know your shoes

Jin isn’t gonna start cooking until he talks about his special Pink Puma shoes:

He’s so proud of them, it’s adorable x 

Drabble Challenge:

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  1. Don’t you dare say another word.
  2. We’re going to freeze to death
  3. I don’t mind if I do
  4. I’ve never seen you dance before
  5. What do you mean you’re leaving?
  6. You drank a gallon of milk over night
  7. Please, I’m begging you.
  8. You don’t know how to tie your shoes?
  9. Is a chicken really a bird if they can’t fly?
  10. You it be a grown up, but you’re still my baby
  11. I got fired.
  12. We’re out of money?!?
  13. Have you seen my stamp collection?
  14. Fire! Fire! Fire!
  15. You watched 4 seasons today?
  16. Stop questioning my life choices.
  17. You didn’t have to marry me, you know
  18. It’s my turn to pick
  19. It’s a hundred degrees out
  20. When’s the last time you smiled?
  21. Stop being such a brat
  22. If I wanted one, I would have gotten it myself
  23. Wanna see something cool?
  24. I think it’s broken
  25. This is a once in a lifetime thing and you want me to blow it off
  26. Friends don’t last, they never last
  27. Sometimes I just don’t want to exist
  28. I should’ve written it down
  29. Go eat an exotic food or something
  30. Way to not like my Instagram post
  31. Remember Walkmans?
  32. He would have really loved that…
  33. It’s a shame when things, when people, go so soon
  34. They used to tell me I’d never amount to anything
  35. I almost didn’t graduate
  36. I should’ve stayed in bed
  37. I woke up knowing this would happen
  38. I had a dream last night about _____
  39. She sat next to me on the bus
  40. Just promise to never lie to me, okay?
  41. I thought you said you were a doctor
  42. This cost a thousand dollars?!
  43. Foreigners…pffft
  44. He used to be my best friend.
  45. Look at them, their perfect tans and cold margaritas…assholes
  46. I’m not the jealous type, I swear
  47. I didn’t cheat!
  48. Let me smell your breath
  49. Did you let the dog out?
  50. We’re taking you downtown
  51. If you don’t like it, leave.
  52. She’s got a way with words
  53. I didn’t know it when I met her
  54. It sure as hell does change things!
  55. I remember when you were a baby!
  56. Give me my beer, or else
  57. You asked me if unicorns were real
  58. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen
  59. Why so glum?
  60. Cotton candy is for adults too, leave me alone.
  61. Yeah, okay, when pigs fly.
  62. I haven’t seen you in ages!
  63. Picnics are for losers
  64. If I could go back, I wouldn’t change anything
  65. Somethings are just better as memories
  66. She was hot, admit it
  67. When the hell did you break the vacuum?
  68. We’re rich.
  69. Bed. Now.
  70. Call me that one more time, see what happens
  71. Don’t ever call here again
  72. Your brother told me all about it
  73. I’m pregnant.
  74. Happy birthday!
  75. Apples, oranges, same thing
  76. Don’t let it go to your head
  77. Is it gone?
  78. Where’s the first aid kit?
  79. What do you mean you’re in jail?
  80. Fight me.
  81. Will you marry me?
  82. stop worrying so much
  83. Come on! Hurry!
  84. Put your hands where I can see them
  85. Strike 3
  86. You’re cute with glasses
  87. Are you five?
  88. You have enough
  89. Are you drunk?
  90. Road trip!
  91. You’ve been listening to the same song on repeat all week….
  92. She’s your sister. You have to help her.
  93. I owe you what?
  94. Let’s bet.
  95. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
  96. I could’ve gone pro
  97. All I need is you, and Cheerios
  98. You don’t need another dog
  99. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth
  100. Nobody needs fake friends
  101. I just want somebody who’ll text first
  102. Buy me chocolates and tell me everything’s going to be okay
  103. Are you asking me out?
  104. Remember that really embarrassing memory you told me to never speak of again?
  105. I’m soaked.
  106. He’s been like that all day
  107. This house isn’t even haunted
  108. Isn’t that bad luck?
  109. Shut up and dance
  110. *Make your own*

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So Bluecoffeeowl has a hella cute Growing Up Together AU. I generally imagine these guys met later in life than this, but the idea of these three smol kids hanging out together as a troublesome and nerdy trio of best buds really amuses me, so I wanted to draw a little something for it. Stanley’s been teaching Rick how to box using Ford’s gloves.  

Science Fair
  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *enters, holding his daughter; excited* Guess who won first prize in a science fair?
  • Baby Holmes: *chewing a winner's ribbon*
  • Molly: *reading; looks up, smiles* Hi.
  • Sherlock: *kisses her cheek* Hi *gestures at the ribbon* First prize. My clever little girl *kisses his daughter's cheek*
  • Molly: *raises an eyebrow* You managed to find a science fair...for babies?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Babies, children. She entered, she won.
  • Molly: *folds her arms* She's four months old.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *digs in his pockets* And a five hundred pound voucher! *removes the money; waving it slowly*
  • Molly: *trying not to smile*
  • Sherlock: *innocent* Love you.
  • Molly: *sighs* God help me, I love you too.
  • Sherlock: *smug*
  • teacher: so why didnt u do your homework over break?
  • me: the captain america civil war trailer came out so i had to watch that 17 times in a row then cry

An incredibly important scene. Incredibly important.

Field Guide to Women’s Shoes: Know Your Heel Styles and Purposes.  

Floral white six-inch stilettos.  

PURPOSE: Generally used to elevate a petite woman and accentuate her posterior to encourage mating behavior.  

OCCURRENCE: Most commonly worn by 20-something single women in search of sexual prey.  Prevalent throughout the world, particularly in singles bars. 

COMMON FIELD TERM:  ‘Fuck-me Pumps.’  

PRECAUTIONS: Typically not removed during mating rituals.  Heel impalements can be common.  If sighted, use extreme caution, and approach only if totally hypnotized and unable to resist. If ensnared, whimper softly ‘Don’t, stop.  Don’t, stop.   Don’t stop!!’

Guide to Heels Infographic from Enerie

Writers continue to reblog these infographics for their useful terminology. If you’ve missed any infographics, here they are:

Two of my New Favorite Fashion Infographics: 


- Telling people you don’t know where you got your shoes or clothes because they would laugh at you if you said “I got them from the Goodwill.”
Being made to feel ashamed of the “benefits” you get that other kids don’t.

- Hanging your head in shame when other students bitched about their tax paying dollars going to the free lunch program.

- Having to struggle not to apologize for the aforementioned, because you don’t want anyone to know you get free lunch.

- Listening to all the other kids gush about their lavish Christmas gifts and when they ask you what you got you just say “Oh, just some clothes and things. I didn’t want anything else.”

- Eventually Christmas gifts just stop happening.

- Your friends looking at you weird beecause you never - literally never - have name brand anything. Not clothes or shoes or food. An iPod? Never even held one.

- Having to get a job at fifteen when everyone else you know is kicking back and waiting until they graduate.

- More wealthy kids being mad at you because you got so much more money from fasfa than they did and you have to bite your tongue to keep from telling them why you need so much more.

- Being made to feel ashamed over all the “benefits” you get that other kids don’t.

- Feeling ashamed when people say that those on welfare and food stamps are just lazy bums sitting on their asses collecting a paycheck when everyone in your family works and you still need foodstamps and you would still need the welfare your family doesn’t qualify for.

- Feeling like one of the most hated demographics and having to avoid people finding out you’re poor or else get bullied in school for all their parent’s tax dollars that are apparently going to you and people like you.