More Knowledge = Confusion?

(That movie was AWESOME, btw. SO MUCH LOVE.)


I was having a conversation this evening with an ENFJ friend, and we were talking about how our first or initial instincts are often correct but then how we feel inclined to look up more information and only wind up doubting our initial assessments and becoming lost in confusion due to over-thinking our hunch.

I feel like this happens a LOT with typology.

Obsession with finding your true type, and with explaining away everything you do, say, think, or do, through cognition can mean you go way off into no man’s land without a map home. There comes a point when your brain is crowded too much with information and opinion for you to trust your instincts.

You know who you are.

Maybe not on a surface level, but there is a type out there that you are drawn to, that felt right until someone else (or extra information, or endless self-analyzing, or nitpicking, or attentiveness to details, or questioning, or insecurity, or self-consciousness) pulled you away from it.

There comes a point when you have to stop asking for help. Or stop reading. When you have to look at yourself not as individual functions, but as a whole and unique person – free of stereotypes but in terms of who you are.

Stop sweating the details. Pick the type you feel you understand the most, that resonates with you, and let yourself breathe.

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London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, London bridge is falling down, my fair lady.

      “Nursery rhymes? Heh, how quaint…” Cell chuckled, listening to the grey-face’s voice as they sung the first lines flawlessly. In turn, the chimera cleared his voice and continued with the second verse… 

           “Build it up with wood and clay,
            Wood and clay, wood and clay,
            Build it up with wood and clay,
            My fair lady,”

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More Solas/Cadash please its so gorgeous! Also I'd love to hear about their relationship :3 if that isn't too personal <3

Thank you so much! And no it’s not personal at all I’d love to tell you! Get ready for way way wayyyyyyyy more information than you wanted!

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Full Name:
Tterryn of the Wyvern (As), Daughter of As'hyun.

Gender and Sexuality:
Female, Possible Pansexual (Currently unknown.)

She, Her. Femenine pronouns. 

Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun

Birthplace and Birthdate:

Dravania, Hinterlands. South of Sharlaya. 14th sun of the 6th umbral moon

Guilty Pleasures:

Reading more saucy novels, claiming them to be non-fiction.
Cuddling with her twin sister.
Cuddles, in general.

And of course, Tantophobia

What They Would Be Famous For :
If she had her way? Nothing. Her studies in magick are only to better her education, as well as her family. But, alas, at some point if she ever puts together her novel on all her combined knowledge, who knows. This might bring her some nomity. 

What Have They / Would They Have Gotten Arrested For:
Nothing, she’s a good girl!

OC(s) You Ship Them With:  As'rai Runeseeker. Y'raos Tia, Skar Blackthorn. (Two out of three of those would take a good bit of work.)

OC Most Likely To Murder Them:
As'tarotte Hyun, because SIBLINGS LIKE TO MURDER EACH OTHER. (No not really. I kid.)

Favorite Book Genre:
Non-fiction, educational, smut. (For the plot!)

Least Favorite Book Cliche:
Poor theories with no true educational backing.

Talents and/or Powers:
Strong in aetherial usage.
Knowledged in Wards.
Agile on feet.

Why Someone Might Love Them:
Something, something cinammon roll.

Why Someone Might Hate Them:
She puts on a rather ‘stuck up’ front, at times. Can easily be percieved as such.

How They Change:
She’s grown ever more comfortable with herself, and those around her as time goes on. It’s not all about books, and reading, and studying, and learning. She’s grown to love friendship, and all that she can garnish from it.
Why You Love Them: She’s lovable, it’s just how she is. I love playing her as the educational, refined and even unexperienced woman she truly is. Plus, she attracts a crowd, and it’s nice to have a character people truly enjoy experiencing, and creating a story with.

@astarottehyun @dragoonlance @sydrian14 @darkness-unleashedxiv @house-vexile (Y’raos!) @sins-of-allag 

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Question. upon your knowledge of your work with anvils. Would you know which is most versatile? im in the market for one, but im trying to find one that has helpfull angles, rounded horns, etc.

Hummm it’s more of things to look out for, such as: visible cracks, chips, swayed backs are difficult to forge on, magnetic anvils are irritating, those blue cast harbor freight anvils are shit. Some who can’t afford an anvil make by with just a block of steel or a modified rr track.

Ignore bullshit, snake oil stories about rebound. That’s a huge flag that someone doesn’t know what they are talking about if they keep bringing that up. Yeah I know, I can already feel the vaginas getting sore on that comment. Especially if they say you can hear a crack in an anvil if you hit and let it ring. Oh think I heard another vagina clench on that one.

Some of this shit is like we are in elementary school and kids giving each other advise on how to run faster because you tied your shoes a certain way.

