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it feels really biased that you only reblog art and fics from your friends. it doesn't help smaller authors get noticed. I wish you'd spread your net wider and include people outside your little bubble.

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Hello, I saw Jungkook posted a picture on his spotify, do you know what the "M" means or where this picture comes from, please?

Hi! Well when I saw it at first my trashy mind said that “M” means “Mochi”💖😂
But for real, I have no idea, I’m so sorry 🙁
Maybe they will announce something soon 🤔
They must have a reason to change this right 👀

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whatever you think of sam ronan's chances of success (which, the democrats have zero chance of taking that district anyway), you tried to paint his switch to the republican party as a serious change of heart rather than a purely tactical move which was really disingenuous imo. i don't know where this idea that berniecrats are closeted republicans comes from or why it persists in the face of all available evidence showing this is a myth. the idea that only centrists can be real democrats is dumb

I didn’t realize he was doing it for a tactical reason until later, when he started retweeting people congratulating him on “infiltrating” the Republican party. I don’t think some Berniecrats are closeted Republicans, but I do think a good chunk of them will be Republicans eventually. Any of them who talk about how we need to move away from “identity politics” and focus on “the issues of everyday Americans” will be a Republican within the next ten years, if not sooner. These are people who think that the civil rights of POC, women LGBT people are a distraction. The ones who will grow into a stable financial situation (which will be more than you think), will decide they earned their privilege and the Democrats are the party of lazy people who want hand outs. I think this because it already happened, the hippies all turned 40 and voted for Reagan. The way I’ve seen some “progressives” talk about people who are not white men leads me to believe they’re just conservatives with student debt.

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Hi Tink, I'm confused about this "Cass is going to betray the brothers" and/or "make a deal with Lucifer" theory that I've been seeing since 13x04. Where does the "betrayal" come from? I know it seems that Cass will be absent for 5 episodes and the ep7 description mentions a "familiar foe," but where does it say this foe used to be a friend? And even if Cass is going to be trapped in the AU and team up with Lucifer somehow, that is still different from willingly making a deal? What did I miss?

All you missed is people blowing things out of proportion and Chinese whispers about the synopses.

People were so worried Cas was going to abduct Jack because he’s the empty not Cas or Jack was going to abduct Cas or whatever. Now the worry is about this.

Don’t worry. I have my sensible hat on and I have been proved right for the last idk how long. Not that I’m being like yeah I’m right all the time, just… I’m not stressing and forcing things into the plot where it doesn’t belong. I’m accepting people are making choices and it fits their arc. It makes no sense to have external forces in these matters like Cas’ choices in season 12 or Jack being sockpuppeted by his powers (that totally takes away his point as a Sam mirror) or Cas purposefully betraying the boys out of choice because he’s gone bad or even being manipulated/brainwashed AGAIN. Just… it doesn’t make sense for his arc rn at all.

Making a wary, unwanted but necessary and thought through deal to work with Angels and/or someone he hates and is hated by the Angels and everyone basically for a good end though? And it actually working (on at least some level)? Having a chosen father / blood father unlikely alliance with interesting stuff going on given they are huge mirrors of each other, that Lucifer knows all of Cas’ deepest secrets… exposition and mirroring? In Dabb era? Makes total sense.

I’m not worried, it’s fine :)

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so you know during the elevator scene thor was all like "let's do get help" and loki was like "no we're not doing that" but then the movie cut RIGHT to them walking out the elevator doing get help?? we're missing a whole scene there where thor has to coerce loki into doing it like can you imagine thor literally wrestling loki into his arms until loki's all like "FINE WE CAN DO 'GET HELP' NOW STOP GROPING ME" (okay maybe not groping but there had to have been a lot of touching ya know???)

Ahahaha I get where you’re coming from, but seeing that scene, I have my suspicions that it was rather something that Thor said that finally convinced Loki, not any manhandling. And I love manhandling! But here, Thor was doing a great job taking Loki apart with words lol.

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I don't why Frieza is holding a grudge against the Saiyans as he's the SOB who enslaved them and forced them to conquer Planets for him, they were 100% loyal and did everything he asked and he's being a d**k (excuse my language) just because he got what he deserved and got defeated by one of the people he enslaved, its called karma - I hope he gets permanently erased and never seen again in the show, the Saiyans would be horrified to see two of their own people working with their murderer. :^O

Yeah, I don’t know exactly where Frieza’s hatred towards Saiyans comes from either, I guess he pretty much felt disdain towards most beings from other races, but the fact that a Saiyan (well, technically two, Goku and Mirai Trunks) beat him must have made him feel even more hatred and resentment towards them.

I hated the idea of Frieza returning to the show at first, mainly because of how much he made Vegeta suffer and how hard I thought it’d be for him to fight alongside his old Master, the one who killed his race and destroyed his planet, but Vegeta seems to have endured it quite well as far as we know, and having Frieza has made things “interesting” in the sense that we all know he’s scheming something and we’re waiting to see what he’ll do eventually.

