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Alolan Raichu is a cute little surfer, standing and even sleeping on its tail as it hovers above the ground.

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Raichu isn’t the only electric-type pokémon who can levitate like this: the Magnemite line also floats by generating a magnetic field. If you’ve ever played with magnets, you probably know that if you line them up the wrong way the magnets will repel each other. This is basically what Raichu must do. The force of gravity is pulling it down, but some magnetic force is pushing Raichu upwards enough to counter-act gravity.

It may not seem like it, but everything is a magnet. Matter is made of atoms, which have electrons whizzing around them. Since electrons have charge, they can be influenced by magnetic fields. Everything that has electrons is a magnet: which means that just about everything is a magnet. 

Of course, there are different kinds of magnets. Everything responds to magnetic fields, but different substances respond to magnetic fields in different ways. Stereotypical “magnets” are actually ferromagnets, materials which not only respond to but can hold their own magnetic field. A lot of metals, like iron and nickel, are ferromagnetic. Paramagnets are attracted to magnetic fields, and diamagnets are repelled by magnetic fields. Water is diamagnetic, and since most living creatures contain a lot of water, most living things are also diamagnetic and therefore repelled by magnetic fields. If you need proof, you can look at this frog, which floats in a magnetic field:

Of course, Raichu is a mouse and not a frog, but the idea still stands. NASA often floats mice in magnetic fields to study the effects of zero-gravity without having to send the mice into space.

How does Raichu create the magnetic field to float on? Well, it’s actually fairly easy to do. Any moving charge – that is, any electric current – creates a magnetic field. And as we know from Kanto Raichu’s pokédex entries, “this Pokémon exudes a weak electrical charge from all over its body.” Raichu is constantly emitting an electric charge, which means Raichu is constantly generating an magnetic field. Alolan Raichu probably emits more electricity than Kanto Raichu, and most of it concentrated out of its tail, rather than uniformly over its whole body.

The pokédex says “According to researchers, its diet is one of the causes of this change.” Raichu’s diet could easily effect how Raichu can float. First of all, Alolan Raichu weighs 9.0 kg less than Kanto Raichu. Obviously, less weight is easier to levitate: less force is needed to counteract gravity. Additionally, what we eat becomes part of us: nutrients and the like are integrated into our bodies. If Alolan Raichu ate a lot of diamagnetic substances, and drank lots of water, this would make Alolan Raichu more diamagnetic than Kanto Raichu. That means it repels magnetic fields more, which also makes it easier to float. Over time these changes led to the evolution of new Raichu subspecies.

Alolan Raichu creates a magnetic field by emitting electricity from its tail. Being diamagnetic, Raichu’s body repels the magnetic field which allows it to float.

is anyone else far too into shipping hell like I could be three episodes into a tv show and two characters have a somewhat meaningful conversation and I’m just
“they’re in love, here are sixteen reasons why and seven aus for them and three situations they could end up in that would strengthen the close emotional and romantic bond that they undoubtedly share”

// so i just watched the video for gatekeeper galio’s special interactions today and when i got to his taunt for an enemy azir, i had to pause because i was floored.

// first half of it is, verbatim, “where do you think your soldiers go after they disappear”.

// let’s think about this for a moment. unless it’s simply an allusion to how they dissolve and go underground when their time is up (in which case wow rito that’s hella shallow for an insult that comes off pretty scathing), this implies that his soldiers are not just sand.

// if his soldiers are just sand, they will have no business going down to hell (or whatever rito’s version of hell is, tl;dr that’s where gatekeeper galio lives). sand structures shouldn’t have souls, and referencing GT galio’s taunt to orianna (”you wanna have a soul? you sure about that?”) it’s probably a requirement for things to have souls for them to go down below.

// this raises the question as to what he actually did to make his soldiers. one explanation would be that he’s actually raising the dead. however it seems to be temporary (at least in-game), and he either doesn’t or cannot give them enough agency to act on their own.

// after i got this far my mind first went to necromancy, but then i thought about his other feats.

// he raised an entire dead capital from the barren grounds. he made rivers that haven’t flowed for thousands of years fill up with fresh water again. if rito had included descriptions of grass or flowers or whatever growing where he stepped, it would become a full on fairytale stuff.

// thanks to this single voice line from GT galio there’s a chance that canon azir has power over life. and by life i don’t just mean things with souls - i’m talking about the power to invite life itself into something that had none, both actively (soldiers) and passively (capital, rivers).

// and just like that, suddenly the quote nasus gave us to conclude the first shurima lore update makes a lot more sense. that “azir can save us all”. now tell me that isn’t mind-blowing.

it’s very difficult to toe the line between letting people know there’s something wrong with you so they give you some slack, but also making sure that they don’t try to give you help or talk to you about it

Shout out to everyone else in the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children fandom that is slowly watching it become popularized (and leaving the actual book in the dust.)

