knots and knits

knot magic and finger knitting

sooo I don’t know if people have already been talking about this but I just discovered this thing a few days ago and my first thought was knot magic!

i’ve never used knot magic because i’m terrible at all things crafty and pretty so i just didn’t think i could really participate


then i discovered finger knitting

it was something even i was able to do and i am incredibly excited to work it into my magic. it takes a bit of practice but it’s incredibly soothing and therapeutic and super easy to work into those who already use or want to use knot magic!

Roundel with the Head of Medusa
Artist unknown
Roman, 150-235 AD.
Silver with gilding, remains of bronze attachments on the back.

Over time in Greek and Roman art, the image of the gorgon Medusa evolved from that of a horrifying, monstrous creature into a more appealing, almost human representation. This high relief repoussé roundel made in the late 100s or early 200s A.D. replaces the hideous face and fangs of early representations with a woman’s face with regular features and a long, straight nose. The writhing snakes of the early Medusa’s hair here give way to a thick windblown hairstyle reminiscent of that worn by Alexander the Great, with two small wings sprouting from her forehead. The snakes are now confined to a single example at each temple with their tails neatly knotted beneath her chin. The knitted brows and tightly closed, downturned mouth give this Medusa a melancholy rather than ferocious expression.

A luxury item, this roundel is made of silver with gilding added to Medusa’s hair and eyes. Four silver rivets in the border mark the places where bronze guides were fastened to the back so that the roundel could be threaded onto a strap, probably as a bridle ornament.

Source: J. Paul Getty Museum

Okay, so I have a question. I often see knitters and crocheters talking about pulling from the center of a yarn skein. But I was always told to NEVER pull from the center of the yarn-ball. Ever. And I don’t (unless I really have to). Why? BECAUSE IT ALWAYS TANGLES. The guts always tangle!

….so who pulls their yarn from the center, hm??? Because I think you’re all crazy.


Snapshot Sunday 9/4/2016


Yup, I am partway into skein #11 and officially at the halfway point of the Afghan of Doom™!  I stretched it out on a queen-sized bed tonight to bet an idea of how it’s coming along and I am sooooo thrilled with it!  It already spreads out nicely, and I think once it’s bound off and gets a nice steam blocking it’ll look even better, and maybe even hang over the sides a little bit.

Also including another closeup because I can. :D

Snapshot Sunday 7/31/16

Progress on the Afghan of Doom™!  I’m at about 32″, so roughly 40%, and just joined skein #8.  The green and orange things are locking stitch markers placed where each new skein was joined in.  Definitely going to have to order a couple more skeins to get the full 80″ but that’s okay.  I’m still like a week behind on this thing but slogging along.  Trying not to let myself get further behind since the Ravellenics/Ravelympics/Ravelwhatever Games are coming up in a few days and I’m going to be working on something else for those, at least during the day.