Ebonix TS3toTS4 ModishKitten Top Knot Conversion

I bring the much awaited Top Knot Headscarves! Converted over from TS3, this is my first accessory conversion, so I apologise for any imperfections.


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Give Me More

Pairing: Yoonmin
Author:  staygame (sungjae)
Genre: Abo!au, college!au, smut, fluff
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jimin’s first heat comes as a surprise.

Admin’s Notes: is there anything hotter than a whining, desperate omega!jimin begging his alpha to help him through his heat? probably not.

Link: AO3 | LJ

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Sex marks

Niall ; He was a fucking moron. How did he think he’d get on with it for this long? He should have just politely declined the picture. But how? He would’ve felt awful. “You’ve got a scratch on your collarbone, Niall!” One girl shouted. “No you fuckin idiot, it’s a hickey! He’s got several of them, look!” The other insisted, her hand flailing to point all of them out. Niall’s stomach dropped as all the girls gawked at the love bites you had “unintentionally” left along his collarbone. Niall’s cheeks tinted to a pinker shade as he went to button up his white shirt all the way to the top knot. Not that it helped any. “No no, it’s not! Stop! I got in a fight and I lost. It was terrible, I’m a shit fighter. Delete these pictures, don’t tell your moms!”

Harry ; The second the picture came on the screen he knew he was in deep shit. There was definitely no escaping this one. “You see, I’ve always been very found of erm, cats. Yeah, and I got in a bit of a tussle with one a few days ago. Likes to scratch, s'why I have all the marks there you see. A rather aggressive lad, quite rowdy.” He explains slowly, fooling himself into thinking he made sense. “Right, a screamer to yeah, mate?” Louis interjects, causing a red faced Harry to quickly dismiss the subject.

Louis ; It was a stare down. The interviewer was staring dead on at him, while Louis returned the favor by narrowing his eyes. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Louis huffed, crossing his legs and placing his hands on his knees. But he did. He knew exactly what he was talking about. They were everywhere, and Lou had tried to desperately to cover them. It turned to shit, because the makeup didn’t cover jack. A smug look crept on Louis’ face as the interviewer rolled his eyes. “You mean to tell me that I’m imagining several of the biggest, most obvious hickeys lining your neck and jaw?” The boys snickered half heartedly as Louis only raised his brows, peeking down at his chest before nonchalantly shrugging his shoulders. “I fell. Must’ve been a nasty fall, huh?”

Liam ; This was by far the most awkward thing he’d ever experience. What a shit idea to take your family on holiday, and what even worse idea to…. “My god, what is that?” Your mum bellowed, her eyes falling to your backside. In a frantic attempt you tried wiggling the exposed parts of your bum into the bathing suit bottom. But to to no avail, she was already on you in a hot second. Her eyes widened as she studied your backside, causing your heart to fall your stomach while Liam’s stopped beating. “Is that….is that a handprint?” Liam swallowed hard as your moms gaze shifted. Her stare flickered from your palm-print covered ass to Liam’s bewildered eyes. She searched him momentarily for an answer, Liam surrendering almost immediately. “It’s not-like it isn’t-I’m sorry, I’m so sorry it was her idea. I’m sorry really I am.”

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