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Feeling Forgotten

“Can you do a drabble/texts of Yoongi forgetting your anniversary? Bonus points if you can use one of the sentences from the drabble prompt”

+ 57. “Don’t talk anymore.”

Angst | 477 words

When you freed up the evening of your anniversary, you didn’t think you would be so… free. Sprawled across the couch with some sitcom playing on the TV for background noise, you mostly didn’t want to be left in complete silence with your thoughts. It was late, nearing eleven, and the other person required to celebrate the occasion was nowhere to be seen.

In any normal case, you might be worried from the lack of communication. But this was Yoongi, and Yoongi wasn’t so great at letting you know about the changes in his plans. You didn’t blame him for it, considering how demanding and exhausting his work as an idol was, but that didn’t make it any less lonely.

But in moments like these, you had to remind yourself that relationships were two-way streets. It wasn’t fair to you, being miserable by yourself, no matter how much you loved him.


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It wasn’t as if Will hadn’t been called “basic” a million times before. He knew his drag was cheap. He could barely afford what he had. He’d already lost count of the amount of times he’d forgone a meal for some thrift-store couture. But being called basic by Michelle Visage was the low point. He had to turn it out. Do better!

He’d survived so far on his skills to create with what they gave him. He’d even won a challenge, but he had to step up his game. There was just one thing really holding him back. 

Omega werewolves weren’t drag queens. The secret of what lay between his legs weighed on him. It all came to a head when having to drag as male and female halves brought it home to him and he broke down in tears on the runway as he won the challenge. 

“Tell us what’s going on mama.” Ru had gently asked.

That had opened the flood gates. Will poured out his heart and his secret. 

After they called cut on the runway one of the production crew gave him a tissue and a smile. Hannibal, Will was sure he’d heard him called. A stunning alpha wolf who’s sweet smile displayed just enough fang to make Will blush. 

That had been the turning point. That reassurance that being an omega wasn’t less. Wasn’t wrong. Will held his head high, surrounded by his idols on the finale stage, crowned and tearful as Bianca declared fittingly - “Knot today Satan!”

Over the laughter and applause something caught Will’s eye from the side of the stage - Hannibal’s smile. His chest swelled as he considered everything he had won. 

you can’t fuck the nine ultimate saviors

if you think this boy can pay attention to you long enough to fuck you without getting distracted by some kind of space adventure you’re an absolute fool

i know you’re all jarking your matter over this guy’s tail but im telling you right now it’s gotta stop. that tail is made for stabbing because of the big ass stinger (ha) at the end of it, not for fucking. even ignoring that, there’s no way this guy’s gonna fuck anyone anytime soon. he’s too busy angsting on other planets in his doofy desert outfit and dealing with the sad reality that his big bro is a melon who betrayed him

knot today. see it’s like you asked to fuck him and i said “not today” but knot because he’s a furry. that’s that good humor the kids love nowadays. but seriously you can’t fuck him, today or any other day

balance would seduce you with the promise of hot and wild sex with a mechanical organism but in the end he would just pickpocket your wallet and leave. you really should’ve seen this coming but i guess you were too busy trying to blow your load

yeah im sure when dr. anton was building this robot whose main purpose was to fight for peace and justice throughout the universe he thought to himself “i better make this thing fuckable just in case anyone wants to get nasty with this big hunk of metal.” open your eyes and face the truth, you can’t fuck this bull

he’s still learning about his own emotions but you think he’s ready to bone? you unbelievable clown

if you tried to fuck hammy she would laugh in your face and walk away. you won’t lose your wallet like balance but you’ll certainly lose your dignity

HER HAIR DANGLES AREN’T TITS. IT’S HAIR. THOSE ARE SPEEDOMETERS. NOT NIPPLES. SHUT UP ABOUT IT ALREADY. aside from that, much like champ she was not built for fucking. “what kind of idiot makes a robot you can’t fuck?” the people in kyuranger apparently

spada will make constant food puns in bed. you might say it’s worth it but i assure you it’s not. once you hear him moan “ohhh shoot your frosting into my creampuff” you will die instantly. do not fuck this man.

I thought you were



Prompt: Reid thinks the reader is the Unsub.

@overcastmisfitkid @paradiselover-18


When Doctor Reid and Agent Morgan got out of your flowers shop, the youngest immediately told the other a thing.

“We need a search warrant… maybe an arrest warrant.”

Agent Morgan, who was walking by his side, stopped and looked at him with surprise.

