My Last PLL theory....ever

I won’t stop posting PLL or sharing my thoughts, but this will be my last every PLL theory, and it’s gonna be long so bare with me.

PLL Explained:

Lets start from the beginning. Well as far back as we can. It was 1980 something, Mary  hadn’t been out of Radley long but she was finally ready to get back to a normal life and go to college. She meets Ted, he’s sweet and just the kind of good guy a “bad girl” like Mary needed. They date. She gets pregnant. The first person she decided to tell was her sister Jessica, she had hoped this would bring them together as she wanted her sister to be a part of her child’s life. But we know Jessica she was born jealous. She makes up a lie to get Mary sent back to Radley. Mary wasn’t able to tell Ted she was pregnant. And now she was doomed to have her child in Radley. Jessica and her jealously of Mary getting pregnant first is what led to her affair with Peter Hastings. Ken was always away for work, making getting pregnant hard, but if she timed things right Peter could get the job done. And that is just what happened. Mary had Charles first he was taken by the state. About 6 months later Jessica delivered a boy too, Jason. She goes to visit her sister to rub it in her face only to learn that Mary’s baby was given to the state. Jessica, wanting everything of Mary’s decides to get custody of Charles making him her and Ken’s child. Once Jessica got custody of Charles the DiLaurentis moved far away from Mary and Peter to Georgia. The DiLaurentis family lived in Georgia happily for years, Even Mary was able to get her act together and was released from Radley. Jessica become pregnant again, this time with twin girls. Around this same time Mary pretends to be Jessica in Rosewood and meets up with Peter (who she knew was Jason’s father) and they have a moment. Mary ends up pregnant with Spencer. Jessica gives birth to two little girls in Georgia. Mary learns about this. She goes to Georgia to find Jessica, that’s when she realizes that Jessica has Charles. Mary is upset. She feels that Jessica stole Charles from her and decided to take one of Jessica’s babies for revenge. Jessica knows it was Mary who kidnapped her baby and she turns Mary in. Mary is sent back to Radley (very pregnant) but the baby was never found. Jessica and Ken decide to move back to Rosewood because they were “the people who lost a child” to all their neighbors in Georgia. So the DiLaurentis’ move back to Rosewood. Jessica tells Peter and Veronica what Mary did to Peter. Mary gives birth to Spencer in Radley and Peter and Veronica raise her.  Jessica and Peter even got all the kids together once so they could meet their siblings (the Campbell apple farm - the baby the boys met wasn’t Alison, it was Spencer) A few months later the bathtub incident happens, and Jessica and Ken (worried that Charles is more like his mother than they believed) send Charles away to Radley. All is well for a few years then one day while visiting Charles, Jessica meets Bethany and her father. Bethany is about the same age as Alison and reminds Jessica of her with her blonde hair and pretty eyes. Jessica starts to wonder if Bethany could be her long lost child. She starts to buy Bethany gifts (the yellow dress, a horse, etc) and show her a little extra attention when she visited Charles. One summer Charles was able to go to a summer camp and Jessica spent a lot of time with Bethany getting to know her and even developed feelings for Bethany’s dad. But Bethany did not like this. She felt her dad was cheating on her mom with Jessica and it made her angry. This went on for a few more years. Then one day Bethany comes up with a plan to get rid of Jessica for good. She sees who she believes to be Jessica standing on the roof, without a second thought she pushes her over the ledge. Only it wasn’t Jessica it was Marion. Distraught at what she had done she blames it on Charles. But of course here comes Jessica to cover it all up. And before Bethany knew it, Charles was gone. He had died. The next time Bethany see’s Charles, he is now Charlotte. But Charlotte doesn’t introduce herself to Bethany as Charlotte, she introduces herself as Alison DiLaurentis, Jessica’s daughter. Charlotte tells Bethany how much she hates Jessica and how she would love to get her out of her life. Bethany believed every word, until that day when Radley called Jessica to come get her daughter Alison, Jessica shows up and it’s Charlotte dressed head to toe in Alison’s clothes. Bethany overheard Jessica telling Radley that this wasn’t Alison, but Jessica leaves with Charlotte anyway. Now Bethany doesn’t trust “Alison” (aka Charlotte) or Jessica. (hence the tapes and drawings) But there wasn’t much Bethany could do from Radley and she needed a plan. A good one. 

