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This is for @amazingphil from today’s video! Idk why but i thought of combining the wavy/curly hair and the silver hair he had a few videos back. And we’ll, I guess I made him an idol! :^) My head is very random as you all can see.


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Oh snappp your neighbor AU is lit. No rush at all but if you could also write one for Shownu it would be awesome.

find wonho (here) , jooheon (here), & kihyun (here)

  • king of owning three sets of the same colored bed sheets and kihyun once asked if shownu every washed them because??? they’re always the same??? and shownu was like “don’t you just buy the same thing in bulk when you go to ikea?” and kihyun was like no,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god is that what you do
  • and shownu just shrugged because whatever he likes his grey bed sheets
  • doesn’t do decorations but let his mom hang up some photos of his family and stuff when she came over
  • you’d think he’d just ignore them, but he cleans the dust off the frames and adjusts them because,,,,,, shownu cherishes anything his mother does for him. he’s an amazing son and literally everyone in the neighborhood always tells his mom when she comes over that he’s so filial and they wished they had a son so polite and well mannered
  • because lbr shownu is the person who holds the door open for anyone he sees,,,,,,,,even if they’re still half way across the street
  • the only thing that ever makes him flustered is that one time a mom asked him to watch her son while she ran to re-park her car
  • and shownu was like ,,,,,,,,,,,,hi and the kid just started crying and shownu was like nO PLEASE,,,,IM SORRY FOR WHATEVER I DID TO DISPLEASE YOU
  • thankfully minhyuk was coming over and saw the whole mess and came to the rescue and shownu was just like “minhyuk,,,,,kids are terrifying,,,,,”
  • minhyuk looking at shownu whose literally swole and tall: what
  • you’ve lived next door to shownu for quite some time,,,,,but you two don’t really talk much because like well,,,,he’s not a small chit chat kinda person
  • and you’ve always thought he was handsome but like so what you know ??? your idols on tv are handsome too
  • but one evening,,,,you’re getting home super late and you try to grab for your keys in your bag,,,,,,but they’re gone????? and you sigh and take out your phone to text your friend who has a spare
  • but then you see a text from your boss telling you that you won’t be getting the promotion he promised you
  • and your friend with the spare just updated instagram with a photo at a club so you know they’re not gonna be able to help
  • and so you just slide down against the wall near your door and hold your bag to your chest
  • and life sucks,,,,,,,,in this moment,,,,so much so that you can’t control tears coming out and you wanna brush them away but like no one’s there to see??? so whatever
  • until ,,,,, there is someone,,,,, someone who’s too freaKING quiet so you only notice them when they step right in front of you and ask “is everything ok?”
  • and you look up to see shownu and you’re like oh gREAT the handsome, nice neighbor has to see you balling your eyes out on your doormat good job gg what a terrIFIC night this is
  • and you’re like “y,,yeah i got locked out it’s nothing,,,”
  • and shownu suddenly puts his hand out to help you up and you take it hesitantly and he’s like “staying out here would be dangerous. do you want to spend the night at my place? feel free to say n-”
  • but you’re shaking your head and you’re like “that would be very nice of you,,,,,,my spare is,,,,,in the hands of someone who is busy,,,,”
  • and shownu lets go of your hand and you notice how warm it was when he’d held it
  • and you follow him to his apartment where he lets you in
  • and you can’t help but look at the photos as you take off your shoes and you’re like “is this your family?” and he nods and you’re like “your mother is so pretty!!”
  • and shownu kind of is taken back, but just nods again and you’re like oops am i making this awkward
  • and he switches the lights on in his bedroom and he’s like “i know we’re strangers, but it would be impolite of me to let you sleep on the couch. my bedroom is clean, i promise.”
  • and you’re like dhkcblvj he’s worried about me thinking he’s gross,,,,,but he’s doing something really nice??????? he’s,,,,,,cute
  • and you’re like “i can take the cou-” but shownu puts a hand up and is like “please, that would be rude of me.”
  • and you’re like ok he’s such a gentleman????? what the heck
  • and you’re like “ok, well thank you!! ill wash my face then?” and he’s like pointing out the bathroom
  • and when you’re done you walk out to tell shownu thank you again
  • but you see him sitting on the couch, suddenly he’s got glasses on and he’s reading something with the cutest look of concentration on his face and you can’t help but stare at him a bit longer
  • when he suddenly looks up you’re like oH I Totally,,,,just came into this room anYWAY,,, thank you again!!!
  • and you like do an lil bow and shownu is like “it’s nothing!” and you’re like akhfgfs ok,,,ill go to bed now
  • but ofc u can’t sleep because,,,,,,wow this is shownu’s room,,,,,,,,the sheets smell like him,,,,,,,slight cologne but also fresh breeze,,,,,
  • and in the morning your friends texts you that she’ll be over in an hour
  • and you go to tell shownu whose up,,,,,,,,,,shirtless,,,,,making eggs,,,,,,,,and you almost trip and fall over
  • but when he turns for the first time you see him get embarrassed and he’s like “ah - oh one moment,,,” and rushes back to the living room to pull on his shirt again and you’re like trying to look down
  • and you’re both red,,,,,,and shownu is like “,,,, i,,,im sorry that was-” and you’re like “nO,,, no,,,,, it’s nice,,,i mean what no i mean it’s your home feel free um oh,,,,”
  • and shownu is like “would you like something to eat?”
  • and it’s cute you two eat together and shownu is a silent eater but it’s somehow really adorable and you can’t help but think he’d be a really ,,,, good bf
  • and shownu is like “you can stay here till your friend comes.” and you’re like ok!!! thank you 
  • and he’s totally turning on the sport channel but it’s whatever you’re happy to be in his company,,,,because shownu makes you feel safe????
  • and when ur friend tells you to meet her by ur door shownu walks you out and he’s like “maybe, if you think this is a good idea you could give me a spare, in case this happens again.” and you’re like good thinking i should do that!!!! 
  • but before you can thank him again your friend is like “oH I DIDNT KNOW YOU WERE SPENDING THE NIGHT WITH SUCH A HANDSOME MAN I GUESS YOU DONT NEED THE SPARE-”
  • and you’re like PLEASe,,, SHTU TUP ,,,,
  • and shownu is blinking like hmmm what does that mean-
  • and your friend winks at you two and waltzes up to shownu like “so,,, what’s your name? how long have you been dating my friend here?” and you’re like givE ME my KEYS 
  • while shownu is like ???? but also he’s like “oh they’re single?” and your friend is like YES THEYRE sinGLE
  • and you’re like dO NT FLirt on my behalf wait shownu why do you want to know if im single,,,,,,,,,????
  • shownu probably just wanted to know because coughs,,,,,,,,maybe he can take you out sometime,,, coughs

