulls you closer.
“Catch me, Bjorn Ironside.”

It’s already dark outside and he’s still looking for you. Out of breath you hide you slide down on a wall as he suddenly appears in front of you.
“Playing hard to get?” Bjorn bows down, only to throw you over his shoulder.
“Are you mad at me now?” You ask innocently.
“Yes, I may have to punish you.” He responds and let you down on your feet in his house.
Before you’ve the chance to apologize he catches your lips, his tongue immediately capturing your mouth.

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I just read ths prompt and thought it would be perfect for Jon/Sansa: “i’m a med student who has a huge crush on the hot guy who works at the coffee shop who always gives me free drinks when i’m stressed and calls me princess even though i pretend i think it’s annoying but i’m extremely concerned about him because he always smells like smoke so i always give him lectures about how terrible cigarettes are for you and i may have made a powerpoint which is probably excessive...

but lung health is extremely important and oops it turns out he’s part-dragon or something hahahaha oops” AU.

um I love this idea, so much. Sorry it took so long! Putting this under my october tag, but no spookiness here, just silly.

The Dragon and The Med-School Student

“Why the frown princess? I know I’m not as pretty as Snow but I’m not that bad!”

Jerking out of her (admittedly pouty) train of thought with an embarrassed blush.

“Ohmigosh, Pyp! I didn’t mean to space out at the register!” Then, in her cheeriest voice, she chirped, “Pumpkin spice latte please!”

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actualmermaid replied to your link “My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy -…”

yeahhhh boyyyyyy also, I love that Azaghal is a she

Azaghâl knew, objectively, that the elf was a woman and not a girl but the bare face made that hard to keep in mind. Tall or not, she should be sweeping up the ash in her parents’ forge, not leading war parties of children just as young.

“I’m older than your great grandfather,” said the elf when, after a few drinks, Azaghâl put this to her. “Older than that, even, but you can only say ‘great’ so many times before it becomes tedious.”

“Older in years, maybe,” said Azaghâl, because it sounded very wise. “But what do years mean to you? Ten centuries, a hundred, and you won’t have aged. You’ll still be the same overgrown children.”

“Very philosophical.” There was the proper amount of respect in those words but she spoilt it all by adding, “I can see you staring at my chin.”

“It’s obscene. My daughter has more stubble than you and she’s not yet learnt to walk. How can anyone know your rank? Your clan?”

“You know because I introduced myself as Lord of the House of Fëanor,” said the elf, a little peevishly. She was not long irked, though. “How would a beard tell you those things? Do the braids have meanings? The beads?”

“Yes and yes. Each clan has their own braid, see?” She tugged at the interlocking ladder of plaits that fell from her chin down to her belt. “And beads are given when they’re earnt. By masters when an apprenticeship is completed, by commanders for a battle well fought, by lovers for- well.” Azaghâl was king for a reason and fair jangled when she walked, so heavy was her beard with metal, shining like veins of precious ore against her coal dark hair. “How can anyone respect you or trust you if they can’t see the record of your deeds?”

The elf laughed as though Azaghâl had said something very funny. “Does saving your life not suffice as an introduction?”

“It was a lovely battle, well planned and well fought. I’d weave one of these-”, she tapped the golden marker of a victory, “-into your hair if you had any. Did the Enemy take it along with your hand?”

“That’s a conversation I’m not drunk enough to have,” said the elf and changed the subject. “What of dwarves that can’t grow beards?”

Azaghâl debated between getting the elf drunker and keeping the mead for herself. Curiosity won out and she tossed the flask in a high arc that sent it sailing over their campfire. “I’ve never known it to be a problem - what great deeds can a babe in arms achieve?”

The elf snatched the bottle from the air one- handed, but did not drink. “And do your women have no great deeds to adorn themselves with?”

“Are you mocking me, girl?” Metal chimed angrily as Azaghâl stood. The light of the campfire dripped and ran across gemstones and worked gold so that it seemed that she was garbed in flame. “Just because those orcs caught me off guard, do you think I’m not your match? Take up your sword and I’ll show you what a dwarven woman can do.”

