I normally don’t make collages, but the bracelet I made over the past day definitely needed one…
I was asked to make this pattern based on a photo given to me for a custom order… I cut the strings for my mock bracelet so I could try out the pattern before I made the ones for the order, and my strings were about 3x as long as I needed (which was good because I got to see how the strings got shorter and where; and to better understand the pattern and how it flows). So I just kept knotting… It took me about 6.5 hrs to knot over the past night/day. It measures just over 12 inches in length knotted, about 20 inches with ties so it can be a wrap around my wrist. I might turn it into a headband, still not sure…

What do you think?



A few quick calculations suggest that if I sold most of my bracelets on Etsy for just $4 each, I would easily make over $100. Honestly, I could use the money, and the poor things just sit in a jar. $4 is a steal considering the time and effort that goes in. I just don’t know how they would sell. There are plenty of bracelets like mine for sale on Etsy, but how does one tell whether the seller has any success selling them or knot (haha, a pun)? Would you buy one of these for $4? What about $6? I don’t think the quality of mine is good enough to compete with the other $6 bracelets. Thoughts?

seems like I’ve been a tad busy knotting up some bracelets this past weekend <3
7 new bracelets finished…!! Even I surprise myself sometimes :P

So new listings to come, most defintely!!

It seems I’m on a bit of a 24-stringer kick, as thats what my string count ends up being… Nice wide 1 inch bracelets - can’t really go wrong there :)

Time to edit some photos and get these bracelets listed!!

Quick Coupon Code for y'alls…

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