so my friend @morlipie sent me a drawing of her ridiculously gorgeous miqo S’hanti a lil while back and she showed up in my sketches today~

how to make reactions

A/N: Heyy, don’t worry, this isn’t a dumb question! I’ve been enjoying making reactions myself since i started this tumblr account. I’m not the best account but many of you seem to like my work so here you go~

My first tutorial post on how to make reactions!

1. Decide on a topic and idol

This part is completely up to you. At first when my account was new i did not get requests and so had to come up with my own ideas!

TIP: Be creative! do not do something that many people often do, your work will not stand out :)

2. Make sure you know your idols well

Personally, i think this is incredibly important to make a reaction because readers often look forward to reading something that’s realistic. 
It would be weird if you wrote a quiet, kept to himself idol like Yoongi to be loud and hyper like Hoseok. It just doesn’t seem realistic.

TIP: I study psychology so i can tell apart personalities really easily but this isn’t the case for everyone, My tip is that you watch a lot of their videos, TV shows, and interviews so you can kind of see how they react in certain situations better

3. Start writing!

What I do on my blog is that i actually list all the names of the members and start writing their reactions based off of their personalities. It can be kind of difficult sometimes but if i get a writer’s block i watch some of their videos to just get inspired again, (i’m not going to lie… sometimes i get lazy ^^) 

TIP#1: Despite the fact that most of us see them through screens most of the time, please remember that these idols are REAL people with REAL emotions. Avoid writing them to be so robotic and emotionless (e.g. Yoongi) bc behind what we see through the screen they’re just like us ~

TIP#2: Avoid writing the members reaction to be similar, of course there will be members who have similar personalities but not everyone will react to certain things the same way. You have to look more in depth to their personalities ~

4. (Optional) Add gifs

When i surf through tumblr, my favourite reactions are the ones that have gif’s in it so i can kind of picture the members faces in the certain scenario. 

