know your breaks

What you are in love with, what seizes your imagination will affect everything. It will decide what will get you out of bed in the mornings, what you will do with your evenings, how you spend your weekends, what you read, who you know, what breaks your heart, and what amazes you with joy and gratitude. Fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything.

Katie Dippold talks on the Ghostbusters DVD director/writer’s commentary about Kate emailing her and Paul Feig a list of details she came up with for Holtzmann, and that it was heartbreaking and some of it made her misty-eyed.

And now I can’t stop thinking about what’s on that list, damn! I NEED to know what it was! Holtzmann with a sad past is such a common fanfic trope / fan headcanon and I’ve seen so many different imaginings, I would love to find out what Kate herself created for Holtzmann. What’s in Kate’s mind, what’s in Holtzmann’s past.

Don’t we all just need a spin-off Holtzmann movie, her past, her future, her present, whatever, I don’t mind, I will kill/die for more of her.

I love a lot of people who
can’t love me back; rejection
feels less personal when I
can blame something else for
it. Some people only need to
be hurt once to never get over
it - the truth is I never want
to be not loved again the way
you didn’t love me.
—  Rebeka Anne, from now on I’m in charge of who hurts me

While Jaehee was growing out her hair, Mc convinced her to wear a butler outfit for her cafe ♥(^P^人)

Mini AU where Zen also worked in this coffee shop whenever he has time (ofc in a cat maid outfit LOLOL) along with the rest of the RFA. Not too sure how it’s gonna play out but i had lots of ideas in mind ^^ I’m hoping i can draw them out. Mini angst plays into part when this coffee shop is forced to closed down bc of a rival shop nearby, baehee once again over exerts herself and janfjndsnhjfd okey its gonna break my heart to draw this;;;;;


This theory by little-dragneel HURTS ME. And yeah, it’s probably not a realistic theory, but let me drown in the angst possibilities, ok? 

… man, I can’t wait till END!natsu turns up in canon. Let it be as angsty and tragic as possible. It’ll destroy me, but it’ll be beautiful. 

i wanted to make a more serious post about this but i guess i wont and anyway i know im about to sound soap boxy lol so ………..we all go this hard over gay sherlock evidence…AS WE ABSOLUTELY SHOULD? but he’s never said he’s gay. he hasn’t yet. but that doesn’t change what we know to be true because we have analyzed the data and the evidence and built a strong case.
which is exactly what those of us who preach trans sherlock based on evidence do but like….everyone supports trans sherlock in theory but not practice. i feel like the burden of trans stories and art tends to fall on trans people MOST of the time but i implore u, if you reblog posts about this if you see it- because, frankly, at this point? this is beyond projecting of individual trans people it REALLY really is- i implore u to explore depicting trans sherlocks in your works more! please! if you’re cis then i promise if you JUST TRY it will be so much better than YET ANOTHER cis sherlock. u dont need to go into graphic detail honestly. and you can ask me for advice (within reason) like please! the time has come! this is! really! like! yall!!!!!!!!!!! the evidence! is overwhelming!!!! to ignore!!!! anyway thanks

Closer (feat. Halsey) [LAYERED]
  • Closer (feat. Halsey) [LAYERED]
  • The Chainsmokers


You look as the good as the day as I met you
I forget just why I left you, I was insane
Stay and play that Blink-182 song
That we beat to death in Tuscon, okay

I know it breaks your heart
I moved to the city in a broke down car and
Four years, no calls
Now I’m looking pretty in a hotel bar and
I can’t stop
No, I can’t stop

I’m so sick of the saying “it would he a privilege to have my heart broken by you..” because lets just reflect for a second… NO. It is not a privilege to have your heart broken by ANYONE. You have ONE fucking heart. PROTECT THAT SHIT. THAT SHIT IS FRAGILE. NO ONE WHO WOULD BREAK YOUR HEART IS WORTH THAT DAMAGE THAT WILL BE PERMANENTLY DONE. Like honestly fuck that. I don’t care if it’s the most amazing bitch on the planet…. she is NOT worth your fragile heart breaking. KNOW YOUR WORTH GIRLS.. PLEASE.