“For that girl? Reid, I think she was telling the truth, I do not think she is involved in the case.”

“You serious Derek? I bet I am not the only one who heard when she told us she was glad that Adam Knot, the last victim died. Don’t you think it is suspicious?”

Morgan chuckled at his words. Wasn’t Spencer really able to read read body language? To understand people’s feelings?

“Adam Knot was the guy who abused of her when they were in high school together, I can understand why she said so. Wouldn’t you be glad for a thing like that?”

“I do not know Derek, but I want to keep an eye on her. Mine is just a feeling.”

When they got back to the police station, Hotch didn’t give the permission to turn on a search warrant on you. Yes, maybe your words were suspicious and hear them during a talk with the FBI was not a good thing, but that was what you feel in that moment and since the moment you didn’t do anything, you were good with yourself.
Of course you wanted the police to catch the killer who was scaring the streets of your town, but in the bottom of your heart that psycho gave Adam what he deserved and when you first knew about it your heart skipped a beat because the reason of your many problems had died and now you were free.

That day the FBI gave you the best news your ears could hear and when you closed your shop that night, you decided to go to your favourite patisserie and buy a couple of croissant. It was not a thing you were used to, but when a day was pretty hard or maybe you were just too tired you spoiled yourself.

“I suggest you to get the chocolate donuts, they are the best.” you friendly said at the sight of Doctor Reid in the shop.

The man at the sound of a familiar voice turned around and when he saw you his face immediately got serious.

“If you say so, Misses (y/l/n).” he simply said.

“What’s the problem Doctor Reid? I mean, even today you were not the nicest person on the world.”

During the interview he was near to rudeness, like you were bothering him in anyway and really wanted to understand why.

“I was just doing my work.”

“Even your coworker did, but he was nice. Listen, I know you are considering me a suspect but can we talk about it for a moment? Sat at a table while eating our food?”

Even if the man was not in the mood to talk, especially to you, that night he sat at a table in front of you.

“Did I do something wrong today? I mean, usually people like me.” you said chuckling.“

“You know that what you said today about Knot made you more suspicious. Plus I will be honest with you, your alibi doesn’t convince me at all.”

“Just because I said a… human being, he doesn’t deserve to be called ‘man’, died after what he did to be makes me a more real suspect?”

“Exactly.” he said while standing up from the chair.

“Listen Doctor, I can understand you are looking for someone to arrest to close this case as soon as possible and I am really sorry to say this, I am not the right person.”

He did not replied. Was it true what you were saying? He just wanted to close the case and you were the closest choice to do it?
Maybe you were.

“But if you want to go without talking it out it is ok with me. I think it is time to go for me too. Good night Doctor Reid, I hope you’ll catch the killer soon.”

And with that you stood up too and went out the shop, heading the dark way to your apartment. Just some steps into the dark before something touched your forearm, making jump scared.
It was him.

“You scared me!”

“I am sorry Misses. Can I at least walk you home?” he asked serious but in a kind way.

“Why so? Are you scared of me murdering someone while my walk?”

“After all I am a Federal Agent and my job is about protecting people and letting you walk home in the dark at this hour of evening is not part it.”

You did not say anything and you just turned your back to lead him the way.
Just a kilometre later your palace door was in front of you and while you were looking for the keys in your bag, you could feel profiler’s eyes on you. He was strange: a moment he was accusing you to be the murderer and a second later he decided to walk you home. Strange but kind at the same time.

Some seconds later you found what you were looking for and when you looked up for then opening the door, it was less than a second that a thing, or better, a man approached you two with a fast walk.
You didn’t know what it was in his eyes, but it sure scared you. His face scared you.
The best thing you could do was going inside and close the door behind you, leaving the agent alone in the darkness, but it was a thing you couldn’t do when you see that man with a knife in his hand.
What the hell was going on?
You could understand that he was walking toward you, or better toward Reid and when he was so near that you could hear his breath, you threw yourself in front of the agent. It was instinctive, so fast that the next thing you remembered was yourself on the ground with Doctor Reid’s hand on your abdomen, trying to stop the bleeding.

“Misses keep your eyes open! The ambulance will be here soon.” he said with loud voice.

You were in pain, a lot of pain but even if your voice was a whisper you were still able to talk.

“I think you owe me a favor.” you said trying to calm him down.

“Please don’t talk, you need to keep energies. I am so so sorry. I was so sure that you were guilty and to prove me wrong you got stabbed instead of me.”

