“Truthfully, we’re the style to play really well even at home. Since we lived in dorms together while being able to discuss a lot and spent that time playing games too, you don’t even know how much fun it was.” ㅡ Chanyeol

anonymous asked:

Human doing yoga exercises. And the spider bot spikes them from behind. And soon the human calls it the pouncing spider. Since the spider chop shop is on top and knoting them and pretty much fragging them into the floor.

And with each thrust the humans rear gets lower and lower till their crotch is rubbing agaisn’t the yoga pat and leaving a puddle of cum and transfluid as Spiderbae just rides them.
Bonus if later they have some light rugburn goin on

mister-r94 asked:

whats the name of the song your animating for the Outcast? "the Christmas kids, were knoting but a gift" that one. :Y

Christmas Kids by Roar