Meanwhile. Alison’s twin is not Bethany Young. Alison’s twin grew up in Georgia, knowing nothing of her real family. Until one day a girl named Shana kept calling her Ali. The twin told her I think you have the wrong girl. Shana insisted not, that she looked just like her summer time friend Alison. So Shana shows the twin the picture. Twin can’t believe her eyes it was like looking at a picture of herself. So she asked Shana about this “Alison” girl and Shana told her what she knew. The twin made Shana promise not to tell Alison, and Shana agreed. When summer time came around Alison made her annual trip to go visit Grandma D. While she was there her twin watched her and studied her. She saw how Ali treated people badly. She even watched Ali play her mind games with Shana. Twin had enough, she decided to go to Rosewood to find out what was going on with the rest of her family. Shana even introduced her to a girl named Jenna who lived near Rosewood that twin could stay with. While in Rosewood she was mistaken for Alison a few times. Once by a girl named Mona. She played along trying to be a nicer version of Alison. After seeing how Ali’s life was, her twin decided she needed to know more. The A game starts. The twin starts watching Alison carefully and reaching out anonymously to others when she needed answers. That’s how she discovered NAT club. She is the one who paid Ian to film Ali and her friends. Twin decided that Ali doesn’t deserve this life anymore that she takes it for granted. So she plans to kill Alison and take her place. But her plans go on hold when Jenna and her mom needed to move to Rosewood (As Jenna’s mom was moving in with Toby’s dad) But Jenna told twin that should could stay at their place in Cape May. 

Flash forward. The first secret. Twin is now reaching out to Mona (Ali’s enemy) more often via anonymous texts and emails. She convinces Mona that now is the time to take down Ali. She tells Mona exactly what to do (send the voodoo doll, leave the A notes etc)… It’s Jenna’s first week in Rosewood and she is already invited to a Halloween Party. She heads to the costume shop to pick a costume when she see’s Ali. She knew it was Ali and not twin. Twin had already told her all about Ali. After Jenna’s run in with Ali she calls twin and tells her that she met Ali. Twin pushes her to steal Ali’s spot as it girl and suggests showing up dressed as the “better gaga” Twin is officially kicking off her plan with the help of Mona and Jenna. Only one thing didn’t go as planned. Twin had no way of knowing that Charlotte and Lucas had planned their own special treat for Ali that night. (Ali getting attacked in the house) This actually helped twin because once Ali knew it wasn’t Noel she became aware that someone really was after her.

Moving on. Charlotte and Lucas continue to play silly games to make Alison look bad (the Radley stunt, etc) Twin takes notice and decides that she would like to recruit Charlotte (not knowing Charlotte is related) So she reaches out and asks Charlotte to meet her at Jenna’s. Charlotte who is half playing Ali, half playing with Ali, suggests that Ali stop putting up with Jenna and do something about it (this was Charlotte’s way to lead Ali to the person who was possibly after Ali) So Charlotte doesn’t show up that night, but Alison does and with the help of her friends (who thought they were after Toby) Alison throws the firework into the garage, blinding Jenna and hurting twin. The twin got away before the police came. But now she was super pissed with Alison and her friends. Putting most of the blame on Alison of course. Over the next couple of months Twin and Mona continued to torture Alison. And watched Alison slowly screw over more and more people. (Getting Charlotte kicked out of UPENN, the issues between Ian & Melissa, etc) Every time Alison ruined another life, twin reached out. Ian and Melissa were supplying the NAT videos so twin had knowledge of all the secrets. Charlotte was playing double agent and still pretending to have Ali’s back despite helping plan Ali’s death. 