On magnetic anvils: all the Nimbas I have met, which are 4, have been magnetic. Scale rides on the edges, material snaps to the anvil and you are constantly yanking it off. Some say it’s a benefit but really it’s not. I think a step was skipped after the anvil got machined (plained) flat. As that machine has a process to demagnetize metal as well. So just beware. For the record I like the shape of nimba anvils but question the magnetism of the few I have seen. And if a step was skipped to save money, what else was skipped?

I grew up forging on a London pattern. Thought it was the only way to go. Pops got me a 150lb German double bick when I turned 15. That was 18 years ago and never went back. I’ll still forge on that style. I love the flat taper back end of that German style as you can get into spots that the London pattern would need a hardy tool.

Chances are you will change tools as you grow and become more comfortable. As I like to think “I’ll have this for the rest of my life…or until I get a bigger one.”

Public Interaction with my psychologist.

I love how my psychologist treats me with so much respect and like i am an adult with valid thoughts and opinions. I talked to her about how i never know if it is okay to ask her how she is and so i have this pre set rule which has developed from the fact that a lot of the books i read about therapeutic relationship and boundaries and how if a client asks about personal information that as a psychologist it is important to turn it back onto the client , to explore why the client wants to know this information and then use it to build the therapeutic alliance which will help to the therapeutic progress forward. This knowledge  from knowing how to react when it comes to knowing personal information about her and that If i did ask and became aware of her doing this to me it would lead to me feel rejected which often is why when i see her in public i feel particularly anxious. She replied with sometimes this is the problem when a psychologist or someone who is studying psychology is in therapy they have two opposing arguments going in their head from the personal knowledge and their academic knowledge. i love that she listened to my concern  and that she didn’t see me as appearing to be a know it all psych undergrad and that she didnt discredit the fact i want to be a psychologist or my ability to be one she just approached it how she would have if her client was a psychologist themselves. 

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You know that astrology hs nothing to do with how the f**k you look like?!?!?!! if your family is ugly you for sure will have bad luck too. stop being so ignorant ya tumblr astrology blogs

Listen. I’m not going to personally attack you but I want to make this clear to everyone: The relation between astrology and physical appearance is not a tumblr astrology thing. William Lilly wrote about it in his book Christian Astrology, which is from 1647. Nicholas Culpeper wrote about it in Opus astrologicum, which is from 1654. And those are just the earliest works I know. Ancient Babylonian astrologers probably knew more about astrology than we do know, most of the knowledge was simply lost.

This is what Lilly wrote on Jupiters influence on the body:

He signifies an upright, straight, and tall stature; brown, ruddy and lovely complexion, of an oval or long visage, full and fleshy, high forehead [….] strong proportioned thighs and legs,…

And this is what Culpeper wrote:

Jupiter represents a man tall of stature, of a brown muddy complexion, an oval visage, high forehead […] great thighs, great well-proportioned legs,…

Yes, genetics obviously make up a big part of what we look like. But our social/cultural environment also makes up a big part of our personality. Still, the astrological archetypes are universals independent of that.

Ellen Degeneres and Abraham Lincoln are both Aquarius Suns who are Sagittarius Dominant

Brittany Snow and Ashlee Simpson are both Neptune Dominant. Brittany has Pisces Sun and Moon, Ashlee has a Pisces Ascendant.

These two are Mercury Dominant with Virgo Ascendant:

Katy Perry and Kris Jenner are Scorpio/Pluto Dominant. Katy has Scorpio Sun, Moon and Ascendant and Kris has Scorpio Sun and Ascendant! (she did have several surgeries though so I’m not sure whether that made her look more or less like Katy)

Lets not forget the oddly amphibian/frog-like face of all these venus Dominant men:

And the typical pixie face of female Gemini/mercury types, as shown here by Carey Mulligan and @astrolocherry 

I want to research this more deeply again now because its really interesting lol

Not even gonna lie, I really don’t like the idea that Finn would adopt Poe’s last name (if it has nothing to do with a ceremony like marriage). 

A lot of the headcanons that I’ve seen browsing the tags for content seem to operate on the idea that Finn has no idea surnames are even something he should have or can choose himself, and thus he goes with the only one he apparently knows. And truth be told, that doesn’t make a whole lotta sense given the people he ends up meeting and likely already knows, plus common knowledge basis that he retains.

And again it really works into the unsettling fandom mindset that “Poe named Finn”, ergo, Finn should get his last name as well. And speaking in reference to that, a lot of y’all are make my favorite character sound like a dog that Poe just happened across and decided “and I shall name him Finn!” And at this point, on account of all the fandom fuckery, I’m wishing the whole “I’m gonna call you Finn, is that alright?” scene never happened. I wish “Finn” was a name he came up with on the fly.

So, yeah, I’m not really feeling “Finn Dameron” headcanon on any count.


A huge meteorite crashed in Russia. About 500 people have been injured. It broke windows, damaged buildings and caused panic as mobile networks overloaded.

The Russian Academy of Sciences estimated that the meteorite weighed about 10 tons and entered the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of at least 54,000 kph (33,000 mph)

It is the best recorded meteorite strike ever.