Despite the twitch, swiftly arrested, towards the knife at her belt, the elf made no attempt to rise. Her expression shifted into something conciliatory and her voice went soft. “My apologies, I intended no offence. No woman of my people has ever grown a beard. To the best of my knowledge, anyway - I have cousins that might do so out of spite now that I’ve said it. Certainly no elf, man or woman, has a beard so fine as yours.”

“That’s not much of a compliment,” Azaghâl said, barely mollified.

“Would you believe I’m the diplomat of the family?” The elf tossed the flask back to her, which did a good deal more to settle her mood.

“Easily,” she said, plopping back down onto a cushion. “But only because I’ve met your sister.”

“How do dwarves tell men from women?” the elf said abruptly. She leant forwards, tilting her head so that the dark stones set in her circlet caught the firelight. “It can’t be braids- Is it the jewels you wear?”

“A fair guess,” Azaghâl said, something itching at the back of her mind. “I don’t know how you Children do it - nothing but hurt to be had in making assumptions about these things.”

“That’s logical,” said the elf, her hand twitched again, not for the knife but a scroll sticking from the pack beside her. A quick kick to the fire dislodged a stick of charcoal and she took it up to write. “As long as all know the system. I assume it’s rubies for a girl?”

“Not just rubies. Any red sto- hmph.” Too used to being among civilised folk, she thought, glaring at the blood-dark gems upon the elf’s brow. “You might have said something sooner. Is it ‘boy’ then?”

“Hardly.” There was charcoal smudged across the elf’s cheek when he looked up at her, eyes narrowing in feigned ire. “I’m still older than your great grandmother.”

“And then they fuck, right?” said @imindhowwelayinjune , whose thirst could drink the oceans dry. 

“If they do, it won’t work as a prequel to My crown is called content,” I said. 

Yet I yielded at last to her will and will reblog this with some horrible dwarf/elf smut after the weekend’s LotR marathon. 

Torn 7

As you can see by the photo you can tell who the reader picked for the first time. You can read previous parts here. Just follow the links on the story. I am warning you this is my interpretation of Eric and in this story he is not a nice guy (so far he isn’t) so don’t be in my inbox all in your feelings by the way he treats her during the first time. Eric is an asshole. You have been warned.

Walking into the training room for the day you almost stopped short when you saw Eric and Four standing side by side. Heat rose to your face as you reflected on the orgasms both men have provided to you. Both their eyes found yours as you shuffled in with the rest of the initiates. You looked at Four and then Eric. You almost smiled at the satisfaction of seeing a bandage around Eric’s middle finger. You were glad that you had cause pain to him this time even though the bite probably didn’t even faze him one bit. Four began telling everyone the training schedule for the day.
“I saw him last night by your bed.” Jen whispered to you. “What did he want?”
“I was going to tell you later. He wants me to get my clit pierced.” You whispered back.
“Initiate! Are we boring you?” Four shouted to you. You snapped your head in his direction embarrassed to be called out.
“No sir.”
“20 laps!” He shouted his eyes reflecting anger towards you.
“30 laps! You want to keep going?” Four asked angrily. You shook your head as you started your laps. You knew this was Four getting back at you for going to see Four as you ran past both men you looked at Eric and saw a small smile play on his lips. Asshole!  

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What kind of drunks would Nijimura,Mayuzumi,Midorima and Haizaki be?


  • Slurring, sexual drunk. He will touch you a lot. He’ll use a shit ton of stupid ass sexy lines to try and get you into bed with him. Trust me, he’ll be sleazy as fuck.
  • He’s a shit dancer in all honesty but his dancing will improve tenfold when he gets on the floor after getting shit faced. He’ll be shimmying and grinding up against everyone and will probably end up lucky.
  • Sample drunk texts:
    • Fuck mE ur so hot. So fucking hot. Fuck me.
    • Yo wanna fuck me 2nite??? Come on. Fuck me.
    • Shit I thnk I just spiled this pnk shit on my pants.
    • What the hel is thi bs


  • He rarely ever gets drunk because he doesn’t like drinking in general. But the one time he did, everyone wished he didn’t, because he kept mumbling about his books the whole night, not that anyone could understand whatever he was saying.
  • Slightly more talkative but he’s a very sleepy drunk and might end up crashing before 10 PM just because he gets tired much too easily.
  • Sample drunk texts:
    • I think I don’t feel so good
    • Can you come pick me up?
    • Wait, who is this? I apologize
    • I think I’ll be going to sleep now


