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soooo glad you have the same opinion as me. god, i really wish he'd stop making it seem like 1D was hell for him.

See the thing is, I get where Zayn is coming from, I do. We don’t know what his experiences were and for all we know, being in One Direction was actually hell for him. 

BUT he needs to understand that he has to be really careful about the way he phrases and frames his discontent with One Direction the brand, otherwise it can and will be interpreted as his personal dislike for the remaining members of One Direction, the band as well as their past and present body of work.

And given that he spent the past four and a half years publicly describing the other four as being his ‘brothers’, being seen to be throwing shade on their singing and songwriting efforts is a spectacular dick move. 

What happened to “yeah and I had a sick time doing it, so keep laughing”??

Hella long analogy to follow:

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Working with the public is an experience that I’m not sure that I’m cut out for. Today, a man asked me what I thought happened after you died. I was just trying to make him his latte. He didn’t like that much though and he ended up yelling at my manager about how rude I was. I now have a guess as to what happens if you die – I have my suspicions that hell is where you have to deal with him for the rest of eternity.

hey, so, no offense or anything but I don’t keep a running tally of how many SU fans there are so you really don’t have to report to me when you lose interest in it. You can just move on to something else if you want. I’m not going to try and keep you interested or try to sell you on it, that’s not really how I roll. Everyone has different interest levels, things that appeal to them, and interest in things grow and fade over time. That’s just the way of things. Just because I love something, doesn’t mean others will or they’ll keep liking it the way I do for as long as I do. And that’s fine. Everyone deserves to do and watch what makes them happy. There’s no reason to keep sticking with something if its truly a slog and you just don’t care anymore. But I don’t actually need to know, you can choose to either keep following/interacting with me in spite of your lack of interest in SU or you can decide my blog is no longer worth your time and unfollow. Either is totally fine by me

I mean, it doesn’t bother me when people send me messages like that, I just don’t know how I’m expected to respond

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Densu warning* One time when denmark and sweden went drinking together they got ****faced drunk and passed out. When they woke up they had each others names tattooed on their chests. Sweden then got another tattoo saying "is an idiot" as that would be easier to explain. Denmark of course copied this idea (although he'll never admit it). Soon enough the nordics go to the sauna and have to *cough* take off their shirts. Norway, upon seeing the tattoos calls them over says that theyre both idiots.