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              What is your favorite/least favorite romantic trope? 

              My all-time favorite is enemies to friends to lovers. If you look closely at most of my favorite ships, they all fall into that category: Elizabeth/Darcy, Belle/Beast (Disney’s version, anyway), Ben/Leslie, Beatrice/Benedick (altho they sort of skip the friends bit), the entire relationship in You’ve Got Mail (and its predecessors). For me, it’s all about the witty banter. I’m in love with super annoyed quips that eventually turn fond. My parents are always teasing each other and so it’s probably some formative thing deep inside me that sees comfortable teasing as the ultimate act of love. I don’t always like this ship, but usually! 

              My second favorite is friends to lovers, done most excellently by Jim/Pam in the Office. My other favorites include Emma/Mr. Knightley, Ron/Hermione, the romance in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and a bunch of non-canon ships like Dean/Seamus. This one I really love because of the partnership aspect of it. I’m really into functional, partner romances. 

              A trope I don’t like is probably the geek guy gets the girl, that unpopular geek guy who obsesses over the popular girl for the entire movie/series and they eventually end up together. I don’t know why I dislike it. It’s probably a combination of personal preference and my feminism ruining everything. I don’t always dislike it (I can’t think of an example but I’m sure I don’t always dislike it), and I don’t hate it when it’s inverted with the geek girl longing over the popular guy. It’s just not for me.

              I also dislike when fandom influences the writers of a show. I don’t like it when there is a enemy presented as truly Evil or somehow abusive to the main character (let’s say, Spike, or Logan) and then when the fandom pushes hard enough, it’s written as a great romance. I know this seems opposed to my all time favorite, but they usually skip the friends bit and the bantery bit and just go straight to making out. I usually don’t hate the ships that come out of it (I don’t mind or dislike Spike/Buffy, Logan/Veronica, or Emma/Hook), but it just annoys me. It annoys me because fandom also usually has a huge homosexual pairing they’re pushing that is largely ignored because the writers claim to have a plan or a vision when it’s clear they just don’t “see the character that way”. I don’t even usually like the big fandom gay pairings (not a huge Emma/Regina or Xander/Spike fan), I just don’t like that it’s so blatant. I don’t like that it’s clear writers will bend over backwards to write a relationship that fans want, as long as it’s not gay. It feels unfair to me. I don’t mind that writers take fans into account. I don’t mind popular fandom pairings. I just mind that it’s so clear what the writers think listening to is important.

              Okay this turned into a big rant against television writers. What I really wanted to know is YOUR preferences. Send me your favorite and least favorite romantic tropes, with examples!

              anonymous asked:

              I love Riverdale and I love your blog! ❤️Do you know of other tv writers on tumblr that blog a lot about the industry?

              Ahhh what a great question, and you’ve given me a great opportunity to promote my friends on screenwriting side of tumblr! I don’t know that many working TV writers here, but I know some really smart up-and-comers

              @lifeascaty posts about her adventures as a scriptreader and screenwriter, and often posts lists of screenplays you can download online. Also she’s a wonderful person and we met on this hellsite like years ago and now we’re actual irl friends HOW ABOUT THAT!

              @writerlyn is a screenwriter and posts smart stuff about Hollywood and feminism. We also met on this hellsite and now I’m friends with her and see her irl all the time!

              @annerocious also writes about being a script reader and a screenwriter, and posts really valuable info about the industry and also good posts on how ~not to write a script.

              I know there are many others, but those are the ones that spring into my head first. Everyone feel free to reblog with your recs!

              Also feel free to check out my writing advice and career advice tags for my old posts.

              anonymous asked:

              I'm new to your blog so sorry if you've ever answered this before, but who are some of your favorite television writers? I'm interested in knowing because I really like your opinions on things! Thanks in advance :)

              Of the GMW writers beside MJ, I’m particularly fond of Josh Jacobs & Matt Nelson. (And Mackenzie Yeager even though we haven’t had much from her yet. I just really enjoyed Jexica and Bear sounds awesome).

              The following list is more showrunners/writers, but here ya go:


              Aaron Sorkin is my problematic fave.

              Dan Harmon is my “omg you’re off your rocker in the same way I am” fave.

              Matt Weiner is my prestige drama idol.

              Ronald D. Moore is my sci-fi fave.

              Amy Sherman-Palladino is my female-centric sitcom/dramedy fave.

              Shonda Rhimes is my prime time drama fave.

              Joss Whedon is my “STOPPIT IT HURTS STOPPIT PLEASE” fave.

              I’ve got other showrunners/writers I’m fond of, but this is a solid short list I think—otherwise I’d go on all day. 😂

              anonymous asked:

              Ugh when will we finally hear something on series 3? It's coming on three months that we haven't heard a peep from anybody. And it honestly puzzles me how series 2 was announced a couple of hours before the series 1 finale and we've been waiting for 3 months for any news on series 3.

              Oh, Anon. You may have opened a can of worms. Because I have just today been having lots of thoughts about Series 3 and what’s up with it.

              *deep breath*

              Okay, it occurred to me what frustrates me most about not knowing anything about whether Series 3 is possible or likely or anything is that it MEANS SO MUCH to so many of us. LIKE, SO MUCH. It’s not just another show that has cute people doing cute things. That’s a tiny part of it, and though we sometimes put too much focus on the romantic relationship aspect, that’s not all the show is. That’s the tip of the iceberg. Even the most hardcore Frae fan can admit that.

              Despite it being a groundbreaking and award-nominated sleeper hit with critical acclaim, it sometimes seems like its writer is tired of telling this story. Or maybe he’s tired of dealing with fangirls? I could be wrong, but it seems like he wants either a bigger audience (MTV pilot of MMFD) or a more “sophisticated” audience (wanting to write another play, etc … ) 

              Please don’t get me wrong. I’m incredibly grateful for him to taking up the challenge of adapting Rae Earl’s diaries for TV. For writing such a practically perfect first series and giving us lots to think about with Series 2. For not being afraid to make Rae as complete and real a character as possible, not just defining her by her size or her mental health issues. 

              However, I want someone to FIGHT for this show. I don’t think anyone even needs to fight hard. E4 apparently WANTS to make another series. Or they did. I don’t think that because we haven’t heard anything yet that it means there’s no chance of a Series 3. This is British telly, after all, and it doesn’t follow a strict schedule. However, I do think the more time that passes, it becomes more and more unlikely … and I also think that NOW IS THE TIME FOR THIS SHOW. It has momentum; it has fans. We haven’t exhausted the possibilities for this character; we’ve barely scratched the surface. 

              I don’t want to think too harshly of Bidwell, I don’t know how hard it is or how much pressure your typical tv writer is under. But I sometimes wonder if a woman writer/showrunner would have fought harder for this show. Wouldn’t have decided that other projects were more interesting, or drew less attention from enthusiastic fans. I really really don’t know. 

              I don’t want a dozen series. I want one more. I want one that doesn’t descend into despair and offers ten minutes of hope at the very end. If Bidwell thinks it’s too tough to write, or wants to do something else, fine. Just please don’t let him be the only reason a third series isn’t made. PLEASE. LET SOMEONE ELSE TAKE A CRACK AT IT.

              I’m sure there are way more factors at play here than Bidwell’s schedule and willingness to write a third series, but that’s the only one we’ve been presented with. I know we aren’t owed a third series, but if we aren’t going to get one, it would be nice to know.