“I did it because I wanted to do it. Just promise me a thing.” you said trying to get your voice a bit louder because the ambulance was arriving “Catch that son of a bitch for me Doctor Reid.”


A/N: This was a lyric request that was sent in! Pls keep sending these because I absolutely love them! Thank you!

Prompt: @supernatural-pants: “Say you’ll be my love don’t be a liar” song: higher by Lemaitre

You stood on the bridge looking down at the water. The wind was beating against your face and blowing your hair in every direction. Cars drove past you, sending even more wind. You looked down at the water below, wondering what was stopping you from jumping. The water swayed beneath you and you knew the height would probably kill you.

You didn’t necessarily want to kill yourself. You didn’t walk to the bridge at midnight just to kill yourself. In fact, you walked to the bridge to clear your head. It felt clear here. You sighed and ran a hand through your hair. Despite not wanting to kill yourself, truly, you didn’t really want to walk away from the bridge either.

“Hey there, ma’am,” a voice spoke next to you. You jumped, nearly losing your footing, but the stranger gripped your wrist. “Woah, be careful.”

You turned to look at this stranger. You recognized the man next to you from the news. The Winter Soldier, or Bucky Barnes, had been on the news for almost a year after the events of the Sokovia Accords. His arm reflected the headlights of the passing cars on the bridge. You had always had a fascination for Captain America and his best friend. You couldn’t believe that he was standing next to you on the edge of the bridge. “H-hi,” you stammered.

“What’re you doing on the bridge?” You looked down at the water. The waves were calming and you hoped it would help you think of an answer to give to him. “Are you going to kill yourself?” Your head whipped up to look at him. You stared up at the look of understanding on his face. His blue eyes scanned your face. “I’ve been here so many times in the last three years. There’s been times were I even let my foot slip. I convinced myself that if my foot slipped, it was fate to jump.”

You looked down at the water and shook your head. “I don’t want to kill myself,” you rasped. “I just wanted to clear my head and now I’m here.”

Bucky nodded. “Come on, let’s go somewhere else, okay?”

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Dramione One-Shot

This is for my blog of the month @katnisservdeen! Hope you enjoy it, Bailey.

“Malfoy, for the love of god! You scared me!” Hermione hissed. She clutched her library book and pulled it toward her chest, searching for his eyes in the dimly lit closet.

She hated when he would shove her into a dark broom closet without any warning. He was like a snake, he moved so quickly and quietly. Or maybe Hermione was just uncoordinated. She didn’t want to think about it and how he had the upper-hand with physicality. 

“What’s got your wand in a knot today, Granger? I just wanted to see you.”

Her eyes adjusted enough so she could see him now. His hair was disheveled and there was sweat dripping from the ends. He just got back from Quidditch practice. She felt chills run up her spine as he traced his fingers across her forearm lightly. He always did that when he genuinely had missed her.

“Sorry, I’m just tense,” she explained, “I feel like Harry is catching on. He has been watching you so obsessively with the map, he probably knows I’m with you right this second.” 

He sighed as he moved his hand up her arm so it was now cupping her cheek. She was forced to look him in the eye. His eyes looked very relaxed tonight, which was different than they had been looking lately. Hermione had gotten to know his eyes well over the past two years with their secret broom closet meetings. They were dark, almost black in a dimly lit room when he was stressed. They were grey like a clouded storm when he was feeling alright. His eyes had been black more than not recently. 

“You should really confront Potter about this crush he has on me. If I didn’t know better, I would think you’re jealous.” He teased.

She rolled her eyes as he smirked. Before she could reply, he tilted his head towards hers and lightly brushed his lips with her’s. It was gentle and tentative, nothing like she was used to.

Draco was usually always going in with full force. She tried to act like his passion annoyed her, but she secretly loved it. It was a thrill that she always had to hide the marks he gave her from Ron and Harry. 

She pulled away to look him in the eyes again. He looked dazed.

“What is it? Draco, are you alright?”

“I need to tell you something, Granger.” He explained. 

He still never called her Hermione, it used to bother her, but she would find it weird now any other way.

“Go on,” she urged, “We don’t have much time.”

She watched his adam’s apple bob as he swallowed to begin his speech. She felt oddly aroused, but she quickly pushed those thoughts out of her head. They didn’t have time for that tonight.

“I feel happy tonight, happy for the first time in awhile. I’m not going to explain why, and I expect you to respect my privacy.”

“But if I can hel-”

“Stop, let me finish.”

She obeyed, but she was frustrated and concerned. But when was she not?

