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ShootWeek: Day 3 ↳ favorite Root friendship(s)

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(So umm I'm sorry if this is irrelevant but I've seen a lot of book related asks on your tumblr n thought I'd give it a shot so) Do u know any YA fiction with a pansexual lead??? Preferably something with a f/f(emme) relationship, high school/college setting, fluff romance comedy and all that jazz BUT with a good plot and not a perpetually lonely cynical MC, and lastly poc characters(OBVIOUSLY) Wayyy too many demands i Know but if u know ANYTHING with ANY of these please let us know!!!

it’s not irrelevant, dude, I love love love talking about books. you gave me uuuuuh a fuckload of specifics though, which means the recs are going to fall into two categories: 1.) things I’ve read that hit some of the points you listed but not all of them and 2.) things I haven’t read that sound like they might be right.

* - things I’ve read and can speak from experience on.

the best bets I can give you:

  • Not Your Sidekick* (C.B. Lee) - bisexual Vietnamese lead (by a bisexual Vietnamese writer), in high school, f/f relationship, fluff romance comedy abounds. it’s softcore apocalyptic fiction, where everything is Mostly The Same as now except some people have mutated to have superpowers. the MC, Jess, is the apparently powerless middle child in a family of heroes, and takes an internship at a company that may or may not be run by her parents’ archenemies. 
  • Adaptation (Malinda Lo) - I’m not crazy about Malinda Lo’s writing, but I’ve never read Adaptation. it checks off high school, bi protagonist, and f/f romance - well, okay, from what I’ve heard it’s actually a m/f/f poly romance? which is rad as heck. also aliens, apparently. I have no idea if the main character is a woc (the book cover is a white girl, but you know how book covers are) but the author is Chinese-American.
  • Labyrinth Lost (Zoraida Cordova) - I’ve heard a lot of good things about this book! the main character is bisexual, Latina, and also a bruja - what’s not to love? the mc tries to get rid of her magical powers and accidentally makes her entire family disappear instead. she has to go looking for them in an adventure that has drawn a lot of reviews comparisons to Alice In Wonderland, and also apparently gets herself into a bisexual love triangle. 

the ones that check off some boxes:

  • Leah on the Offbeat and The Upside of Unrequited (Becky Albertalli) - I know very very little about either of these books except that I guess one of them is the sequel to the book that Love, Simon movie is based on? the first features a bisexual protag who I believe has a crush on a girl, the second has a protag with a pansexual twin sister crushing on a girl. yes to high school, bi/pan characters, f/f crushing, and probably a light tone based on the gifs I’ve seen of Love, Simon. I have no idea what race any of these characters are.
  • Let’s Talk About Love* (Claire Kann) - full disclosure, I haven’t actually read ALL of this book yet but I’ve started the first chapter and I’m really excited to get back to it when I’m done with like 3 other books. main character is an ace biromantic black girl in college. she starts the book out getting dumped by her girlfriend, gets a crush on a boy (also a person of color, I believe Japanese), probably undergoes some self discovery or something.
  • The Abyss Surround Us* (Emily Skrutskie) - a fun little pirates + kaiju + enemies to lovers book. main character is high school-aged, Asian-American, and a lesbian. the romance hits every trope you can think of, which is a blast, and also sometimes sea monsters fight each other. 
  • Juliet Takes A Breath* (Gabby Rivera) - also not bisexual, the main character is a lesbian, but it’s very very good. Juliet is Latina, about to start college, and an absolute badass. there’s not much romance, but this is one of the best contemporary coming of age stories I’ve read in a long time, that really delves into the accessibility of so-called progressive spaces and ways that people of color can get shut out.
  • also there seem to be a lot of books by Nina LaCour about girls in high school and college having crushes on other girls. I have no idea how any of them identify their sexuality, if any of them are woc, or what the tone is, but good luck.

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i just went to check out siat and it’s so freaking good?? i love the chimera map and the added dimension to the more villianous minor characters (i personally love your characterizations of fleur and pansy, and draco becoming less of an asshole was a really nice transition). also as a person too invested in roman history, i especially liked blaise having ancestry from the severans, even though i don’t know much about them in particular. (1/2)

anyways i really hope this is a thing you continue, and if you do i look forward to it very eagerly! (side note: thank you for keeping cedric alive and his relationship with cho is so loving and cute) (2/2)

aaaahhh thank you so much!! i’m so happy you like it!! <3 <3 <3 <3

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Do you have or know of any way to deal with missing someone you intensely love but “only” have a platonic or queerplatonic relationship with? I constantly miss my person, even though I’m normally lucky enough to see them at least every 1-2 weeks. They’re starting a new job so that means I’ll see them less and I’m trying to remind myself it’ll mean we’ll eventually get to move in together. I don’t want to pester them too much, but I love them more intensely than I’ve ever loved anyone.

I’ve never been in a queerplatonic relationship but personally whenever I’m missing someone really important to me I know I won’t see for a while, I try to find them a gift. I love giving gifts and it takes my mind off the fact they’re not here right now and reminds me that they will be here soon, and how happy they’ll be when I find just the right thing. You don’t even need a lot of money for this, you can write them a poem or draw something, visit your local thrift store, or get them something small and cheap that might have sentimental value. Also, I know you feel like you’re “pestering them” but this person probably misses you too! Don’t be afraid to text them or leave them a cute voicemail for when they get off work.

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Read your Flashpoint meta an I love and agree with it. Yes I would like to hear about why you don't think they'll pursue other relationships bc one of my favorite things about fandom and talking to others and hearing their thought and perspective on things. Personally, since the show has been adamant about these two being together in every timeline they might not go the Iris/Barry married with someone else root.

