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you know that trope in shows or movies where the evil character is in captivity and starts talking to the Heroes to try and mess with their minds, and starts analysing them going “face it you’ll never be good enough” … “you try to act tough but inside you’re broken” … and the Hero gets really rattled and upset.

well i want a scene like that where it doesn’t work

Villain: “You have a darkness inside of you. You try to hide it, but it’s there–”

Hero: “Yeah that’s the depression, there’s pills for that.”

Villain: “You try every day to make your mother proud. Even after death, it still haunts you. But she’ll never be proud of.”

Hero: “Well yeah, she was an emotionally abusive narcissist, she was never proud of anything I did, what else is new.”

Villain: “You put on a good show, but deep inside I know you don’t feel worthy.”

Hero: “I know, man, I’ve been trying to work on that in therapy.”

Like… give me characters who know they’re mentally ill and traumatised who can’t have it used against them because they’ve fully accepted it


happy birthday to our sweet namjoon!
thank you for being our galaxy 

Be alone. Eat alone, take yourself on dates, sleep alone. In the midst of this you will learn about yourself. You will grow, you will figure out what inspires you, you will curate your own dreams, your own beliefs, your own stunning clarity, and when you do meet the person who makes your cells dance, you will be sure of it, because you are sure of yourself.
—  make sure you know yourself :))

hermione still flinches when ron’s hands brush her neck and she doesn’t understand why she does, because the cold, metal sting and everything that happened later, is painfully different from his soft palms. she stops wearing perfume, and starts casting protection charms.

remus despises his nature so much that the scars on his body are from his own hands. he knows what the taste of wolfsbane is when it doesn’t quite work; bitter and unmistakably sweet—it’s sirius’s blood when he goes too far.

ginny’s hands shake uncontrollably when she writes for hours at a time. the words will start to swim across the page and mix and scramble into anagrams. hi, i’m tom. what’s your name? hi, i’m tom. what’s your name? hi, i’m tom. what’s your na—

pansy knows what it’s like to cast unforgivables on first years. she learns how to enunciate the words with refined perfection, and learns how to want to hurt them. she throws up in the abandoned washroom after every lesson, and finds comfort in the absent arms of moaning myrtle.

ron faints everytime he apparates. he’ll wake up in hermione’s lap; his hair wet against his forehead, and his arms heavy with sweat. he always reaches for his shoulder and visibly relaxes when blood doesn’t rub off his fingers. he doesn’t know how to control his anger either, and feels the shame creep into his skin whenever hermione looks at his chest. he knows that she’s looking for the locket because he wishes that was what he could lay his blame on.

tom falls in love at the age of twelve—watched glimmering jewels glide down his own hand and pool at the bland tiles in the orphanage; started fires just to keep things lively. he collects followers like sheep in a mindless herd and finds that the acclaimed intricacies of a human brain is much more dull than he had imagined. he holds fear like a baby would with a blanket and spends nights wishing he had more time. he dies knowing he never had enough.

draco knows what it’s like to have your mind violated and out bare for all the world to see. he remembers severus saying that veritaserum has no taste, and discovers that he was wrong. the so called non dimensional potion is much too similar to the taste of the silent pleas he shouted when he watched snatchers salivate at the sight of his mother, or the copper droplets of red that sprinkled the surface of his cracked lips when he watched children slaughtered in the blink of an eye.

sirius has spent his entire childhood without the warmth of a mother’s embrace or the reassuring words of a father. he tells himself he’s okay with it—that he would rather have no family than one that wished his friends dead. he doesn’t know what to think when he has neither family or friends alive—the only embrace he will ever feel again is the one that lurks behind bars in his azkaban cell.

luna stops searching for wrackspurts, and instead, starts organizing her fathers office. she should be relieved when people stop calling her loony lovegood but all she feels is the absence of her imagination. war, it seemed, was not an adventure, but an old friend that came at inconvenient times in history.

harry doesn’t want to start a family because every father he has ever had has been hurt at his own expense. ginny rocks his body against her chest and brushes the tears away from his eyes as soon as they fall. she tells him that he’ll learn how to be a father—that it will come as naturally as magic had. the sharp pain that lodges inside of him whenever albus retreats back into his room is reflected so blatantly on ginny’s face. he wishes that he were a blind man so that he never had to see his mistakes out in the open, and rubs at his fading scar.

despite the years that had passed, it seemed that all was not well.

Everytime someone in a fandom calls a canon bisexual character gay/lesbian

I’m like

The other heroes don’t understand your power. They just think you’re stupidly lucky with everything. But they don’t know that your true power is timing. Not the power to control time, but the power of perfect timing, everything around you, that you’re involved in, happens at the perfect time.

I’m having some major Trini and Jason feels right now. 

Like, when they first started as a group, Jason had thought that Trini hated him. With a burning passion in the I-hate-you-please-never-speak-to-me-again way, especially with the way she interacts with the others compared to him.

Until one day, when Jason is about to leave his house to go do something, Trini shows up at his front door. He’s so confused and has no idea what to do, and Trini looks like she’s about to change her mind and leave but instead she just asks him if it’s okay if she hangs out and he’s still so ???? but lets her in anyways. 

He asks her whats wrong, thinking that she’s probably just going to ignore him but then she starts ranting about her parents, and how she’s trying so hard to make them proud of her and he’s quietly listening suddenly Trini just blurts, “The only good thing about me is that I’m a ranger!” 

