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Sterek AU: On his 18th birthday, Stiles Stilinski has the chance to choose his gift, no matter how expensive or immoral. Most omegas get themselves a werewolf from The Trade, but Stiles had always promised himself he’d never be one of them. That is, of course, until he discovers that his childhood crush, Derek Hale, is among the local options and Stiles has to do everything he can to get him out of there.

I’m going to say some things that are not so popular. I’ve promised myself I’d be a drama free blog. But I’m tired of some things I’m reading. This is probably going to be long. So please forgive me in advance.

Let’s start with the fact that I’m super excited for Harry’s project. Incredibly excited. I can’t wait to listen to his songs, to see him more often, to listen to his interviews and support him. Cause that is what I’ll do. I’ll support him. Cause he deserves it, all of them do.
I supported Louis’s project, and still doing, I gifted songs, I streamed Jho for hours, paid double the usual amount of my mobile fee, cause I was moving out and I had no WiFi, when the song was released just to keep streaming, I reblogged tons of posts, tweeted radios, texted radios.
The thing is, I expect the fandom to do this with all the boys, I want them to be appreciated as artists, to be successful. I ignored every aspects that I didn’t like, contracts being shady, stunts, PR choices and so on, cause I’m here because I love them as artists!
Why can’t you do the same with Harry? I’m talking about him now cause he is the one who is releasing music right now, but I’ll do the same for Liam if necessary. I’m seeing a lot of posts about “the state of the fandom”, the fandom shouldn’t even think about not supporting Harry cause Louis is going through a lot of shits. Louis is being so successful! He has just played at one of the greatest festival in Miami! I’m rooting for all of them to be free from day one, and I’ll keep doing it and I hate what they’re going through. But this has nothing to do with me not supporting their projects.

And one last thing. If you’re a Larrie, a true one, you know how much Louis and Harry are in love with each other, how supportive they’re with each other and how they’re dealing with all of this together. Or do you just like reblogging about the 15 days apart theory cause it’s fun? If you think that Louis would be proud of some things I’m reading about Harry, well, there’s something that doesn’t work.

This probably doesn’t make any sense. But I just wanted to say that I’m here to support my boys. All of them. With the same amount of effort and love.

Just remember, love always wins. 💙💚

If this isn’t Yuuri coming out to his family, friends and Minako

ginny and luna as girlfriends & fwb at hogwarts because i just can’t help myself:

  • luna goes to all ginny’s quidditch teams, lion hat on her head, and makes it roar so loud every time ginny scores a goal. ginny blows kisses & winks to luna before every match, it makes her feel lucky
  • luna’s in all sorts of fringe clubs and organizations too. ginny goes to all of luna’s matches/premieres/etc and cheers as enthusiastically for her gf at this little club as any student does for a quidditch match
  • ginny even makes a little ravenclaw hat for luna’s games, though ginny’s not great at art and she gets really frustrated when her projects go wrong. it’s smaller than the lion hat but it has wings that flap and the eagle noise is super realistic, and luna appreciates the effort so much (she cried when she first saw it). everyone else is very much like, “…..what the fuck?” but who cares
  • luna spends her holidays running around the world searching for mythical creatures, she invites her father and her girl. ginny surpresses her percy-like inclination to denounce it all, and throws herself determinedly into the adventure - they never find a snorkack or humdinger but they do discover a few old artifacts………..luna’s convinced they have Powers. ginny humors her.
  • ginny winning quidditch matches and throwing herself, windswept and sweating and exhilarated, into her gf’s arms in front of everybody
  • luna sometimes cheers against ravenclaw in gryffindor/ravenclaw matches. her housemates are used to how doe-eyed ginny makes her by now though.
  • luna gets ginny, stubborn and set in her ways as she is, to try all sorts of concoctions in the kitchen when ginny visits her on holiday. most of them are pretty good, to everyone’s surprise.
  • speaking of them on holiday: endless sunny days strolling the streets/fields around the burrow and the rook, soaking up the nature, telling each other stories - some true, some fabricated…..ginny enchants the flower petals caught in the wind to dance around them; luna threads daisies into both their braids.
  • meeting the family!!!! some of the weasleys are confused about luna, but they think shes sweet and funny and lovely. xenophilius thinks ginny’s hard-headed but brave, and he loves how she dotes on luna and looks at her with stars in her eyes.
  • ginny sneaks out of the tower most nights, she and luna take moonlit walks around the dark grounds, hand in hand, talking about the stars (it doesnt matter that ginny’s failing astronomy and most of luna’s mythology is made up)

credit to @ginnnyweasleys for coming up with these with me :))) iconic sport gay and art gay girlfriends for life!