TIP!!!!: This one is kind of important - I prefer to make sure that the gif’s in my reactions correlate to what’s happening in the reaction because it annoys me when it doesn’t. Image reading about a sad breakup and seeing a gif of your idol smiling and jumping around… doesn’t sound very nice to me 


                                         HOW TO ADD GIF’S:




( he’s my ultimate bias by the way ;)) 

4. ~ gif is automatically added when you click on it ~

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Well there you go, it’s not very good but I tried. Hope this helps and good luck in making the reactions for your blog anon! ~

                                                   -bangtan angels-

You know, your idol’s extra-ness/dumbness may just be there to be more eye-catching and promote themselves. Plus, it’s a fact that everyone acts different in front of a camera. Idols DO create a character to show their fans, it may not be that different from them, but it’s a character after all


u got me


u r great


uh imma fall in love baby you gon finna catch me uh give you all of this baby call me pretty and nasty cause we gonna get it my love you can bet it on black we gon’ double the stack on them woo i’ll be the Bonnie and you be my Clyde we ride or die x’s and o’s

  • Somi: You're completely literal. Methaphors go right over your head, don't they?
  • Sohye: Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast. I would catch it.
KPOP Questions

Here’s 100 questions you can send me!

  1. When did I first started listening to kpop?
  2. First group I listened to/liked?
  3. Do you prefer boy groups or girl groups?
  4. Favorite female group?
  5. Favorite male group?
  6. Favorite female solo artist?
  7. Favorite male solo artist?
  8. Top 3 Groups?
  9. Favorite Kpop Song?
  10. Favorite Kpop happy song?
  11. Favorite Kpop sad song?
  12. Favorite kpop smut song?
  13. Favorite KPop song of (this year) so far?
  14. Favorite debut?
  15. Favorite debut of (this year) so far?
  16. Favorite mv of (this year) so far?
  17. Favorite mv?
  18. Favorite album/mini album?
  19. Favorite album/mini album or (this year) so far?
  20. Your bias group?
  21. Your ultimate bias?
  22. Favorite GIF of your ultimate bias?
  23. Favorite picture of your ultimate bias?
  24. Favorite thing about your bias?
  25. Was he your bias from the start?
  26. Your top 10 biases?
  27. Have you ever changed biases more than 3 times in what group? 
  28. If so; what group and what members?
  29. Favorite Ship? 
  30. Do you ship the “mom & dad” in your favorite group?
  31. Who’s your mom and dad in your favorite group?
  32. Who do you end up liking more in groups; Leaders, Maknaes, mood makers, vocal, rap, “mom”, “dad”, english speaker, drummer, guitarist, pianist?
  33. If your bias got a girlfriend/boyfriend how would you feel?
  34. How would you feel if your bias came out gay/lesbian/bisexual/etc.?
  35. Do you think any kpop idols are gay/lesbian/bisexual/etc.?
  36. If so; who?
  37. Top 3 favorite groups
  38. Favorite kpop blog?
  39. Favorite kpop scenario blog?
  40. Favorite kpop smut blog?
  41. Favorite Kpop fanfic?
  42. Favorite show with kpop idols?
  43. Do you prefer saying “Oppa” or being called “Noona”?
  44. Is is cuter when KPop Idols know your language or don’t know it and try to speak it?
  45. BIGBANG: “Bang Bang Bang” or “We like 2 Party?”
  46. iKon: “#WYD” or “Rhythm Ta”?
  47. Monsta X: “Perfect Girl” or “All in”?
  48. BTS: “Save Me” or “Fire”?
  49. EXO: “Monster” or “Growl?”
  50. Astro: “Breathless” or “Hide&Seek”?
  51. Red Velvet vs. EXID: “Ice Cream Cake” or “Up & Down”?
  52. 4Minute: “Crazy” or “Hate”?
  53. NCT U vs NCT 127: “The 7th Sense” or “Fire Truck”?
  54. Got7: “Just Right” or “Fly”?
  55. Amber vs Ailee: “Borders” or “Insane”?
  56. FTISLAND: “Take Me Now” or “Pray”?
  57. History: “Queen” or “Might Just Die”?
  58. KNK: “Knock” or “Back Again”?
  59. Day6: “Congratulations” or “Letting Go”?
  60. Block B: “Her” or “Toy”
  61. ZICO: “I am You, You are Me” or “Boys And Girls”?
  62. B.A.P: “Feel So Good” or “Young, Wild & Free?”
  63. Seventeen: “Nice Very Nice” or “Adore U”?
  64. Taeyeon: “I (feat Verbal Jint)” or “Why”?
  65. G-Dragon Vs. Taeyang: “Who you?” or “Eyes, Nose, Lips”
  66. BTS: “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Series” or “Dark & Wild”?
  67. Day6: “The Day” or “DAYDREAM?”
  68. BIGBANG: “A” or “M”
  69. Monsta X: “The Clan, Pt.1 <LOST>” or “Rush”?
  70. Seventeen: “Boys Be” or “First Love&Letter”?
  71. EXO: “Ex’ACT” or “Love Me Right”?
  72. Astro: “Spring Up” or “Summer Vibes”?
  73. Vixx: “Chained Up” or “Error”?
  74. EXO or BTS?
  75. SISTAR or Red Velvet?
  76. NCT U or NCT 127?
  77. Girls’ Day or Girls Generation?
  78. Seventeen or GOT7?
  79. Winner or iKon?
  80. Block B or Beast?
  81. Romeo or Astro?
  82. Jimin or Jungkook?
  83. Xiumin or Chanyeol?
  84. Taeyeon or Ailee?
  85. Jay Park or Dean?
  86. G-Dragon or Taeyang?
  87. Amber or Henry?
  88. Wooshin or Hwanhee (up10tion)?
  89. Jeonghan or Dino?
  90. Taemin or Jonghyun?
  91. Seulgi or Irene?
  92. Got7: Markson or Markjin?
  93. Red Velvet: JoyGi or WenRi
  94. BTS: VKook or JiKook?
  95. EXO: Hunhan or Kaisoo?
  96. Monsta X: Showhyuk or Jookyun?
  97. Topp Dogg: Hanjoo or Xenissi?
  98. NCT: TaeTen or JaeYong?
  99. Seventeen: Meanie or Jeongcheol?
  100. iKon: Double B or Double J (Junhwan)?
Please read