It makes Jason so sad because Trini is so kind and patient with Billy and she jokes around and has fun with Zack and is such a good friend to Kim and is honestly there for all of them in any shape or form they need and then Jason gets furious that Trini believes the only good thing about her is when she’s the yellow ranger. 

He just goes off (he doesn’t yell but his voice does raise a bit when he’s trying to prove his point) and he tells her how he’s sure he would’ve died if it weren’t for her helping him fight Goldzar, and he talks about how important she is to the group and how important it is to him that she knows that they care.

When he’s done, Trini just stares at him in shock for a few seconds before she hugs him and mumbles, “Thanks, Jason, I really needed that.” 

*Fat person does a thing*

Person: Excuse me, I hope you know fat people can’t do that.

Fat person: But I literally just did.

Person: Well you can’t.

Fat person: Cool.

*Continues doing the thing*

Imagine Dating Peter and Also Being a Hero

request: Headcannons for dating peter but also being a superhero? If that makes any sense whatsoever. Also your blog is amazing!!!!


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- you were made an avenger before him because you were less of a wild card

- him complaining that he is an on-call but you are a permanent member

- “yes peter, but if i want to do something i just tell tony ahead of time”

- “tony just likes you better” he pouts

- “i mean, i’m not arguing” tony interjecting

- natasha and clint being your mentors

- you have telekinesis so you get along with wanda pretty well

- you were in an explosion in a chemistry lab

- you were in a foster home but when your powers were discovered you were brought into the avengers

- sleepovers with wanda

- peter being afraid that you didn’t like him too

- him asking wanda to help him ask you to homecoming

- they make an entire poster and peter takes you to the roof one night only for wanda to raise the poster

- “oh my god”

- peter getting nervous, “oh um-i’m sorry if you don’t-”


- at school one time flash was being a jerk to peter so you slammed an open locker in his face

- “what the..?”

- peter looking at you incredulously

- shrugging “he was being mean to you”

- discovering that you can make yourself fly

- you and peter having your first date together on the roof again and having a picnic

- peter is like the best boyfriend ever, he opens every door for you and is the kind of “pick you up to take you over a puddle” guy

- the first time you guys go on a mission after you’ve started dating you notice him constantly covering you

- asking him about it after, “i always cover you, i guess you only noticed it this time”

- “peter i am an able part of the team, and we- me and you- are a team that has to work together”

- him conceding that you are right

- he gets injured in a battle and you sprint over to him

- “peter, peter!”

- everybody is busy so you lift the side of a metal truck and curl it with your mind, and set it over him and continue to fight in front of him

- when you are no longer needed you lift him and ask tony where the nearest hospital is

- flying him there and sitting by his bed the whole time

- peter being ok with just a sprained ankle, broken rib, and concussion

- admitting you love him while he’s unconscious

- you weakly hear “i know” and then see a smile spread across his lips


- hugging him lightly and not letting go until the team walks in

- peter holding your hand the entire time

- when you get to take him home you take care of him and help aunt may

- aunt may knowing your powers so you don’t have to hide them

- putting away his clean clothes with your powers while you talk to him

- “Y/N don’t help him. he’s lazy and doesn’t deserve it.” aunt may scolding you

- you look at him and smile mischievously and then toss all the clothes back into place in a hurricane of laundry

- peter telling you every time you see him that he loves you before saying anything else and making sure it’s the last thing he says, because he knows it could all come crashing down in one second and he wanted to make sure you knew

Insulting My Hero Academia Pickup Lines
Boku no Hero Academia
Insulting My Hero Academia Pickup Lines

Bakugou: Deku, I know how shy you are, but you’ll never disappoint me in bed
Midoriya: Why’s that, Bakugou?
Bakugou: Because I know you got all your power by swallowing another man
Midoriya: Gross

Aizawa: Just remember Toshinori, I’ll still love you no matter how old we get
All Might: Fantastic!
Aizawa: Because I’m already used to you not being able to smash anymore
All Might: Ha Ha H- Oh fuck

Kirishima: You know what always stood out to me about you, Bakugou? Your masculinity
Bakugou: Yeah, I’m pretty awesome
Kirishima: No I mean you’re fragile and toxic
Bakugou: Well fuck you too asswipe

Midoriya: You know, Todoroki, for two guys who are so similar, we’ve still got a lot of differences. You’re hot as hell, You’re as cool as ice, and that’s when you’re not even using your quirk.
Todoroki: When you put it like that it sounds like we have nothing in common
Midoriya: We both have daddy issues
Todoroki: Oh
Midoriya: Oh

Kaminari: You know Kirishima, with a quirk like yours I could see us lasting forever
Kirishima: Aww, thanks man, that means a lot. But, why?
Kaminari: You’ll never have a problem getting hard
Kirishima: God damn it

i dont usually make posts like this but i just want to say one thing

if you create things? youre important. and dont let anything stop you. whether you draw or write or knit or youre into gardening or you make fucking postcards or you just make funny shit on the internet or what not? its all important!! its not a boring or shitty hobby to create things whether youre a beginner or a pro dont ever stop creating i believe in you

Quick fact. Ready?
Our very mitochondria, the power houses of our cells, have its own specific set of DNA known as mtDNA. This genetic material is different from all other cells in which it is only inherited from our mothers, not our fathers.

How very strange.

I love how the whole squad is all silent and tense after Elias called Sana slave woman. I love how Elias immediately apologises. I love how disapproving the guys are.