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i like to imagine that clark kent’s search history is mostly normal but then there’s stuff like “improved superman costume concept art” because he wanted ideas

Lego Batjokes Prompt #362

B: So… you just kissed me…

J: I kind of did, yeah…

B: …

J: …

J: You’ve got… you kinda have a little… *cleans lipstick*

B: Oh. Thanks.

J: No problem.

B: …

J: *clears throat*

B: What?

J: What?


Inspired by Anonymous

So this is bc my lil bro ask me to put makeup on him time ago and he was so cute that I need to relate with Damian and Cass. Actually I tend to relate everything what my baby brother do with Damian ‘cause they are same 

And I don’t think I want to finish this(?) but I want to post it anyway. 

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Who's a better daddy Bruce Wayne or Digger? And why?

OKAY SO I HAVE A LOT OF THOUGHTS! The very second I read this ask I knew the answer but I had to WAIT until I had a moment to sit down and talk about it because, like I fucking said, I have so many thoughts.

This goes without saying, but this is strictly in reference to Batfleck and Jaimarang. 

Digger hands down would be a better Dad.

Okay, so Yea Bruce Wayne has it all. He’s has all the money under the sun, he’s got a mansion filled with anything you’re heart could desire, and sure this kid would probably have the best education anyone could offer but let’s face it.. Bruce is a selfish prick. 

This kid would be emotionally neglected, emotionally manipulated, and never feel fully loved. Like, Bruce is NOT one to show feelings. I imagine it might be less extreme if he had a daughter, he might be able to a bit more soft with her knowing that she is a girl would allow his ego to falter for a minute because he totally has a man complex. But if has a son, fuck.

Tbh he’d probably ship his kid off the military school or some boarding school halfway across the country, if not in an entirely different country. They’d come home for holidays for Bruce not to really be there.

This kid would be alone (well raised by Alfred, but you know what a I mean). His father would never be there for school functions (When he’s not too busy being fucking Batman he has to attend to his fucking business) and you KNOW this kid would have a complex that he has to live up to Bruce, be better than Bruce… And let’s face it, Bruce WOULDN’T want that. I just… Ahh, no it’s toxic

Now on to Digger,

Digger is a fucking criminal, an absolute egotist with no regard for social barriers or the consequences of his actions (To an extent, I feel like once he found someone to commit to he’d calm down a bit) but he’s NOT HEARTLESS.

HE’S A GIANT FUCKING SOFTIE TBH. Like yall saw that little tid bit in Suicide Squad where Chato was talking about his kids and Digger, bless his sweet soft soul, got all doe eyed and puffy lipped and muttered in the sweetest most caring voice I’d ever heard in my god damned like, “A-And the kids.. what about the kids?”

THE MOTHERFUCKING LOVES KIDS. (I have a head cannon that Jaimarang doesnt kill Women and children) Like yea, he may get drunk and not be home during work (And once again I really feel like once he settled down with his s/o he’d calm down with that to an extent whereas Bruce will not stop until he is literally physically unable to or dead) but he’d like be very forwardly loving, I think.

Like, he’d be cute af with a little girl. Affectionate af, always hugging her, calling her his ‘lil’’ wallaby’ or ‘princess’ or some shit

If he’d have a boy he’d be sooooooo into it. “That’s my boy” and “He’s the spitting imagine of me” even if he wasnt lmaooooo

Family camping trips, he’d teach his kids how to pick pocket, and he’d remind them that ‘Lmao i fucking love you, you little shit” 

Like not in a sappy way but he’d be a lot more forward and direct with his kids which in the long run I think would be better than Bruce.

Bruce = Has everything under the sun and his kids will live in luxury but never feel the true love and acceptance of their father

Digger = A bit of a drunk and skeezebag, felony tax evasion and the moral backbone of a stick of gun but will never let his kids go without his love

But that’s just my opinion  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In Which Attention is Avoided

Batfam Week Day 3 is Wayne Gala! I feel like the kids are never going to outgrow the whole “I’m done with being fawned over so I’m going to hide now” thing, even if their sizes now make that more difficult. As usual, can be found here on my ao3.
Rating: PG (Jason briefly in boxer shorts and a t-shirt)
Words: 1,446
Gen (Canon style Dick and Babs banter that may be viewed as flirting but that’s also just how they tease each other.)

Dick tugged at his collar as he sipped cold apple cider from a champagne flute. Alfred smirked at him from across the ballroom, the older man full well knowing that the model chatting Dick up was most certainly drinking something significantly stronger and had a few too many by this point in the night. Unfortunately for Dick it didn’t look as though Alfred was going to come rescue him. His gaze searched the crowd for a savior.

His eyes fell on Tim who looked as though he was drowning in a sea of elderly socialites. He hummed at the model before quickly directing her attention to a passing waiter and going to extract him. As Dick made his way over and wedged himself between the cooing women Tim shot him a helpless smile.