  • The kind of drunk you want to avoid because he will ramble nonstop about astrology. To those who find it interesting, it’ll be fun. But to those who don’t, it’ll be so fucking boring you’ll steer clear of him the whole night.
  • He blushes like crazy when he’s drunk. Say something cute or weird and he’ll be red as a tomato and blame it on the alcohol. But you’ll often find him burying his face in his hands out of embarrassment.
  • Sample drunk texts:
    • I don’t think this is my drink, what am I doing
    • Did you know that your ranking is shit today
    • I didn’t mean to curse im sorry idk what im doing
    • im starting to text like kise help


  • A very quiet and surprisingly responsible drunk. Despite his being drunk, he’ll always be the first to jump to the rescue. Not saying that the rescue will be successful but it’s the thought that counts.
  • If he’s close to you, he tends to spill his thoughts and worries very easily, unlike his usual bottling his feelings up. You’ll learn more during that short period of time than you do the rest of your relationship. But he’ll be very polite and ask you about you too.
  • Sample drunk texts:
    • Are you okay? How’s your night going?
    • I do hope you got home alright. Let me know.
    • Yes, I said some embarrassing things and I guess that’s fine. I trust you.
    • Alright, I’ll see you soon. I’m fine, thanks.

One of our interns was checking out our Google alerts and found a brand new Splatoon research portal at! Login with your Nintendo Network ID to recruit friends for Splatoon battles, view rankings and equipment, and more! This site can be viewed on desktop or mobile devices and has a whole slew of handy dandy features:

Check the online status of your friends or see who you’re battling with!

Set Battle Plans - If you’re playing Splatoon at the time you set, you’ll automatically tweet to your followers to let them know you’re playing.

Check Your Rank - Win battles to raise your weekly rank.

Check out the gear and weapons you have equipped while playing online!

View the current and upcoming stage info to guide your weapon selection and battle strategy!

buffy-angel-and-co  asked:

I'd love to know your own ranking of Jane Austen's male characters! :)

I’m combining this with a couple of other Austen asks, so prepare for a lot of unfocused rambling! 

I’ve really struggled with how to rak Austen’s heroes, in part because there’s a gap between which ones I think are compelling fictional characters and which ones I’d most like to be with in real life.  

Case in point: like you, I’m in the minority who finds Darcy INCREDIBLY flawed and borderline problematic, not at all the romantic ideal he’s somehow been made out to be. I feel like day-to-day life with him would actually be very difficult…and, also like you, I agree that he’s genuinely arrogant, closed-minded, self-superior etc. in many ways rather than just the lovably ‘socially awkward dork’ that Tumblr makes him out to be! Anyway, the point here—if I even have one—is that for me Darcy is a prime example of a male Austen character who I find memorable and very compelling but often don’t personally LIKE all that much. I love Darcy x Elizabeth as a pair, though, so I’ll generously allow for the likelihood that she’ll be far happier with him than I’d be ;) 

I’ve grown to appreciate Knightley a lot more in my old age. He’s so kind, thoughtful, decent, gentlemanly, ethical, with a wry sense of humor and a lot of intelligence and hidden passion—and he loves to read and usually hates to go out which, hello, ME :) You’re right about him being prone to lecturing, but I’ve softened my stance on that a bit. He genuinely sees Emma as the inherently kind, generous, warmhearted, surprisingly compassionate woman that she is underneath and gets frustrated when she reverts to her worst self. I feel like we all get frustrated when the ones we love make bad chocies, you know?! Also, it’s clear (to me!) that some of their bickering resulted from the unconscious tension that came from romantic feelings that neither would acknowledge. She makes him more open and helps him step outside his comfort zone (he even dances just for her!), while he helps her rediscover the type of woman she wants to be, so I’ve grown to love their dynamic. And George Knightley having excessively high standards for people at least gives him a flaw, which makes him more relatable and interesting rather than if he were literally the perfect man (which in most other respects he is!) 