Guys I know that Sleepykinq is your idol and I want to say that he is an idol for me too (even princecahin, all my friends are) but please this dosn’t mean that you can came to me to ask only about him
I’m talking about princechain too that he got a lot of asks like “where is skrill?” or “is he ok?” “why he is not online?!” we can’t tell ALL about him, what he is doing, why he did that, why he didn’t and bla bla bla. I am Spacy not Skrill, nice to meet you. I show you my friend Sam, he isn’t skrill too! it was nice to meet US ?
Now please is it ok sOME TIME asking about other friends but not always.
Sleepykinq is not the only one animator there is more and more, obv he is a really awesome artist and its ok if you think it! but just try to do not think ONLY about him
don’t relate EVERYTHING about him (or mystery :/) Its really rude and annoying.
don’t do it- an artist can be offended about that, it can be ok “I like your art” the end. There is no need to “I do this for sleepykinq” really.

naokaomori  asked:

Hey there >.0 Can I request how the Knights react to their s/o overworking so much to the point that they're worried for her but she's too stubborn to rest?

first knights request ! i took it as the s/o being the tenkousei and working hard on producer stuff, i hope that’s what you wanted ! if not you can still send another request;;;;; - admin mademoiselle


  • Izumi’s the hard worker type himself, so he won’t especially notice you’re overworking yourself at first.  He’ll just act as though it’s natural for Knights’ producer to work a lot.
  • It doesn’t help that he tends to add more work for you, by planning more idol jobs or tasking you with things he can’t do, like outfit making. He’ll get angry if you don’t answer your phone within two minutes, or if you take too long on some odd job he sent you away for. Overall, he tends to treat you as his personal assistant.
  • Soon, the things you had to do piled up. You had to work hard on costume making, concert planning and let’s not even mention your homework. This caused you to stress yourself quite badly, and one day during costume fitting you couldn’t help but burst into tears when Izumi’s jacket wouldn’t fit.
  • It was the first time you saw Izumi be confused about a situation. He quickly got a hang of himself but you witnessed him being at a loss for words for a moment. Ultimately, he decided to take you out of Knight’s small and stuffy studio for some fresh air.
  • Izumi understands work can be a bit too much sometimes, but he’s afraid to give you advice without sounding condescending or like he’s lecturing you. So he opts to just shyly hug you. It’s a very brief hug, but you felt better all the same. When he finally speaks, he’s not lecturing or being mean, but whispering in a gentle voice.
  • “You can rely on me a bit more, you know. If too many people give you things to do, you can just tell me. I’ll make sure they won’t ever charge their work on you again. Count on me like you’d do with a big brother, would you ?”
  • He sweetly kissed your forehead and made you promise to never overexert yourself again before the two of you went back to work. But this time, he was the one who ran about as everyone’s assistant, and you were allowed to sit in a corner and take a nap.
  • This you didn’t know, but he was watching over you with a smile as you slept.