And finally we get to that night. Charlotte had already convinced Alison that if she couldn’t figure out who was after her she’d have to go on the run (hence Ali saving up money, passports, etc) Charlotte just wanted Ali gone but had little faith that the mystery person would actually do it. So Charlotte sends Bethany the top with a note from Ali, knowing this would set Bethany off. Bethany comes to rosewood to find Ali & Jessica (really Charlotte and Jessica). Meanwhile, Twin has given Mona orders to take Ali out. But Mona mistakes Bethany for Alison and hits her, but she hears someone coming (Melissa) and takes off. Melissa who had just heard Spencer and Ali fight see’s a girl (appears to be Ali) laying on the ground. Assuming the worst of Spencer, Melissa pushes the girl into the hole (that Mona dug) and starts to bury her. Charlotte walks up startling Melissa, and seeing what Melissa was doing. They speak about it for a second before being seen by Jason. At this point they both run away, leaving the girl in the hole only partially buried. Charlotte comes around to the front of the house and believes she see’s Bethany, she hits her upside the head. It’s actually Ali. And Jessica has seen it all. Jessica buries Ali for Charlotte, and calls Wilden to take Charlotte away (presumably back to Radley) Grunwald comes along and pulls Alison out. Alison is later picked up by Mona. Alison tells Mona what happened. That someone hit her in the front yard and that her mother buried her. Mona knows the girl she hit was in the backyard, realizing she did not hit Ali. She did not follow orders. Instead of killing Ali at this point she talks Ali into faking her death and running away. Which is exactly what Alison did; Leaving the yellow top and her Ali bracelet with Mona. During that night when Mona left to gathering somethings for Ali (most likely from the DiLaurentis house) she returned to the grave to see if anyone was in the grave. She finds Bethany, dead. She puts the Ali bracelet on her then recovers the hole. She returns to Alison gives her her things and off Alison goes.  Mona informs twin that Ali is dead.

Now twin just needed to wait for the right time to take Ali’s place. It can’t be too soon because Ali’s family and friends might know its not Ali. So with the help of Mona, she learned how to act like Ali while also transforming Mona into an It girl and subsequently Hanna too. Finally the twin was about ready to make her move, Ali would come back from the dead, but things took a turn. The DiLaurentis’ decided to move away. Twin had Mona take the rest of Ali’s stuff. (When Maya’s family threw it out) Twin was going to need to learn a lot more about Ali. But then a body is found. Everyone finds out it’s Ali and now twin cannot just take Ali’s place. So with that plan being a no go. Twin decides to finish what she started and get back at the girls for being bullies and and blowing up Jenna’s garage. This is why Mona had no real reason for being after the liars, she was just doing the twins work. But during Mona’s reign as A the twin started noticing things. Someone who looked like Ali visited Hanna in the hospital. Someone saved Emily from that garage. Twin learned Ali was actually alive and that Mona had lied to her. So she made Mona out herself as A. She had hoped this would mean that with Mona locked up Ali would come home, then twin cold take her place again. But Ali didn’t come home. And Mona met a girl named Charlotte. Charlotte was the perfect pawn for twin. So via Mona she let Charlotte believe that she would be taking Mona’s place as A. Charlotte really wanted to play the game but couldn’t do that from Radley. So Charlotte leaves Radley and gets herself a place in Rosewood. For the twin the goal is to prove Ali’s alive, for Charlotte its about finding out the truth about her family. Eventually the twin tells Charlotte who she is, which makes Charlotte more on her side. Seasons 3 & 4 are the twin, CeCe, & the liars trying to find out if Ali is alive. Remember there were 3 redcoats in the sawmill in Ravenswood. Ali, Charlotte, & the person who led them to Ezra’s lair. The twin led them to this lair for a reason, this was to make Ezra look more guilty than Charlotte. Once the twin has confirmation that Ali was alive she tells Charlotte she needs to leave the country (because she is accused of murder). Charlotte leaves the country and Ali is exposed, just like the twin planned. This time she sends Shana to kill Ali (because Mona didn’t do it the first time) But instead the liars (Aria) killed Shana. 

So just to add things up: The twin is after the liars for the Jenna thing and the Shana thing. 

So twins next plan to take Ali’s place involves getting Ali and the liars put in jail. At this point (other than Aria) the liars haven’t killed anyone. So she convinces Mona to fake her death. Which Mona agrees too (the blood) The twin comes in and she and Mona fake the crime scene. Of course it looked like Ali in the surveillance video. Because it’s Ali’s twin. This is the first time Mona actually meets the twin (hence her being shocked) But don’t forget she was in on this. 

