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[ a louisentine oneshot ]

Summary: During a game of war, Louis reveals the reason he was sent to Ericson.

Warnings: The reason isn’t a good one…

Just a little story inspired by this ask I saw for @louisentine-is-good-shit  

“Okay, I gotta know.”


“What’s your deal with cantaloupe?”

“You mean, what’s my deal with the most despicable thing grown on this earth?”

“It can’t be that bad.”

“When was the last time you had one? I guarantee that if you had one right now, you’d take a bite and say, ‘wow, this is worse than eating walker guts!’”

“Oh, geez.” Clem rolled her eyes. “So dramatic.”

“Perfectly dramatic enough!” Louis argued.

Clem shook her head, a small grin tugging at her lips. She had to admit it: she was having fun. When Louis suggested a card game to the group, like he usually does, it seemed that no one was interested. After everything that went down with Lily and the raiders and the big rescue, they were still in recovery mode. 

Most went along with their new nightly routines or back to their rooms, leaving Louis with his stack of cards and a discouraged frown. 

That was when she realized that it had been weeks since they had actually spent any time together. Sure, they went hunting and they ate together, and he was practically spending every night in her and AJ’s room, but as far as alone time goes that didn’t have to do with planning or their everyday survival… 

Hell, that had to be when they shared their first kiss at the piano. 

So, Clementine was determined. She sent AJ off with Tenn to finish coloring before it was their turn for watch duty, and then she approached Louis with a smile. She suggested they go play a private game, one on one. 

Needless to say, he was thrilled.

He practically pulled her arm out of its socket while dragging her into his room. 

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oooooohhhh ho ho I Do Not Like getting into Civil War discourse…… leave it alone @ myself…… don’t go there….. it’s Gone it’s Done it Happened don’t let the bitterness take hold………. come on it’s  been so many years…… get the fuck over urself Gee it’s not that deep and they’re all gonna be dead soon anyway, fuck

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↳ Anatolian Witches

Asia Minor is the center from which the magic arts were spread in the Greek world and can be traced back to Homer’s works. Early Greek magic originally received influences of Babylonian, Assyrian, Egyptian and Persian practices from the Late Archaic period onwards. It played an important role in the area until at least the early 20th century, later taking influences from all three Abrahamic religions and various cultures that co-existed there.

jisung: hey it smells like something's burned

minho: that’s my feelings for you *winks*

jisung: aww come here bab-


norcumi replied to your post “That post about writing that self-indulgent fic has crossed my dash…”

I am already intrigued and excited! :D

It’s  probably going to be like the most me thing I will have ever written.  Established Relationship! Pining! Shenanigans! Feelings! Clones! Unfridging all the ladies! My canon revision of Satine! Inexplicable politics! Unplanned world building I accidentally stumbled into! Sex scene probably! Flashbacks inside flashbacks inside flashbacks oh my! Oh god how is this 30k help me! It will take me the better part of the year to write for no good reason!

Buckle in ya’ll it’s going to a long and weird ride.

(When Cody found him, Obi-Wan’s hip ached from hours spent kneeling on the provided cushions, but the session had ended with a promising draft of a treaty.

“Are you limping?” Adi asked, caught between exasperation and amusement.

“No,” Obi-Wan answered, although he clearly was.  It did not help that it had been raining the better part of the week, and the damp was not doing him any favors.

“I’m sure they would have provided a chair if you requested it, General,” Ponds said.

“I’m not a general anymore,” Obi-Wan reminded him, gentle.  They had, all of them, discarded their titles when they decided to build anew.

“Of course, Negotiator,” Ponds replied, a smile lurking at the corner of his mouth.

Obi-Wan sighed but didn’t dispute the title, even if was a poor fit these days.

“I’m afraid you’ll be stuck with that one,” Adi said.  She looked over Obi-Wan’s shoulder and frowned.  “I thought he was still in Hutt space.”

Cody was striding towards them, straight backed in his field uniform, the pips signifying his rank pinned to his collar.

“General,” Obi-Wan said, dipping his head in respect because it never failed make Cody give him an exasperated look.  It failed to make an appearance and that coupled with Cody’s carefully stoic expression sent dread curdling in his stomach.

“Can you be spared?” Cody said.

Obi-Wan’s eyebrows rose while Adi said, “Yes.  They like Ponds better anyway.”

The Jedi’s station had fallen, but the clones’ had only risen.  The great rebuilding was only possible because of them.

“We nee to go,” Cody said.

Obi-Wan was already falling into step with him, ignroing the twinge in his hip.  “What’s wrong.”

Cody took his elbow and said, “It’s Rex.  There’s been an incident.”

“I shouldn’t be gone long,” Obi-Wan said, casting an eye over his luggage.  His lightsaber still lay on their be where he placed it when Adi sent over the request.  “I’m only there to help ease the way.”

Rex picked up the lightsaber, hooking it onto Obi-Wan’s belt, and said, “Don’t pick a fight.”

“Now when have I ever done that?” he said, and leaned in kiss the incredulous laughter from Rex’s mouth.)

Fjord had a hell of a time dealing with Nott last episode and it was delightful. 

(Most lines are paraphrased because my memory’s garbage. Taken with my phone, which hates me only slightly less than my shitty scanner, so it’s kinda out of focus, esp if you zoom in so :\ )

If you haven’t watch the movie, please watch it. On the movie theaters.



Is damn.


You don’t get to see Todoroki with that beautiful face using his fire quirk causing his shirt to burnt and exposing his abs everyday.

I repeat, you don’t get to see that everyday.

You need to see that in big screen. Trust me.

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I went legally blind last year and while I couldn't see great I could see enough to make out some of the images and could get my computer to read some of what you wrote. This blog was of great comfort to me as I faced multiple surgeries to save my vision. I'm better now just in time to see Rogue Love go dormant. Your Rogue fandom, in my case, did a good thing just by being there.

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October 20, 2015: Three years later…

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So I haven't watched this show recently so I don't know, but Jadis and Gabe had a love scene FOR REAL?

Pfffft I don’t watch the show either sis! I heard they kissed or something but ya girl was not present for that bullshit

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And today on the 20th day of Halloween 20gayteen I got caught singing along to the Spongebob Broadway Musical soundtrack so loud on my way to work that the guy parked next to me could hear the lyrics clear as day inside of his car.