Well, I think you have to look at what they HAVE done and ask the PURPOSE of what they’re doing with Flashpoint. Obviously, it has a number of potential purposes, so we’ll just look at Westallen.

They’ve known since Season 1 that they were going to do Flashpoint at the end of Season 2, I think. Cavanaugh has said he was told things about Season 3, and the fact that they go back to that moment so Season 3 Barry will be the one to eventually go back and try to warn his Season 1 self has clearly been their plan.

And yet they built up Westallen this season. They had them kiss and share their “I love you”s just before Barry went off and changed time. Why?

Flashpoint will put Barry in a position where he wants to put time back the way it was - not just for the sake of the world but for the sake of his own happiness. That happiness is intricately tied to Iris and his love for her - as well as hers for him. Even before they became romantic, they have always loved each other deeply and he won’t know how to cope without that.

That makes Westallen pretty important in Flashpoint - as much for its potential absence in that world as its potential to be explored in this one.

They didn’t write the discussion between Iris and Barry before he changes time for no reason, so look at what they tell each other and consider why the writers wanted them to exchange THOSE words in THAT moment:

“Because you’ve lost a lot in your life, Barry. More than most, but maybe you and me, seeing where this thing goes, maybe that can give you something for a change.

I think - and Gustin has confirmed - that these words will stay with Barry. I think he will remember them in Flashpoint and will realize he traded the future he wanted to build with Iris for the past he needs to accept.

“Wherever you need to go, whatever you need to do, do it. And when you get back, I’ll be here.“

Of course, Iris is telling Barry that she’ll wait for him because for her in that moment, she wants him to know that she’ll wait for him to be ready as he was for her. But consider what she’s telling him and its impact on Barry and what greater message they’re trying to send.

In a sense, without realizing it, Iris is giving Barry her permission to do what he needs to do. He knows doing this will unwrite the life she knows. Of course, she agreed to that last season, so he could have just acted on that memory. But I’m sure it gave him more confidence to have the comfort of knowing she was okay with him doing what he needs to do to heal. I’m sure she had something along the lines of “go relax on a beach somewhere” in mind, but what can you do?

She’s also promising to wait for him to be ready. That she’ll still love him and she’ll be patient. That she won’t give up on him. She’ll be there for him when he gets back…just as Westallen will be there waiting, when Flashpoint is done.

“I love you too. And, I always will.”

This doesn’t really need explaining, but it reaffirms what we already know. Barry will ALWAYS love Iris. She will ALWAYS be the person he chooses, that he wants to be with, that he needs to be happy.

Obviously, in this new reality, there are a few ways they can go with it in terms of relationships for Barry. Barry and Iris can be together. Barry can be with someone else. Iris can be with someone else. Or they can both be single.

Putting Barry with someone else wouldn’t really get you anything, would it? It’s not going to teach him that he can be happy without Iris because he can’t. If they wanted to use Flashpoint to put Westallen in the past so that they could go full steam ahead with SB, for example, I think they wouldn’t have had Westallen confess their enduring love for each other right before it happens. Instead, maybe Iris would have confessed her feelings to Barry, but he would have said he isn’t sure what he wants anymore. He struggles with not knowing, then takes a trip to Flashpoint and is with Caitlin and realizes THAT’S what he wants to pursue it when he gets back. They didn’t take that route, at all. Instead, they gave him everything he’s wanted (in terms of his romance with Iris) just to drive home his sorrow when he wakes up next year without it…as I think they’ll do.

I don’t think they’ll have Iris in a relationship with someone else. At least, I hope not. It would be too much of a rehash of season 1, and they can’t be ignorant of the fact that Candice and Iris got SO MUCH HATE for being with Eddie that year. Even though she had no way of knowing Barry had loved her all that time, people hated her anyway. I can only hope they wouldn’t do that to her again, and I think they are aware enough that she had to do it not to lose the ground that they struggled so hard to regain with those fans accepting Iris and Westallen this year.

Of course, while I would be happy if Iris and Barry are together, I think that would be something that would make him want to stay in that reality. I think knowing her but not having a relationship with her - maybe the two of them being casual acquaintances at this point in their lives at best - will remind him of the future he could have had with her (and almost had) and remind him of what he lost in gaining his mother back. Because I think he’ll try to “recreate” his relationship with Iris as it exists in our world, and maybe they’ll even start to date. But he can’t really recreate it because he can never get their history back or recreate it. She has been such an important part of his life for so long, you can never really recreate that experience and history with someone.

So I don’t have any concerns about long-term Westallen because I think they did such forward strides for a reason this season. I think they wanted him to be on the verge of getting all he ever wanted, in order to have the future he could have had call him back from the past he’s trying to hold onto.

The reasons they gave that speech in that moment, that they built up Westallen as they did and had Iris and Barry confess their feelings to each other just before Flashpoint are important. And if you ask yourself WHY they did all this, there’s no answer that could really be bad for Westallen in the long term.

They gave that speech for a reason, and it wasn’t so he could pop into another world, find someone else, and say “Oh, I think I’d like this better.” He’s going to want to return to this world to be with Iris. Not so he can come back, pop his head through the door to tell her, “Hey, Iris? That thing about always loving you? I lied! I’ve got a thing for another girl now.”

Everything they did in the back half with Westallen was to build to Flashpoint and show how he cannot handle the loss of Iris’s love and romantic Westallen, so that we can feel his desire to get it back. And if Westallen is that important, I don’t see any reason to worry about it in the Flashpoint universe.