As for Henry Tilney, he’s arguably the one Austen hero who’s lively and charming yet NOT a cad (like Wickham, Willoughby etc), so huge points for that and, of course, for how much he likes to read. He does have a style of teasing people that, as many point out, can be condescending, or at least come across that way. As much as I ship Henry x Catherine, there’s part of me that understands why some worry he doesn’t see her as a true equal. But, again, he’s a lively, warm guy who’s honorable, witty and loves to learn, so I’m very pro-Henry overall! 

Edward Ferrars is, unlike Darcy, IMO the true socially awkward, shy geek of the bunch, and I actually adore him even though I certainly understand why the secret engagement to Lucy soured some people on his character. You and I actually disagree on Colonel Brandon, who I see as a nice combination of vulnerability and badassery (let’s pretend that’s a word, lol), BUT I’ve reluctantly come around to the prevailing view that it feels a little like Marianne ‘settled’ for him despite not loving him nearly as ardently as she did Willoughby, which is…kind of depressing. And we know Austen likes to subtly punish her excessively emotional, melodramatic females, lol ;) 

I never had a strong sense of Captain Wentworth but, as much as I adore second chance love stories and am touched by Ann/Wentworth’s final scenes, once I analyze them I’m finding myself a little skeptical about them—like, do they even still know each other and connect NOW, or are Anne and Wentworth both holding on to some idealized version of what was?! 

So if I had to ran Austen’s heroes based on how I’m feeling right now: Knightley, Bingley (I ADORE my cheerful, exuberant sweetheart and feel he’s highly underrated!), Henry Tilney, Darcy, Edward Ferrars, Colonel Brandon, Captain Wentworth, Edmund…but it changes A LOT, and let’s be real, to one degree or another I adore them all :)  

As for how hard I ship the various Austen pairs: 

1. Emma/Knightley (after recently rewatching/rereading, I’m more obsessed with them than ever before and am even taking a stab at a modern day Emma x Knightley fanfic

2. Elizabeth/Darcy

3. Henry/Catherine (you know how much I adore our Catherine!) 

3. Elinor/Edward 

5. Jane/Charles (these first five are all very close to tied. I love them all “most ardently!)

6. Marianne/Colonel Brandon (slipping a little in my estimation for reasons I rambled about above, but I still care about them)

7. Anne/Captain Wentworth 

8. Fanny/Edmund (Poor Fanny/Edmund…nearly everyone ranks them last?!) 

This corresponds only loosely to my ranking of her novels in order of how much I happen to love them, objective quality be damned: Northanger Abbey, Emma, P&P, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, Mansfield Park

Thanks for allowing me to ramble about our beloved Jane Austen, my friend! 

handsome guys pt 2

@shinwhoohoo ok, need to start a new post as a reply to this one XD (otherwise novel …) 

I think Woohyun is at least ranked at the middle or even upper half (visual king  L/Myungsoo undeniable at the top lol), while Sunggyu definitely is the bottom with Dongwoo as follow up lol. I think it’s great that you like him because of his personality instead of his look, which makes it even better haha. I dunno if he’s just so used to those remarks about his looks he doesn’t care anymore or that he is really confident. Well, maybe both at the same time lol- But in general it’s really interessting and makes me curious to know your visual ranking of Infinite members lol.     

anonymous asked:

walking you home in outside conditions (it's late out, raining, cold, etc. ) with gom? < 3 tyvm !! ilyy

AKASHI: He held you close and let the umbrella cover the two of you. “Isn’t this nice?” He smiled. “The two of us, walking under the rain. It’s similar to those romance movies, isn’t it?” You laughed and nodded, snuggling closer to him. “Yes, it would be. If it were you holding the umbrella and not your bodyguards.” “Nonsense, it’s too tiresome.” “Sei, please.”

AOMINE: You groaned and shoved his arm away. “Dai, don’t be ridiculous. I’m fine.” “No, you’re not.” He scoffed, “Have you seen the things that happen this late?” You glanced at your watch, “It’s legit only five PM. I can still see the sun.” He draped his arm around your shoulders and smirked, “Crime happens in broad daylight too. It’s okay. I’ll protect you.”

