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6 and 17 for Saeyoung??? ♡

6. Hugging 

Does he ever stop hugging you? He even pulls you into his lap in a hug when you’e in public. He loves you so much and he doesn’t care who knows it. He never thought he would have this with anyone, so he doesn’t try to hold back his love for you. He will pull you in to a hug whenever he feels like it. 

17. Soft Spot 

His brother. You. Kids that are less than fortunate. He donates a lot of time to children. He would easily dress up as Santa at a childrens’ center and hand out presents just to see them happy for that one day. 

I love you. I love you with a love that left me with no rest. But do not ask me how much I love you, you know how anxious I can get. Because I am someone who breaks down when I do not know how to get things right. I am afraid that when you ask me such question, I will not be able to answer, and you will be disappointed in me. But my inability to describe my love for you is not due to lack of it, rather to its intensity. It is not like seeing a piece of furniture and being able to describe how dull it looks, or how big it is, or how it reminds me of something you could find at a café. Rather all of me is controlled by this unseen, yet powerful energy: love. My heartbeat, my likes and dislikes, my efforts, my energy.

There is so much of it that I do not know where to start and where to end. I could have easily described my love when it just started, for my love started as a spark I warmed my hands with and now I am lost in this fire. And how can you describe something which is surrounding you? My words will not ever do justice, but my actions might be able to show just a fraction. I am not gonna tell you that I love you to the moon and back, like you want to hear, next time you ask me that question again. Rather I am gonna stay silent for the distance between the moon and us is limited, but my love for you is not and it never was. It is not that I do not love you, it is that I do. And I love you with a love that left me, and my heart, with no rest.

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I think the LGBTQ community is ignored in Korea, and if not, met with hostility. I hate to say anything bad about my country, but just - wow. Wow. Thank you for notifying me about it. I would never have known otherwise, and even if I can't vote for Sim Sang Jung, I'll know who to support when I can.

i’m glad so many ppl are paying attention now! this will really boost the morale of Korean LGBT activists! btw i will say everything bad about my mother country. i’m doing this out of love 

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In your opinion, can a couple stay together forever and still love and not be bored of each other? If so, do you have any tips for achieving that?

I do believe that and I don’t have much advice to offer because I haven’t achieved it.💞 I know what my grandma would tell you though; to be honest about everything, to appreciate the little things they do for you, and to make sure you have your own space and hobbies so you don’t suffocate each other and can still express your individuality. 
I asked my grandma once when I was a kid how she knew she still loved my grandpa and she told me a small story with a bright smile. She had gone to run errands while he was working in the shop and it turns out he ended up running to the store too and she ran into him there. She said when he saw her turn the corner and call out her name she still felt the butterflies in her stomach!

Ok but imagine: Harry being so nervous to show you his new music and so when “sign of the times” comes out he studies your face as you listen to see whether or not you like it. When you’re done listening you tell him how much you love it and that he is going to be amazing as a soloist, but he at first thinks your only saying that because your his girlfriend and it’s your job to say nice things. But then you give him this look. THE look. The look that sets all joking aside to let him know you have never been more serious in you life. He then engulfs you in the largest hug and says “it’s all because of you, love, that I can be the man I am today. I love you so much. Thank you for always sticking by me.” And ok I really need to get me a Harry. (*credit gif to original owner*)

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Jackson Wang (Got7) x Reader

Word Count: 1,466

Genre: Fluff

The other day as Jackson and you laid in bed late at night you asked him if he was interested in getting a dog. Jackson said that he would love to have a dog, but both of you are gone so much that it would not be fair the dog. Of course his thoughts were as pure and wholesome as they come, but you still really wanted a dog. Yes, you were gone hours on end during the day time, but it got lonely when Jackson was away and you were in your home all by yourself. You needed a companion. Especially if you were going to take some time off soon. But, Jackson does not know about that tidbit yet. 

“Oh my goodness. You are absolutely adorable. Jackson is not going to be able to resist you when he lays his eyes on you,” you cooed at the tiny puppy in your arms.