  • Sometimes, Knights being so popular can be a pain. Especially when you have to make all the goodies they’re going to sell at their concerts. The other members tried to give you a hand, but they were so terrible at it that you decided to take care of it all by yourself.
  • As the live concert date got closer and closer, you started to panick. There was no way you were going to be able to finish all of the goodies in time. So you started to stay at school after class for longer and longer, and sometimes only went back home when Kunugi-sensei forced you to.
  • You also took a bit of your sleeping time to work on goodies-making. Sometimes you didn’t notice how late it was and only had a couple hours of sleep before you had to go to school again.
  • Ritsu was understandbly confused upon seeing you groggily wandering down the hallways during lunch break. “I thought I was the vampire here”, he slyly remarked. When he noticed you were too tired to even answer back with some wit of your own, he started to realize how wrong the situation was.
  • He offered some of his soda to you (the truth is, there’s too much for him to drink). The sweet, fizzy drink didn’t even help ; you were dozing off all the same. Ritsu then decided to switch to plan B and took you to his secret room. Before you knew it, you were laying in a dark and comfortable place, Ritsu’s hand gently stroking yours as he murmured sweet nothings.
  • “Don’t worry, I’ll be watching over you. You can have some sleep. I hope you dream of me…”
  • When you woke up, classes were already over. You got up in a panick, only to see Ritsu had fallen asleep too, next to you. You tried to go back to your original position to avoid waking him, but he lazily opened one red eye.
  • “Is sleeping beauty awake yet ? It’s boring watching someone else sleep, y'know….” He smirked and hugged you close, leaving you no possibility to move away from him.
  • And that’s how you got trapped into Rei’s spare coffin with Ritsu for far longer than you intended. But hey, he brought some snacks and drinks. And arranged for someone else to work on the goodies for the concert instead. You deserved some rest, and he was more than willing to help you get it.


  • Being a producer was a fulfilling job. You got to do many different things, meet a lot of people and try so many new experiences. And one of them was reviewing a new choreography for Knights’ next concert.
  • Of course, you had to practice it yourself, to see if it was feasible. Then you had to learn it, to teach everyone what they were supposed to do. Then, you had to change it, because Leo would always fuck up at some point and run into the others.
  • Dancing is a lot more physical than you’d thought. You’re not an idol, so you don’t have to be perfect at it but you must know your idols’ dance moves by heart and be able to teach them. As you were a bit insecure over being able to do that, you practiced a lot by yourself. Including at nighttime.
  • Stress and lack of sleep made you physically weaker, which in turn prompted you to become more frustrated at yourself and then train harder. How could you be Knights’ producer when you couldn’t even perform simple dance moves well…. ?
  • As you were moping in one of the dance rooms, Arashi allowed himself in. He felt you were upset the past few days, and didn’t even have to inquire about the cause. It was all too obvious.
  • Surprisingly, Arashi’s a very good teacher. He helped you memorize some of the more difficult moves and perfected the choreography with you. He praised you a lot, smiling brightly whenever you’d get a hard part right.
  • “Wow, you’re so good at it ! See, I’m sure you can do anything when you give it your best !”
  • He also is a good listener and you both sat down after practice, you saying how hard the last couple days had been for you and him listening. He was practically offended you didn’t come to him earlier for help. He also told you how worried he’d been over you, and made you promise to never do that kind of thing again.
  • “I know I said I love hardworking boys and girls, but I didn’t mean it like that, you know~  You should treat your body with respect and allow it some rest !”
  • Only one of Arashi’s warm and nice hugs was enough to make you feel instantly better. He also insisted on lending you his favorite concealer, saying with a wink that dark circles could ruin your pretty face. Arashi’s kind of like the resident big sister : you can and should come to him for advice or help !