“Just know that things will change, and I’m sorry. They have to. I just need to enjoy tonight, this high I feel. Granger, I don’t tell you this enough, but I do love you. I just want you to remember that. Remember this moment, no matter what happens. I want you to remember it even when it doesn’t feel real anymore.”

She could see now his neck was flushed. His neck always flushed after he expressed his feelings for her.

She wanted to ask more questions, but she knew she shouldn’t. It would be too hurtful, too honest. She didn’t want to face reality, not yet. She knew Harry was close to figuring out what was going on with Draco. She just wanted to ignore it. She didn’t want to know the truth. The truth of who Draco was probably becoming.

“I love you too,” she replied softly, it was almost a whisper, “Come here.”

He leaned into her again, and she felt fire as his lips touched her’s. This was the passion she was waiting for, the passion she lived for. 

She decided tonight she would memorize everything about this. How he felt in her arms. The way his hair curled at the ends when it got too long, the heat radiating from his neck as they kissed, the way his long fingers felt as he grabbed her skin. How even though he was grabbing her with much force, he wasn’t giving her his all, as though he was afraid he would hurt her if he did otherwise.

It was here Hermione was blissfully happy, but she knew it could not last forever. Nothing could as long as Voldemort existed. 

They finally pulled away from each other, and she could feel his breath on her cheek. She closed her eyes to capture this moment; this feeling of serenity. 

“I have to go.” he whispered.

“I know.” 


What Hermione did not know was that that was the last time she would see him for months, and as she lied there below Bellatrix, screaming for Ron to save her, she could not help but wonder, where did it all go wrong? Why was he standing there now doing nothing when she needed him most? 

She tried to remember his words, to remember that it was real, as her skin was being torn apart by a curse she was unfamiliar with. Mudblood now etched her skin, but it didn’t etch her heart, not the way Draco’s words did all those months ago. 

Fox Holes (DeanBenny)

AO3 Link: Here
Written for: @spnabobingo​ , @kinktober2017​ , @thebunkerofletters​ inktober challenge day 25
Prompt(s) Filled(Kink|Ink|ABO): boot worship | war au | vinegar, sawdust, pine sol
Ship: DeanBenny
Rating: Explicit
Content Warning: smut, knotting, bottom!dean, omega!dean, top!benny, alpha!benny, a/b/o dynamics, angst, war au, soldiers, boot worship, scenting
Summary: The war is a lost cause. But Dean and Benny have each other.
Word Count: 1027
A/N: Questions, comments, concerns? Ask is open. (So is DM and AO3!)
Want to be added to a list? Go ahead and ask (tell me forevers or certain ships please) or check out the sidebar of my blog (not mobile) to add yourself! 

Benny knew Dean would never admit to crying. It’s not something soldiers did - not something he did. But Benny also knew Dean needed some way to let the events of the past month go. Let them weigh a little less heavy on his mind.

Things had been going fine. They were going to win this war, come out on top, as always. Dean would go home to his brother and Benny would go home to his sister - and things would be fine.

And then the bombs dropped. The death toll was in the thousands and no one saw any hope for the future. Loss was imminent, as was the death of every soldier on the front line, Dean and Benny included.

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Imagine #14: Mary getting jealous after she sees someone flirting with you 

The springs from the bed stuck into your sides as you tossed over once more. Your stomach was in knots over what happened today. You wanted to believe it was nothing, but in your heart of hearts, you knew it was anything but.

It’s not like it was your fault however. He’s the one who came up to you and complimented your eyes. He’s the one who told you you were beautiful. But it was you who smiled like an idiot and thanked him without thinking. And it was you who saw the glare in Mary’s eyes when she saw how he touched your knee, and licked his lips while looking at you.

The sudden sound of clicking heels on hard cement pulled you from your thoughts. The clicking got louder and faster as time progressed. You started to get a peculiar feeling in your stomach again when the clicking heels arrived right outside you door. With a jingle of keys and a twist of a knob, Mary laid in the middle of your doorway. Her brows were furrowed, and she had a death glare aimed towards you. 

She smirked lightly as she quietly closed the door behind her. 

“Hello little mouse. We need to talk about how you behaved today. Don’t we ?” She asked in a sultry voice before revealing a belt from behind her back.

“Honestly little mouse, you should know better by now.”