Once Ali was in jail. Twin just needed to get the liars to Charlotte’s dollhouse, and why not ruin their names in the process. The liars are arrested then kidnapped, making it look like they had escaped. While in the dollhouse, the girls were being tortured by several people. The twin, Charlotte, Mona, Noel, & Sara. The plan would be to keep the liars their permanently. Eventually cluing them in. But holding them captive none the less. Mona would be eventually released having no memory of her kidnapping or the faking of her death. This would clear Alison’s name. She would then be taken to the dollhouse and twin would replace her for good. But the twin didn’t plan for the liars to be smart enough to figure out about Charles… At first the twin decided to play along in their quest to figure out who Charles was. Having Noel stand in as pseudo “Charles” what she didn’t plan for was them catching the damn place on fire. She was literally leading Alison there that night to bring her to the dollhouse. Once the girls had escaped her plan was ruined and Charlotte would be left to take the blame. (Game Over, Charlotte)

But of course Charlotte couldn’t let the game go.when the twin didn’t want to play with Charlotte anymore, Charlotte tried to assemble her own team, (Jenna, Noel, Archer, Lucas, & eventually Mary) She still wanted to play with the girls. But she needed out of Welby first. Finally she gets released. The twin did not want Charlotte to interfere with the plan she’s been coming up with for the last 5 years. So after Charlotte was released, the twin killed her. Using the plan from Spencer’s paper. Already trying to frame someone. Mona is still working for her. After Charlotte is killed she starts tormenting the liars trying to get them to give up evidence that Ali killed Charlotte. It’s just like her plan with Mona only this time someone will really die. She literally plays the girls against themselves. She knows who killed Charlotte and she convinces the girls that it’s possibly one of them, to the point that the girls actually do start incriminating themselves. (Killing Archer) Meanwhile the twin has also taken over all of Charlotte’s minions (Jenna, Noel, Archer, Mary, Sara, Lucas) with the promise that they would be finding Charlotte’s killer, again playing them because she already knows who killed her. Lucas built the board game. Archer got the money. Noel was gathering information. etc… They all played their part. And they all die off once they’ve been exposed or have said too much (Sara, Noel) Jenna hasn’t died yet because the twin has a soft spot for her. But she’s still expendable if she doesn’t play along. Which is why she is holding something over Sydney to force her to play too. By the end of the game one of the liars will go down for Charlotte’s death and the others will be left suffering. 

But the twin never expects for the girls to figure things out. But I think this is actually going to end up being the case. One of the liars will figure out it’s the twin but she won’t be able to tell the others. Eventually someone from the twin’s minions will try to switch sides and help the liars most likely Mona. The twin will be caught and arrested but not before one or two people die in the cross fire (my guesses are one or two of these people; Lucas, Mona, Jenna, or one of the liars- Not Spencer) 

We’ll prob have a time jump of the liars finally living an A/AD free life and see how they are. Alison and Emily will prob be together trying to raise the kid. Spencer and Toby will be friends but not together. Ezra and Aria will probably get married. Caleb and Hanna will probably get married. 

Other things the twin was a part of:

The lodge fire, the twin was the person on the plane. She is the one who knew how to fly. Duncan never met the real Ali he had always met the twin when she was pretending to be Alison. The only time the liars ask Ali about Duncan is when Spencer drug-dreams her up. This was probably the twin at the time. And not actually Alison.

The girl outside the window when Hanna and Mona did the Ouija board was also probably the twin because it led to a pissed off Mr & Mrs D.

So that’s it folks. Ali has a twin and her twin is AD. Ali never knew she was a twin. It’s why she had so many baby pics (there were two of them) Jason was brainwashed to forget it just like he was with Charles. 

For more on how I deducted it would be her twin check this theory out!

BTS: V Smut


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Did My Kitten Miss Me While I’d Been Away?


Not A Little Difference

anonymous asked:

Hello, I'm not sure if you'll want to post this given all that's happened (😔), but someone just commented on C's latest IG post, thanking her for "taking the time" to talk to her at the Waterfront today. She then went on to confirm that in actuality she ran into SC, not just C. (IG handle: reismeid). 🤷🏽‍♀️

I don’t see any reason for her to lie, but no photo… then again they were both on twitter within minutes of each other on a Sunday night at 10:30. I don’t know any more. Too many games. 