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And that was the last time I kissed her,the last time her lips touched mine; how do I keep myself from going insane knowing I’ll never hold her in my arms again, when I wake up in the middle of the night and she’s all I crave, how do forget,when you’ve traced every inch of them with your fingertips. I live in my memories, going back to the moments I will always cherish. & I wonder if you ever truly stop loving someone, and I don’t mean them having a special place in your heart, I mean if there comes a moment where your heart skips a beat when someone mentions my name even though it’s been 3 years; do you hold feelings you still can’t explain, you run out of words to say; do you spend days going back in your mind to what we had and secretly wanting it back. Or have you completely fallen out of love and moved on.and if you have could you teach me to forget. Because it hurts to remember, it hurts to remember our nights under the beach sky, talking for hours near the bonfire,playing in the cold water only to end up wrapped around you. I know I’ll never forget you. & no matter what happens, I’ll always love you, maybe in a different form, but my love for you won’t die, you’ll transform into a flame I’ll keep alive inside. Something to remember you by, I can only hope that someday I’m able to love someone else again, because I have so much love to give. & I hope the same for you.
—  A letter I wrote years ago to the girl who changed my life. To the anniversary that never was. Still remembering you. Wherever you are.
Dating Zion.T Would Include
  • Glasses gAlore
  • You literally have to beg him to take off his glasses cuz he would sleep with them on if he wanted to
  • (And he has once)
  • He loves cuddles
  • I know it doesn’t seem like it but he loves being near you
  • The first time he said I love you was an accident 
  • You two would just be sitting on the couch watching some random drama and you cried when the main character got hurt
  • He looked over at you and it just slipped out
  • “I love you.”
  • Haesol said it so quietly but you heard him and you showered him in kisses.
  • Him writing so many songs for you and you not finding out until he lets it slip somehow
  • Not a lot of skinship in public
  • So many kisses 
  • He loves kissing you and each time it’s like he can’t believe it actually happened
  • Very direct and straightforward when it comes to his feelings for you 
  • Won’t say much but will give the nastiest glare to anyone that tries to flirt with you 
  • Sometimes he gets in his feelings because he thinks he’s not good enough for you 
  • And you just sit there like
  • “Dude are you serious right now I’ve been with you for how long? Chill.”
  • Then he remembers who he is and he’s fine
  • Waking up next to him every morning and just staring at him wondering how you ended up with someone as amazing as him
  • He loves trying to cook breakfast for you
  • More often than not there’s always a mess in the kitchen and you have to go in and do damage control
  • “Haesol why is there a pancake stuck to the ceiling?”
  • “See what had happened was…”
  • “You know what I don’t even wanna know now.”
  • I truly believe with all my heart that Haesol would be down for anything you wanted to do
  • In other words, he’s a switch
  • I don’t see him being too rough and dominate unless you wanted him to be
  • He leaves kisses all over your body
  • He doesn’t believe in fucking point blank period 
  • “I will never fuck you. I will only make love to you understood?.” 
  • He isn’t too fond of the word daddy so no daddy kink for him
  • But he loves calling you either princess or baby girl
  • “Cum for me baby girl.”
  • Loves giving you hickeys
  • Your neck all the way down to your inner thighs are covered in hickeys
  • Low grunts when he’s on top
  • Low moans when he’s on the bottom
  • Ice play
  • He loves to see the goosebumps rise up on your skin 
  • Haesol always moans out I love you when he cums 
  • Post sex aftercare means running you a hot bath 
  • Changing the sheets so you won’t have to
  • Cuddling
  • Soft, sweet kisses on your cheek
  • Haesol’s camera roll is filled with pictures of you and him but mainly pictures of you caught off guard 
  • He may post maybe one or two on his Instagram 
  • Loves when you play in his hair like it’s so relaxing he will fall asleep with his arms folded and his head on your lap while your fingers comb through his hair
  • He will show you off to his entire family no lie 
  • He handles you with so much care like you’re some fine China or something
  • Kim Haesol will never do you wrong and I believe this wholeheartedly  

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to everyone having a bad day, week, month, year; i hope you know that you can make it through this, and i love you and someone loves you and someone believes in you and that boy in the checkout counter wants to know your name and the girl across the locker room thinks you’re kind and even if you think you’re all alone, i promise you that you aren’t people notice you and the world isn’t as big and beautiful without you in it and i love you and i love you and when you can’t remember to love yourself, just remember that i love you.

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But men are evil. They have done wrong to women since the beginning. Why should women not be allowed to have negative feelings?

One man. Jesus. He puts your statement to death. We are all evil to the core and unworthy apart from God. Jesus made it possible for us to come to God as we are and be made new in Him. Be saved and have eternal life through Him. If you truly knew God’s word you would know that dear friend. There is none better than the other. We have all fallen short of God and His glory. Our hearts are deceitful and wicked apart from God. God is the only perfect, right, just, holy, pure righteous God. Jesus was the Son of Man and He came on this earth, walked it and did not sin once even when he was tempted. He was pure and spotless. His heart and intentions were pure and out of love He died for every person that has walked and walks this earth. Every soul He died for and hopes that one would come to the knowledge of Him, the Truth and repent and believe in Him. He didn’t discriminate and He didn’t exclude or treat a certain gender better than the other. He loved each person with an everlasting, pure and holy love. Like no other man on the earth. When He looked at someone He didn’t see just a face, He saw a soul headed to hell. A soul lost in sin and in need of a savior and true love. So when you look at a man, you should look at him like Jesus did. I pray that you go to God with this and ask for healing and be able to forgive them in Jesus name for the hurt and wrong that has been done to you by certain men. If you need to talk more about this issue with someone privately I am here. But I will no longer be answering on this subject publicly.