I still wonder if we’ll have a Vegeta & Frieza moment by the end of the Tournament. If Frieza goes back to Hell, I think it’d be nice to see Vegeta finally getting some kind of closure with him, but we’ll just have to wait and see…

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stranger things/IT crossover relationships: Maverly (Max Mayfield x Beverly Marsh)

“But hey there kids with guns
Your neighbours complain but they don’t know where they come from
I guess it’s just bad advice for someone so upstanding
So maybe just ask them twice or be a bit demanding

You don’t know how to give love to anyone
You don’t know how to pretend
You told your kids that they’d live long forever
But the kids don’t wanna come home again
No the kids don’t wanna come home again.”- the kids dont wanna come home by declan mckenna

i keep compulsively checking to see if my mutuals are still following me after saying what ive had to say abt james & thank u all for the ones who believe me, the ones who unfollowed me like i know where ur coming from bc i didnt wanna believe anything at first but also ur being fucking manipulated. the ones who are still on the fence like same but also. it’s not like this shit is coming out of nowhere, im not the one whos being manipulated like they claim i am, ive had these thoughts long before i started talking to uzoma (we had barely spoken to each other at all until a little over a week ago, specifically bc of the way james manipulated our perceptions of each other & pitted us against each other) & james’ claim tht she is the one who is making me say these things is absolutely ridiculous. 

litr for years i was questioning my relationship w james, talking to ppl who didnt know either them or uzoma bc i felt like i was being fucked w or that something was wrong & i hadnt fully processed it. after james told me they were actually in a monogamous relationship & had to break up w me i felt used, when they broke up w uzoma & started talking to me again only to disconnect bc they wanted to continue that relationship, i felt used, i talked to ppl about it, i expressed how uncomfortable i was & my doubts abt their intentions. i started identifying as asexual because of a series of traumatic sexual experiences & only now have i realized that james played a part in that. 

my roommate recently reminded me that after we visited james and uzoma in virginia I was the one who mentioned that st abt their relationship seemed fucked up, how controlling james seemed, & i had rewritten that in my memories BECAUSE of the influence james had over me. the whole fucking time. i had doubts but every time they reached back out to me i wrote them off bc james is REALLY fucking good at manipulating people!! so im not pulling this out of my ass like this is the culmination of years of lies & bullshit & trauma that i did not want to examine but im doing the work now and actually fuck off if u dont trust me enough to listen

Nomen est Omen but at times I hate myself for being harsh, in discussion i easily come off more krass than i want to but I’m very hot tempered, passionate, out spoken and action orientated. Last night I was talking to my gfs roommate abt experimental music and I started defending mainstream music as if it was my job, people who know and know where my stance comes from would have easily understand why this topic is so near and dear to my heart but people who just met me and have barely tipped their toes into experimental music might be very put off by my answers.

Nevertheless if someone brings up burzum in a conversation I won’t be able to contain myself and to kindly teach the person abt why supporting music by neo nazis is wrong no matter how much my libra moon longs to be liked ?

okay but imagine this, james and teddy are in a secret relationship. they’re at the burrow for big family dinner and someone makes the “all potters marry redheads” joke. while everyone is busy laughing teddy morphs his hair to red and james chokes on his water

Okay so I found my dead grandfather’s journal from 56 years ago. This is some old stuff, okay, and I was like yeah I’m gonna read a page or two. 

Basically he wrote down this road trip he did with a friend of his (name is Giulio) but at some point it gets so weird.

I’ll try my best to translate it from italian to english (english is not my first language) and well, I’m also having a hard time trying to read my gandpa’s writing cause he wrote like a drunk snail.

Now, beware, my grandfather was an italian man dedicated to work, church, work and work, who believed in the traditional family and all that Jazz. But at some point I reach this part where he writes: “yesterday me and Giulio slept in the same tent as mine was stolen at the gas station. As it was really cold, we slept close. In the middle of the night I realized that the warmth next to me did not belong to my Nadia (his fiancé at the time, my grandmother). It was the most intense feeling I’ve ever felt”.

And I was like allright that’s some weird no homo bullshit but who cares.


“I was having a cigarette whilst Giulio was asleep in the car, having a nap before we hit the road again. In the midst of the smoke of my tobacco, I saw his face and thought that the woman who is going to marry him will be lucky”.

Grandpa, what the hell? 


“We shared a bed. Old motel did not have spare rooms, it was awkward at first. Then I started thinking that the warmth of Giulio’s body is somehow becoming more familiar to me then Nadia’s.”

Now, I have like seventy more pages of this goddamn journal but I am pretty fucking sure my gandfather had the worst crush over his best friend.

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Comics Sonnet #1: On Rockford, Illinois & the nearby rural areas. (Drawn in Somerville, MA)