🍰 “A party without cake is just a meeting” 🍰

And what would a wedding be without a proper wedding cake? Right, no real wedding at all! Now, words like this probably just come from a real foodie’s mouth but in fact this is one of the best parts of all wedding preparations - the cake tasting! It’s less than a month till these two are tying the knot and today we finally got to try and decide what kinda yummy goodies are going to be served at the party after. Though, I don’t think there even was a real decision made at the end, because @helenavizzini and @imjasminetaylor just wanted to pick them all. 😋 According to Holly, we should’ve just picked all things pink or heart-shaped, she tried to get her cute little hands on every macaron she saw. No wonder it took us several hours to at least try make a final decision on only a few kinds of cake, with of course always a little girls chat. So the princesses spontaneously decided to have their nap time together while their mamas turned into what felt like excited teenage girls again for a bit. ♥

Rules for Mixed Chicks

1. Don’t let your African/ Caribbean culture fade away
2. Cherish and take care of your beautiful curls
3. Act as a middle ground between black and white people politically (sadly, this is lacking)
4. Comb your hair when it’s wet. Please.
5. Don’t mix up your thick body with being “fat” (and if you’re bigger or smaller, ya good too)
6. Embrace your hair, complexion, and features and don’t try to strive to look like a white girl
7. Use SPF 15 (you still half white fam)
8. Try to learn a lot about both parent’s cultures
9. Kinky Curly “Knot Today” conditioner will SAVE YOUR LIFE USE IT!!¡¡
10. Remember how beautiful you are and carry it with you every single moment of your life.

Caring for Dry Low Porosity Hair

When it comes to figuring out how to take care of my hair, I am in fact a late bloomer. I spent much of my childhood and teenage years with unkempt relaxed hair and box braids left in for too long and for the past 5 years, decided to keep my head shaved because it was just the most convenient for my lifestyle and how low maintenance I am. My biggest issue with my hair has been combating dryness. Any hope of growing my hair out into a big fro was always shattered because it was dry to the point where my scalp would hurt, my ends would break and I’d give in and give up.

I made promise to myself the beginning of this year that I would learn more about my hair and what it needed to not only grow, but be healthy. I literally wrote down in my journal for a goal : “At this point, I don’t care about long hair, I just want it to stay moisturized and be healthy. That’s it.”

During that time, I came to the conclusion that my hair wasn’t dry and suffering because it was 4c (both my partner and daughter have 4b + 4c hair and their hair absorbs products and water very well! He has the most gorgeous spiraling strands and she has the fluffiest, kinks- both always very moisturized). It was suffering because I had low-porosity hair and wasn’t taking the proper measures to take care of it.

Porosity is defined as the hair’s ability to absorb moisture. Low porosity hair like mine, without proper care, can experience brittleness, feel like hay, is very stubborn when it comes to absorbing products, doesn’t immediately become saturated with water, can be extremely dry and all around very uncomfortable because it’s lacking hydration. Once I figured out what it needed to stay hydrated- my hair started to actually grow and thrive!

Here are ALL of my favorite ways of maintaining my low porosity hair

Cleansing with Clay
Washing my hair with shampoo often left it feeling too stripped and made conditioning it a bit of a challenge. Because low porosity hair is easily prone to build up, clarifying shampoos are recommended, but I wasn’t digging it too much. I opted instead to use bentonite clay with diluted ACV, kept it on for about 10-15 minutes and rinsed it with warm water to keep the cuticle open for conditioning. My hair usually still feels a little dry, but my scalp feels super clean!

Diluting and Warming Products
I’ve just got to put it out here right now- my two favorite products right now that my hair loves are Shea Moisture’s Organic African Black Soap Purification Masque and the Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner. When my hair is dry, it is on the brink of survival, and these two products revive it every single time, I’m telling you. The first ingredient on both of these products is water and water is crucial for hydration of low-porosity hair. I dilute products, because if any product is too heavy, they can have a harder time penetrating my hair. I just eye it, but I’ll add the product to a separate or re-used bottle and add warm water and shake it up. I did steal this idea from the Max Hydration Method, but boy does it work. The slip I get is amazing and my hair actually absorbs it. Be sure when applying product, you take your time to apply it in sections. I used to think people doing that were being extra, lol, but it’s especially necessary with low porosity hair so that every strand gets moisturized and it actually sinks in.

