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Re: hyyh not even being gay I’m surprisedhow many people are crying queerbaiting–I don’t think it’s anywhere remotely close to what queerbaiting actually looks like and from what I’ve seen its mostly cishet folks doing the complaining, which is kind of squicky for me, and I feel like a Bad Queer for not being mad about the girls existing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

okay this is about to get long bc i’ve been thinking about this a lot recently, so i apologize in advance XD

as a person who is both an irl lesbian and of the opinion that there is at least some palpable gay subtext in hyyh i still don’t…think it looks anything like queerbaiting. i feel like queerbaiting sort of requires the possibility that the relationship you’re talking about could be made textual in the first place? like, the primary difference between “queerbaiting” and “subtextual representation” is the political climate that surrounds the media we’re talking about. 

let’s take supernatural, for example – i was pretty involved with the fandom around the time seasons 8 & 9 were coming out. at that point i would say that MOST of the avid fans of that show (or at least a HUGE portion of them) were part of the fandom and pretty vocally in support of seeing dean be canonically bi even if destiel wasn’t going to be a thing. there were a lot of hints dropped in the 8th season wrt dean’s sexuality – some scenes with men filmed basically like romance scenes, really blatant use of monster/human relationships in the A plot of the episodes, sort of an overarching narrative of dean coming to terms with the parts of himself that he probably would’ve scoffed at in previous seasons (nerdiness, etc.) as well as the introduction of charlie. icr if she was the First canonically gay character in the show but she was certainly the most prominent & frequently reoccurring one at that point. the cw had other shows with gay characters at the time.

and then as the 9th season starts airing you get one of the show execs on twitter drunkenly talking about how bi dean was considered, but was definitely, definitely never going to be a thing.

obviously there were a lot of things going on behind the scenes that i wasn’t privy to, and the situation is a lot more complicated than the way i have the space & the time to portray it here, but. at the end of the day, the people in charge of running spn made the decision to imply that dean might be canonically queer in order to keep their fanbase interested while still holding the supposed approval of the masses and not delivering on any sort of representation – despite the implication that the social repercussions of delivering on the queer representation wouldn’t have scared off most of their viewership & in fact might have gotten them a lot of positive media attention (given the sort of news articles i remember being published at the time)

hyyh is…very different than that. korea is very different than that. i’m no expert in korean culture by a longshot but you don’t need to be to realize that sk hasn’t even really moved onto accepting the “lonely, sad gay” stereotype in media. gay rumors can end people’s fucking careers. in certain professions proof that you’re gay is basically a guarantee that you are Done with your job, like – sure, gay fic definitely exists but it’s certainly not the same as it is here!! the idea that bangtan were somehow promising queer representation with the Very Vague Implications in the hyyh series and are now breaking that promise by introducing women into the storyline is – absurd.  it’s incredibly western-centric. to be frank, it’s dumb as all hell.  

bangtan are popular and new, and while there are definitely some people in kpop who can get away with making statements in support of the lgbt+ community and still retain the respect of their peers and the public at large, bangtan are definitely not one of them. that is the way the industry works. it’s sad as fuck, but it’s true.

but even beyond that, like…those relationships aren’t even textually romantic. i mean, sure, there’s implication – but at the end of the day everyone has a different opinion about which one is the Most romantic and it’s? what?? fifteen minutes of video in total??? there’s only so much you can read into that – and a lot of the stuff that we do see and the conclusions that we come to are based on our own experiences & expectations. we’re gonna see a lot of what we want to see

and to be honest the whole thing where we just get upset over the mere Existence of girls in the vicinity of our Boys who are supposed to be Gay With Each Other is worryingly reminiscent of the thinly veiled misogyny of fandom circa fuckin superwholock era. like how many fuckin hoops are yall gonna jump through to come up with some reason why having women near bangtan is inherently bad?? when we haven’t even seen the whole story yet???

like i am just

/long, extended sigh