Gold and Garnet Snake Bracelet with Heracles Knot, 4th Century BC - 1st Century AD

Snake jewelry was among the more popular luxury items in the Greek and Roman civilizations, including in the Greek colonies which flourished around the Black Sea. Extensive trade with these settlements spread Greek art, and its influence, across much of Eurasia. Some styles were copied so closely that it can be difficult, if not impossible, to be certain who crafted an item.

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Greek Gold Heracles Knot Bracelet, C. 300 BC

Formed from a hollow hoop fashioned from sheet, convex on the exterior, each end with a collar terminal secured by a pin, its tip with granulation, the collars each with twisted wire filigree palmettes framed by beaded, rope and twisted wires and a fringe of petals, small birds at the outer edges of the left collar, a Heracles knot at the center formed from hollow tubes with applied twisted wire filigree tendrils along their lengths, all edged with beaded, rope and twisted wire, centered by a die-formed lion running to the left, a small frontal Pan seated to the left, playing the pipes.

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Elaborate golden bracelet 

This golden bracelet was meant as a fertility talisman, or amulet, and many powerful goddesses have been woven into the bracelet. The snakes are woven as a herculian knot. The snake on the left is Agathodaimon and on the right is Terenouthis. The goddess Isis-Fortuna and Aphrodite are standing on the knot. 

4cm by 5.5cm (1 9/16 x 2 3/16 inch.) 

Roman, Early Imperial Period, 1st century AD. 

Source: Metropolitan Museum

Friendship Bracelets in Witchcraft

Friendship bracelets are often given and worn to symbolize a connection between people. A group or a pair of people can wear matching or complementary bracelets. Sometimes only one is given as a gift. They can be handmade with love or bought with consideration. The very nature of their colorful threads, woven patterns and symbolic meaning I my opinion makes these bits of jewelry one of the most widely accepted forms of magick. What about them isn’t magical? But more on the magic of friendship bracelets later.

I was thinking about friendship bracelets (my friend had just given me one) and I thought why couldn’t we do this with our deities? Spirits? Even elements? Like the idea of a pocket altar, it is taking a bit of them everywhere with you and keeping them close in your mind.
They would be made the same way one for someone else in your life may be made. Obviously the deity, spirit or force will not be wearing one with you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make matching ones. The second one that you won’t be wearing can be placed on your altar if you have one. If you choose to only make one, offer it up to them. In most cases, depending on your comfort level, whatever you are offering it to will be pleased by this. After all, who doesn’t love to see a friend wearing something you made them?

When making the bracelet(s) there is a huge verity of things that can be done with them. Pick colors that are traditionally theirs or ones that you associate with them. You can also add beads. Beads for prayer, beads for glamor, beads for offerings. The list is endless for the use of beads. Once you have colors (and beads) picked out you can choose from a massive verity of different patterns and techniques to put it all together. The thing I love about this is the range of a simplicity and difficulty which ensures everything is as individual as the one making it and the one it is for. Do what feels right for you!
While assembling it is important to think about the intent behind your bracelet(s) Keep in mind why you are doing this. Put on music that reminds you of them, light candles, pray. Make it as witchy or mundane as you wish.

It is one of the most discreet forms of magick and worship I can think of, so broom closet witches can rejoice! If someone asks about it and you don’t want to fully explain, you can always say that it’s a match with your friend.

DIY Knotted Cord Fabric Friendship Bracelet Tutorial from The Purl Bee.

These bracelets are made braiding 5, 7 or 9 stands of Chinese Knotting Cord. The fabric is bias tape which you can buy or make. The Purl Bee’s Liberty fabric tape is so pretty but very expensive. It’s 7/8″ wide before folding for bias tape to give you an idea of the size. 

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Greek Gold Thigh Band, c. Late 4th Century BC

With braided chain of cylindrical section terminating at each end in the head of a woman with melon coiffure and collar of beads and tongues, the clasp in the form of a Herakles Knot with central rosette and ends terminating in lion heads.