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aimlock  asked:

There is NO way the Sims Team has been working on a new game - Toddlers, Vampires. For the first time EVER (since TS3), they had their act together. Think about it. Game engine, map design, even basic software has not even started. Games are more than just meshes and textures. They've been behind, and they will remain behind. We may also (sadly) never get a TS5, because of TS4's lack of success. The Sims Team is unreliable, and I think relying on them, or even EA as a whole leads to being upset.

At this point, I don’t know any more than you do about the next Sims game. I’m simply going off what I know to be true (the release cycle and the state of TS4), and nothing more. I know how game development works, and I know how hard developers work to create a game we can all enjoy. It’s kind of ignorant to assume I don’t know this just because I create cc lol

The Sims 4 hasn’t been a failure, at least financially, to EA. It certainly had a rocky start, but all Sims games including Sims 4 have been profitable to EA. That’s why they continue to churn one out every couple of years. I used to be pretty pessimistic about a new Sims game but like I mentioned in my reblog, Sims 4′s engine is really preventing the team from fleshing out the game with packs the same way it did for previous games. 

Why do you think they’ve been so quiet about development? Why are we only getting one Expansion Pack a year? Why don’t the Expansion Packs we have add any real gameplay? There’s a lot of unanswered questions and theories like the one I’m trying to get across answer a few of them.

For all we know, EA could be dedicating half of the team to do R&D on the next Sims game, and leaving the other half to salvage what’s left of TS4, which means we’re getting essentially half baked packs because they just don’t have the resources to work on it. It explains why there were tons of rumors going around about how the team is mismanaged and how they lack the time and budget to accomplish certain goals or whatever.

But maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’m too optimistic about a new game. But goddammit, I love the Sims and I don’t want it to go to shit. :P

anonymous asked:

I am an incredibly bored child with no new games to play. Got any suggestions?

Hey Anon! I’m not sure what you play on but here’s a little list of some games I really enjoy! (Excluding things like Overwatch, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect because obviously those are my favorites). 

  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection: I have a preference for Borderlands 2, but my favorite Borderlands characters are in Borderlands Presequel. Very funny, great characters and missions, and has lgbt representation. This game is great to play either alone or with friends (up to 4 players). 
  • Dishonored: I haven’t finished Dishonored 2 but Dishonored 1 is one of my favorite games of all time! The gameplay is very exciting, I enjoy the many ways you’re able to accomplish your mission both stealthy and hostiley!
  • Bioshock Collection: Bioshock along with Dragon Age is my favorite game series. It’s super fun and has very cool powers, there’s an interesting story, it’s got a very nice aesthetic. It can be scary but there’s like next to no jumpscares. All 3 games are very good I have a hard time choosing a favorite, but the best one is probably Bioshock Infinite
  • Portal 2: Awesome gameplay, cool mechanics, interesting story, and the villians are super great. GladOs is one of my favorite video game characters of all time. It’s a mind game/puzzle story game so it works your brain. 
  • The Forest: A game I’ve been playing with a couple of my friends recently, it’s a survival building game and it can be scary, you’re pretty much crash landed on a huge island inhabited by cannibals and your main goal is to find your missing son. It can be played solo or with friends! 
  • Unturned: A free to play blocky zombie survival game. I haven’t played it in awhile so i’m sure there’s been tons of updates. But it’s very fun to play I don’t have much to say about it but it’s a very special game for me 
  • Transformice: A free to play game  very simple very cute game where play as a mouse and you work with other players to reach the cheese on thousands of different maps. 
  • Stardew Valley: One of my depression games. It’s a farming simulator where you can romance any of the marriage canidates regardless of gender. It’s a very fun addicting game you can get lost in for hours
  • Viscera Cleanup Detail: A very satisfying game, you play a janitor and your job is to clean up a disaster in a variety of different maps. It’s a little bit graphic, as the disasters contain lots of blood, body parts, etc. But it’s very satisfying to watch your progress and clean the maps
  • The Settlers: Rise of an Empire: One of my favorite games, it’s a empire strategy game and you play the role of a king or queen and you control a leige of your choice and you build up settlements as you complete the story mode. You can also choose like a non story mode campaign and just play to build your settlement without the story. 
dan and phil play my horse prince #2: a summary

the trend of curly hair and shaved sides continues 2017 is so good to us

j u m p e r

they’re showing fanart is anyone else getting crafty corner tatinof flashbacks

“phil was born under the year of the horse i’ll have to keep an eye on him”

they’re literally wearing valentines outfits bye

‘she couldn’t find the right words looking at that pretty face….’ “exactly what phil thought”

phil’s new outdated meme to overuse: shook

harmonies (“this is the content you all subscribed for”) true shit

phil’s little 'hee hee’ laugh

phil’s judgment of this game is so clear throughout and it’s so funny

japhan references (“we went on it”)