“I’m so sorry ladies but I really must steal Tim away from you,” he told them, draping an arm around his brother’s tuxedo clad shoulders and steering him away.

Tim turned to whisper in Dick’s ear as the women pouted after them. “What’s Damian doing that you’re using me as an excuse.”

“That is what we’re going to find out,” Dick whispered back with a sly grin.

Tim shrugged Dick’s arm off his shoulder’s suddenly and made a face. He continued to walk with Dick to the small alcove where they could see the crowd but not necessarily be seen. Dick stopped suddenly, causing Tim to run into him with a soft “oof”. The alcove was already occupied by Cass and Jason, both looking less than comfortable in their formal wear.

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I’ve been having trouble with my computer and with my drawing tablet, so I couldn’t finish the comic that I’ve been working on, but I happened to be working on these Minecraft textures on Photoshop for the past few days, and thought that it would be cool to show them to you all.

If you are interested in making Minecraft textures like these, go and watch Alan Becker’s Minecraft texture pack tutorial video. If you don’t already know, Alan Becker is an amazing animator and artist, and he is the amazing mind behind the well known Animator vs Animation series, which has tens of millions of views on YouTube. If you haven’t seen his videos already, make sure you check them out. He has a main channel, a tutorial channel, and a Minecraft channel.

I hope that you liked the Minecraft Texture Packs, and I’ll see you in the next post! I’ll find a way to finish the next comic and I’ll get it posted as soon as possible!

Thanks, and havaguday!


Photo Album

Batfam Week Day 1 is Family. The supremely talented @sam-and-crystal collaborated with me to create the picture I describe in the Wayne Family photo album. I can’t believe that she took the description and turned it into a beautiful reality! You can also read the fic here on my ao3.
Rating: PG (Jason has a bit of a mouth and I stand behind Kate’s burn but some may not)
Words: 2,095
(only familial relationships though it’s heavily implied that the batkids end up with kids of their own. Insert personal headcannon’s there (including adopting kiddos of their own).)

The little girl roamed the manor in awe, her expression showcasing the pure definition of wonderstruck just as it always did when she came to visit “Grandpa Bruce”. She came across a section of the library that she couldn’t remember visiting before. The shelves here held books that were thicker, their spines almost resembling the three-ring binders she used in school. Ever so carefully the girl removed the books and placed them in a growing stack at her feet.

Bruce found her seated there on the floor, miniature towers surrounding her, an hour later. She was smiling as she cautiously turned the page of the volume she had nestled in her lap. Bruce maneuvered between the piles and carefully sat himself next to her. All the while his joints creaked and ached, his body’s belated revenge for years spent brutalized in the name of crime fighting. Peering over her shoulder Bruce felt the corners of his lips flick upward. “I see you’ve found the family albums,” he whispered.

“Is that what these are?” she asked with her wide eyes sparkling.

Bruce bobbed his head once and gently tugged the album from her lap to his own. Flipping the page, he smiled as something in his chest warmed. Staring up at him was his family in all their rambunctious, candid glee.

Tim sat directly in the middle of the frame, wedged on the couch between Steph and Cass. The two girls were successfully tickling Tim and you could just make out the hint of a motion blur around the edges of their forms as they squirmed and laughed. Damian sat on the arm of the couch with his back leaning against Stephanie. His arms were crossed as he petulantly stuck his tongue out at Dick, for once looking like the child he had truly been. For his part, Dick was sticking his own tongue out at Damian. Face scrunched up, hands on his hips, his butt jutting out as he leaned forward. The stance reminded Bruce suddenly of Peter Pan. Jason stood behind the couch with his arm slung around Duke’s shoulders. His head was thrown back in a laugh so you could just make out his shut eyes and open mouth between the jutting chin and flop of hair. Duke was smirking at whatever joke the two had made, likely at Dick’s expense, with his arms crossed over his chest. On Jason’s other side stood Babs, her palm pressed into his shoulder mid-shove. Her lips had scrunched up to the side of her face, wrinkling her nose in the process. However, behind her glasses her eyes sparkled with silent laughter. Behind Barbara and just barely in frame stood Alfred, a wide smile on his face as he watched the chaos his charges created.

“I took this picture,” he told her, tapping lightly on the page.

“How?” she asked. The knit of her brow told Bruce that she had sat through enough family dinners to know how hard it was to get them all joking with each other, even after so many years.

“Luck,” he said with a smirk.

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Headcanon: Tim is excellent at giving presents. He always finds the best thing. He is also ridiculously indulgent. He always rags on Dick for spoiling people, but this kid is SO. MUCH. WORSE. 