The Greenhouse Effect Method
I had first heard of The Greenhouse Effect about 2 years ago and didn’t try it because I had seen a few warnings about watching out for over-hydration and messing up the balance of protein and moisture in the hair. Because of the state of dryness my hair had been in, I decided to ease into it and I absolutely did not regret it. Simply put- the greenhouse effect is a method that claims to promote hair growth and restore moisture by creating a steamy environment where your hair can create more sebum and in turn, nourish it. Greenhousing is pretty simple:

- On clean damp hair, add a natural oil (I used very light oils such as jojoba)

- Add a shower cap, plastic bag or saran wrap over hair

- Put a wig cap on to secure (this is my own personal thing, it just makes everything snug)

- and go about my day or evening

You can leave it on for a few hours or overnight and wake up to super soft hair. I do this about 2x a week at nighttime and put my hair in flat-twists while it’s green housing so I can take them out in the morning and have a soft, moisturized twist-out.

Steaming While Deep Conditioning
Steaming while I deep condition has been another way I help my product actually moisturize my hair. After applying my deep conditioner, I do a DIY steamer, where I put a plastic cap or bag over my hair, dampen a clean face towel and wring it out, microwave it for about 10 seconds, put it on my head and then add another bag or plastic cap and then add a hot towel from the dryer which then creates a mini hands free steamer. I usually leave that on for about 15 minutes.  If you prefer using an actual steamer, Amazon sells a hand-held steamer as well.

Flat Twists and Finger Coils (and other protective styles) But Mostly Flat Twists and Finger Coils
This is pretty fundamental when it comes to natural hair care, but whenever I heard the word “protective style” I sighed heavily because my hair was (and is still in) the teeny weeny afro (TWA) stage and it felt like I couldn’t do anything to keep it safe until it grew out another 3 or 4 inches. That was of course until I found flat twists- sweet, sweet flat twists. I’m terrible at cornrows, but I can twist to the scalp and it is glorious. I do this before greenhousing and wake up to the most amazing soft, clumped kinks. No knots, no trouble. I can keep them fresh, moisturized and safe for about three days and it is a saving grace.

 Finger coils are something that started as a beautiful accident. I just section my wet hair off, take tiny pieces and twirl them and it just stays twisted. This is really good for short, Type 4 hair because the twists don’t unravel as easily and best of all, I don’t have to add any product to my hair and it stays pretty soft. 

I’ve also started getting into wigs, because of this cool tumblr right here that has made wig shopping exciting and fun. I just do the flat twists, throw on a wig and boom. Done!

Changing my Expectations of What Healthy Hair Looks Like
Okay so this isn’t really a haircare tip, just some sound words on loving your hair. Not all natural hair is going to spiral and curl up into shiny coils and that is perfectly okay. The main goal, for me at least, is to take care of my hair the best way I can. I realized, a lot of my frustration and impatience with my hair was coming from the fact that I was looking at all these natural hair blogs and youtube videos and the mainstream was super long, super coily, super shiny natural hair. I don’t need to touch on natural hair favoritism because it’s been said before in depth- but just because you have some frizz, or no curl definition or your hair is kinky, clumpy and fluffy (like mine!), doesn’t mean it’s not healthy! Take your time and be patient. Never stop learning. I swear I learn something new about natural hair, everytime I take the time to sit down and research. My favorite thing about natural hair is how versatile it is.  If you want to change it up there are so many options to choose from- an edgy tapered cut, coloring it, flexi rods, locs, box braids, crochet braids, Senegalese twists, ALL the weaves… the options are endless. So if you’re finding yourself in a rut with your hair, no more comparing. Look into all the beautiful possibilities and adapt!

Fans Congratulate Song-Song Couple With #SongSongCoupleWedding Trending Worldwide

Fans Congratulate Song-Song Couple With #SongSongCoupleWedding Trending Worldwide

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It’s the wedding of the decade!

All eyes were on Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki as they officially tied the knot today in a ceremony with friends and family. Fans have eagerly been keeping up with news related to the special event and have contributed to making the hashtag #SongSongCoupleWedding go viral and trend worldwide.

Check out fans’ tweets below!…

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Post Vanilla Lips

This is a rough draft of the worst sort. Don’t read too much into this, I am just too excited to hold back. Future Bughead from me to you.

Family was deeper than blood.

Jughead always said our family was deeper than Sweet Water River itself and as much as I laughed at him as he spun me around our kitchen that smells like maple and sticky-sweet covered fingers, I couldn’t laugh at him for not calling it true.

Family was the feeling of little hands creeping up my sides and his rougher, more used ones as he cupped my face. Jughead is my home, Founders Street was were our home sat. I had two smiling faces, one was small and blonde who was stuck to my hip-side who looked up at me all bright-summer and blue; the other was a dark-ochre-worry eyed one who was approaching rapidly in growth to meet me in the eye with his lopsided grin and dark hair.

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