know values

i dont like my defining characteristics being that im not a fucking dick (like everyone says that im sweet and nice etc) because.. fucking everyone should be like that anyway! i dont know what specific value i hold individually aside from ‘not an asshole’ and those features that are always the primary ones that stand out to people, since everyone else on here is sweet and nice too, incidentally showcase a void of personality on my part 

No matter how much you miss a toxic person, please don’t ever contact them again.. please. Don’t. It’s not worth it, you will be sad again regardless of the many times they told u it wouldn’t be that way anymore. You deserve nothing but happiness and it is not them.. You don’t ever need to feel drained and exhausted over a person

Real love will find u

The early bird gets organized

  • Start 2 days before the beginning of the next month . If you’re scrambling to organize everything you have to do for that month the day the month starts, you’re already behind.


  • It can be your planner, your bullet journal, or your bedroom/ dorm room wall. But pick a location where you will use your monthly plan, and see it often so that you’re acclimated with it.


  • What if the only monthly plan you made suffers severe water damage? Then you’re screwed for an entire month. I i m p l o r e you to please PLEASE make a copy of your plan. Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days. Don’t let that DAY ruin your MONTH.

Start with your academics

  • Starting with academics not only keeps your priorities in line with where they should be, but it permits you to get all your ducks in a row for your classes. Find out when they are, if you don’t have the same courses every day, so you know what to be prepared for on which day

Follow up with assessments

  • Academics and assessments go hand in hand. Now that you know what day everything is for this month, and when you will be having your classes, find out what assignments you have in those classes. Knowing your assignments in advance allows for more preparation, and more consequent success

Prioritize those assessments!

  • If one assessment is your final grade for a mandatory course, and one assessment is a vocabulary quiz, the final grade assessment needs to be prioritized over the vocabulary quiz. Make sure you are highlighting the more important assessments, so you know their value!

Do the same with homework!!!

  • Homework is often seen as less important that assessments, but you still need to get it done. If you know in advance what assignments you will have, put those in!

Got projects?

  • Projects are the bane of every individual’s existence because you think you have all the time in the world to get it done, and then they due date sneaks up on you like the plague. Not only should you WRITE IN THAT DUE DATE but separate the tasks that you have to do for that assignment and assign it to yourself as homework.

Make your appointments!

  • Figure out what appointments you have that entire month, and preferably before the month starts. That way, you can ensure there are no conflicts and go in with ease.

Extracurricular obligations!

  • Find out what obligations you have for your extracurriculars before they sneak up on you. No one wants to be out of compliance for an extracurricular, but you don’t want it to conflict with your life either.

Fit in some F U N.

  • Don’t make your monthly plan just boring this, and plain old that. Incorporate some hang-out sessions with friends, or a personal day (maybe two). Everyone needs that R & R.


  • Repeat it the next month. Soon, you’ll be in a habit of planning. I promise, this will make your life s o m u c h e a s i e r.

A Better World

“Remember our plans to sail around the world on a boat? Take this book, get on a boat, and sail as far away as you can, to the edge of the Earth!”

On this Earth, my brother listened to me and took Journal 1 away from Gravity Falls…


female awesome meme; 5/10 ladies who deserve better: tris prior (the divergent series)
“sometimes it isn’t fighting that’s brave, it’s facing the death you know is coming”

And why did people have to call me “quiet”? I hated being called quiet. People always said it like it was some kind of deficiency—like just because I didn’t put everything out there right away, I was unfriendly or arrogant. My mom had understood. You may be slow to warm up, but once you do, you light up the whole room.
—  Jenna Evans Welch, Love and Gelato
Seventeen’s 2nd Anniversary Awards
  • The Friendship Award: Kim Mingyu (the member who contributed to the cooperation of Seventeen with his excellent arbitration skills) 
  • The Pro Gamer Award: Lee Jihoon (despite his busy schedule, this member never fails to play smartphone mobile games and online computer games) 
  • The Nobel Prize: Kwon Soonyoung (the member who has displayed creative ideas and has shown his wits) 
  • The Trust Award: Choi Seungcheol (the member who showed his trustworthiness) 
  • The Random Award: Wen Junhui (this member, despite his good looks, with his random actions and words got a big laugh from everyone) 
  • The God of Liberty Award: Chwe Hansol (this member is unique with his free spirit and god-like looks; he’s done good for this world) 
  • The Smile Award: Lee Seokmin (this member always smiles brightly and gives happy energy to those who see it) 
  • The Boy Who Cries Sheep Award: Yoon Jeonghan (the member who made the other members stronger with his pranks) 
  • The Unexpected Award: Hong Jisoo (the member who has unexpected attractiveness, contrary to his gentle image)
  • The Fashion Leader Award: Xu Minghao (with legs that are more superior to those of a model and his unique fashion sense, this member has become a joy to the eyes of fans) 
  • The Adult Award: Lee Chan (from the cutest and youngest of Seventeen, this member has grown up to be a fine man) 
  • The Beyond Imagination Award: Jeon Wonwoo (the member who makes four-dimensional jokes that are unimaginable) 
  • The Golden Microphone Award: Boo Seungkwan (to appreciate when this member showed some funny sides of himself; because of this member, whenever Seventeen appears on entertainment shows, things progress very smoothly)