Weirdly enough, he’s really bad with Damian. He gets that boy EVERYTHING. Mentioned a video game last month? It’s on his desk. Want a particularly dangerous gadget? Shhh, don’t tell Bruce. Dick said no to skipping school? Weeeelllllll…okay, but just this ONCE. (Yeah, right.) We’ll pick up Colin and get slurpees, the grape one is back at the gas station and Tim can’t wait to scare the WE Secretary with a purple tongue. 

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Send 🍼 to see my muse’s response to being handed a baby

❝   Oh my god.  

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I don’t know how people are looking at this little clip of the Batman v Superman trailer and saying Wonder Woman looks weak or whatever. You know that she looks like? She looks fucking pissed off. She has a look like she is just done with who ever is standing in front of her. She is the baddest motherfucker on the planet.

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I don't know if you do AU.But maybe an AU where Billy is not Captain Marvel/Shazam but he works part time as Harley's little helper.

“Hey Miss. H!” Harley Quinn turned a big smile on her face “Billy! you’re back!” she froze when she saw him. “Ta-da! you like my new look Miss. H?” She looked him up and down, wondering if this is how Batman felt when Robin first showed off his green sparkly underpants. 

Billy was wearing a pair of Doc Martin’s with red laces, his skinny far too pale legs went up to a sparkly part of blue shorts that were so short they were more a belt with pretensions. He was wearing a red and white t-shirt that looked like it had been through the wash a few too many times, “Mommy’s little monster” was written over his skinny chest. His formally black hair was now a bleached white-blonde with two huge spots of color, bubble gum pink on one side and electric blue on the other. He was wearing a mess of make up that looked like he’d put it on with a shot gun then run through the rain. 

Harley wasn’t really sure if she should laugh or not, covering her mouth with a hand. “Oh wowza Billy you really went all out when I said you should get a costume” The boy gave her a huge grin “you like it?” he gave a twirl and she tried not to look away, it didn’t give any better coverage in the back. He looked at her expectantly, what the heck she thought, everyone in this business was dressed like a clown if the kid liked the look, who cares? besides Batman had had at least two Robins running around in green panties. “You look killer short round!” she clapped her hands together “so we got a look, we need a name! any ideas?!”

“um well”

“lets see, Pierrot? goes with Harlequin, hm you’re a little under dressed”


“Auguste? nah no one will get that one”

“Miss. H-”

“Let’s see, B, Bozo? Bobo?”


“oh yeah hon?”

“I was thinking… maybe” He looked at the tops of his boots and shuffled his feet “if it’s okay with, Harley Quinn Jr?” She tucked a hand under his chin and tipped his head up to look at her. “Sugar? you really want that?”

“yeah, you’re like, the first person to care, I want to be, I don’t know, the Robin to your Batman”

“Deal Junior” He broke into a big grin, she grabbed a baseball bat from the toy box and handed it to him. “Come on other Harley we got an appointment with Batsy to keep.” 

A few hours later Harley was standing on top of the bank counter of Gotham’s First National waving her comically over sized pop gun around. Billy had the bat over one shoulder and a gun nearly as big as him in his other hand walking the floor. “Okay suckers of Gotham! everyone behave and no one gets popped! get it?” With that the stain glass sky light exploded inward. Batman and Robin fell from the sky handing on the bank floor two pools of caped shadow. “Hiya Batsy!” Harley gave a cheerful wave. At that moment Robin turned his head and caught sight of Billy, and promptly tripped over his own feet and almost landed on his face. Batman and Harley both turned and looked at the Boy Wonder. “Huh, so that’s a thing” Harley commented and Batman glared at her. 

Obsessed (Lex Luthor x reader)

Bruce had always told you to stay away from Lex since he was such a tricky and mad man. But, you knew Bruce talked about most everyone that way to keep you safe. Especially since he didn’t wanna loose you because of his work as Batman. One thing was different when he talked about Lex though. He always talked longer and longer with extended details about how mad Lex really was. You always assumed it was just because he couldn’t completely figure out Lex’s plan. But, what both of you didn’t know was Lex was mad for you. He had only met you once at one of his business parties (since you were part of a crime agency a bit safer then what Bruce did). Of course Bruce hated the fact that you even met eye contact with each other so the fact that you had a conversation still shocks you. Lex would do anything to have you with him. Your voice was like a drug to him. Bruce knew this and kept you away from him at all times. But, you sometimes dream and think about Lex. You think about how smart he was, how nice he was, how hyper he was, and last but not least how he didn’t feel a bit threatened by Bruce (even though he totally knew he was Batman). Lex had to find out more about you. He was completely obsessed with you. He created a file about you. Everything you’d ever done. He was mad for you. He couldn’t stand knowing that Batman was your brother. ‘Of all people’ he’d always think. Bruce could protect you all he wanted. But, Lex wanted you. He knew he would have his way whether Batman wanted it or not……