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what do you think was dave and karkat's first kiss

you mean like in canon? because you know it was probably the most awkward, long overdo thing in existence. Neither of them would have wanted to make the first move because half the time dave is still denying that’s a thing that could even be possible and karkat is so sure that if he pushes anything romantic it’ll tear apart their friendship 

so they just wait. the longest fucking time. they’ve been practically dating for like six months and have had so many piles about their individual hangups when it comes to relationships. they decide that dating each other outside of the quadrants is a thing they’d want to do but neither of them actually confirms if they are dating or not. dave starts letting down his walls to be the clingy motherfucker he is. 

eventually karkat is frustrated enough that he’s just like ‘okay. okay, this is ridiculous. we’ve been a human quadrant dating abomination for two perigees now. hold still i’m gonna kiss you because apparently we’ll never get it over with otherwise.’

it’s so awkward and stiff and both of them are bright fucking red afterwards and don’t say anything for like fifteen minutes. it slowly but surely gets more natural after that though 

Fist Bump

Jefferson x Reader

Thanks you to @hamilsontrash for this lovely prompt lmao

“So what exactly happened?” your best friend James asked you over the phone.

You cringed, thinking back to the date that you had just been on.

You had gone out with one of James’ friends, Thomas Jefferson, and it ended up with some bruised knuckles and a bloody mouth.

Definitely not the best date that you had ever been on.

In your defense, you didn’t think he would try to kiss you on the first date.

“Welllllllll….. I went in for a fist bump and he went in for a kiss so I ended up punching in him the face,” you said, waiting to hear what he would say.

A beat.

“That’s fucking hilarious.”

You could hear him laughing on the other end of the phone.

“So go back to the start and tell me it from there,” he demanded.

“You’re not usually this bossy,” you commented.

“Just shut up and tell me the damn story Y/N.”


“That was probably the best showing of Wicked that I’ve ever seen,” you said as you walked out of the theater with your date.

Thomas nodded in agreement, flipping through the program.

“I think the girl who played Glinda was the best,” he replied.

“She was spectacular.”

He smiled and handed you the program to keep.

“Here, a keepsake,” he said.

“Thank you!”

Glancing at the booklet you noticed some of the plays that were scheuduled to come for the next season.

“Look! Newsies!” you cried, pointing to the listing. “I’ve been dying to see it.”

“Maybe I’ll take you,” Thomas smirked. You blushed.

“That would be really nice.”

This date was one of the best that you had been on in a long time. Hopefully that nothing bad would happen for the last few minutes.

But luck never worked like that for you did it.

You moved in for a fist bump, when all of the sudden your fist collided with his face.

He stood back, and stared at you in shock.

You slapped your hand over your mouth. Blood started to drip from his lips. Dammit.

“I’m so sorry!” you cried. He wiped away some of the blood and looked at his hand.

He stared at you again, you felt horrified. How were you ever going to live this down.

“Well,” he said. You braced yourself for the worst.

“That was one hell of a sucker punch that’s for sure.”

Can I just say how much… I really, really love writing Rhys and Mor? And maybe just take two seconds to chat about how underrated their relationship is? The more I write Rhys, the more I keep finding myself in these scenes with him coming to her, leaning on her, using her for help and advice whether he knows it or not. I think Rhys loves her so, so much. And I honestly believe that out of everyone in the IC, if Mor were to die it would hit him harder than anyone else (save Feyre, of course). They’ve grown up together, and he’s fought his entire life to give her independence and freedom, and I think Mor returns the favor when he lands on her balcony after the Mountain, and he sort of just… lets her keep being this shepherd in his life, helping him keep from fully unraveling. I think Cassian and Azriel aren’t the only ones who feel her endless warmth and spirit. Say what you will about the Cazigan dynamic in the books and who has to “shield” whom from Mor’s infectious spirit, but if you think about it, Rhys is exempt from that protection. He just gets to enjoy Mor for all she is, how selfless and supportive and encouraging, and she too gets to be there for her cousin who has empowered her and given her status and strength over her family, these things that make her into a queen. They’re friends. Really, really good friends and I think there is so much love between them that we don’t get to see a lot of in ACOMAF, but if SJM were to ever write the book as Rhys or elaborate on it, I think we’d be surprised just how much goes on between the two of them and how much he confides in her. And I think given how much they’ve gone through together… that’s just, I don’t know, really really special and I love it so much. It’s nice to see that even when the entire world and family around them falls apart, there is still this lovely little kernal of them left to lean on and it never goes away.