- Emily

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Hello my favorite hoe do you know when you're going to update the bonds we build?? No pressure I just love your work xoxo (ps. I love you and your fic so much)

i havent made much progress on the fic but its in the back of my mind!! I have 5 days off after tm and Ill have alot of time to work on it again after that :)

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If there is a captain swan pregnancy, would you want the baby to be a boy or girl? Personally, I'm hoping for a boy.

Girl 100%. I’m a sucker for Daddy!Killian fics especially when it’s a girl they have. Don’t get me wrong, when it’s a boy I love it as well. But the ‘we’re having a girl’ ones ruin me. Because he dotes on her and spoils her rotten and does anything to make her happy. When he treats her like a princess and then you have the overprotective feels. “You’re not dating until you’re 35” lol I die. So good.

But honestly, any child they have would be extremely lucky to have Emma and Killian as parents. I just imagine the lives they had growing up and it breaks my heart. I know they’ll be great parents to any child they have. 

Yeah, this is making me emotional.

600+ Followers !?!?!?

Wow, I honestly never thought this blog would make it past 200 tbh.

All of you are amazing beyond belief. The amount if support I receive from you’ll is incredible. Even though I’m having a rough time I know you all will still be there.

I get giddy every time I see on of my “original followers” like a post.

I always smile when I get a new follower and see them like post.

Everyone of you are amazing from my first follower to my newest.

I don’t know what I did to deserve you all but I love you so much.

Now let’s get some langst shall we!

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I'm probably one of your you your followers I'm 17 but been here since I was 16 came for Overwatch stayed for the writing you for me into watch dogs 2 and ffxv

i swear i’m a good influence i’ll get you into the good stuff

You know I am always so  surprised when any of you are like ‘came and stayed for x, but you got me into y and z’. You guys don’t have to, but you’ve obviously taken a chance on something I’ve written that you have NO idea about and then you’re kind enough to like it! That’s so crazy to me!!! You’re all so generous with your time <3

I love you very much for it. <3 Happy Birthday for whenever it was, my dear!! xoxo

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I love my OC Archie. 

“I was wondering when I’d see your ugly mug in here again.”

Draco fixed Archie with a glare as he sat at the bar. “It’s a wonder how you have a thriving business, you know, with a mouth like that.”

Archie made a humming sound, poured them both a drink, and leaned on the bar to drink with him.

“As I’m sure you haven’t noticed, we finished the first round of renovations over the last few weeks, during closing hours.”

Draco looked around. How had he missed that? The club definitely looked more spacious, now that he did look.

“That means we need to meet to discuss allocation of funds for the next stage,” Archie continued. “Can you and Potter be in the same room this week?”

Draco scowled. “Why did I give you my money, you old bastard?”

“Oh, and before I forget.” Archie leaned closer. “Thank you for opening that door and letting those reporters take photos of Potter in nothing but a towel, still wet from the shower. We are all eternally grateful.”

“This is how you show gratitude? By insulting me? Charming.”

Archie has a heart of gold, I swear! He actually looks out for Draco, in his own way.

Once again, a part of my unposted wip ‘Potter’s Insatiable Heart’ multi-chapter sequel to ‘Potter’s Insatiable Cock’ because I can’t stop sharing.

My baby

Turns ONE at 7:50am tomorrow! I truly can’t believe a year has gone by. Time just keeps flying by and I wish at times I could just freeze it. You have changed all of our lives and life would just not be the same without you. Your smile lights up the world and can make anyone’s day. Your little wet kisses melt mommies heart and your cuddles are the best. I cherish every single moment I have with you baby, because I know one day I will be wishing I had these moments back. You are full of smiles and such a happy little boy, you love to make other laugh and you may have this little temper when you want something but it’s so freakin cute, I can’t wait to see your personality grow and grow and keep seeing the little boy your turning into. Mommy loves you to the moon and back baby boy, I love you so much. To going to bed as an 11 month old and waking up as ONE! Happy almost first birthday my sweet sweet boy 💙🎈🎉🎂

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I know what you mean. Mashima made Ishgar seem so large. Yet he never had Fairy Tail venture out of Fiore. The only exception was when they went to save Makarov in Alvarez, but even that was short-lived. I would have loved if after the Tartaros he would have some of the mages exploring the other countries of Ishgar, and gave us a look out how they looked geographically and idea of each of their own governments.

Yeah actually the reason why Mashima never expanded outside fiore was, get this, he named all the surrounding countries because he started with no intention of expanding outside fiore

Halloween 2016


Happy Minnie Day!! | Brighter than the Sun~