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My six-year-old niece saw me drawing and asked:

-,What are you drawing?
- I’m drawing Loki.
- Ah! Loki of The Avengers?
- Yes! Do you know him?
- Yes, I know! He destroyed New York, right?
- That’s right! Do you want to draw it too?
- Yes, please.

I gave her a sheet of paper and a pencil. She preferred the ballpoint pen. Then it resulted in a very simplified version.

It is worth mentioning that I LOVE children’s drawings!

rick, you’re still bleedin there buddy

“So the rumors are true then. Tudor has won and he will be king…” 

And you will be his queen, Lizzie.” 

“Perhaps, dear Cecily…” 


“Henry Tudor needs me, but I do not need him. Tudor may have won the battle but he has not won me. Now the real struggle begins. He knows that if he wishes to secure the throne and the country he will need to marry me to gain the support of the Yorkists. That’s if he ever hopes for stability in England. And I may not yet give my consent to him. After all, no matter what is said, I am the true heir to the throne. I am Elizabeth of York.” 

*swipes right on my friends’ extremely attractive, has-good-politics friend*

*it comes up as a match*

now i’ve got to be responsible for this water bottle


Yeah, Elizabeta really needs to learn that being dropped from varying heights and running through mazes nonstop isn’t exactly my favorite hobby.. Also, I’m really getting sick of running into her, like really?

Which, that last conversation also happens to be how I got here; the good ol’ big apple. Elizabeta seems to find me a lot, but really how on earth is she gonna track me down to the hairpins in New York? I know right, I’m a genius-

oh. ow….

I really need to figure out how landing actually works..

// ask-streetchild-alfred I’m so sorry omg its so long you dont need to respond with as much I started with I just couldnt cram all the stuff I wanted to into a shorter amount of panels, I’m really sorry omfg


Dear Catherine (jaebumhtml), HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have an amazing day and all your dreams and wishes come true because you truly deserve it!!! You are so adorable and such a sweetheart. I’m so glad I met you but I wish we had met sooner because you are so funny and kind and beautiful. I truly feel like you’re my spirit person and tbh I’ve never clicked with someone as fast as you! ♡ I hope you meet got7 one day, especially Jaebum & Mark, just remember to bring me along with you in your suitcase hehehe. We can just fling ourselves across the Pacific/Atlantic Ocean if that doesn’t work out LOL. Hoping you are happy on your day! I love you so much!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ♡
New York City Workers' Rights Facts
♥ KNOW YOUR WORKERS’ RIGHTS IN NYC ♥ Created by Gian Parel

A friend of mine, Gian, put together this awesome Know Your Rights document for workers in NYC! It’s a compilation of city, state, and federal labor laws that affect NYC workers. Gian created this after working on a similar document with the Filipino Community Center (FCC), which primarily serves the working class Filipinx community in the Excelsior District of San Francisco. 

This is a great resource that was put together with a lot of effort and love! It covers topics like meal periods and breaks, paid sick leave, worker’s comp, and protections for undocumented workers. Please be sure to check it out and reblog so that folks can know their rights. If you have any documents like this for other cities or states, submit them to us as well, and we’ll be sure to publish it! 

Please feel free to contact Gian at for any suggestions, edits, or questions about this document! 

thought-42  asked:

Fic prompt! Something with Tex and Carolina where they... I don't know, share a moment. Are on the same side. Help each other out. Just something with them not at each other's throats, be it canon or au or whatever.

[This takes place in not-quite-happy-family-yet AU!!! I don’t know what I’m doing I don’t know if this makes sense]


Carolina walks out in the middle of dinner one night.

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