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This was only Angela’s second time at the Chateau; her first encounter had left her very curious, so here she was, back again. A few of the cells she peeked into this time were empty, and she was hoping maybe she’d imagined the last time. But then she saw someone in the next cell, and the color must have drained from her face. It was like a human zoo. Holy shit.




Today was the best rally I’ve ever been to! First of all, I was so happy to see my friends wore the shirt I made! Everywhere I turned there was were at least 3 people in each hallway wearing it. I just want to thank them so much for making my dream of accomplishing a shirt in high school come true! THANKS YOU GUYS!!!

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Secondly, The rally was just a blast! That feeling of deciding what are we going to do as we walk down the red carpet was just aggravating! But fun! Even though we weren’t suppose to bring confetti to the gym, there were people who still brought some and made our entrance so much more festive! The performances were good! I was actually impressed with all the classes on how loud we were. I applaud you guys but you can’t beat us SENIORS! I thought I was going to faint from screaming from the top of my lungs! It was just amazing, you had to be there to see it or should I say HEAR IT! It was so hot inside the gym and you were just sitting down. Lastly, Just when we(SENIORS) all thought that we were 3rd place we came in 1st!! NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! GO 2012 I’M SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS! LET’S KEEP THIS UP!

In collobaration with Know Your Rank, workshops will be offered following R16 North America Champions.

     10 Colton
     San Francisco, CA

     Sunday June 10, 2012 | 1pm - 7pm
     Registration/Check-in begins @ 12:30pm

     FIRELOCK 1pm - 2:30pm
     MONSTA POP 2:30pm - 4pm
     PROFO WON 4pm - 5:30pm
     SCOO B DOO 5:30pm - 7pm

     1 class = $25
     2 classes = $35
     4 classes = $65

More Information: Know Your Rank Workshops


Magic in the world of MiM - The Chain of Command Pt. 1

Though magic is not widely used (even though most of the population is capable of at least basic spells), those who have used it over the years have ranked it based on difficulty, rarity, and power.

A theory was produced saying everyone has an innate limit to their magical abilities, noticable when spell casting leads to extreme fatigue, injury, or death. The only way to know your specific ranking in the chain is through trial and error (provided you don’t go way overboard and kill yourself).

If you are capable of magic higher up the chain, you also have the ability and potential to learn anything lower down.

These are the four lowest ranks on the chain.

It should be noted that Elemental and Bi-elemental magics are more than just conjuring; it can also involve making protections against these elements, and empowering weapons. They’re not even strictly battle magicks either; they can be used for survival, convenience, and entertainment.

Master Your Tools

Sven Fechner:

The more your learn to use a tool, the better the results you get. The constant stream of the ‘latest application for this’ or ‘the next better tool for that’ unfortunately created an environment where people change the essential components of their workflows far too often. While it might not be entirely comparable, the best craftsmen never change their hammer and the best chefs their knife unless it is broken. Over the years they mastered these tools, know their weight, centre of gravity and balance providing them that “feeling” when they have them in hand.

I’m only linking this article because the related and almost higher–ranking know your tools is an often while unasked prayed mantra by me, and to finally remove “the only good tool is the one you’re using” from my drafts stack. For this, I even induldge Sven talking about Evernote in the second half of his article, whereas after years of using I moved to DEVONThink.