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Basically the era where being thicker than a midget was a crime just because Africans happen to be thick. Sarah (Saartije) Baartman was a Khoisan (South African) woman who performed under the name “Hottentot Venus” in 19th century England and France. She is the original video vixen: discovered at home in South Africa during her late teens, she was offered money and fame in Europe as a singer and dancer. Little did she know that she would be exploited and put on display for everyone to gaze at her large butt, long clitoris/labia, small waist, big breast and kinky hair– all traits that are very common amongst Khoisan women. As her shows attracted more fans, she was forced against her will to have sex with men AND WOMEN who gave enough money to her exploiters. Sarah got none of the money, as she was once promised. After her act got old, she was forced into prostitution, where she died of std’s and alcoholism. The obsession with Saartije lasted after her death as well. For more than 100 years, visitors and “scientist” were able to examine her dissected body parts in Paris museums. The 19th century shapewear, the “bustle” was inspired by her in order to give european women her unique physique. Yes, an old school booty pop. On behalf of Nelson Mandela’s request, Paris returned Saartije’s remains to South Africa in 2002. Black men, it’s time that you start respecting the black woman’s body, because this act of objectifying it was taught to you. #sarahbaartman

Dear harmos,

Please don’t ruin this for Mani by saying insane things and alienating her fanbase from the others. She needs all the support she can get and it needs to come by way of her dancing prowess and overall presence on the show. You can be supportive of Normani without demeaning other people’s favorites okay?



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something i've never understood: why is vader -in- senate meetings?? like in your fic where leia and vader snark about palpatine's speech, or a probably-fanon thing i've seen around where vader sometimes supported leia's anti-slavery actions when she was senator? am i missing a thing, because i really like the idea of vader being granted a senate seat on the basis of This Man Is A Giant Angry Cyborg Who Could Kill Us All, and pushing for social reform when he's not doing sithy things

I’m not familiar with that bit of fanon, but here’s my headcanon:

Vader definitely doesn’t have a Senate seat. He doesn’t have any official role in the Senate at all. He’s present as a symbol.

The symbol works on two levels simultaneously. Officially, Vader’s role in the Empire (to the extent that it’s codified at all - most people in the upper echelons of the Imperial government and military probably understand him as simply the Emperor’s special agent) is effectively the same as the Jedi’s role was in the Republic. He is the representative of the religious wing of Imperial government, just as the Jedi were in the Republic. (Yes, the Jedi were a state-sanctioned religious order who also doubled as the Republic’s interplanetary diplomatic corps, police force, and military. Anakin Skywalker changed his name and his allegiance in the Force, but he didn’t actually change jobs.) The Imperial Senate (read: the Emperor) can call on him in the same way the Republic Senate (read: the Chancellor) could call on the Jedi. On or off the record. (See: special agent.)

Of course, the other point of his presence in the Senate is intimidation. Palpatine’s a pretty canny politician, obviously. And it’s important to remember that he didn’t actually take over. He was chosen as Chancellor by a vote of the Senate, and we have no reason to think that vote was anything less than fair. Every one of his emergency powers during the Clone Wars were granted to him by a majority of votes in the Senate. His ascension as Emperor was met, in Padme’s words, with “thunderous applause.”

And he doesn’t dissolve the Senate right away. He keeps it around for 20 years, slowly whittling away at its efficacy. And Vader is a key part of his strategy.

One of the classic moves of an authoritarian regime is to distract people by giving them someone (other than the dictator himself) to hate and fear. Of course that’s going to mean enemies on the outside: the Separatists, the Rebellion. But it also helps to give them someone on the inside. Someone who is officially part of the regime, but who is held at a distance, portrayed as an outsider even though they’re part of the dictator’s inner circle. Someone who is much more obviously malevolent, who is much more closely in line with the image people have of a powerful, authoritarian dictator than the actual dictator himself. Someone who can be the focus for people’s unease and discomfort with the regime, who can frighten people simply by being present and thus distract them from the actual dictator.