KISE: Honestly. You rolled your eyes. “Kise, you’re only walking me home. It’s like two blocks away from here. Why do you need to put on a disguise?” He flashed you that charming smile he saved for the cameras. “What if they recognize me? It could be big trouble.” “It’s dark out. You can’t see anything.” He clucked his tongue, “Did you forget my glowing golden hair?” You sighed.

KUROKO: “You really don’t have to walk me all the way home.” You laughed as the two of you attempted to stay dry underneath his tiny umbrella. Being the kind guy that he was, he had offered to walk you home. Both your shoulders were drenched with rainwater but it didn’t matter. You looped your arm through his and grinned, “Thanks though.” “Anytime.”

MIDORIMA: Bad luck. Bad luck all day. He had been flooded with terrible things. Who knew what could happen to you? “Shin, it’s only six. There’s no point in walking me home.” “Do you know what your rank is as of now in Oha Asa? Third. Can you imagine what could happen on your way home?” “If you wanted to walk me home, then just say so.” He scoffed, “Don’t be ridiculous.”

MURASAKIBARA: Murasakibara’s huge blazer was enough to cover both him and you as you ran through the rain. Neither of you had brought an umbrella so you had to bear with the drizzle. Murasakibara’s pants were drenched but when you reached shelter, you were completely dry. “How?” “I can use my big body to cover you, you know. You’re so tiny.” “I’m not!”

if anyone wants tips/pointers for magikarp jump i have a handful of good ones i learned

let me know your ranking too and whether or not you have meowth or bulbasaur or certain decorations

if you’re unwilling to spend a little bit of real money some of my tips might be unhelpful but i’ve really only spent like $5 on this game and gotten a lot of stuff so yeah

‘Til Our Eyes Meet: Sing

Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes…

They’d only just found each other, only to be torn apart.

We keep this love in a photograph…

Will their love be able to survive the torments of war?

Holding me closer ‘til our eyes meet…

Together and apart

Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul

And it’s the only thing we take with us when we die…

Always waiting, always wanting.

Hearing you whisper through the phone,

“Wait for me to come home.”

This is my new AU Solider!Sam AU series, ‘Til Our Eyes Meet. The overall theme of the series is Ed Sheeran’s song “Photograph”. With each chapter/part being inspired or featuring it’s own Ed Sheeran song

Part One: Sing (Song link)
Part Two: Everything Has Changed
Part Three: Kiss Me
Part Four: Touch and Go
Part Five: All of the Stars
Part Six: Autumn Leaves
Part Seven: U.N.I.
Part Eight: The City
Part Nine: Drunk
Part Ten: I’m a Mess
Part Eleven: Give Me Love

Pairing: Solider!Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1391

Warning: Language I guess

Tags: @hellooo-tricksters, @ohheyitsmik​, @autoblocked​, @oriona75

Stepping out of the air conditioned car into the humid Georgia night was not necessarily your best idea of how to spend an evening. But you’d promised Cas you’d make an appearance, after all it was his big night. Squaring your shoulders and straightening your purse, you followed the path of paper lanterns to the back yard.

“Y/N! I thought you’d chickened out on me!” Grabbing on, you tried not to let Cas’s overzealous hug knock you onto your ass. Shouldn’t have worn the heels. You could smell the liquor on his breath.

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To Seize the Moment, Part 9

Summary: Due to cultural miscommunication, Shepard and Garrus wind up proposing to one another. To both their surprise, neither of them wants to take it back.  (Shakarian, M for smut)

[Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: Part 7: Part 8: Part 9: Part 10: Part 11: Part 12 ]

Garrus wasn’t interested in talking. His tongue slipped inside her mouth, moving in ways that had once been strange but were now intimately familiar. She might never have had a man’s tongue literally wrap around hers and squeeze before him, but now?

It turned her on. And he knew it.

She didn’t have that long, serpentine tongue that he did, but he still moaned when she flicked her shorter, stubbier one against his.

He loved her anyway, different body or not.

She’d been nervous about that, once – that he wouldn’t accept her, wouldn’t want her, not in the way she’d ached for him. But that had been an issue they’d dealt with, and – judging by the way his hands were curling tightly around her waist – dealt with well.

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