“do they have weird ass in japan” aka dan’s late night google search

phil did a goose noise,,, honey this isn’t crossy road anymore you’ve got a new gig now

dan still lies about his job

eyebrow raise

dan said he hasn’t played this part yet but knows all about golden carrots okay boy you do you everyone judges you enough already you don’t have to lie by this point

“it’s raining treadmills, hallelujah”

“i love his little prance at the end”

look at phil’s face when he says “is it time for a chat”

i don’t know who’s more into this game anymore

“follow your heart, phil”

“… meatiest legs possible”

phil the master dater returns

“i am a doggo kind of guy”

“i’m dating the horse, i’m not dating me”

they put so much effort into these answers i think we’re getting an insight into 2009 dan’s flirting

“everyone’s sweaty right now”

“to all the moderate youtube watchers out there that aren’t massive weirdos… i’m sorry”

“he’s gonna sack you you salty susan” mister english degree slapping out that sibilance

“do horses have elbows?”

“would you let a horse do that to you if it had that face?”

“he’s probably stepped on loads of horse poo” living for this immersion thanks lads not ruining the mood at all

“this is going to be the next round of bloody fanart now… don’t do this!”

“it’s a horse, susan. it’s a frigging horse” phil seriously mate calm yourself

dan’s slowly losing his sanity as the video progresses but what’s new

“all it takes is a bit of sexual peer pressure”

there is a lot of eye contact with the camera from phil in this video i think he’s trying not to look somewhere…. else

also why does it look like he’s sucking a lemon is he okay

okay he’s stopped

“press your sweaty hoof against our subscribe button”

“trot off into the sunset and we’ll see you-”

horse jumpscare

they’re into this like they’re into each other i tell you



Dear Rose quartz,

The life forms here are pleasant. Can you believe that the smaller life forms have no assignment or task that they are able to have “recreational time”. They often do tasks that have no purpose to tire themselves out.

My gemsona plays the gameboy color. She doesn’t know there’s more handheld games.

H x H reaction episode 75


Killua confirmed to be a fake-geek.

HHHHHHHM, really ? Gon knows more about the game than people who has been here for years. I’m not convinced.


Me anytime I get a new info about Ging :

UH, probably not, though. Also the anime made sure to say that you could use someone else’s name as your pseudo, so I don’t think you’ll find Ging. You sure there wasn’t anything better in the binder ?

My heart is full of fluff, okay.

You’re such liar, girl, you and me both know you are always super attached to them, so tag along ! I’ll miss you ~


Screenshots from HITCHING A RIDE | Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Part 5 (END)

This game was fantastic! The last 30 of this game minutes was extremely intense just watching it so I can’t even imagine what it’s like actually playing it. xD But yeah I had so much fun with this game I loved Chloe and Nadine and their dynamic and relationship throughout this game it was definitely one of the biggest highlights of it for me anyway. It’s nice to have a game with two female protagonists that are interesting with an interesting dynamic and relationship that feel like real characters and kind of feel like real people too. :) I’m very impressed with with NaughtyDog because this was such a good game that was extremely stunning looking too with beautiful scenery and environments to look at and I appreciate them so much more knowing that this game was only made in a year. How they hell did they even manage to do that and create something that came out so good? xD This makes makes very excited to see what NaughtyDog will make down the road. ^_^
It’s been so much fun watching Seán play this game. I loved his series with Uncharted 4 and I loved his series with this too. It’s nice just experiencing fun games like this with him and seeing him have fun with it and listening to him gush over the visuals and tiny details in this game too. But yeah this game was an absolute blast and fun experience. I definitely 100% want more of Chloe and Nadine! I want them back for another game! I want a fully fleshed out sequel for this game! :D


The end credits were adorable! ^_^