Knowledge is everything; open

Mena stood in the middle of the training room, looking around at all the tributes and stations trying to decide her next move. Finally her eyes landed on the first aid station, for all that she was familiar with fighting and evasion she knew nothing about healing. She quickly made a beeline for the first aid trainer and immediately began asking questions. 

Mena wanted to know everything, she craved knowledge of all kinds and knew that anything she could learn would help her in the actual arena. She asked questions about injuries, any and all kinds that she could think of. She wanted to know about healing techniques and the different plants she could use to help aid in healing processes. The trainer showed her basic first aid, as well as a few more advanced techniques at Mena’s urging. 

After thanking the trainer for showing her everything, Mena turned around and began thinking over everything that she had just learned, while beginning to observe her fellow tributes. Without meaning to Mena found herself staring at one them, watching their movements, she had seen them around the room throughout the day but hadn’t taken the time to actually watch them until now…

B5 Headcanon

Garibaldi is one of those fanboys who press all his friends with recommendations. Examples:

Lennier: After bonding over his motorcycle, he keeps forwarding classic vehicle trivia and events to him through Babcon. Lennier opens them dutifully, replying to every one even when he has no idea what he’s looking at. (after a while he becomes educated by exposure and returns the favor with relevant news stories and events he finds on the extranet)

G’Kar: One quote from an earther poet and Garibaldi starts sending G’Kar book recommendations. Their tastes differ wildly, but Garibaldi successfully hooks the Narn on pulp detective novels, not that G’Kar advertises this. Wouldn’t want Garibaldi to get too big for his britches, you know.

Ivanova: With full knowledge of her secret coffee crop, Garibaldi requisitions ingredients for all manner of bizarre drink recipes. They meet every now and then in her quarters to concoct, sample, and judge the blends. 

Londo: It’s no secret that Londo is a music lover. He researches and collects pieces from all the races, even the Narns. While his passion is most certainly classical, that does not stop Garibaldi from overwhelming him with classic Earth genres. Londo will take any recommendation, even if he openly hates almost everything he hears, which prompts still more outrageous recommendations for the humor of it. Still, Londo finds a certain affection for a well-used instrument even if it is plugged into an amp. Vir inherits this habit along with the rest of Londo’s stuff and is far more receptive – becoming a bit of a rock and roll junkie, himself. 

 Delenn: One time consenting to watch Garibaldi’s “Second favorite thing in the world” and Delenn gets cartoons in the mail. Not just cartoons, though… anything with a Warner Brothers property on it. This devolves quickly into screencaps, then screencaps with phrases attached, then memes in general until Garibaldi is the source of delovelie‘s awesome headcanon

Theres maybe…20 pokemon whos names i dont know off the top of my head and i assume everyone esle is the same i assume itis common knowledge to know all the names


since you guys seem to have a lot of questions, I’m gonna make a quick post about people with alters (whether it be due to dissociative identity disorder or some other dissociative disorder) with some basic need-to-know knowledge

  • not everyone with alters has a violent alter like you see in crime shows and whatnot
  • if they do have a specifically violent alter, it is often molded after their abuser, or is the designated ‘protector’ of the system (a system is what you call a person’s alters as a whole)
  • 98% of the time, the development of alters is due to (usually repetitive) abuse in childhood, or at any point in their life before the person’s brain is fully formed (whether it be physical, emotional, or sexual)
  • having alters almost always comes with some degree of dissociative amnesia
  • alters can closely resemble the core personality, or they can be entirely different
  • alters can have different postures, gaits, sexualities, genders, interests, talents, mannerisms, speech habits, physical traits (blood pressure, body temp, eyesight, chronic pain, etc.), and some are even different species or are creatures of fantasy
  • alters may or may not have names
  • the act of switching (moving from one alter to another) can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few days and an alter can be fronting (fronting is when a particular alter is in control) for anywhere from a few minutes to a few months
  • generally, different alters have different jobs (handling specific emotions, becoming the ‘protector’ of the system, holding onto specific memories, etc.)

if someone you know has alters, do some research. it will be easier on all of you if you are informed.

if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

The signs as feelings
  • Aries:Rage- when someone or something makes you so agitated to where you feel the equivalent of exploding.
  • Taurus:Calm- being completely peaceful and mellow.
  • Gemini:Aggravated- to be annoyed by doing/saying something.
  • Cancer:Empathy- Feeling sadness for others, even if not being able to relate to the situation.
  • Leo:Euphoria- being completely happy with ones self.
  • Virgo:Innocence- Unknown to the worlds issues, naive.
  • Libra:Knowledge- Knowing and being able to understand things.
  • Scorpio:Passion- barely controllable feeling of love/lust.
  • Sagittarius:Optimism- looking on the brighter side of everything.
  • Capricorn:Achievement- accomplishing something and feeling amazing for it.
  • Aquarius:Bitter- Rude and mean attitude towards things.
  • Pisces:Sadness- Unbelievable sorrow and heart ache. Being as if almost empty.
My thoughts on the Charlie Charlie challenge

I received quite a lot of asks (thanks some anons and itsmegalous!) about this new “internet fad” and I want to address my thoughts on it. I definitely stand by my opinion and agree with this post here (which also explains what the challenge is, for those who don’t know). 

Summoning spirits in general can be extremely dangerous. People do it, it happens, there can be great rewards, but you sure as hell should know what you’re doing first. I always advise people to understand spiritual energy, which means probably around a year or at least 6 months of dedication to energy healing and the subtle energy body. It’s important to know what your spirit and energy feel like when they are healthy, so you know when something happened to damage your energy. Plus, experience with energy healing gives you the knowledge to know how to heal yourself. Energy damage may not seem serious, especially to those who don’t believe in spiritual things, but I personally believe (and many others do too) that energy informs a lot of our physical health and can really lead to serious health consequences if you start doing dangerous spiritual things without understanding energy.

About the challenge specifically, here are my issues with people performing it:

  • It’s disrespectful: Both to the people who really work with spirits, you’re insulting a lot of us by messing with something that we spend our lives studying and turning it into an internet fad. More importantly, you’re disrespecting the poor little boy that this challenge is based on. Just because he’s dead and as a spirit now does not make it right, at all, to mess with his soul. 
  • You’re trapping Charlie: The boy this challenge is based on, and any spirits that might be used to represent this boy (with so many people trying it, probably a lot of dead young boy spirits are being summoned), is being trapped in the physical planes. They can’t move on. Keep this up long enough and you could literally destroy the soul’s chance at reincarnation or cause a lot of soul level damage.
  • You’re making yourself prey: So it’s pretty well believed that there are negative spirits…ghosts, demons, just general bleh in the spirit world. If I was a cunning demon, I’d totally jump on the opportunity of this challenge to prey on the unsuspecting. Also, this makes it super hard for people trying to keep the energy of the world clear and light, we have to make sure to ward ourselves extra because the in flow of negative energy to this physical plane is bound to increase with this challenge. Like the post I linked to above said, you’re inviting this negativity into your house too, where other people who are spiritually unprotected may enter. 
  • Also, who’s to say some negative force didn’t create this challenge just for this purpose? 

Please don’t do this challenge. It’s dangerous, disrespectful, and even if you’re doing energy work and you know what you’re doing, do you really need to do this? What satisfaction will this really give you? If you want to summon spirits, learn how to do it properly, don’t jump on a fad.