Darth Vader is that person. That’s the entire point of Darth Vader. He is the face of the Empire.

So, with that understanding, I can’t imagine him not being present in the Senate.

Every race on the planet today is traced to the black woman aka God of the earth.

If it wasn’t for Africans creating a system of civilization. There would be no blueprint for other races, who were created once the black man stepped out of africa, who knows what the African man was breeding with to create new races.

Some of the newest races on earth were created during the Columbus genocide. Only 500 years ago. Such as Brazilians, Puerto Ricans, Columbians, Jamaicans, Haitians, Dominicans, basically 85% of South America & The Carribeans.

Native American Culture is African culture particularly The Hopi & Dogon tribes who have been in America before Native Americans existed. Just an example how everything in life and culture is traced back to the black man/woman.

I have been touched and moved tonight. But this one awakened me. I have never felt the blood of my ancestors run so deep in veins before.. I am reminded that I am fueled by the legends and stories before me. Culture is everything. These are my roots and I am proud. Tonight reignited the fire within that my ancestors have passed on through generations, surpassing the depths of colonialism engrained in our history. Surpassing the 400 years of colonizers that tried to erase our identities. I am reminded. The strength of my people live on.. I hear the ancient chants ringing in my ears and slowly embedding my soul.. The call to decolonize has never felt so strong. I am Filipino first. American second. Always. Never forget. Know history, know self. No history, no self.


Beautiful photos from the 70s and 80s of “Hill Tribes” in Northern Thailand revealing the how-it-was of the homeland. For today in America, there are those who belong to ethnic minority groups familiar to these such as Hmong people and Mien people and are familiar with these traditions.

No History, No Self. Know History, Know Self. 

Source: Daily Mail 


Michele Wallace | Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman

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Doctor Your Valeyard is Showing | Dark Doctor in New Who

↳ The Waters of Mars

Talked with my Dad today to help me on my Pilipino midterm.

He helped a lot, but it was interesting to learn that this man, Apolinario Mabini, was one of my dad’s heroes. He knew a lot about him and saw him as a role model. I didn’t even know about Mabini till this year. I can see why he’d be such an inspiration though, a poor farm boy turned national hero. 

Kemet probably the most popular Ancient African civilization if you haven’t heard about it already. Kemet (Khemet, KMT) was located to what is known today as Egypt.

Egypt is the Greek word for “Black” and Egyptian is an Afro-Asiatic language.The original people of this land were black people. During their Era they ruled almost all of Africa and a huge portion of Asia.  Great Kemet is matched by no other civilzation in the world history. It is through Kemet that all major religions are formed. All majors religions share direct passages from the Egyptian book of dead. The Black Kemeties made extraordinary advancements in Language , Mathmetics, and Scientists. Pyramids, Hieroglyphs the first written language,  They created the 365 day calender. EGYPT had 24 dynasties.

Through these dynasties their success attracted the attention of many outsiders. Kemet would be invaded many times and the Black Kemeties would eventually start mixing with Arabs and Europeans. The remaining original people would eventually be driven out and dispersed throughout Africa. People who you see today came After the invasions and are given credit for their accomplishments.

European scientists, politicians,  and historians pushed racist agendas to deny Africans credit. They could not accept that there was a Black face on such an important part of history. 
They also plagarized Egyptian Mythology.  Greek Mythology is a CLEAR plagiarism of Egyptian Mythology.

Why is this relevant? Even today Hollywood, The education system, historians still push propaganda to keep blacks ignorant of the most important legacy in world history. This is used to continue to control blacks and push white supremacy.
Know thy self and know your history black people. It’s important  that you know your self-worth in a system designed to profit off Black destruction. If you are looking to learn more about this read “The Destruction of Black Civilization” by
Chancellor Williams or “The Origin of Africa Civilization” By Cheikh Anta Diop


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