Some KNOTical Experience || traps and snares || Fox & Kyan

It was still early on in the day but I was already itching to get my hands on some rope.  Some sense of familiarity would help me ease into this place a bit more.  I wanted to look for Delilah, but that girl is probably already sick of my hovering over her all the time, so perhaps it was best we not interact too much during training.

When I spot the traps and snares station, I figure it would be the best bet for some knot-tying, so I head over and take a seat.  The trainer smiles eagerly at me and hands me a booklet before going on excitedly about the limitless potential of traps and snares.  I nod and listen when another person sits down next to me.  Smiling, I hand her the booklet the trainer had given to me before grabbing a piece of rope next to me.