  • One of the things that perplexed you the most about your new producer job was writing songs. Lyrics were one thing, but writing one entire song by yourself ? That sounded like a challenge.
  • At first, you didn’t have to worry about it. Leo would take care of it all. But then, after one particularly nasty cold that lasted over a week and prevented him from coming to school, he decided he should name a successor who would make songs in his place from time to time. Obviously, you were chosen.
  • Leo did give you lessons on music and composing in general, but he’s so vague you can hardly make up what he’s saying. And he often gets distracted, either by something or someone else, or by himself. He always ends the lesson writing his new song in a frenzy anywhere he can, all the while excitedly mumbling stuff about “inspiration” and “fantasies”. Needless to say, he didn’t help you much.
  • Being stubborn as you are, you still decided to work hard on it. For days. And nights, especially. But no matter what you’d come up with, it would always seem tame and lazy compared to Leo’s songs. You couldn’t help but get frustrated and unreasonably angry at yourself.
  • Leo’s pretty tactless. You knew that already. But you weren’t expecting him to shout “Whooaaa, you look like a zombie ! Zombie-chan, please bite me~” when he ran into you. Did you really look that awful ?
  • As you hesitated between being offended and actually indulging him and biting him hard enough to teach him some manners, he took you by the hand and dragged you to an empty classroom.
  • Once he closed the door, he looked at you dead in the eye. He was incredibly serious, for once. His eyes were grave, and his eyebrows tightly knitted. When he spoke, his voice was considerably lower compared to his usual happy pitch.
  • “Listen. I know you’re working too hard. It just shows on your face. But please don’t. Work is for serious people, and serious people are not really funny. Besides, I don’t want you to work yourself to death !”
  • Before you could even answer anything to that, he shoved a handful of papers in your face. You took a moment to realize they were music scores. Leo was looking at you expectantly, and when he understood you weren’t going to say anything, he sighed dramatically.
  • “They’re songs I wrote thinking of you. You know… You don’t need to work hard doing the same thing as me. I just need you to be there, and smile as usual, and make everyone happy. Please be my muse !”
  • As soon as he’d blurted that out, he gasped, his face lit up by his latest idea. “A muse ! That’s it, the inspiration is flowing !“ 
  • You spent the rest of the afternoon babysitting Leo and trying to prevent him from writing on the walls and floor, but you felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off your shoulders. Just by being himself, Leo had that kind of effect on you. Maybe that’s the power of love.


  • If there was one word to explain what your producer job mainly consisted of, it would be : phonecalls. So many damn phonecalls.
  • Planning concerts, photoshoots, meetings with the fans and radio interviews took a large chunk of your day, everyday. Maintaining a busy timetable for the boys was already hard enough, as you also had classes of your own to attend. But Leo seemed to think it wasn’t enough and often would plan more idol jobs on a whim, or ruin your plans by deciding at the last minute that Knights wasn’t ready for their studio recording session and it would have to be postponed.
  • So, yeah. Phonecalls. At some point, you and the secretary from the nearby recording studio would become best buds if things went on that way.
  • As you tried being the best producer Knights could hope for, you had to dabble in a lot of stuff, like planning activities, managing Knights’ official social media accounts, negotiate for a spot in a commercial…. The pressure was considerable, but you kept pushing yourself further and further, even waking up in the middle of the night when you had a photoshoot idea to take some notes of it.
  • During lunch breaks, you could often be found in Knights’ studio making phonecalls. Or finishing up new outfits. Or planning a dance routine. But never eating. You took a nasty habit of skipping lunch to favor work instead. No one noticed, anyway.
  • Except someday, as you were helping Tsukasa put on his new outfit for a music video shooting, your stomach rumbled. Loud and clear. Your cheeks were burning red and you were positively glowing of embarassment but Tsukasa, being a gentleman, feigned to not having heard a thing. But then it growled again. Ten times louder.
  • As much as you were trying to get out of this situation, Tsukasa wouldn’t have it. He was very polite, but also very firm.
  • "Onee-sama, may I wonder…. if you’re sustaining yourself properly ? It is very important to eat three meals a day. Have you eaten yet ?” You couldn’t remember when your last meal was. You’d skipped breakfast that morning, since you were late for class, and now you were also skipping lunch…
  • Seeing you so unsure of when you last ate, Tsukasa felt heartbroken. He ran to his bag and gave you all the snacks he kept for later, urging you to eat something before you feel faint. He even went to buy you a drink and came back in a heartbeat. Before you could even thank him, he’d left again and came back with your favorite sandwich from the school store. You tried to resume your outfit fitting session, but he was adamant about wanting you to eat.
  • As there was way too much food for you to eat by yourself, you offered to share with him and he shyly accepted. You two then snacked on pocky and crackers, chatting about various things. Tsukasa inquired about your hobbies and your family. You did the same. He also told a few jokes, and as much as you were surprised, they were good.
  • By the end of lunch break, you were feeling relaxed and happy, and your stomach was too. You’d managed to forget a bit about work, and all thanks to Tsukasa.
Exo reaction - His tomboy girlfriend debuts with a cute concept