I decided to play around with makeup tonight, and Jaylah happened.  Lol! I know - I used the totally wrong wig for this, and the lines don’t have the definition I wanted them to, thanks to my ever-shaking hands, but overall, I liked the outcome.  :)  If ever I did decide to cosplay Jaylah, I think I would use a bald cap to hide the eyebrows, while also cutting a lacefront wig to be farther back on my head than my actual hairline, since her hair starts so far back.  But for a makeup test, this’ll do!


•MAKNAE LINE: The maknae line knowing something is wrong, so try to cheer you up and try and get you to tell them what’s wrong.

- DO NOT claim as your own!

For those of you who forgot what the continent of Asia is. It’s not an opinion that desi people are Asian, it is basic geography. I labeled it clearer for yall. 

stop holding onto the past

.::don’t be afraid, we’re going home::.

taxi cab feels like a deep breath. that’s the best I can describe it.

it’s so beautiful.

Simple Geometry - McHanzo Drabble

“It is simple geometry.”

McCree stared down at the sharp lines of the equation that Hanzo had sketched out for his benefit. Every intersection had a letter attached, though what they represented exactly, he didn’t have a clue.

“Honey, I don’t think that means what you think it means.” He scratched under his hat and squinted, as if that would bring a sudden clarity. “Simple geometry is a… whaddya call it? Yeah,” he snapped his fingers, “an oxymoron.”

“It is not.” Hanzo stabbed the page with his index finger, scowling fiercely. “It is explained,” another stab for emphasis, “right there.”

McCree looked down again and gave a slow shake of his head. “Nope, it ain’t,” he drawled.

“Look,” Hanzo raced his fingers along the line, his voice slow as if he was explaining to a child. “You asked me how my scatter arrows work. The trajectory is predicted right here. Everything travels along predetermined lines. It is not as you phrased it, ‘a damn lucky shot’.”

“You tellin’ me that when that thing scatters all over, you know where it’s gonna land?”

“Of course.”

McCree leaned back in his seat. “I call bull.”

Hanzo’s brows drew together in confusion. “You call what?”

“Bull. As is bullshit.

“Do not insult me, Jesse. You have never doubted my skills before.”

“Sure but-”

“What happened during the mission yesterday? Walk me through it.”

“Wellll, I was up to my ass in alligators and things were starting to look dire, so I called for backup and then your arrows came a’whizzin’ about and left me with only one guy left to shoot.” He mimed his gun toting action with his right hand. “And I thought, hell, that was a damn lucky shot.”

Hanzo snorted his displeasure. “It was not. I would not put you in danger.” Well, didn’t that just warm a fella right down to his toes. “The moment I shot my arrow, I knew where they would all land and who they would kill.”

McCree pulled off his hat and held it to his chest, his smile dazzling in his tanned face.

“Well, hell, sugar, I believe you. You’re pretty handy with that bow.”

Hanzo flushed at the compliment and fussed with the sheet of paper, covered in lines and calculations that McCree didn’t understand a bit of but represented love and care all the same.

“Yes,” Hanzo agreed. “I am.”

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lol u already deleted your post of the bra?? don’t trust everything you read on internet. it wasn't a bra, it was just a fucking cap. please stop spreading false rumours. this is not only for you but to all people who keeps throwing hate at chilean and latin american fans. all of you just talk about the bad things but never of the good ones

I made the post because I saw that info on five different Tumblrs in a span of one hour. I deleted it because I saw that it might be false info. I’m not throwing hate at latin american fans and I never have. If you spent a couple of minutes on my blog, you could have made sure of that. I think stalking and disrespecting isn’t okay, no matter where the people are from. Those fans in the hotel were out of line, I don’t know who they are, but they were wrong to stalk BTS and follow them to the restaurant. Me saying that isn’t “throwing hate at chilean and latin american fans”, because I know most fans are not like that, and the entire fandom shouldn’t be blamed for what a couple of people did. I never said that, so please don’t come here and put words in my mouth and start shit. I really don’t have the patience for that.

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Lol I don't know if I did something wrong but Reitmans website says her line is no longer available! Short run? Didn't sell? Bad publicity?

Lmao. No you didn’t do anything wrong. They stopped promoting the collection sometime in December. So no surprised it’s no longer on the site.

The Signs As Characters In A Fairytale
  • Aries: The guy who always jumps to war and fighting
  • Taurus: Dead father/King
  • Gemini: The Prince
  • Cancer: The Prince's underrated brother
  • Leo: The asshat who tries to get the Princess but everyone knows he's a total radish leaf
  • Virgo: The one who knows something is going to go wrong; only line is "oh dear"
  • Libra: The helpful best friend
  • Scorpio: The trusty horse that turns out to be the smartest character
  • Sagittarius: The one who goes to find a missing person and never returns, inducing more suspicion; cannon fodder
  • Capricorn: The animals
  • Aquarius: The evil queen/stepmother
  • Pisces: The Princess