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You're honestly goals ! I love your confidence in your body ! Any tips on being more self confident ?

this may not help you, but part of my self-confidence came with not feeling guilty about what I ate (I used to feel so insecure when I would eat sugary foods). Babe at this point, this is my attitude to food. I eat what I want and I exercise when I want. It may not seem relevant, but part of the process is knowing that ultimately you control how you feel about food, and the effect it has on your body. 

My confidence comes from knowing I’m in control, and also this blog. It’s taught me I can eat what I want and still be beautiful, and that in itself was liberating. 

I have rolls when I slouch, my thighs touch and sometimes my ass doesn’t fit into my pants. I have the power to change that, but I choose to look the way I look and surprisingly I have lovely people like you tell me I’m “goals” which is mental, in my humble opinion. You don’t like the way you look? Work towards a realistic goal and you’ll find that confidence will come. 

But don’t be too hard on yourself and definitely don’t compare yourself to others.

its more than likely that you (whether male or female) are stunning.  

Pisces & Virgo
  • Virgo, sends a random text:Your phone was made by the illuminati
  • Pisces, texts back:The hell
  • Pisces:It was not, it was made in Asia
  • Virgo, texts:Asia, Japan, Pokemon, Pikachu -- thunder, clouds, rain, water-- and who drinks water? All living things. Plants, animals, transformers, clifford the big red dog, humans, etc-- Do you know who controls all of this? Mother Nature. And what else does she control? Girl's periods, apparently. And where are there a lot of girls? In Asia, well, around the world, but that's not the point
  • Virgo:Some way, or another-- your phone was made by the illuminati
  • Pisces:Do you need to go see a therapist?


I fucking hate it when people do this. First one, not even close to what actually happened, did the person who made this not watch the scene?? He never ‘almost took advantage of her’.

Second, okay, I’ll give ‘em that one, it was a little far, but just saying, that’s not how she took it.

Third, SARCASM!! jfc.

Fourth, he was worried for her and flipped his shit, he was just as freaked out and wanted her to be safe, all he did was yell ‘yes’ so he’d be the one to get to her first and comfort her when she encounters terrifying scenes like that.

Fifth, wtf he wasn’t accusing her of doing anything purposely, he knows she can’t control her banshee powers at that point, he was in no way blaming her, he was just questioning her if she really knew anything. Do you see those the stammering and blabbering and ellipsis?? He’s trying to say it in the nicest way without offending her, but it’s not exactly easy to ask someone what they know of suicides and if their uncontrollable supernatural powers are somehow responsible. Let’s cut him a break, shall we?

Sixth, again wtf, we aren’t romanticizing the panic attack, it’s the kiss and the thought that went into it, there are so many ways to stop a panic attack, she could have just said hold your breath, but she went to kiss him, and anyone with eyes can see their reaction to it afterward.

Stydia is a real ship that has been building over two years from crush/strangers, to friends, to a little more but not quite there.

Stalia, I rescued you, to let’s be crime buddies to lets have sex in the basement of an asylum. I love their cute little scenes, but more character development on Malia before the relationship would have been nice, and more development on them as a couple. No hate on Malia though, most everyone loves her now :)

Marrish, hey I just met you and this is crazy but I'mma have sexual hallucinations of you, that’s cool with you, maybe? Okay, that was low, he cannot control them. But Marrish hasn’t had any cute scenes tho beside the semi-hand holding in jail and the coffee thing that lasted about 75 seconds (also fighting lessons and supernatural testings, but not really romantic), so I don’t get that.

They’re just connected by death. If Lydia wasn’t a banshee, would people be flipping over Meredith and Parrish? Probably not. If it wasn’t Parrish, but another hellhound, would people be flipping over Lydia and that guy? Probably not. It’s just that’s who’s there, that’s who’s connected, therefore that’s who’s shipped.

Teen Wolf is about Scott McCall and his journey through life as a werewolf, not about the ships. I am guilty of often forgetting that but so is everyone else.

Not every Stydia shipper attacks people with different ships. And if I’m not mistaken, it was some Stalia shippers that coined the phrase ‘Stydiots’. That’s just cruel. Because we don’t agree, we’re idiots???

I don’t seek out Stalia and Marrish tags to trash them. I have never made a hate account. There are many kind people that respect when others don’t agree. I got this picture from a Stydia hate account on instagram and the things that person was saying were so cruel and inaccurate about both the ship and the shippers. And not just Stydia. There are hate accounts for Stalia and Marrish.

Main point, Stydia is not abusive and i dont know where people get these ideas. It’s just anti-stydia shippers causing shit and I think I speak for the WHOLE fandom when I say we’re sick of it.

I will tag this Stydia, Marrish and Stalia so that maybe we’ll all learn a thing or two about who to properly treat other human beings online (no hate for everyone but there are so many people that aren’t too nice)

Either way, based on how shit is going, Stydia is endgame. I’m not saying that as a Stydia shipper, even if I were a Stalia or Marrish shipper, I’d throw in the towel after 5x16, just saying.


The S7 Air Hostesses in the UPSIDE DOWN & INSIDE OUT video – are they trained acrobats? Where did you find them?