(Thank you dear anon for this request! This was really fun to write! I’m also trying to only write with OT9, so you could write to me and tell me if you think i should keep OT12 or do OT9 from now on <3)


“Oh look at that ball of sunshine! She’s wearing a skirt and a hairband! I so do not regret coming here” He would just giggle and watch you with proud eyes.

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“Cute concept? Really? And i thought you said you didn’t even own a dress? I will happily sit on the front row when you make your debut!”

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“Oh well well, what do we have here? My girl has become a princess. Well i approve this”

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“Does this mean that i get to see you do aegyo sometime now? Oh i can’t wait!”

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“Way to go baby! You rocked the stage, and i know that your idol carrer will be the best it can be, work hard! Fighting” 

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“I saw you up there on stage! You never fail to surprise me. I’m really proud of you”

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He would meet you backstage after your debut stage with flowers and a proud smile. “I love this style on you. You should be proud! You did it!”

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“Wow, so this is what it’s like to see a princess?” He would be proud of how good you did on stage, and of course the change of style since he knew that you usually never wear cute stuff.

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“I would be proud of you, whatever style or music you did. Still though, i can’t say that i’m not surprised about your style up there”

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PSA: Don’t ‘ship’ idols and sexualise every thing two males do together if you don’t actually support the LGBTQ+ community. Don’t. You can’t have it both ways, you can’t use our sexuality as a means of entertainment and to get yourself off, but then turn round and not care about REAL people in these situations.

The amount of bullshit I’ve seen excusing what Jaebum said on Celebrity Bromance is fucking ridiculous. Here’s some words from an Actual LGBT Person: It was homophobic. There’s no misconstruing or people overreacting. Saying you would beat someone up for wanting to take a guy out somewhere is homophobic. I don’t care if he was nervous or it was a joke or you show me a picture of him holding hands with a guy once. It. Was. Homophobic.

If you excuse people’s comments as not serious or just jokes instead of actually calling people out just because you like them as singers, you are being homophobic too. Listen to actual LGBTQ+ people who are telling you this was wrong of him to say instead of taking it as just a part of his personality or his culture because you don’t want ‘drama’. There are real fans who must feel fucking heartbroken at someone they love using threatening language about LGBTQ+ people. It’s not people overreacting. It’s people hearing an idol say something that we hear time and time again out of the mouths of homphobes, and we have every right in the world to be upset and call him out.

If you shrug it off or actively defend him, you don’t support LGBTQ+ people and you can unfollow me right now, and take your shitty attitude and your love of fanfic with you. 

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, yourcolorlessgarden​! My response to your birthday gift to me. The moment I heard this song was the second it reminded me of NozoEli. Sorry it took me so long, but I wanted to make this a lot more special to you. Thank you for being here–for being real, faithful. Je t'aime.

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[第39回日本アカデミー賞]  Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role : 二宮和也

I am literally shaking out of anger right now.

How can people be so ignorant, so rude, so heartless and disgusting. Is that all that they can do?

Recently there have been some really unnecessary comments going down about Mamamoo, saying how “Mamamoo would be a pretty group if it weren’t for Hwasa”, multiple comments even targeting Moonbyul. Hwasa addressed the situation by saying “There were a lot of harsh comments insulting my character. I wasn’t shaken at first but, when I kept seeing them, it hurt”

Mamamoo has even gone as far as to say “In reality, we aren’t pretty and we’re short so we had to succeed with our skills”.

Mamamoo didn’t deserve this. They’re so hard working, so passionate about their work. They put in everything that they can into their art and people am have the audacity to bash them over something so superficial like their looks? Is that all Knetz care about? It’s sad you know.. Finding out your favorite idols feel this way.. It’s so sad to see these comments go down and you can’t say or do anything..