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peak liberalism is asking the consumer class to ‘go green’, recycle, and turn off their lights for an hour each year to save the planet instead of telling the agricultural/oil industry and multi-billion corporations to cut out 99% of the shit they’re pulling every single hour of every day

#swimming ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

dustin calling steve on the first day of high school


the best, most charismatic and handsome mc

pink diamond: i want a pearl!!!!!!

yellow: okay, well if you wait we can get one custom designed for y

pink: GIVE ME A PEARL NOW!!!!!!!!

yellow: jesus christ fine here just take one of white’s and go away

honestly tho what would emerald even fucken do if she met lars in person

i dont think shes a warrior gem so its like. all she can try to do is destabilize him (like how Peridot tried with Steven)

destabilizer has even less of an effect on him than it did steven because he’s got no gem. He could hold it with his hands and watch his veins turn yellow like “holy shit wicked” and shed just have nothing to do but cry in utter horror and fear because what the FUCK

how horrifying