knot in my heart the zolas

✶heart hope: mid-tempo indie love songs

come fly away - maverick sabre // dazzle - oh wonder // all eyes on you - st lucia // someone new - hozier // fun - troye sivan // knot in my heart - the zolas // call me up - st lucia // fools - troye sivan // is there somewhere - halsey // ilsyb - lany // coming over (remix) - james hersey

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one line { from your heart to mine} | a polyamorous ot4 mix for the daredevil kids. 

a mix for the people whom Matt Murdock fell in love with one spring day.
(or, the scent of lavenders and old oak trees, and the thoughts of home.
and kisses that burn away the cold, and the steady hum of three heartbeats that he’s memorized.)
a mix for matt murdock, foggy nelson, claire temple and karen page.
i. tidal wave | the hush sound ii. heartbeats | jose gonzalez iii. you can’t be told |  valerie june iv. heart’s a mess |  gotye  v. doorstep | emily and the woods vi. angel |  yoon mi rae, tiger jk & bizzy vii. lucky ones | lights viii. lifeforms |  daughter ix. sugar |  she wants revenge x.  one line |  pj harvey xi.  erase / rewind |  the cardigans xii. knot in my heart |  the zolas xiii. fool |  cat power xiv. glory |  wye oak xv.  the night we met | lord huron . 

“and sometimes holes want to get bigger, but baz was wrong—sometimes they just want to be filled.”

a playlist for the mage’s heir. 

1.) buzzcut season- lorde 2.) everybody’s watching me- the neighbourhood 3.) muscle memory- lights 4.) knot in my heart- the zolas 5.) nevermind- foster the people 6.) prey- the neighbourhood 7.) take shelter- years & years 8.) endlessly- muse.

listen: here