@martynovatanu and @nastka_bu, our S7 air hostesses, are trained aerialist acrobats. It was quite a challenge to figure out what type of performers would be best to work with in these very unusual circumstances. We considered several types of acrobats, dancers, gymnasts, and swimmers, because each of those fields has some overlap with the set of skills we thought we’d need. In the end, the pair of aerialists we chose were perfect for a few reasons. First, the routines they are trained to do usually involve a lot of very fast spinning in circles, meaning that they’ve developed incredible vestibular systems (the bodily system for balance). Most people get dizzy and sick from twirling around a couple times, but these ladies can spin around like the head of a power drill and not feel a thing. Second, they really know how to control their bodies using only their own strength and balance. Gymnasts push off the floor and swimmers push against the water, but aerialists have very little to push off of, so they develop incredible skills just using inertia and balance. Third, Tatyana and Anastasia were already friends and were great at working together and coming up with their own ideas. Since so much of our process is about experimenting with things and stumbling into new ideas along the way, we were excited to find a pair of performers who could jump right in, experiment together,and help us come up with the ideas. The coolest tricks they do are all moves that they came up with themselves, or with the help of our incredible Cosmonaut Trainers.

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Wish you'd wrote a fanfic where baby/kid rai doesn't know how to control his powers and basicly chops his mansion in half with blood wings

Where I also shove in as many of my theories about Rai’s origins as well, pfft. 


Raizel… No, he was not going to be known by that anymore. Noblesse. That was his title now, what the others would call him.

It was still strange. Change was not something he was used to. But he had felt his soul shift a while ago, something settling in him. Not like a soul weapon — he knew from listening to the Clan Leaders what accepting a soul weapon was like, being completed and having his predecessors’ whisper to him, guiding him.

There had been nothing accompanying the shift.

He had waited for an explanation for the change until the Lord had come for him and…

He had expected to inherit the Lord’s title if the current Lord did not have an heir. Not the Noblesse title. Especially since he had not known the title had existed at all.

The Lord had explained what his new duties were, that he was to both protect nobles and to send those who no longer acted like nobles to eternal sleep.

And that was why he was in the mansion for the Noblesse -his mansion- walking down the silent corridors. He found one room with a large window open and he approached it, seeing the view it gave of the outside. Hm… He could only see trees from there; the Lord’s mansion was surrounded by the mansions of the other clans.

It had to be this way. He could not keep the attachments he had formed, in case he had to perform his duty and failed to do so.

But… How was he to perform his duty? He only knew the power over blood, as did all of those who stemmed from the Lord’s bloodline. As far as he was aware, he had not gained new abilities with his new title. To have the power to send even Clan Leaders and the Lord to eternal sleep…

He lifted his palm and slid his thumbnail across his finger, cutting it enough to draw blood. His soul was different now; he would not be able to-

His eyes widened at the chasm of power he had access to, all of it rushing to his fingertips at his call. More change, something - wings snapping out from his back and he felt them crash into the room’s walls.

His shield was the same he found as he lifted a hand out of habit, the pieces of the mansion sliding off it and leaving him untouched.

After the dust settled, he curled his wings around him to study them. They were made of blood and light, flickering as he watched them. He had not been told of being able to create wings with his power over blood, so that must be part of his new abilities as the Noblesse.

He gazed up at the damage his wings had created, feeling them fade from his awareness once he stopped calling on them. Hm… He nudged at some of the bricks with his telekinesis, seeing them move with no accompanying rush of strength like when he had called on his power over blood.

So it had only been his power over blood that had been affected.

With that knowledge, the Noblesse started to rebuild his mansion.

Going for Rai being from a branch family of the Lord’s.

Here you can now see the rest of the tiles in a more interesting fashion.
Multiheight room example constructed in approximately 5 minutes (because I don’t know my own controls yet, everything is mapped to numpad and home pad). Once I learn the controls fluidly enough/map more intuitive mouse controls I could cut that time down to like a minute or less for the same result.

Time spent to do this in gamemaker’s own editor:
Probably 30 minutes, maybe half that if I made multiple versions of objects for each angle, but that’s not accounting for forgetting what the hell I did with each tile. The beautify of this, where it’s all entirely possible to do in GM editor, I don’t even have to think about anything but placing the damn tiles and the code figures out the rest.

Still not feature complete (I haven’t even added a delete button yet) but I’m definitely liking where this is going. I’m going to have to make sure to save this code and make it as modular as possible for future projects.


haikyuu/oofuri crossover heals my soul

Lady in the Garden

Series: Fairy Tail/Doctor Who

Characters: Gajeel/Levy

Note: I needed to do it.  Haven’t been able to get it off the brain.  it’s short, but enjoy!


The large man fell to the floor in a mess of blankets and black hair, flailing for purchase.  A string of profanities fell from his mouth, partially from the icy hardwood he found his bare back on and partially from the massive crash outside that had put him on the floor in the first place.  “Fucking high school punks.”  He growled harshly, freeing himself of his sheets and stomping up to his feet.  

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concept: drawing pnat children in anime poses

but, honestly, i love ollie. he’s one of my favorite side characters along with dimitri, violet, and several others. i adore how he breaks ‘the brute’ trope and i’m always super excited to see him in panels.


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